World’s Greatest Militia


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The moment when mercenary leader Kwang Hwi receives video game-like abilities, the world is suddenly thrown into chaos. A thick fog envelops the Earth, bringing with it savage, otherworldly monsters. At the same time humanity has been rendered defenseless against this onslaught, as the strange fog turns most weapons to rust.

With mankind spiraling towards oblivion, it is up to Kwang Hwi, with his new abilities, to save the world. Watch as Kwang Hwi leads his militia and becomes the last bastion of humanity. Will he be this world’s savior, or its conqueror?

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사상 최강의 군벌
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giratina143 rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: Vol-1(c23)
**updated below (ignore 1star trolls) **

I'm not a fan of the military genre so this novels hasn't hooked me yet.

The protagonist so far feels robotic, is it because of the authors inability or is he like that because he is a veteran mercenary is anyone's guess. There is little to no backstory like a bad p*rno video, we just jump right into the action.

If by chance, the story actually follows through the plot of the MC being the only one able to get weapons, the plot will get ridiculous... more>> very fast. I'll keep an eye out till 25 chapters, let's hope this turns around soon.

For now it's just mediocre.

Action scenes are well described and plot is fast paced.

I know this review is a bit blunt, maybe unfair even considering only 5 chapters are out, but I'll update the review and rating if necessary after 25 chapters.

*Update after chapter 23*

Ok, this novel is not for me.

The story so far is

the MC along with his group of subordinates building a base. They go to a place where they can find stuff, encounter monsters, kill them, find people, recruit them. That's it. The cycle repeats.


We are 23 chapters in and I've yet to see any for of depth to any character. We see some shenanigans a few subordinates do but that's as far as it goes. No backstory, no history, nothing makes them interesting.

To be frank with you all, I couldn't read past chapter 10. This was just an apocalypse story, there is nothing here other than killing monsters and building a base. Maybe there is a portion of readers who are into that, I'm not.

Like I mentioned before, it has its good parts. But even after 1 full volume, we know nothing about what's happening outside the city (understandable, since it's volume 1 and you always start small. Not holding this against the novel), we no next to nothing about the MC, his subordinates. All people recruited or assimilated into the militia are submissive for now (no other choice tbh) , but that makes them even more boring.

I am struggling to find the "wow" factor in this. The world building is not there, because it's set on Earth. The story is of a character running around accumulating resources, can literally change him with any other person and it won't make a difference. Where is the hook? Is it just a military nuts fantasy? Only depth I saw is the knowledge of weapons the author has shown.

So my final take away is "for military Bois, maybe for kingdom building fans too, but that takes a back seat to guns and heavy machinery"

It's still 3/5 for me.

I am not a fan of plain military fantasy. There isn't much else to look for in this. Goes into my dropped list now.

I read after chapter 10 to 23 because an acquaintance gave me the chapters and asked me to update my thoughts after reading that far. But I see no improvement in terms of the story after chapter 5. Kinda feel bad, but it is what it is. <<less
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NeriaTL rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: c40
World's Greatest Militia is a modern fantasy novel set in an apocalypse.
It's a light read for people who love reading stories about building your own faction.
While there aren't much character development and the story progresses very fast, the novel does get interesting once the MC establishes some level of foundation. For example,

later on, it introduces other people with abilities and Gods who have authority over certain regions. Variety of monsters, geopolitics, and modern military weapons are all touched on after Ch 40.


If you have free time and want to read something short, WGM is the novel for you.
If you want something more, I recommend reading Dungeon Defense.
Overall, it's not a bad novel once you get to know what it's about.
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JNhanSmile rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c17
When I first started hearing about the novel, I didn't think much of it. I thought it'd be a boring and plain novel.

However, when I read the first chapter, it definitely piqued my interest because it wasn't an isekai, nor was it a typical zombie apocalyptic novel either. I feel like it's more of a world-building light novel, which I feel is satisfying seeing something progress over time.

If you're into OP MCs and a world-building aspect in your novels, definitely a novel for you. The writing is not bland and... more>> the translations are really good!

As a person who has never used patreon in my life, I feel like this novel deserved my attention.

Thank you,

JNhan <<less
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sukets rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c43
It is kinda amazing how I read all these chapters and can't remember the name of one side character. This novel has no character development, almost no drama, low stakes, and bland characters (MC included).

Even for a kingdom building, military, and gun aficionado (which I am all), this just don't hook me, and I tried really hard to like it since the author actually has a decent knowledge of weaponry.

But, as I am the target audience of this, and just can't bring myself to read this, don't think I can... more>> actually recommend this to anyone. It's not the worse novel in this site, but then again, this site has some pretty horrible novels. <<less
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Hugh Mad
Hugh Mad rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: c25
This story got boring VERY quickly. If you are looking for interesting character interactions with depth and drama, this is not the story for you. If you never served in any military for a day in your life, but love Call of Duty and other shooter games and want a simple military action story, then you may like this for a while. But it gets boring quickly, as it just repeats a cycle of shooting monsters, getting points, unlocking items and weapons, and then starting again.

I tried to read as... more>> much as possible, but couldn't do it anymore once I reached chapter 25. There is simply no character interaction worth remembering, and no one to root for. The MC is bland and tunnel-visioned, and outright unlikeable at times. Besides him, it is a sausage fest of brief, shallow team member characters.

Give it a shot, but know that the first 5 to 10 chapters tell you everything you need to know. <<less
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Particleman rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: c16
I have read half of the currently translated chapters, but I don't feel any hook to keep me reading. To be honest, it feels more like a weapon and military vehicle fanboy is writing a wish fulfilment novel. The logic is about average for a Korean novel. For those unfamiliar with Korean light novels, this basically means that there are numerous things that have plot holes, feel railroaded, or seem illogical.

... more>>

The MC unexpectedly gets the ability to buy equient with points earned from killing monsters. It's only weakness currently seems to be the inability to buy food with points. This ability is never really questioned nor does anyone really ask why only the MC has this power. Everyone just rolls with it even when the MC pulls out vehicles or weapons out of thin air.

Random people seek shelter and agree to take orders from the MC rather than whatever may be left of the government. They don't even know anything about the MC before making the choice, and not much time had passed since things started. It looks like they joined just because the MC cleared the area within hours after the fog causing the apocalypse appeared, and the author wanted it to happen.

The author also has the MC continue to rack up first kill bonus points just so he can buy more equipment. All of this is supposed to support a rapid expansion that the author wants to see happen. This is further enforced through the first mission the MC takes while trying to unlock a new purchasing category. All the MC has to do is get medicine (the next thing he really needed anyway).


All put together, it just feels like a freshman high schooler sat down to write what they feel would happen during the apocalypse if they were some bada** mercenary and got their choice of super power. <<less
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