Xian Wang Dotes On Wife


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She is an expert in medicine, the only daughter of Yun Tian, Yun Valley’s master.

Her parents died, leaving her alone in this world. She fell from heaven to hell. She had a marriage prospect but her future husband broke it off. The entire world view her as a joke.

She blossoms in Feng Yun Hall, with unparalleled wisdom and startling beauty.

Against all the people eager to make a move, she lifts her hand first. Kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

But nobody knows that the soul within her has long been replaced by someone from another world.

She has no regret in the past life and originally plans to live an idyllic life, but because of the same question from the past life, she gives up the peaceful life and steps into the power struggle for imperial power.

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New Itssalwa rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c78
4/5. It's good

This book os nice, a pity that I don't really understand Wuxia/Xianxia thing. But yeah, I adapts with it so I read comfortably tho..

Plot line : 3/5

I thought that this book is a bit light hearted one. Yes, I'm not finished it but I read a spoiler in novel updates forum, I a bit schock when I knew that this novel had a complicated event.

... more>>

Maybe not complicated. But because I thought this novel Had Light Plot (like the novel is abt MC love life) so I'm a bit dissapointed.

Because the title of the book I thought this story is about ML doing a lot doting thing for MC. But it wasn't

Yes, they're numerous chapter about ML dotes MC but for me it wasn't enough.

So why I said it complicated Because

  • There will a be a rebellion
  • MC is a cursed gurl (she got cursed bcs her aunt (her mother sister)
  • Because of her curse she will not live past 18 y.o and will not have a child
  • MC and ML wants to break the curse so they will be investigate it. Through the investigation they will learn MC mother origin

Yes I know it's not complicated but bruh I just want a lot of doting chapter 😳😭 If there's Not (a lot) I hope They change the title 🙄


Well it's not complicated duh..🙄😳



MC * 4/5

  • She's so wise
  • Overpowered
  • Smart, too Intelligent
Not Really Marry sue because in the past life she deals with her family members who wants to take her parents business.

Well, I kinda likes her character tho...

ML * 4/5

Basically your perfect ML

Handsome, intelligent, overpowered 🙄

But I guess he is not toxic? Like overposseisve? Or overobsession ?

Kinda like him. He is cute

Going to edit this review after I finish MTL-ed <<less
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February 17, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel is very much like every novel in its genre, but the romance is so much more satisfying. The nice thing about this novel is that there are not many misunderstandings and things to get frustrated about, and also the relationship with the female and male main character does get established very early one. What I like about the female character is that she is very straight-forward and she knows what she wants, and despite being a little dense when it comes to romance, she doesn't deny her feelings... more>> but attack them straight on. As for the male lead, the title of this story explains everything, he really does dote on her, like incredibly doting, like the most doting I have ever seen, you will cavities.

he even builds a greenhouse so he could have an endless supply of her favourite grapes that have been imported from a far away country

Beware, you may be pleasantly surprised by the 173 chapters (which is a small amount when compared to the majority of chinese novels) but each chapter is sooooo long.

update: After they get together, it gets a little boring, unfortunately the author likes to lag things on just a tad. I couldn't bring myself to finish the entire thing and just skipped to the end. <<less
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blazikens rated it
January 7, 2019
Status: --

Ehh.... recently rereading the beginning of this story since I was bored, and omg....I must have been really new to CNovels, because this is so... boring! No substance whatsoever!

The MC and ML are basically perfect people who everyone around them is either in awe of or is basically jealous of them and wishes to be them. The plot is rather unique for a transmigration story, I'll give it that, but when the MC and ML are so OP.... what's the point? There's no conflict and no struggle at all, everything... more>> is basically handed to them or in the palm of their hands because they are always three steps ahead.

And don't get me started on the romance.... it's pretty much love at first sight for the ML... three years ago. SO, we don't really see how he pursues her, instead all we get is the ML already head over heels for her and the MC slowly coming to terms. No conflict, no struggle, nothing. Tbh, the only real reason he falls in love with her is because she is oh-so-amazing and perfect and the only woman who could stand by his side and be his equal since he is oh-so-amazing and perfect himself.... BARF.

