Tatakau Shisho


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“Kill Hamyuts Meseta”

A story about a world where all dead people become “Books” and are housed in a Library. The boy named Colio Tonies had his memories taken and a bomb transplanted in his chest. His life’s purpose is killing the world’s strongest Armed Librarian, Hamyuts Meseta. But, one day he gets his hands on the “Book” of a beautiful princess and falls in love at first sight. Furthermore, that love will cause Colio to get involved in a grand scale battle…

Tatakau Shisho average rating 3.8/5 - 56 user ratings
Associated Names
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Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra
Fighting Librarians
Tatakau Shisho
The Book of Bantorra
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Date Group Release
03/27/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c5 part2v5c5 part2
03/19/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c5 part1v5c5 part1
03/12/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c4 part2v5c4 part2
03/07/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c4 part1v5c4 part1
02/28/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c3 part2v5c3 part2
02/23/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c3 part1v5c3 part1
02/17/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c2 part4v5c2 part4
02/11/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c2 part3v5c2 part3
02/05/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c2 part2v5c2 part2
01/30/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c2 part1v5c2 part1
01/24/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c1 part3v5c1 part3
01/15/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c1 part2v5c1 part2
01/11/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5c1 part1v5c1 part1
01/05/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5 prologuev5 prologue
01/04/17 Tatakau Shisho LN... v5 illustrationsv5 illustrations
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zarex97 rated it
May 24, 2016
Status: v3 Prologue
Well, later I will expand this review, but for now, one of the first things I must say is... Seriously? 3.4 stars??

I can not believe it. Even if this is not a masterpiece (4,1 is my actual score) it deserves more.

Well I do not want to spoil so I will just say that so far I liked the story and the characters, and by the impression that gave me, I'm expecting some good plot twists. So, my recommendation, even if its something its heard a lot, "Give it a chance"
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September 12, 2016
Status: --
I watched in the animated version and there were any number of plot twists throughout (depending on which story arc you are at within the series.) As the plot thickens a few chapters in, the more the reader is required to actually think. If this light novel is too in-depth for you to try to navigate the various plot twists and would much prefer simple-minded characters instead, go for a typical wuxia novel as there are tons of those lying about.

If you do enjoy in-depth... more>> stories like this one, you'll find the plot twists very informative as they reveal the hidden characteristics of each lead character and their shared and individual circumstances. As a word of warning: to those who have a sensitivity to a main character's circumstances and behaviours as well as the circumstances and behaviours of those around him/her, this novel might be a bit overbearing as it contains quite a fair amount of mature subject matter, including feudal politics- a relevant aspect of this story as it moves along with the struggle between the Church and the cities.

Personally, I'd have to be in a particular mood to read a dark novel as this one. <<less
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