Release that Witch


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Cheng Yan transmigrated only to end up in a medieval Europe like world, becoming Roland, a Royal Prince. But this world doesn’t seem to be the same as his former world, despite some similarities. Witches are real and they actually can use magic?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his siblings. Will he be able to win, even though the king already declared him to be a hopeless case and with the worst starting situation? With his knowledge of modern technologies and the help of the witches, who are known as devils’ servants and are hunted by the the Holy Church, he might have a fighting chance.

Now, let his journey begin.

Release that Witch average rating 4.8/5 - 1216 user ratings
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Fang Kai Na Ge Nu Wu
Oсвободите эту ведьму
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New LC rated it
February 18, 2017
Status: c246
- This is Universal novel, can't believe this is Chinese novel. (my first taught this was western author)
- No Bullshit OP and no Dumbass MC and idiot Antagonist
- Great world building, awesome timeline

This Novel was great, this was rare for me to read like crazy for hundred chapter in one sit. very rare, this novel was well written, great translate, and got an epic world build, the plot was amazing, if you got concern about the cover, and the tittle. Please, read it atleast 2... more>> chapter, and i can tell you, that you can't stop read unless you are need to answering the nature's call (AKA bathroom break).

if you concern that xianxia world was not your cup of coffee (don't worry 'this thing' is different), or worried the MC was a dick, coward, (relax this 'cool guy' not one of those), or think 'is this worth for me to take this from want to read list' (my answer is : yes, it was worth it). This novel was so good even that i for one dislike many (I MEAN MANY) Chinese novel recommend it to other people (and this speak A LOT).
i often see reader who dislike harem permit this MC to make his harem (this too speak A LOT). means the quality of the story the author bring to you was top notch

i can't help it, i must write a review, this Novel deserve it. and deserve to be a legend [in the making] (in my heart) like Mushoku Tensei, Overlord, Altina The Sword Princess, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.

i seldom give 5 star, but for this poison. i don't hesitate 5/5

(this novel desperately need someone who have magic hand to draw those hawt chicks... i mean witch, i need moe supply ASAP)

after 3rd read, i believe that the MC not have walk in the park against every s**t he through, it seem that way, but he take all of those like piece of cake not by some 'Deus EX' bul**hit, it because all hard work and make useful the resource (be it human, monetary, knowledge) at his disposal, to the limit. and he make general prepare long before those s**t knocking on his door. <<less
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New CowTemplar rated it
February 11, 2017
Status: c1
This novel takes some of the best tropes in fantasy literature - attractive witches, world building, time travel - and puts them all together to create something incredibly unique. The closest thing I can compare it to would be A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, only Release That Witch is much more enjoyable to read and takes itself more seriously (a webnovel takes itself more seriously than an actually published novel? wtf). The author does a great job immersing you into the world, by constantly changing perspectives to show... more>> how our main character Roland impacts society around him with his ideas and inventions. It's disturbingly enjoyable to see how an invention from the present that is taken for granted is seen as incredible by people in the medieval ages. Yet the novel is not merely historical fiction. As per the title, there are witches, and each of the witches have their own special abilities and rules that evolve throughout the novel. In addition, it's hinted that the church, the bad guys of the novel, have their own methods of magic that Roland will have to figure out and overcome. Something else that the author does great is add little pop culture references that have the inner nerd in me laughing. Roland introduces Gwent and adds plenty of WoW, LoL, and OW references that go right over the witches' head.

Complaints are minor but present. Although I am incredibly grateful for the fast translation speed, there are definitely editing mistakes, and these are quite regular. I think the pace of the novel is a bit unrealistic when you really sit down and think about it. Finally, and this applies to all webnovels, not just this one, there is typically a lack of real conflict. Oh no, the enemies are coming! --enemies proceed to get wiped out a few chapters later-- Oh no, this enemy is much stronger than the previous enemy! -- enemy gets defeated, no casualties suffered-- I get that in these kind of novels, readers don't enjoy seeing the MC suffer, but for the sake of realism and plot there needs to be some setbacks to the MC.

All in all, fantastic novel with lots of potential for growth. I'll be eagerly anticipating this each week. 5/5. <<less
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Dusk rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c207
Loved it, truly a beautiful read. I didn't expect a Chinese novel could be like this. The title and the cover for this novel doesn't do it justice at all. Don't let the title or the cover hinder you from reading this!