Also, apart from MC's only female friend, all the other woman are jealous and scheming binches only focused on love blah blah blah. They will never be as intelligent as her or as capable or as beautiful... ugh. The men, however, are allowed to be capable and interesting (at least the ones on the MC's side) while still either being in love w/ MC or caring for her as a family member. Either way most of the male characters love her in some way.

SO in conclusion? While at first glance this story might seem interesting and / or different to most transmigration / reincarnation stories.... it's not.


Actually, this novel is one of the better ones out there in this genre of transmigration of a female lead into ancient China. It has big flaws that truly prevent it from being a great story, but one of things that makes it my opinion better than most is the fact that the romance isn't.... abusive and the ML isn't rapey lol. That's already a big win in these types of novels.

I did drop this novel though, not because it got THAT bad, but as I explain later it got boring after the ML and FL got together and there's other factors that made the story fall flat.

I'll just list the pros and cons of this story imo:


    • No big info dump, we're introduced to the female lead three years after her transmigration. Allows for the story to unfold more naturally tbh, even if you're confused at the start somewhat.
    • One thing I think that's different is that this isn't a revenge story, which sets it apart from the typical transmigration / reincarnation story. And despite the fact that it has a political side, it isn't too complex or even delves that much into politics for it to be tiring for some people. (I actually quite like political stories tbh, but I know that's not for most people)
    • No huge age gap, which in my opinion is a big plus even if I still don't approve of a relationship btwn a 15 yr old and an 18 yr old. But considering that in these types of novels the age gap can be up to 8 yrs in difference, it's not AS bad.
    • The female lead is competent, and the ML doesn't outshine her even if he's also very capable himself. Also he doesn't interfere w/ her plans and supports her.
    • The romance doesn't happen straightaway, even if the ML is already in love w/ her, due to the FL's low EQ lol. It's also quite cute since the ML dotes on her a lot and is quite gentle and indulgent of her (altho the FL isn't very demanding either, she's the calm and intelligent type)
    • The brother/sister relationship btwn the FL and the imperial grandson is really cute imo, I like how she guides and teaches him.
    • The chapters are a great length for readers who like long chapters. No short, choppy chapters that have 1 scene.
    • There's not much misunderstandings or even conflicts, especially in the romance, which is good from a certain point of view, but it also detracts from the story. Because.... really, there's no struggle, no mystery, etc. which makes a story worth reading about. It's also due to how OP both the FL and ML are. (This is sort of a pro+con in one lol)
    • Spoiler

      There's a male gay couple and unlike most CNovels, even modern ones, it isn't treated as something disgusting or abnormal. I won't say it's 100% perfect, but much better than most.


    • The FL is too OP in my opinion, that it gets boring. It's also kind of unbelievable how much knowledge she has lol. Also.... way too perfect tbh. Like, she's the most beautiful, extremely smart and capable, knows how to scheme in politics, her martial arts are top-notch, she's extremely rich, her medical skills are god-tier, she's calm and composed most of the time, so on and on and on. The only flaw is her low EQ, and even that isn't much of a flaw since it's written as a cute personality trait, similar to the "clumsy and awkward in a cute way" heroine that's popular. (Also I kind of disliked her holier-than-thou personality on some aspects)
      • One thing that's positive is that despite all of her perfections, she's not annoying. BUT, due to her cold personality, it just makes her boring.
    • The ML is also way too perfect, it's boring. He's way too talented, the most handsome, extremely intelligent, has a high position, very rich, etc. At least, what I like is that he's the gentle and charming while inwardly cunning type, so he isn't cold nor abusive to the FL. He also doesn't force himself on her... which is a BIG plus in this genre.
      • However, ML claims the FL as 'his woman' even tho.... he still hasn't told her he likes her nor has he, y'know, asked her about her feelings towards him. He isn't the typical pushy ML tbh but still, this rubbed me the wrong way tbh. Typical arrogant, misogynistic shit.
      • He is also gets way too jealous at times, that it's creepy. He even acts like a child sometimes.... and like he even thought that if the FL fell in love with another man, he'd kill himself along with her.... wtf???
    • The story gets really boring and draggy even after the FL and ML get together, so I dropped it. Depends on the person, but eh.
    • The romance btwn the leads, despite the cute pampering and stuff, is actually quite bland imo. It isn't abusive, which is always good ofc, and there's some cute moments, but since we don't see how the ML falls in love w/ her (actually it's more like love at first sight which is boring) and the story starts w/ the ML who's already been pursing her for 3 yrs, the romance suffers because of it. There's no development, no struggle, no conflict (and I don't mean that they have to be at each other's throats for it to be interesting), there's no journey really and we just get the result of it w/ the FL finally realizing her love of the ML after he's already been subtly pursing her, so it just comes off as dull but still cute enough I guess.
    • In general, other than the MC's friend, the treatment of women in this novel is as usual, BAD, only the MC is a good and capable women while the rest are reduced to scheming binches ugh. Meanwhile, the male characters are allowed to be flawed yet interesting, blah blah blah.
    • One big point in disfavor I have is the treatment of a main female antagonist, who's the ML's junior sister or something like that:

