Tsukumodou Kottouten


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In our world there are objects that go by the name of “Relics”. Not antiques or items of classical art, but mysterious things like a stone that brings luck, a doll whose hair grows night after night, or a mirror that shows your future appearance.

The world is big and so there happens to be a shop that offers such suspicious items — the Tsukumodo Antique Shop (FAKE). But as the name suggests, only fakes can be found there. To make matters worse, the shop assistant is a girl whose attendance couldn’t be blunter, so the store hardly has any customers at all. However, from time to time a real Relic appears and makes things interesting.

Very well, now let us talk about those who have obtained one of these mysterious items.

Associated Names
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Tsukumodo Antique Shop — We Handle "Mysteriosities"
Tsukumodou Kottouten - "Fushigi" Toriatsukaimasu
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Dr_H_16 rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: v4
Hidden Gems!

I tought that it is impossible to find a novel like this.

The Story : 4, 5. There is something that I missed, but I can't think what is it.

The Romance : 5/5. You may think why I include this at my review, but I can't help it! The romance is perfectly suited with my taste!

And I find that I always end up want more after finishing one volume.

This is Great!!
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trippy-chan rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: v5c4
Ahhhh I like this one a lot! A mysterious antique shop that sells fake antiques, but every so often a real one (carrying with it real consequences!) will find its way in. Already a stunning, atmospheric visual presents itself; you add in the mystery component and bam it's the supernatural detective show you've been trying to find. I will say that the characters are a kiinnnda stock archetypes (i.e. "Emotionless" girl x mysterious white haired girl, the everyman high school boy x part-timer with the hidden power, capricious boss x... more>> mysterious woman with an obsession with the supernatural). However, don't let that detract from the fact that the protagonists are distinct and amusing; each "case" is fascinating within itself as well! The author's personal investment and interest in the case subjects seeps off the page. <<less
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Chaitanya09 rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: v7 afterword
Simply Amazing!

I can't tell you guys how much I love this series.

It's quite hard [read: impossible] to find something that has great mysteries and somehow manages to balance the romance as well.

The characters are great and feel human, they are not all powerful beings that somehow solve all the problems and manage to save everyone, they fail and they learn.

For ex.

A case was presented in which a certain person wouldn't intentionally wake up from sleep, just to remain in the realm of dreams and our protagonist had to pursue her to give up. When the person in question, asks our protagonist what he would have done if he were in her place, he accepts that he would have done the same thing and leaves her to her fate. Obviously how I stated it made it kinda look awkward but it brings out the humanity in the characters.



The romance is great. It's subtle and not so subtle at the same time. Perfect for me.


The mysteries are very amusing.
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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debut rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: v7 epilogue
Under appreciated novel! It has mystery, supernatural and romance in ideal combination. I won't say the story is excellent but undeniably it is very good.

Tokiya and Saki are MCs of this novel who work in Tsukumado Antique Shop (Fake) which deals with selling mysterious objects called Relics who all hold a unique power in them. However most of the items are fake and rarely one of them turns out to be the real deal. Trouble comes when people using actual Relics go on rampage as their sister shop Tsukumado Antique... more>> Shop actually has real deal Relics and its owner gives them away to people without a care of consequences.

Each chapter of volume focuses on particular Relic User (s) and how their story gets connected to our MC who gets drawn into the Users' lives as MC's objective is to collect and give these Relics to his shop owner who firmly believes that Relics only bring suffering to their owner.

There are some parts I found fairly entertaining and some had me go Roflmao. For example:


There was one girl who fell in love at the drop of a hat but all the boys reject her after some time. His childhood friend, who was constantly worried about her, uses his Relic each time to tie her to every boy she falls in love with, even going to the extent of breaking the boy's relationship with every girl, even if he had a girlfriend, just to get him together with her but the end results are always the same as she gets rejected either way. I had an inkling that he was doing this out of his own repressed feelings for his childhood friend so I was curious how it would end and I wasn't disappointed.

After falling in love and getting rejected countless times, and finally by Tokiya too, the childhood friend tries to console her who asks him why he always has been supportive of her. The childhood friend tries to put a lid on his feeling but ends up confessing to her and they end up as couple.

But this lasted only until the next morning when the girl happily tells him that her ex-BF was sorry and wants to get together with her again, and she asks him to forget what happened the previous day. Call me a heartless person, but this had me laughing like crazy because this was probably the sickest burn in the history of childhood friend, who held feelings, hides it, finally confesses, becomes a couple with his crush and gets FRIENDZONED AGAIN THE VERY NEXT DAY lmao. Serves him right after breaking up so many couples.


But the main charm of the novel is the last volume which made the story so so good. The plot twist was amazing enough to make this novel deserve a 5 star.


Re:Zero sh*t happens; Tokiya had been turning back time again and again when Saki dies except that he completely forgets about it each time. I loved the fact how romance was developed: he had initially turned back time to prevent Saki's death but with each loop Saki's importance in his heart grew from, he, who had only turned back time because he simply didn't want her to die to the point he turned back time because he could no longer live without her. I also liked the fact that no matter how much he tried to prevent her death, fate would find one way or other to kill her either way, proclaiming that fate isn't something that can be changed so easily.


I am really tempted to give it a 5 star, nevertheless there are few things which prevented me from giving it perfect score. Firstly, contrary to my expectations, the ending was a bit disappointing and lackluster. Secondly, I found two unexplained plotholes:


The user of Pendolo was killed and her Relic destroyed at very first chapter of very first novel however, in the last volume she is alive and Tokiya uses her Relic. I have one or two theories as to how this was possible but the fact that author never bothered to explain how she is alive and her Relic isn't broken is a minus in my books.

There was one crazy woman who was obsessed with eyes which have seen death and she and Saki were locked in a dangerous situation. She tried to take Saki's eyes but the latter merely pointed above her saying if she was so obsessed with death she can stare into it. When the woman looked up, she saw a black curtain with glitters and instantly realized it was death. When Tokiya came in to the rescue, he found Saki unhurt and the woman's only remains, a burned hand. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the curtain and his intuition told him if he looked at it, he would die and tried to avert his eyes but the curtain disappeared before he could have proper look at it, thus he was saved from his death. I initially theorized that it has something to do with Saki's Relic but the black curtain was never mentioned again. The author probably forgot about it but missing out to explain such a mysterious point is again a no go.


As such I would reduce one star and give it a four, otherwise this novel is worth a five star and I would highly recommended it to readers. <<less
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