A mix of realism, kingdom building, fantasy, mystery, witchcraft & science, it is a pleasure to read slice of life novel at the early chapters. The latter chapters however, will also shed some light into the 'darkness' of the world Roan transmigrated to. Relatively speaking, it's not as... more>> simple as it seems in the surface, but the 'darkness' is not anything gruesome or heavy things like rape and all, it's more like the dark dealings of the church and the pain caused to the witches. All in all, it's actually pretty light.

Let's say that in most transmigration stories, I would say that...a bunch of them doesn't really put emphasis on the sudden change of personality from the mc. Like how a person can suddenly turn from a complete bastard to an upright person, Isn't it common knowledge that such a thing is very weird?

I'm sure the people around you will pick up some details and be suspicious, and in the end you would get discovered, or worse you can probably be accused as a devil. But nope, the story doesn't goes like that. The people there are too stupid to realize the drastic change. Not with this one though, the mc knows it would be a dumb move if he suddenly act as he would and slowly reveal his own personality instead , this is what I call REALISTIC, as far as I have seen, RTW is one of the novels that has put realism in a very heavy consideration, which is very admirable. I think most other authors won't be willing to put so much research into their novel.

*ehem* rants aside, The mc is transported into a world very similar to medival times in Europe but in fact it is not. Supernatural powers truly exist here, magic exists in a minority of females who are somehow able to wield magic, these witches are however, hunted by the people as they are labeled as demon kins by the church, which have succeeded to brainwash the people of the continent. It has now been the goal of the Mc, Roan to help these witches and build a kingdom where witches and humans alike can live together.

The story has also been successful in integrating a big believe of medieval times, nonsensical superstitious. Things like, for example, witches are the incarnation of devils.

In my opinion, RTW is a very realistic fantasy story that I think that if this world would have supernatural powers, such kind of incidents would occur in the past, in fact the realism is one of RTW's charms, something that the author had probably poured lots of research in.

As the mc used to work as an engineer before, he is very knowledgeable in the division, which he will be using a lot. He will be using his modern knowledge a lot to tackle his problems along with the help of the witches, which along the way, he would encounter more and more witches, he would then help them and they, in turn would help him.

The only problem I have is that the Mc too smart!! Lol, he had a lot, by lot I mean LOTS of information stored on his head that even couped with his work before, almost doesn't really make sense, this is specifically evident as more time passed. But anyways, I'm sure all of us are not particularly concerned with this plot hole.

However, RtW also focuses on some details of machinery, chemistry, etc. So this point might cause some readers to be turned off, which is sad.

Talking about details, RTW is probably one of the most well-done romance in CN novels, an origin where lots of poorly done romance comes from. The romance here is subtle, in fact, slow, it doesn't show much spotlight to it but it is a fact that the author had done it carefully which made it enjoyable. Oh, and harem is possible, just warning. Although I can vouch that novel's harem (if it would happen) would not cause deterrents.

As the story progresses, You will feel like this story has more secrets to it and is not simply what it looks like in the surface, and on the later chapters, mutated beasts and..a so called-devil would also appear..

Translation still have mistakes here and there but not to the point where it causes you to avoid it, and it has improved a lot too, anyway, thanks Roxerer!

I have to say that RTW just have this unique quality of it that makes me and lots of us here love it so much, awesome work, a slice-of-life fantasy with tinges of medieval darkness.

200 chapters are in, and I have already edited this review for more than 5 times. 9.4/10 this is one very exquisite novel that never fails to surprise me, simply elegant.

P.S I read a review of someone mentioning maoyuu saying that we here doesn't read it or forget it? Well, you are horribly wrong, I read it, and in my opnion maouyuu's characters are too one-dimensional, I could go on and on but in short, I prefer RTW a lot more, just because you liked it more doesn't mean that we liked it more, in my personal opinion, RTW is a lot better. Please don't assume people to have the exact same taste as you. <<less
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R3nZ rated it
October 25, 2016
Status: c376
Definitely my number 1 novel. I even paid $10 to read the raw on Qidian lol. I used to avoid this novel because of the misleading title and picture which led me into thinking it's another typical harem story where MC goes around save the witches making them fawning all over him. I at first read this without expecting anything, but it turns out to be an excellent novel. Most of MC's actions are logical and realistic.

