White Moonlight Omega Always Wants To Possess Me


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Synopsis one:

Ji Xiao found that she had entered the ABO¹ novel that was confiscated in class. The Omega who was tortured by her and was dying and in heat², was none other than Wei Qingyu, the troubled White Moonlight³ heroine mentioned by the class.

Ji Xiao wanted to cry knowing that she would face retribution from Wei Qingyu in the future, and her life would be worse than death.

To survive, Ji Xiao decided to treat Wei Qingyu as her ancestor⁴.

During Wei Qingyu’s heat cycle, she gave her suppressants, stood up to bullies for her, she even became an unfilial daughter and struck her Alpha father with a stick, when he wanted to take advantage of Wei Qingyu.

As Ji Xiao watched Wei Qingyu in heat, the room filled with the scent of mint, making it hard for her to keep her eyes open.

But her strong desire to survive made her not dare to mark her forcibly as written in the book, instead, she injected her with suppressants and ran away.

Later, Wei Qingyu became a famous upstart in the upper class circles, and the first thing she did was to capture the Alpha who had bullied her the most.

Ji Xiao realized that she had failed to influence Wei Qingyu. She closed her eyes and prepared to embrace death, but was filled with the familiar scent of mint.

Wei Qingyu, who never wanted to see her, with her eyes red and tugged at her skirt, “Ji Xiao, mark me.”

Synopsis two:

The year Wei Qingyu differentiated⁵ into an Omega was the beginning of her nightmare. Her parents died unexpectedly, her inheritance was embezzled by her father’s friend, and she was forced to live with others.

She watched the Ji family’s young lady, who had always looked down on her, with burning flames of hatred in her eyes.

Only one day, the eldest young lady suddenly changed her temper. She would ask her if something hurts, if she needed medicine, as if she was her own lapdog.

Wei Qingyu thought that the young lady had come up with some tricks to harm her, so she vigilantly kept a distance from her.

But later, Wei Qingyu couldn’t help but deal with delinquents who were causing trouble for Ji Xiao, helped her with her homework to get into the same university as her, and rescued her from the burning house…

Wei Qingyu stood in the pitch-dark room, gazing at the peacefully sleeping Ji Xiao, finally understanding why Ji Xiao was mean to her.

—She fell in love with her while causing her family to perish.


1. The ABO world is privately set up like a mountain, and Alpha has no second set of organs! No!! (Super loud!)

2. Story starts in school, the second half will enter society, HE⁶!

3. Come and go freely, no need to inform in the comment area.

4. There will be typos intermittently, and or mistakes when I’m writing it. orz

Associated Names
One entry per line
Bái yuèguāng Omega zǒng xiǎng yǒngyǒu wǒ
Omega Heroine Wants Her Alpha Villainess
Perfect Heroine Wants To Possess Me
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2 Reviews

Dec 03, 2023
Status: --
I read the manga or manhua for this so I know it's quite a good read but I just can't stand the website the translator is using. I can't even read the chapter unless I get an account and even then there is ad after ad to skip through. I may like the story but it's not worth the trouble.

Update 12/5/2024: It seems the translator has changed the website they host the story on so I encourage anyone who is unfamiliar with the story to check it out. The... more>> MC basically takes over the body of the original villainess but the character has a lot of backstory that is later revealed as to why she was kind of twisted, and the FL and MC end up having a cute little school romance. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 14, 2024
Status: Completed
5/5 Tldr: refreshing, mature, and complex transmigration-ABO novel. Happy End, all characters get closure, and overall great read. No misunderstandings.

Thought that this was your typical comedic fluff ABO novel, which for the most part (especially at the start) it is. But as the story progresses, the author does a really good job of explaining, and making the characters have layers and reasons for being the way that they are. We also get deeper into the explaining/exploring the plot and not just random storylines.

MC is a gentlewoman, fun, kind, and attractive... more>> S- alpha and FL is the same/similar S- class omega but cold and aloof. Another like-able trait of the MC/ FL ‘s relationship is that they communicate and immediately clear up all misunderstandings that happen in between so theres no frustrating moments/plots while reading. Both MC and FL have a lot of admirers, being an ABO novel its obvious that they're both possessive and easily jealous of others interacting with their SO but because they communicate, its not frustrating and it adds to their “alpha-omega” connection. The author gets very descriptive with their cuddling scenes but doesn't delve in deeper to the more mature scenes-which just emphasizes how much they fit each other and their passionate relationship

Both the MC and FL have been through so much for each other in the story and its nice that their love for each other is reciprocated and is solid throughout

we get a “back to their original timeline/story” arc where MC doesn't remember FL but gets her memory back because of FL’s effort. It wasn’t frustrating or sad to read because MC knows that they have a connection and still spoils FL but just has trouble remembering their life in the previous world (but she gets fragments of memories so its not completely back to zero). Eventually they all remember their past lives (most of main characters) and they just live their lives with their CP but cherishes them even more because of lost time


overall, good read! I definitely recommend this story for those who like ABO novels and transmigration stories because the plot heavily focuses on these two themes and the fact that MC and FL are “fated” to be together. Enjoy! <<less
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