      I really hated how since the female antagonist was very sensual and seductive, this was used to berate her and the FL even looked down on her for it, in a holier-than-thou way. Especially since the FL is the "cold, pure beauty" type. Ugh. What's even worse is that she's from the modern times, but she taunts the female antagonist by saying how would the ML ever like a snake-like, seductive, morally loose woman like her. Basically saying women expressing their sexuality = evil, wrong, etc. Blegh.

      And even tho the female antagonist was the usual obsessively in love character, in the end before she's killed by the ML for scheming way too much against the FL she realizes that she was unable to appreciate the one who truly loved her and regrets. It gave her some depth and I thought it really sucked, that aside from being villainized and mocked for daring to be 'sensual', she couldn't have been developed beyond being a scheming binch. I even thought it would've been a great story from her POV if she was reincarnated and chose to do things differently (Actually I liked this character a lot more than the holier-than-thou MC just for this moment LOL.)

All in all, despite my gripes w/ the story, it's still much better than most of the ones out there and it isn't as shallow as these types of stories go. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: c9
I've only read this one till chapter 9, but already charmed by its narrative and character. I currently think it might be an above-par novels among its kind (OP female protagonist got transported to ancient China-like setting). The MC established her place as soon as the story started, so we get to see her kicked ass quickly, but the plot actually flows forward in moderate pace; not so fast and not so slow, while the length of each chapter was quite satisfying. And so, I'm anticipating smart intrigue plus level-headed... more>> romance in future chapters. <<less
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Animeking rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c70 part2
This is one of the best novel's i've ever read. Smooth sailing romance... All the cool actions... Beautiful MC and handsome ML... Reincarnation... You've got everything in here. I just love it.

I recommend this novel to anyone who like Reincarnate novels with beautiful Female protagonist with cute but slow romance.
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ludagad rated it
March 26, 2017
Status: c26
I am very satisfied by this novel. We have a kuudere MC (my favorite), who's a crafty little fox. The ML treats her with respect, decency, and gentleness. The romance is exactly what I want to read about. I'm also excited for the future palace intrigues, because the MC has such refreshing ways of dealing with schemes. Altogether, this novel hits the bullseye for me.
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owlzeyes rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: v1c65 part2
I dropped this novel because to be honest...I got bored. All the schemes and face slapping scenes were great but this novel is really lacking in the romance area. I don't mind slow novels as long as the anticipation is worth it but it just wasn't working. If you're looking for a good revenge/scheme novel then this is a pretty good read but if you want romance I suggest going elsewhere. MC's smart and cool. ML is typical ML but there's nothing intriguing. Just, their romance is so bland and... more>> I'm a person who's entirely focused on the romance aspect so this was really disappointing. <<less
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errantknight rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: --
On the plus side: The male lead lets the MC fight her own battles and respects her abilities--of which she has many. He isn't rapey and genuinely loves her for who she is. It's well translated and has a plot that matters.