Well, it is an undeniable facts that MC has a lot of girls... more>> around him but it's not exactly a harem. There are only like two girls who actually like him while others are simply thankful to him or admiring him. Well, there are like 3 girls who still don't trust him.

When it comes to romance, this novel has pretty late romance but considering that this novel is likely to have more than a thousand chapters due to the fact that the world is not being completely explored and he has set his eye on a country because the country has oil but he still takes no action to go to the country because he wants to take over his country first.

The interaction between he and Anna and Nightingle is just adorable. There's even a joke where he and Anna almost do "it" but Anna fell asleep so he slept too then tomorrow afternoon, he heard a knock on his door where his first thought was "Did she come here to continue yesterday's night "talk"" But he was disappointed when other people came in.

I can see some says he's stupid for creating guns? Well..

Yes, he did create guns and cannons, but he completely monopolizes the technology. How could other people have guns too. He even creates a 152mm Howitzer. During wars, he killed all of his enemies regardless of their social standing. Up till c372, no one can fight his armies back, well some of his soldiers did get injured because of the "pills" that is distributed by the church. He even creates air-balloon and drop bombs to his enemies. Border Town has become the richest city in the country under his rules so it's just natural for him to have the strongest army.


Someone even said there are witches but no one is using their powers?

This statement makes me feel like this guy just read 5 chapters and decided to write a review. Currently, there are witches who are being used by the church to carry out dirty works, the church is collecting homeless little girls where the normal ones will be their devoted believers while the witches are being killed to extract their power to create God Punishment Army. From here, it's a heavy spoiler so proceed with caution


400 years ago, witches are being looked up as higher beings while normal humans are basically being called "mortals". The witches have one goal; to defeat the demons. Unfortunately, the demons are very powerful so a witch named Akaris decided to use witch as tools instead of warriors to amass an army that is capable of defeating the demons. Akaris is literally the god of the church but only the popes know this. With Akaris's influence, witches are being use as a disposable tool to make normal humans become strong. This is because there are witches whose power is deem as "non-offensive" so even if they have 1000 witches, there are like only 200 how can fight so with extracting their power, all of them will have the same power that is superhuman strength. That's all.


I highly recommended this novel as most of the characters do have a backstory to some extend, it's neither deep nor shallow but it's at an enough level where you can understand the characters to some extend.

Some people said that Roland is Mr.I-know-it-all but not really for example:

He wants to create a healthcare but unable to do it because he has 0 knowledge about medicine.
He creates an army and of course there're regiment, battalion, company, platoon and squad. But he doesn't know the exact number of each unit should have.
He wants to write periodic table but he can't remember all of the elements.
And he even make mistakes to the point he almost dies.


The only thing that is slightly less appealing is that the MC doesn't lift and he takes nap after lunch.

PS: The best grills are Lightning and Macy(Mercy in the translation) (the flying duo) <<less
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Elcasa rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: c5
The MC gets transferred into the body of a Prince(yeah he's the worst of his siblings). He has no cheats, aside a different perspective and otherworldly knowledge. As of Chapter 5, the story has been quite satisfying and realistic.
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Genisyn69 rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: c224
TL;DR - Great, if you like 'builder/management/politics' you'll definitely want to read this one.

Good world building, decent philosophical/faith war (witch persecution), deeper backstories referenced (church's plot &
... more>>

devil/demon hints of secrets i.e. hacala's mistaken idea on ancient text, & size of kingdom vs. wider world - (the map by picture witch & flying witch)


Not a harem fiction, though there is romance hinted at during the story regularly.

until later, one requited love, one unrequited love shown so far. The question of "would you marry a witch" answer. The inclusion of fertility as an issue is really unneeded in the story as well...

it's not overdone and doesn't supercede the main plot points.

complaint- MC has a broken amount of knowledge that he really shouldn't/couldn't have despite the premise of story.

During the story at least one person hints at "how could he know all these things", from their perspective he's just inventing or all-knowing, though he does blame it on the alchemist workshop saying it's their invention. However... this guy knows way way way more than he rightfully should even as a modern person, in both ancient developments of technology, not just their premise, but actually how to make them. To include a fairly advanced view of physics, biology, chemistry, mechanics, politics, aristocracy(noble version of politics). Granted most of the advancements are cheated by magic development to skip into industrial revolution items...


random thought - (totally guessing)

I say he is a witch(warlock) himself, by way of possession.. though they say multiple times he's possibly influenced by the devil (multiple sources, including his minister), which is a bit funny since he possesses the former body of the prince. The only problem with this is that the one witch that can see magical powers in others directly never says anything about him having powers, so.. damn.. at least his sister realizes, without even meeting him that he's not the real prince.

