After the Soft Sister Differentiated Into A


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As the two famous beauties of the school, not a day goes by without Jin Siming and Yao Jin competing with each other. Although her grades are not as good as Yao Jin’s, in terms of her face and body, Jin Siming will never admit defeat!

Recently she heard that Yao Jin had differentiated into an A-rank Omega. Jin Siming’s heart bloomed with joy when she heard this because, in the hospital’s recent report, it said that she will differentiate into an S-level omega in the future. With this alone, she will finally be above Yao Jin in something!

However, she was only happy for a few days when the tables turned on her.

Because she….actually differentiated into an Alpha.

Although she usually drools over the Alpha’s peerless and perfect bodies, she doesn’t want to become an Alpha herself!

After she was differentiated, not only did her appearance change, but her originally weak and weak temperament has disappeared too. Even the Alphas who used to surround and diligently chase her every day are now all avoiding her.

On the other hand, Yao Jin only becomes more and more charming after she differentiates into an Omega. Even just looking at her back, one can feel her boundless charm. The admirers around her continue to increase every day instead.

She secretly made a decision as she gazed at her former rival’s boundless beauty–

She will drive all of Yao Jin’s admirers away!

However, Yao Jin’s admirers haven’t even been driven away yet when the rumors began to spread in school.

“Shocking development! The relationship between Jin Siming and Yao Jin has been reversed, from former rivals to lovers! Jin Siming has apparently been in love with Yao Jin for a long time and has made a move on her former rival!”

Jin Siming: ????
Yao Jin (leans forward): I’ve heard you have a crush on me?
Jin Siming: That’s your imagination, why would I ever fall for you?
Yao Jin: Oh?

On the campus forum the next day, photos of Jin Siming being pressed down by Yao Jin spread all over the homepage.

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Empathatic rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: v1c15
Full disclosure, I do not like the Omegaverse fictional universe. In any way. I'll try to be as impartial as I can, but you cannot separate the story from the setting, so my bias is going to be there. This is a story with all the trappings (so far) that comes with the Omegaverse tag. I'll do my best to outline why that makes it inherently bad, and not just because I don't like the Omegaverse.

First, the Omegaverse bases all of the attraction on a secondary s*xual development, which divides... more>> people in to four groups, with some blending: Alpha, Omega, Beta, and Normal. (There's more to it than that, but we'll leave it at the basics). While this could be an interesting writing tool, far too often it simply serves two purposes: 1. To make any relationship between any gender simply "normal". This seems good on the surface, until you realize the how. It's done through a biologically forced secondary s*xual development. Typically in to Alpha, Omega, or Beta (and some in between). These secondary s*xual characteristics create biological imperatives in the people who develop them. Alpha's develop a p3n1s, and they go in to a "rut", making them more aggressive and alluring to the Omegas. And 2. This means that by and large, it's a way for people to pretend that it's ok for this person to act exactly like the stereotypical dominant male, because they have biology... You see how this is an issue already? And this story doesn't really try to do anything different in that aspect. The Alphas are basically your run of the mill Dominant Male Lead from your average romance novel. The Omegas are usually your typical "damsel in distress" who needs constant protection. They're just given pheromones, biological imperatives, and really bad justifications for reinforcing exactly the same problems I have with pretty much all traditional romance novels.

The Alphas, aka The Male Leads (and make no mistake, these characters are written as stereotypical male leads no matter the gender the writer wants to express them as) become dominant, aggressive, possessive, and often physically confrontational. The writers often use the excuse of "pheromones" and "scents" to force a physical intimacy that should be uncomfortable, but is just hand-waved away. And our MC is no different. She appears to be easily angered, hot-headed, and prone to physically lashing out. She's bemoans that she was a "proper lady" (I'm paraphrasing her words here) in the past, but the way she behaves and thinks makes it hard to believe that she ever acted in that way. I'm still early in to the story, but I can already see some of the uglier parts of the Omegaverse in our MC...

