Who Is Threatening To Climb The Tower?


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A sudden message arrived, heralding the end of humanity.

[Climb the tower. If you refuse, you will die.]

We are being threatened by a mysterious being.

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Who Is Threatening You to Climb the Tower?
누가 탑 오르라고 협박함?
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March 9, 2024
Status: c5
Preliminary review for anyone interested.

Towers suddenly appear in the world, and then MC's workplace is chosen as the spot for a "tutorial". MC is given player abilities by the constellations, and now he has to do Tower-climbing stuff. There's a prologue that's a glimpse into the future where the MC turns into a constellation himself, which is good because the beginning of the story is pretty slow and readers need to know it picks up. Haven't been able to read much yet but it's alright so far. I'll need another... more>> 20 or so chapters to get into the meat of the story and be able to judge the quality better. <<less
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