With the constant reminder of fertility coming up, I have to imagine that's either just a very poor 'heartstring' attempt by author or something else for deus ex to fix later. OR!!! he's a warlock(witch) himself, but that's probably me trying to make him OP, and make sense of his current OP-knowledge, while also shipping him and the fire witch haha.

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intelanands rated it
July 9, 2016
Status: c91
Tl;dr - Reincarnated mechanical engineer brings about industrial revolution in the Medieval Era (imagine going on an invention spree in the 14th century introducing steam engines, Newton's laws, Einstein's theories etc. Become the greatest scientist in the history and rule over the world), with the help of witches that are falsely called the devils incarnate by the Church. The world building is great, the translator is amazing and this story is a must read!!


The first thing i will say is that the title doesn't justify the story. If i was... more>> to sum up the story till now, it would be 'Engineer in Another World'. An interesting theory XD

The MC is level headed, smart, and he thinks like a student of science, and not like some stubborn and foolish idiot. He is nither arrogant nor a coward.

This is a story of an engineer being reincarnated in another universe, as a good-for-nothing prince and will fight against his siblings for the throne. And he uses science and stuff from his previous life in this world, which is still in the era of kingdoms using swords and crossbows, and becomes the overlord of the world.

Imagine you being reincarnated in 1500s. I will invent electricity, machines and everything I've learnt, and name then all after me. I will become the God of the masses and get worshipped by the whole world XD. Our MC is not that arrogant. He is humble and respects everyone, unlike a lot of novels.

And there are witches in the story. From the sypnosis we get that the witches are hated by the whole world and our MC fights for them. I won't spoil it for you guys.

From the story so far, I think there will be lots of scheming, planning, plotting and conning others in the future chapters.

Till now there has been no mention of things like cultivation levels or anything such. I don't think it will be a story where the MC is nuts about cultivation and becoming an immortal, which is different from a lot of xianxia novels, and I think this is one of the really good points about this story.

The author is doing a good job at building the world, and i would recommend this novel very much. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
June 26, 2016
Status: c59
Oh? This one is more interesting than I thought. Our MC has taken over a body of a prince which is assigned to rule a crappy border city.

The world common view is full of superstitions, which are partially true. Instead of rejecting or fearing the superstitions, the MC tries to understand them and employ or destroy them accordingly and opposed the church close minded reign. It feels like a changing point where magic changed from fearful to useful,

The MC also starting to brings some newer tech and ideas to the... more>> new world. This includes guns, steam engine, and some military reform so far.

Some politics are starting to come in to the story. We start to see some faction and ideologies formed. Though as the story mostly focused on the prince, we don't get to know that much about other faction. Plus, their interaction are mostly indirect / remote so far.

MC (and author's) views seems to be biased against the church and lean toward atheism. MC has also made quite a few assumptions on local religions, belief, and even how 'supernatural things' work without clear information or knowledge. His inventions and new policy adoption are done with only minor trouble and made great effect. This make the story feels a bit like railroad plot.

Still good so far. And I recommend it as it maintains this quality. Won't give it 5/5 though. <<less
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UsernameJ rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c124
This novel is easily one of the best on this entire site. MC is smart but not in the "I'm secretly a genius, watch me rule the world with my insipid intelligence!", more smart like "Slavery is bad because it harms humans and slows down the economy, let's get rid of it."

The writing is good, the pacing of the story is really nice. Characters are interesting and realistic. The world setting has a touch of mystery to it and we watch the characters do their thing while trying to figure... more>> out their place in the world.

Really good story, very different from a lot of other Chinese stories here. Definitely one of the best stories on this site, and absolutely the best non-Xianxia story I've read here so far. <<less
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Moonbreeze rated it
August 29, 2016
Status: c278
Spoiler alert, this review includes information from chapter 100 to chapter 278 in order to answer some negative review like 'why MC introducing firearms into a swords/archers(/magic) type of world ' ‘why no-one thinks to use witch's power before MC arrive', etc.

1. Why MC introducing firearms into a swords/archers(/magic) type of world?
The MC needs weapon to deal with the threat of Demons, and humanity need new weapon as well. It's not a peaceful world.

