Wolf King


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A normal salary man crosses into the Snow wolf tribe.

From a civilized modern steel jungle to the primitive prairie of the Cursed Lands.

Can Xiao Yun adapt to the to homelessness, raw food and nake – forget about it.

Dragging his tribe kicking and screaming to build an age of prosperity, and anyone who gets in his way…


The legend of the generation of pit gods, black belly emperor, _(:з”∠) _

Xiao Yun: ” We are a peace loving tribe!”

Everyone Else: …

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Date Group Release
11/13/19 Obsessive Dreamer c6
11/05/19 Obsessive Dreamer c5
10/30/19 Obsessive Dreamer c4
10/21/19 Obsessive Dreamer c3
10/14/19 Obsessive Dreamer c2
10/13/19 Obsessive Dreamer c1
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