On the minus side: He fell in love with her at first sight, when he had no idea who she was. Both their beauty is so awe inspiring that no one can help but love them. Blargh.... While not being rapey, he IS alarmingly jealous and possessive, to the... more>> point that it's disturbing, particularly when he has absolutely no reason to be jealous. It's simply a character trait. He's a yandere just waiting to happen (although it probably won't). They're so overpowered that there's no sense of risk, except to side characters-who are often more likable than the leads.

Which brings me to the most disturbing aspect of this book--these people who are presented as being decent people really aren't. Their ability to feel empathy is entirely self-serving and limited. It's honestly creepier than the more usual characters in these books who don't feel compassion at all, because the contrast between their treatment of people they care about and those they don't is so pronounced. They torture and kill when it's unnecessary and a lesser punishment would be just as effective, they let innocents die to punish their parents, and generally act like people they don't know aren't worth anything while giving lip service to the idea that everyone is someone else's precious child. It's genuinely creepy. At least with a villainous MC/ML, you know where you stand and it's not hypocritical. Points for plot and genuine love, deductions for behaviors and attitudes that contradict each other. <<less
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Abhieghail rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c16
Not your cliche C-novel. I like the MC. Her character is not exaggerated.

I got confused in the beginning if she is really the crown prince's sister. Turns out she isn't. Although, their love for each other (familial) is so pure and heart-warming.
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famine rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: Completed
It all felt like every character was made to compare and admire the MC and ML. I don't know about how the others impression in reading this, but its all 'how pretty/handsome', 'how talented', 'how powerful' sentences keep repeating in success from the start to the end.

Sometimes problem would arise within a moment of carelessness, but its somehow 'accidental' thing are so ridiculous from how amazing the character was supposed to be.

For example,

... more>>

if the yun family loved each other to death, I don't think it makes sense for her father to commit suicide while he himself has responsibility to his daughter and the clan.. Also, the one who poisoned her mother is still free. No revenge? Just marry off your daughter to someone random and let go? Ridiculous.




at the time where Xian wang was poisoned (?) by some kind of parasite bug, he was bumped by the girl from the family she was a fiancee before, but its so farfetched that a noble girl could go to a hidden village that cant be entered normally and become a disciple.. Also, he should be riding a horse to war and he got bumped.. So weird.


And etc

I get that sometimes mistakes were made, but by the combination of mistakes to make a scenario, and the high profile of the lead characters you kept mentioning every chapter.. It failed. Dramatically.

I finished this because I was already close to dropping it at some point so I go chapter hopping midway through to see it to the end. It didn't improve at all. I wouldn't recommend it. <<less
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lazymonkey rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the best transmigration story. There wasn't any moment where story felt dull or boring. There was always an intrigue in every arc ar the story. MC and ML characterization was well fledged. MLTed version of the story is quite easy to read and understand.
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May 11, 2019
Status: c82
I love love love this novel so much. Everything just fits together. The female lead is beautiful, decisive, intelligent and just plain amazing. The male lead is dreamy, he dotes on the female lead a lot and just does anything for love. I adore them together, their love is pure and I love how they're just confident about everything. There's no petty misunderstandings between them which, as a fan of this genre, is pretty refreshing. I cant wait for them to get married! I hope the translator will keep on... more>> translating this novel because I am hooked and I will probably lose sleep if I dont find out what happens next lmao. I recommend this novel to anybody who loves this genre! <<less
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Jennifer_Roxy rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: v1c81
Tags Transmigration - Handsome male lead- Beautiful female lead- smart and strong FL- Royalty- History-Power couple - Love interest falls in love first - Doating love interest- Cultivation-War- Interesting characters!!!

Most importantly both ML are in love from the start! And their actions are really cute (^-^) author beautifully explains the development of their relationship and their understanding of love.

Here is the raw link it's already completed has 173 chapters, if ur so curious just use google translator

https://tw. Ixdzs. Com/read/145/145329/p86. Html
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Khushi Blue
Khushi Blue rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: c69
I am very satisfied with this unique novel. I love how cool and calm MC is. I love this kind of novel where MC is strong and powerful. This novel is very good. I enjoying reading this good novel. I am yearning for more update.
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Lydtest rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c137
The story is very good. The female lead is a smart girl with principles. She can be ruthless if it is needed but she doesn't do it just for the sake of hurting others. I loved the relationship she had with her 'younger brother'.