2.why no-one thinks to use witch's power before MC arrive?
They did. There are at... more>> least three ways to use the witch's power, and the power is widely use long time ago. this novel has more than 300 chapters already and I can hardly say the author have finished half of it.

3.One of his sister already realized MC acted like a different person and sent a witch to investigate. <<less
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Soma rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c11
What a fantastic mind battling novel. An entertaining novel with smart prince as mc scheming around to wrest the throne from his siblings. The concept is interesting and... kinda unique, a fitting choice for those who get bored reading novel with predictable plot.
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Hantosh rated it
January 31, 2017
Status: c560
Mechanical engineer MC reincarnates as a disregarded prince in a medieval fantasy world. There's kingdom building, army building, tech development (firearms, explosives, steel, etc), medieval politics.

- Great writing. Feels like a Japanese WN, almost can't believe it's a Chinese WN. There's little of the repetitive/hand-wavy/edgelord writing that plagues Xianxia stories. Reaction chapters are enjoyable and help with the world building, rather than the filler chapters they usually are. Author seems to have the plot well planned out so far.
- Likable MC, side characters. Side characters get... more>> screen time and development. There's world building chapters from other people's point-of-views (even if most of the time you just want to get back to the MC's empire building shenanigans ASAP). So refreshing.
- There's basic science involved so you might learn something (the comments section is sometimes interesting and not just pure cancer). Having something grounded in reality really adds to the enjoyment (like Seiun wo Kakeru).
- Regular translator updates.
- Contrary to my expectations (because of the science and whatnot), is easily read with GT. Get the Perapera Chinese add-on for Firefox if you haven't already.

- Translation quality drops pretty quick. First chapter is great at roping you in, but a few chapters in the typos, odd word choices and word salads are noticeable. Still readable, though a bit irritating.

If you liked "Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There" for its modern day warfare trouncing medieval tech theme, you'll probably like this. Read up to chapter 560 with zero regrets so far. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
December 20, 2016
Status: c174
This novel is refreshing. You can tangibly feel the thought put into this novel's story and its sequence of events. After reading so many wish fulfillment novels I've become somewhat disillusioned with the lack of thought put into these novels and their subsequent plot holes. You can only say, "it's just a novel," so many times before you sigh and drop novel after novel. That is not to say that I don't like wish fulfillment novels, actually, I really like them; however, I do wish that they were more thought... more>> out and better written. In any case, to be clear, this is no Shakespeare but it's a leap above its compatriots in terms of quality.

Usually, I'm not the type to enjoy nation building novels; it's a trope that's been used so often in western literature that I tried to avoid it on this site. After having no more novels to read, I noticed how popular Release that Witch was in addition to how highly rated it was so I decided to give it a try. After 7 days and 174 chapters, these are my thoughts.

1. It's thought out: That's not to say that it has no plot holes but you can tell that it clearly wasn't rushed.
2. It's slow but that's ok: as mentioned, it was definitely not rushed; every sequence in the story is structured around it's central plot & premise: reincarnated engineer builds a nation using his past life's accumulated knowledge (emancipating witches is a subplot). However, each sequence leads seamlessly into each other whilst including the perspectives of other important and or relevant [to the main character's ambitions] characters.
3. It's another wish fulfillment novel: but it's not your typical wish fulfillment novel. Yes the story is all about the MC; however, the story isn't drowned out by the MC either. If I had one complaint ~ it would be that the MC is a little bit too smart. Forget about your average Joe, not even Einstein knew as much about so many things as our MC. Perhaps only Da Vinci could be as much of a jack of all trade - master of none as our MC.
4. 174 chapters in and I only had my blood boil over once: as mentioned, it's slow but the climaxes are worth the wait :P
5. usually, when I read a new novel with 100+ chapters translated I storm through it in 2 or 3 days; even CD only took me a fortnight to finish and I started reading it when it was completely translated. However, with RTW, I seem to be taking it relatively slow reading about 20 or so chapters/day ~ probably do to the lack of blood boiling scenes.

Accordingly, I can happily recommend it; especially to people who enjoy nation building novels. Now then still 8 more chapters to go until I'm fully caught up :) <<less
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Draeghe rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: c27
I had good hope for this novel and I was even enjoying it.

Right uptil Chapter 27, where I learn the Main Character wants to introduce 'the gun' to the world.