The Omegas typically (I'm leaving some wiggle room here) fall in to two categories : Either they're the stereotypical "white lotus" pretending to always need help, never hurt anyone, being passive and submissive. Or they're a "green-tea b*tch", using their beauty and guile to hurt the people around them. Both of these stereotypes have one thing in common: they need to be weak and submissive when the Alpha comes in to play, surrendering themselves and either mending their ways or being "complete" with the Alpha. Our FL falls in to the "green-tea b*tch" category for now, apparently manipulating the MC. We see her interest in the MC developing not because she was attracted to her, but simply because the MC is an Alpha now. It could change a bit later, but it seems clear that the FL didn't care for the MC until the MC could "rescue" her....

Now... the worst parts of this story for me. The biological issue. It's brought up a lot in the early chapters, but the secondary s*xual development plays a big part in the roles that people take on. There's counseling, special colleges, and changes in social dynamics that accompany someone who has "differentiated". This could be an interesting topic if handled well, but almost none of the Omegaverse that I've read do that. Don't expect any different here. After mentioning that the MC needed extended counseling after not differentiating in to their preferred secondary s*x I was hoping for some more nuance and maybe a bit of a different approach. Nope, they just wanted to show you how sad she was that she can't compete with the FL, and how she's slightly upset that she can't wear her favorite outfits because... and I f*cking quote her friend in the novel "... subconsciously she must haven't fully accepted the changes to her body after her differentiation." This is early in the story, and not long after we don't see too much about the MC struggling with their body except when they comment about their height, and even then it's used to slowly make the character seem like they're just easing in to enjoying it.

Finally the 2nd reason the AOB division happens, it's the problem that 90% of Omegaverse novels fall in to: The Alpha has to dominate the Omega, and the Omega has to submit. Sometimes it's just playfully done, but sometimes it can get downright violent. And it's just accepted that that's how it should go in these stories. But it's crap, and it's been done a thousand times before in the romance novels you find stuffed in the back of a bookstore that your grandma used to read. The biology of the Alphas and Omegas is often used as a sort of "Superior" "Subordinate" role rather than a "Dom" and "Sub" role. Alphas are often portrayed as the peak of aspirations: wealthy, well educated, strong, arrogant but not prideful, sometimes as CEOs or dominating in whatever field they're in. This is because of *biology*. Basically it's eug3nics with extra steps. Disgusting. And Omegas are the typical "Asian beauty", submissive, stays at home, is there to be sexy and alluring, to cook the Alpha's meals, to make the Alpha feel happy, and to mate when the Alpha pushes them down. And it's crap. It's typical Het smut pretending to be gay by wrapping itself up in a fictional "biology", but not really doing anything truly different. And I'm sad to see Omegaverse squeezing it's ugly face through the door of other genres (it's been in the BL circle for a long time, but BL has always had issues with r@pe to begin with).

So there it is. Read it at your own risk. <<less
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October 13, 2021
Status: c53
first, sorry for my English, it is not native...

I would like to place 3 stars because I really did not like it so much, but taking into account that this author portrayed a lesbian relationship without having to place the protagonist as a man in their past life or ending up in Yuri when they used to like men, what which makes them bis**ual. So this author I loved that they will like girls from the beginning although set in an ABO world.

the ABO world adds a twist to this... more>> novel but I can't stand...


That the MC accepts little by little to become an alpha and change his taste for Omegas, it sounds illogical and I have a big problem with it, as a person who went through a dilemma in being transs*xual and the problem of s*xual orientation, it is very difficult to accept it like that, if the MC liked Alphas and had a dream of being pampered and protected, it is very difficult for me to say that she changes her taste to Omegas when she starts to fall in love with FL. I would like it more if the MC will be more accepting of a bis**uality and not completely deny liking her to the Alphas just because she falls in love with the FL.