... more>>

When she got married, her younger brother carried her on his back to the palanquin even though he was shorter than her. It's a very touching moment. Also, in the end of the story when he came back to his study, he found her letter which basically said she would always be there for him.... TT_TT


The male lead is also smart. He loves and dotes on the FL. Sometimes he feels exasperated over how 'independent' the female lead is. But he isn't a pushy alfa-male. In fact, in the beginning he is a bit unnoticeable.

But, despite how good the story is, I felt like it's a combination two different stories with the same characters. Like it has two arch but the difference is too big (both are good but it just felt weird), the first one is about siblings and power struggle in the palace while the second one is more 'magic' or 'cultivation', those kinds of things....


After the power struggle in the palace ended and her brother became the Emperor, she left, searching for a way to undo a curse with the male lead. Here the story turns into more about magic, spells, reincarnation.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Senethari rated it
February 10, 2017
Status: c2
The usual tale, but told a little differently, and it's giving me chills. Anticipation! Differences include:
1) It doesn't start off with her genius modern day self dying at the top of her game. We can guess in ch. 1 that a soul dump happened a few years ago (later confirmed in ch. 2), but no time is spent on a forced info dump. We find out she's special through the story, and that's awesome and unexpected. 2) She has allies. After 3 years, she's already... more>> shown her stuff to the folks with eyes, and while I love come-uppance left and right, it's refreshing that not everyone is automatically antagonistic to the MC except her one poor loyal dog servant. 3) On those same lines, while there's still an engagement breaking, the emperor and heir appear to have their heads screwed on straight. It seems like the conflict is mainly going to be keeping them safe against the plots of opposing factions, another new twist as I'm starting to choke on the sheer number of despotic or petty, lecherous ruler characters. Only two chapters and I'm hooked.

Edit: I couldn't wait and ran to read the MTL. Squee! <<less
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happydot rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: --
MC is intelligent, likable, and black-bellied. I love how she's the master of the valley and a princess who oversees the empire's court. Not many CN authors would place the female MCs in a position greater or equivalent to the ML.
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Maghishaw rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: --
There is basically no plot

1) both leads are already perfect from day one and cannot loose, EVER. Thus boring n predictable, no character development to be seen

2) the way the story is written itself has no appel, dont know how to describe it
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Dina rated it
November 21, 2019
Status: v1c87 part1
One of the best novels I have read and reading! I love everything about this novel! The FL works hard for the things she has and wants to achieve and the ML dotes, pampers and is holding her back! They are in equal footing. I love their interaction. No is no useless or boring situation.

I would 10000000000% recommend this novel.

And translators thank you for translating and author Wu Ri Yang Guang thank you for this wonderful masterpiece!!!!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dona rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c30
I had to stop. It was too boring. Same old tired plots like the other similar novels. Nothing remarkable about it. Biggest problem was that both MC and ML are too OP. Flawless, incredibly intelligent, rich and powerful. I mean, come one. And I really hated how the ML took liberty to claim MC as ‘his woman’ without consulting her or telling her about his feelings. Early on in the story everyone knows ML loves her, except of course our highly intelligent but low EQ unemotional dense MC. Ugh even... more>> her personality has been done many times over. <<less
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Trouvaille rated it
December 8, 2018
Status: v1c79 part1
This is a really interesting novel. All of the characters are complex and feel like real people instead of just a character from novel. Following the chapter, we can see all of the character's personalities grow to the better and gives a 3 dimensional feeling. There is less conflict in this novel compared to others, but it's not less addicting as the others, in fact, it gives a refreshing feeling once you read this. Forget the complicated misunderstanding between MC and ML, here they both have mutual understanding and mutual... more>> respect to each other. Although it takes place in ancient times, where women were seen less than men, ML treats MC really well, like, really really well, and even so doesn't walk pass the boundary between man and woman. All the other supporting characters also feel alive and real. Can't wait till the translator finish translating this novel :) <<less
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