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  • It Turned Out to be a Useful Fraudulent Marriage ×
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    83 Series 0 Comments 1676 Views 1 Follows Nov 3, 2023 Brigtter
    Novels for me to read soon, because I'm waiting for something, I don't know... more>>
    89 Series 0 Comments 4780 Views 11 Follows Nov 23, 2021 itsxoi
    No Tags
    As you may have observed, I definitely am a sucker for 'reincarnation & transmigration tropes', some yandere in the happening, with a dash of romance in medieval setting;... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 31426 Views 44 Follows Jul 4, 2021 Brigtter
    Novels with erotic, adult, smut, mature stories... more>>