Why Do I Wake up as a Cheater Every Time?


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Qin Yuyang always ended up transmigrating as a scum man who’d get caught in bed — with another man — by his partner. Frequently, the secret lover and his companion would question him in unison, “Do you choose him or me?!”

At times, his true lover would sneer at him dismissively, “Get out, get out of my house.”

The paramour, on the other hand, would get heartbroken and ask, “What do I have to do to make you stay?” Sometimes, he’d go as far as to blurt out without a change in his expression, “I have your child, hehe.”

This was too much…

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New teagsho rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: Completed
MC and ML relationship is kind of fake you see. MC (gong) is actually manipulating ML in each world (there are 3 Arc) to like him so he can live safely.

You might think that MC is sincere with his feeling for ML from the start but that's so wrong. MC is only fooling ML so he will lower his defences and can be forgiven for his (original body) mistake. I warn you, everything that original body do to ML is REALLY BAD, and can't be solved just by a mere... more>> apology. So MC solved it by relying on "feeling" of ML to get him out from the trouble, coz he thinks that the one who doing it it's not him, why should he solved everything he didn't do?

And another thing, MC is really don't care about ML's POV at all. What he cares if whether ML still love him and care about him because he's afraid that if ML didn't have any feeling left for MC he's doomed.

Arc 1 :

In Arc 1, you can always see that ML is really care about MC, he's worrying over him and always want to make him happy but MC thinks it's unnecessary, and even thinks that ML is so naive and easy do deceive.
One time, MC is coming back home and picking ML up from college, and ML is very happy that he smiles silly and hugged MC for minutes, but MC only thought that it's hot and hard to hug so he endure the hug, lol. Obviously he didn't care about ML.

I will tell you that ML in 1st arc is REALLY INNOCENT PASSERBY that unfortunately got raped by original body, MC can just say sorry and doing everything to resolved the problem, and dissapear from ML's life but instead he makes ML forgive him and fall for him. The f*ck, you're the rapist. I mean, the OG, but still, man. That's manipulative as f*ck.
I remember that MC actually threatened ML to choose, "You follow me to dinner, and we will be together (as lovers) or you go back and nothing's going on".

Before this, ML is in insecure and scared state because he met OG's (MC) original ex husband. Ofc, first they're in different world, poor and rich. Second, ML doesn't know that whether MC will go back with his ex husband. Third, he feels like he doesn't deserve MC coz of his identity. He needs time and coaxing, he has a lot of burden, student loan and father's debt, and ML still has an audacity to say that.

Like I said, MC didn't seem to care about MC's circumstances at all. When ML is telling MC about his past he seemed to just, "Oh, okay, you have me right now" HAHA, scum.

I am so angry.

Well, in the last part of the arc 1 ending, MC did have a sincere love feeling for ML. But in my opinion, it's too late.


Arc 2 :

In Arc 2, MC is fooling and manipulating ML to lower his guard so he will not be found out about his doing. Once again, the ML is f*ckING INNOCENT.

In this arc, OG is framing ML for murderer even though the one who's doing it is OG. MC know this, but he don't want to die, so he plan to warm the frog with ML, so maybe ML will forgive him or maybe forget about it. You know, because of this ML has a lifetime imprisonment, and MC still has an audacity to manipulating him. He thought that the one who frame ML isn't him so why should he be the one who solved it?

Well, once again, MC did fall for ML in the last part on the last chapter of arc 2. It feels so weird tbh, because he realized his feeling after ML saved him, lol. I think it's not love, he just feels like he should reciprocated ML's feeling for him because he feels guilty.


I skipped Arc 3 coz I can't take it anymore. So I read the real life extra.

In summary, the MC is an a**hole, scum, and a slag man. He's playing with ML's feeling. ML is the only one who is falling in love.

Oh, on the description in jjwxc, it's 1v1 so every ML is the same but it didn't seem like that in novel. It's just feels like different ML, and MC never got the familiar feeling (maybe in arc 3 coz I didn't read that?) but ML1 and ML 2 feels so damn different. And, I think real life ML is different with Arc ML too. In extra, ML is the one who's chasing MC, in the end MC didn't love ML yet, but MC and ML got arranged into marriage. MC feels reluctant coz he didn't want to date, he want to feels being single.

So you can conclude that MC doesn't love ML in real life (yet, I guess).

If you want dog food, fluff, and doting male partner, you better think twice, coz all the dog food may be only fake.

Well, there's a dog blood warning in jjwxc description, so be careful, and be ready to hate the MC.

I MTL-ed this, the grammars error and misleading words is really make me crazy, and the MTL is really make MC more hateful and bad, lol. It's really hard have a good feeling from MC when I am reading MTL. Even though the MC indeed change in the last part of each Arc.

Oh, there isn't angst or sad things so go ahead.

7/10. <<less
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New numba1nobody rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: Completed
I read it.

Im EXTREMELY disappointed.

(There is no romance sorry fudanshi's and fujoshi's you should Skip this one)

... more>> The MC is fake yes fake. He doesn't care about ML's feeling and he will just convey things in actions but it doesn't match his wording towards ML like him saying he likes ML? Pathetic

He is half considerate which is totally fake and half not which he doesn't show.

I can only think that the author must have broken up with someone or is having an anxiety while writing this.

The story is just bad extremely bad even the author admitted it and asked for forgiveness.

The MC even acted as a bastard and he even said "What is love? Can it be eaten?"

LIKE WTFFFF oh god this phrase, as a romance addict, made me extremely mad and annoyed I can't I'm sorry.

It isn't descriptive and didn't mention if it were the same ML because the last guy in the extra totally acted COMPLETELY different than the last 3 ML from other world, yes again it didn't said anything like MC knowing that they might be the same which means they are not. In the end the MC was forced in an arranged marriage in the end. (He deserves it)

I regret reading this novel <<less
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Pavetta rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c3
Really amusing. MC arrives transmigrates into someone's body while they're sleeping after having cheated on their significant other, and gets caught by said significant other before he even wakes up.

Annoyed that he's being treated horribly by the significant other for the cheating and by the lover for forcing them, when he isn't the one who did it, he goes full OOC and decides to divorce his significant other and cut off all his relationships to restart his life without anything holding him back.

It's hilarious to see how the significant other... more>> deals with the divorce since the MC's body was someone who married for money and it makes no sense to divorce.

What I like is seeing outsiders react to the MC and how dumbfounded they are by the uncharacteristic behaviour.

This is only 4 stars because there aren't enough chapters for me to be fully invested yet. <<less
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Face-con rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c3
I got hooked. By reading the first chapter you can already tell that this novel has a potential !

MC is calm cool headed His reactions are not overly fake but more natural.

I guess we should add tags like fluffy and doting love interest.

So I totally recommend this novel
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