Invincible Mumu


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The Blood Warrior of the Ungpae Association, who created a sea of blood wherever he went, made the world of the Forces of Evil possible.

The Nine Great Sects and the Six Great Clans joined forces to fight him, but were unable to stop him.

Four Great Warriors, who were Murim’s last hope, appeared.

The four of them fought against the Blood Warrior and eventually defeated him at Mount Song.

The time has come for the legacy of the Blood Warrior to rise once again.

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무무 무적(武無 無敵)
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5 Reviews

Dec 12, 2021
Status: c12
So far the story is basically:

Guy is obsessed with working out, but people around him have other plans. Ranging from wanting him to make friends and live a normal life, to wanting him to learn martial arts to make the most of his strength, to wanting to hurt him or kill him for petty reasons. I wonder if it's necessary or even realistic for him to also have a pretty face based on his first 17 years of life, but what bothers me is that the fights have already started... more>> to get repetitive and I'm not even a tenth of the way in.

Unambitious protagonist, the main content of the story is going from one fight to another, the fights themselves have no uncertainty, and the only plan for the story is going to martial arts school starting from 17 years old. Around 2.5/5. <<less
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Jun 30, 2022
Status: c60
  1. you know in other novel you see all those musclehead its the pov of all those gym bros.
  2. MC is super op but honest and kinda airhead. He don't have any big ambition
  3. it's a comedy murim novel so don't expect serious sh*t it just about someone wants him to be disciple or kill him and him causing problems everywhere caz of his strength
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Nov 12, 2021
Status: c26
This is great!

Imagine the classic wuxia martial arts world, with people using refined internal arts and being capable of basically walking on water and flying around. Then enter our protagonist - a musclehead (an overpowered musclehead to be honest) without any common sense. He was raised by a exiled man, who just taught him random things. He knows nothing of internal arts and qi, instead he has this stubborn belief that everything can be solved with more muscles.

Not many chapters are out yet, but I couldn't stay still seeing the... more>> low score. The characters seem fleshed out so far and his lack of common sense is hilarious. The translators are doing a great job too. I have no reason to believe that it won't keep the current quality.

5/5 stars! <<less
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Dec 15, 2021
Status: c33
It's really funny. There were tons of chapters that never fails to make me laugh. The ML is way too dense which makes him a bit of an airhead but that's what makes him adorable.

So far there were no dull moments even with the action scenes there will always be a funny incident here and there. There were also a lot of misunderstandings which perfectly fits into a comedic tone.

If you are looking for action without romance (so far) and full of hilarious stuff you should read this.

10/10 for the... more>> comedy. This deserves to be more popular. <<less
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Jul 14, 2023
Status: c100
Ahh, I remember this novel that I frantically binged not knowing what to do after finishing LOTM 7 months ago. It was pretty cool.

Mumu was OP as hell and reminded me of a combination of Mash from Mashle and Saitama from OPM, a naive, muscle-headed, overpowered as hell dude (saitama wasnt really naive so ig mumu more like mash but whatever).

... more>>

like one time mumu saw b**bs and thought they were chest muscles? that sh*t was kinda funny


Although, the story got pretty repetitive quick. "Ohhhh cute Mumu-chan what can you do without martial arts"..... proceeds to beat up all the mfs who pick fights against him because of his indestructible physique....

I guess a plus side (if you consider it one) is that this novel has an academy arc.

I dropped it after 100 chapters because I couldn't be bothered to waste my time on murim and repetitiveness, but seeing as the novel itself is less than 200 chapters, I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try... not that I'm going to pick this back up. <<less
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