Although at this point it's not yet certain whether he'll succeed or not. I find it downright annoying that introducing firearms into a swords/archers(/magic) type of world seems to be 'the' technological solution that the MC wants to bring into play.

History tells you that the gun brought significant change to the world, but that change was wrought through a lot of... more>> bloodshed. I find it debatable that 'inventing' better weapons is the solution. At least not something that's so highly abusable by all. It's not without reason that weapons are banned in some countries and that other countries where it's 'legal' have a higher (firearm) deathrate.

And although you might argue that people will continue to kill regardless of the introduction of firearms. The death toll would be significantly less without such a powerful weapon. And in this type of world, it should be powerful.

I was honestly hoping that if he kept on the path of inventing, he would stick to more constructive things that would help life in general. And by that I mean more convenience like structures... Pipelines for sewers, watertaps, transport ... I don't know ... I'd like to be surprised, not write it myself, lol.

On a side note ... At least it wasn't some MC getting into a magical world, who promptly decides to "Let's invent 'Gun Magic'", cause clearly that's the most imaginative thing to do in a world full of ... magic. Then again, that's probably because this MC can't use magic to begin with.

I sincerely hope his 'gun-plans' fall through. And he no longer sticks to it.

For the rest it's still a decent novel, so I won't say I'll drop it immediately. So for now I'll rate it a 2. It might've been a 4, if it wasn't for the gun thing. Yeah, that seriously put me off. Although I'm sure some people would like it instead. <<less
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Dream Seeker
Dream Seeker rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: c22
I am enjoying this one quite a bit. It's about discrimination and equality while discovering a peculiar strength of group or individual. I won't say it's a best seller, but it's got a nice style. So I recommend this a good causal read for anyone into fantasy/sci-fi.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ssjn4vega rated it
July 1, 2016
Status: c10
Love it so far, it's interesting and new. I love kingdom building and I hate judgmental religions getting their comeuppance so this is a great story for me.
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December 12, 2016
Status: c174
This is not the best written piece of litature i've ever read. It's not even the best translated web or light novel i've ever read.

The characters are not the most vibrant characters i've ever seen.

The plot isn't the most interesting.

... more>> The antagonists aren't the most interesting.

The world and setting aren't the best either.

And yet, it's by far one of my favorite stories, i look forward to this way more than i do anything else on my reading list.

And i have no idea why.

No individual part stands out as absurdly good, but they all come together almost perfectly, to make just an absolutely enjoyable read. <<less
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kvnstv1 rated it
November 10, 2016
Status: c134
It's a pretty good novel with a terrible title. The actual novel read really well. The plot progression is good and quick-paced with multiple events happening in parallel with little feeling of discontinuity.

The MC is an interesting guy with a good goal in mind. He is cautious, smart, tolerant of others and thinks his plans through. He knows when to use force and when to curtail it. This makes reading a pleasure, because in many such novels the MCs are overly righteous or forgiving and it often comes back... more>> to haunt them, most often by causing his closest followers suffering.

The other characters in this novel are also well-written. Their goals and motivations are also provided. As such, when characters act the way they do, you know why it is so.

But more than any of these, what prompted me to give this novel a 5 is its scope. 134 chapters in we are still dealing only with one country and lightly touching on the South and the activities of the church. There seems to be a lot more to this world, to the motivations of the church, to the presence of witches, to their special winters and to the 'end-game' antagonist of this story. In fact, I'd gauge he novel to only be a third of the way into the full story.

It is well worth your time to read this. <<less
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merddin rated it
October 24, 2016
Status: c110
This novel is a rare gem. In short - go read it immediately, you won't regret.

Going into the details:
It boasts a solid, captivating plot mostly told from the point of MC but with timely inserted chapters from different POV that don't just retell what you already know, like in many other novels, but help to deepen the world and characters.

Speaking of characters, you won't find typical 2D cutouts here, all named characters have a proper story and reasons for their actions. Despite harem tag, as of now there isn't... more>> one, even though a couple of witches show interest in the MC (who definitely isn't oblivious). The romance isn't strong at this point as MC is preoccupied with more pressing matters. MC is likable and uses his brain instead of godly cheats.

Overall this feels more like a proper fantasy novel than a typical web novel. The author clearly thought out the story and knows where it goes.