The characters are well done, and the plot is very good, by personal opinion I do not want to read it more, but that does not mean that the protagonists are a great CP


Personally, it was very stressful as the MC and FL were bought from each other, but I understand why they were like that of being enemies and having cat fights would be very illogical if they were not, but it is a lot of stress for me I was looking for something lighter even until this chapter 53 the FL knows that she likes MC but until the MC likes it she will not say anything so as not to be the one who gets hurt, it is understood when you know her story but it is also stressful to wait for the MC to be the one to step in, it is too much dense and also has the problem of changing their tastes for Omegas, so do not expect them to realize it quickly, luckily it is a short novel.


I do not want to continue reading it for the moment, but it is good, much more than other Yuri in my opinion <<less
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YellowTea rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: Completed
TL;TR: Sweet story but nothing outstanding, still one of my favourites. Don't read if you're not confortable with ABO.

I was surprised with how low the rating was, partly due to the story being ABO/Omegaverse.

I enjoy the story and still from time to time, I re-read it again, because both MC and FL are sweet and who don't like to eat dog food.

The story is not something grandiose, but it is still a sweet story involving two young adults trying to understand their attraction to each other. MC is a S... more>> tier Alpha and FL is an A tier Omega, while MC is slowly trying to accept her differentiation (being an Alpha) and FL is slowly picking on her (teasing her).

(Not really a spoiler, but still better be sure than sorry.)

Then a little accident happens and from this moment on, their attraction and love story begin.


Another reason to why I like this story: the dynamism of their relationship. MC is an Alpha, but not an active one, not overbearing or overprotective, etc. Meanwhile, FL is more active in this relationship, but sometimes she also wants to be pampered/be passive. This dynamism is interesting because it shows that both of them are not filling up any kind of role (e.g the role of the "male" or the "woman" that needs to be protected), they just love each other and they show it in their own way.

Anyway, this story is still one of my favourites and I would recommend it only if you're fine with ABO setting. <<less
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lokison rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: c29
This one is a surprising good story that expands the omegaverse into yuri territory. But most of all the translator really does a great job of getting the conversations and thoughts as written by the author so well that it reads like it was written in English. Thank you translator!
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RozuArison rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
This is actually good as an ABO fan. This is not your typical omegaverse where the alpha is domineering. Jin Siming is awkward, delicate, yet cool apha. It's kind of sad at first that she's struggling to adjust from reality because she thought that she'll become an S class omega. Later on, she came to accept her current situation. Meanwhile, our omega, Yao jin, is like an alpha who initiates in the relationship though she prefers that Jin Siming initiates things too. I was kinda annoyed at first becaus eof... more>> how cold and teaser she is, but I came to love her.

The dynamic of the two is funny and fluffy. I recommend reading it if you're a fan of ABO. It's kinda hard to accept this universe if you're not a fan. <<less
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Kanion rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: c14
I went to read it expecting something relaxed and cute, but I only received a protagonist suffering at the hands of FL, I know that in the part where I stopped they were still "rivals" but even if they become a couple in the future it won't be something I like for cause of this toxic start...

I hate FL's personality, she probably has some motive involving the past or some bullshit, but it's unpleasant to see how she treats the protagonist, and I also don't like these characters who are... more>> accepting popularity and having ambiguous relationships with various people..

Well, this was an analysis done without analyzing the story itself and I focused on what I didn't like, so I recommend reading the first chapters and drawing your own conclusion. <<less
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ALKimC rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: c5
I'm really enjoying the story. It's not something out of this world but it's enjoyable nontheless. The story is almost effortless in how it protrays the world they live in not explaining too much or too little.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HungryEgg rated it
October 13, 2021
Status: c5
Dayum this is good! I want to see how the two MCs developed into an intimate relationship real soon!!! They're sooo cute!!!
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Cereal Is Life
Cereal Is Life rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: Completed

MC still on the defensive even till the end. FL is doing all the attacking for the relationship. Felt a bit forced.

After diving into the ABO genre, I'll explain some things. There are 6 genders so Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Beta Male, Beta Female, Omega Male, and Omega Female. Most ABO novels set with characters having male or female gender at birth then second awakening at age 16 or close to that into Alpha, Beta or Omega.

