Another World’s Savior ~ I Became Unparalleled by Using the Jet-Black Divine Equipment~


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I, who had unconsciously lost my way in another world while traveling freely, become involved with the residents of another world.

Received a gift from God I became unparalleled while helping those in the other world with use of the Divine Equipment.

Another World’s Savior ~ I Became Unparalleled by Using the Jet-Black Divine Equipment~ average rating 3.6/5 - 92 user ratings
Associated Names
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Isekai no Kyuuseishu ~ Shikoku no Kamisou de Musou shite masu~
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Date Group Release
03/31/16 Crappy Machine... side story 1side story 1
03/31/16 Crappy Machine... c10c10
03/30/16 Crappy Machine... c9c9
03/29/16 Crappy Machine... c8c8
03/28/16 Crappy Machine... c7c7
03/27/16 Crappy Machine... c6c6
03/26/16 Crappy Machine... c5c5
03/25/16 Crappy Machine... c4c4
03/25/16 Crappy Machine... c3c3
03/24/16 Crappy Machine... c2c2
03/24/16 Crappy Machine... c1c1
03/23/16 Crappy Machine... prologueprologue
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
July 4, 2016
Status: side story 1
I would like to say that I'm disappointed, I had a few expectations but it all went down the drain.. The story is too fast paced and doesn't have any depth, so far the two female character just instantly fell in love with the MC, then this and that was said then next day bye bye going to another town, and acting like they were lovers.. and btw the personality of MC is pretty much random as I can't get a good grasp of it except for being a pervert... more>> & a coward & a hypocrite.. with godlike equipment with explosive increase in stats he doesn't even try to confirm his current limits or how strong his boosts in stats.. the characters are so honestly accepting that it somehow feels stupid.

I would not recommend this to those looking for a good story. For some reason it kinda reminded me of 1HP WN, OP MC but too stupid to take notice or advantage of his strength.. probably all the heroines will be left behind without some romance. <<less
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For Academic Purposes
For Academic Purposes rated it
March 22, 2017
Status: c9
I like OP characters and simple novels. But even I have to admit that this was painful to read, the story moved too fast, way too fast. An example would be saying Naruto Uzumaki has always been a problem child, he's a failure as a ninja, everyone hates him. But he found a way to maybe pass his class so he practiced very hard a jutsu and now after beating up the teacher who was evil, he got a headband. End of episode 1

Only reason you should really read this... more>> is if you want to turn off your brain for 10 chapters.

*sigh* And I like the numerical gain of OP statuses too.. <<less
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