On a separate note, translator of this series is seriously amazing. Releases are fast, regular and of great quality. Thank you, so much for this novel! <<less
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fiel rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: c85
Rated 4.5 ~ 5.

The genre and the initial plot line itself is not unique. It follows the usual isekai story that starts off with the MC reincarnating to another world. However, the atmosphere is completely different from the immature isekai light novels from Japan, where the MCs are mostly high school boys without knowledge of the world. This novel has more of a territory government vibe than a fantasy and adventure one. Majority of the fantasy aspect of this novel only comes from the monsters and the witches.

The MC was... more>> a mechanical engineer in his past life. Which means that even though he was at the bottom of the pack, he was still a relatively accomplished man, with a mature thought and more logical approach to things. When faced upon the decision to execute a witch, he saves her instead and borrows her power rather than impulsively doing actions. Even with the overwhelming opinion of the majority that witches are people with evil magics, he remains skeptical of their truth. This situation draws out the curiosity from the readers unto the mysteriousness of these so-called witches. And by the story goes on, he unravels their secrets one by one.

You readers can expect that the MC does not have a weak and timid personality. And even though he falls to the category of 'OP', the author does not obnoxiously shove this fact unto your face unlike some of the other novels. He only utilizes his knowledge from the previous life as an engineer to his advantage in order to create machines, weapons and other things not yet existing in the current timeline. But since he needs the witches to speedily create and utilize these machines, it doesn't paint an OP character that 'can do everything by himself'.

There are many aspects to the story. Military and political aspects from his struggles as a prince who fights for the throne. Fantasy and mystery aspects from the witches and the witches. Potential romance aspect from the witch Anna whom he rescued.

There is even a slice life feel to the story from the witches that gradually comes to his side hearing of his benevolent personality. And yet surprisingly, the novel avoids having a immature harem vibe to itself. And it still maintains its personality.

The pacing is quite good and I never got bored. The witches are diverse in their personalities; at the same time, they avoid common generic archetypes. The explanation of the machines and how they work are quite interesting too, and even if you have no idea of the terms/words they use sometimes, the purpose of the machines are understandable enough.

The writing style is not bad at all, and the translation is doing an amazing job (as expected of volare).

It's quite a solid novel overall. <<less
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kzwkrain rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: c370
One of the best novels I had read. This story focuses on 3 things. Witches, territory management, and politics.

The mc has knowledge of Earth and will apply it into this world. But what's the point of following our step by step history? With the help of the witches, he is able to make steam engines, flictlock muskets(improvised musket), ironclads, hot air balloon, artillery, tnt, lasers and many more!

With advance technology, he can rekt everyone in this world! Typical op mc right? Nah, that's not all. Firstly, he is not... more>> a strong mc in a sense that he can 1 rekt 500 like in most wuxia novels. He doesn't practice fighting(as of c370), so this is a rare Chinese novel with no bullshit cultivations! Secondly, it's not like all the technologies just pop up for no reasons. Even the mc can't remember how to create most of the stuff we have on earth. He teaches sciences to alchemists and witches and they will help him to research.

Threats like assassinations are actually quite rare unlike most Chinese novels. So the mc don't have to fight experience assansins and own them.

Wars are actually quite less as well. I can count it with my fingers.

There are some chapters that shows different perspective from side characters and it's interesting to read it. How should I say? Not too much and not too little. Just nice.

So yeah, I recommend this to anyone reading it. Please continue to follow the series and support the translator if you want to continue reading the translated version. Otherwise I think you won't be able to catch up the on-going raws. From my knowledge, the raws update a chapter everyday.

PS: the laser is a joke. <<less
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Dragon rated it
October 14, 2016
Status: c96
Yes, I know the plot isn't perfect. It is a Chinese novel after all, and the standard villain tropes are there. The novel feels like a Japanese "isekai" novel, with some xianxia elements to it.

However, I have to give this story a 5 star just for the character development itself. The characters in this novel are complex, emotional, and feel the most realistic out of probably any Chinese novel I have read. Not as humorous as for example Long Live Summons or Wu Tian Ji, but I would say that... more>> the characters are even more well crafted than even Wu Tian Ji's.

Furthermore, the translator does a terrific job, and grammar and writing style are well versed. The story flows very well, especially since the author has a style of skipping minor scenes between chapters and also occasionally setting one or two chapters in the POV of another character.

Definitely one of my favorite novels recently. 5/5. <<less
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