Alphas typically have more strength, speed, etc. as compared to their counterparts of B... more>> and O. They have their own scent (kind of like perfume) and usually despise others of similar gender (Alpha Male and Alpha Female) as the other party's smell will be like sh*t (eg. body odour) to them. They're usually more aggressive and those with higher grade (yes, grade up to idk SSS) can mentally suppress others with grade lower than them.

Beta are just normal people like in this world. They don't get any physical enhancements or smell any scent from Alphas or Betas. Most settings would use them to be drivers, doctors, nurses, etc. where they are unaffected the whole ABO thing.

Omegas became more flexible, frail looking, etc. They also have their own scent, grades and may have a system to test the compatibility between alphas and omegas (like in percentages up to 100%). They are also the ones to cough give birth regardless of being male or female when paired up with an Alpha. They're usually considered to be rare genders out of the 3 (ABO) and may become a prey without sufficient strength or backing to protect themselves = introduced disguises type novels that I'll stop to prevent digressing.


Alphas and Omegas. They are so-called the perfect match. As I've said before, there may be grade or compatibility setting, it all depends on the author. Ok, here comes the smut parts.


Alphas and Omegas have body scent and maybe drawn to it. The reason is that they have another organ at the back of their neck and is considered the vulnerability part. Both Alphas and Omegas have kind of a period where they'll be in heat and had to rely on medication or calming from their respective partners.

Sometimes I hated this setting when it's not handled well and introduced before there is proper relationship between the main leads. It's like the damn aphrodisiac scenario used in xianxia for them to have a physical encounter. Other than that, some novels might say that Alpha Females have d***ks and Omega Males to have the opposite organs or they'll just state the biology is the same in their novel description.

Then there's also the marking part. A temporary one and a permanent one. It's for Alphas to do it towards Omegas. For the temporary one, it makes them desire their partners so much for the next couple of days. While the permanent one is kind of taking it more seriously since it's for life and sometimes may involve in pregnancy (guys, don't question logic since it's ABO).

I did read one novel that states it's injecting their own scent into their partners' neck organ through biting. I guess ABO authors got inspired by vampires with the neck so it'll be bloody if bite too hard. Back to marking, a permanent one will also make their partners have their own scent to show to other Alphas that they're ugh owned (best way is like a... wedding ring)


Seriously, ABO novels have lots of smut scenes regarding smell and possessiveness. So it takes a lot of work to write one that doesn't become an er***c fanfiction.

2.5/5 stars. Empathatic's review is better, smells -> pheromones <<less
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ThisReader1 rated it
July 21, 2023
Status: --
I gotta say the translators really did a good job at this. It's unfortunate that I couldn't continue to read it coz I realized that this wasn't my cup of tea going by my current progress. Although I do like the occasional humor being sprinkled here and there.

Things I know:

This isn't a typical Dominant/Submissive omegaverse novel and it was actually well written in terms of how the elements in the story interact.

I'd say this is better compared to a bunch of novels I've read with the same tag where logical... more>> reasoning got thrown out of the window, where the plot exist just for the sake of smut and no character development whatsoever. But of course, my knowledge is limited as I didn't finish the story per se.

As for the characters...


I'd say it's a slow-burn romance though I'm not fond of MCs suffering continuously and FLs being such a tease for so long and this is actually the reason why Im dropping this lol. But this is just my preference and you might find their situation funny and interesting.

The FL:


I don't see the FL as an annoying character. Sure she likes to see MC "suffer" and actively accepts/seeks attention from others but there's more to her character as to why she does that.

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doomscur rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: --
i mtl this a while ago so I can't rate it properly. Since I dont remember the ending, im going to assume this novel left my head as soon as I was done with it, therefore I give it a 3 star.

as far as I remembered, the start of this novel was funny. How aggrieved the MC was when her enemy (FL) split into an omega (her dream- she literally prepared for it haha) and she split into an alpha.

besides that, there was nothing really interesting. Read if you're bored.
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