Villainess, I’ll Pamper You


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There is always a villainess who become the biggest stumbling block in the relationship between the male and female leads, the one with the most miserable ending.

After being summoned into time and space by a strong force, Ah Xin was determined to appease the broken hearted younger sister, help her live a normal life, and finally, help her getting rid of the vicious villainess’ fate!

Little sister: “Ah Xin, you have been in love with me, right?”
Ah Xin: “No……..” No, I’m not!
Little sister: “You keep telling me that I’m the most beautiful, the best, worthy of everything, always sticking to me, pampering me, the facts show that you’re infatuated with me.”
Little sister: “No need to explain, Ah Xin, I won’t let you down.”
Ah Xin: “Actually, everything is a misunderstanding… Huh? Little sister, you’re so beautiful, lets kiss?

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Female Supporting Character, I'll Spoil
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New Uzukunoichi rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c58
This one's really good! Normally in quick transmigration stories, the first arc is good, but there is a mix of bad, mediocre, and decent arcs after that. But in this one, I liked each and every one of the arcs so far. I haven't finished it yet, but I couldn't wait till the end to recommend it! I think this is probably one of the best yuri quick transmigration stories so far, definitely a good read.
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Yandere Devil
New Yandere Devil rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: Completed
One of my favorite world hopping novel. Story is so amazing, each arcs is interesting, great and sweet. Retribution to scum characters and green tea bit*h is satisfying. Really like Villainess character develop. Sweet scene MC doting on Villainess and protect her. There were lot of my favorite arcs. Definitely recommend it. You better read it from raw, translate is slow.

Recommend author other work: 虐文女主和漂亮女配[快穿] Abused Female Lead And Beautiful Villainess HE (Quick Transmigration)

I read it from raw, it was so great, funny and interesting. All arcs... more>> are so sweet, funny and happy ending, I love whole arcs. Pretend to be White lotus HeroineX beautiful Villainess. MC is too funny and shameless, face slapping is too funny. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Caydyn rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: c3
I read 3 translated chapters and at the time, no more translated so I went and read all the raws.

(RAW DISCLAIMER: I'll be honest, because it's raw and chinese isn't simple to translate with google translator, the writing looks like there's some grammer issues -because of auto translate-, just a bit. If you don't have problems with that, you should go read the raws, definitely worth it. Also, I read the raws on mtlnovel)

The main characters are the female lead who gets the male lead and the villainess... more>> who's jealous of the female lead, BUT also, surprisingly a new character, school nerd girl!

The relationship between the nerd and the villainess is so cute. The nerd is no nonsense and because she refuses to let the villainess do actual bad things and teaches her morals (sort of),

the villainess acts more like a good person. And the more we go into the chapters the female lead actually looks like the bad guy setting up the villainess to look like a villain.


I especially like how the ending was. Karma-what goes around comes around.

Ending Spoiler, read at your own risk:

The female lead who actually uses dirty methods to make herself look good and set up the villainess ends up getting caught. Even then, the male lead still chooses to pick the female lead but after they get married, BUT she doesn't truly get accepted into his family so she lives a miserable. Also the male lead: the villainess got her revenge against him the proper moral right way without doing bad things, because that's what the girl she loves taught her. And finally, she confesses her feelings to the nerd. The nerd who was oblivious to her love didn't realize but she's more surprised that she has absolutely no problem reciprocating the villainess' feelings, in fact she would follow her to the end of the earth if that's what the villainess wanted.

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Yoonseo rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c5
I've just finished reading chapter 5, and am tempted to read the raws, which I'm about to do. So I will come back and update this opinion once i've finished it. But the translator so far has done an excellent job, and the story premise itself I find to be intriguing, which is new since this usually isn't the type of story I read. I have very few opinions so far as i've not read much. But I am looking forward to the continued translations of this story.
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