Villainess, I’ll Pamper You


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There is always a villainess who become the biggest stumbling block in the relationship between the male and female leads, the one with the most miserable ending.

After being summoned into time and space by a strong force, Ah Xin was determined to appease the broken hearted younger sister, help her live a normal life, and finally, help her getting rid of the vicious villainess’ fate!

Little sister: “Ah Xin, you have been in love with me, right?”
Ah Xin: “No……..” No, I’m not!
Little sister: “You keep telling me that I’m the most beautiful, the best, worthy of everything, always sticking to me, pampering me, the facts show that you’re infatuated with me.”
Little sister: “No need to explain, Ah Xin, I won’t let you down.”
Ah Xin: “Actually, everything is a misunderstanding… Huh? Little sister, you’re so beautiful, lets kiss?

Associated Names
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Female Supporting Character, I'll Spoil
Supporting Female Lead, I'll Pamper You [Quick Transmigration]
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RozuArison rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow! I love this! Such a heart warming story ♥️ you can't help but envy the FL for having our MC. Our MC is very caring and adorable!

Here's the story:

Our MC, Ah Xi, transmigates in another world everytime our FL is the most miserable state. There are so many worlds, and Ah xin will always appear when our FL is in a mess. She'll make our FL happy no matter what. (I don't think this is a spoiler because it's too obvious) In the first world, Ah Xin is a... more>> nerd, and the FL is a former rich lady who's about to commit su*cide. Ah Xin helped FL regained her confidence, and pushed her to become the best.

Edited: I really fell in love with this novel to the point that I read the mtl. THEN, I FINISHED IT. I actually felt empty after reading this... I was really attached.

Their relationship is so good in every world. IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING!!!

Ahh I really love Ah Xin... I wish I have a lover like her. She makes the FL special every time, and I can't help but envy them.


As I said, Ah xin will appear whenever our FL is in danger or mess (our FL's name is different for every world). She can't remember the memories of other worlds she transmigrated, but she knows that the FL is special for her. Ah Xin may look indifferent or emotionless, yet her actions are so romantic, and she shows how much she cares for the FL. Also, She won't know that she likes the FL unless the FL confesses first (it happens in every world).

Anyways, our MC will always return to these darkness or void after their happy endings in every world, and she'll sleep for a very long time until the FL will summon her.


I'll just add this major spoiler I guess... Read at your own risk


Ah Xin is a godly creature, and it also includes the FL (it's mtl so not sure the exact word, but they have godly powers that are beyond cultivation world). The FL is with friends with Ah Xin since she was a child, and she really thinks of Ah Xin as a good friend however, Ah Xin is in love with her ever since.

The FL was engaged with A dragon prince, but the the dragon prince wants to cancel the marriage because it likes a little bird. The FL was very embarassed because she's a golden crow princess. Then, (okay I can't explain well) the prince wants to go with the bird to the small world so the bird can love her (I guess? The bird doesn't like him so.. lol). The FL angrily followed them and promised to destroy their life (so The FL became the villaines while the prince and the bird became hero and heroine of the small world). Everytime the FL will have a bad end, the prince will get stronger, BUT OF COURSE Ah xin, to the rescue! There's a problem with the thousand realm, and it might destroy the small world where the FL resides so Ah Xin merged her body with the realm to protect the FL. She can freely control the small world because of this (she's basically a god lol she can destroy thousand of worlds in an instant).

Ah Xin will always appear to rescue the FL, but she'll forget what happened after. The FL too doesn't know anything because she'll become a brand new person in every world. Afyer several worlds, the FL regained her memories with Ah Xin in other worlds, and she always wait for Ah Xin. There are times that Ah Xin will not appear until she dies because she lived happily.

The FL realized everything after the last world and then she looked for ah Xin. She can't find Ah Xin and fell in despair. Ah Xin's voice appeared, but it seems that she can't remember the FL again. FL confessed her feelings, and she apologized for taking hundred thousands of years before she realized.

Ah xin revealed her sacrifice. She also revealed that she activated a restriction where the FL needs to confess first before she can realize her feelings. She said that she wants to feel how geeting confessed first because she loved the FL for a very long time.

They married each other after lol


I would definitely read it again with the translation <<less
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Uzukunoichi rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c58
This one's really good! Normally in quick transmigration stories, the first arc is good, but there is a mix of bad, mediocre, and decent arcs after that. But in this one, I liked each and every one of the arcs so far. I haven't finished it yet, but I couldn't wait till the end to recommend it! I think this is probably one of the best yuri quick transmigration stories so far, definitely a good read.
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HelloHound rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: c36
it's cute and wholesome to read but the most recent translation team has a... unfortunate mobile site riddled with ads that makes me wish I could physically rub a McAfee over it; good luck and godspeed


The new translation group Story Seedling is excellent, go them
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Yandere Devil
Yandere Devil rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: Completed
One of my favorite world hopping novel. Story is so amazing, each arcs is interesting, great and sweet. Retribution to scum characters and green tea bit*h is satisfying. Really like Villainess character develop. Sweet scene MC doting on Villainess and protect her. There were lot of my favorite arcs. Definitely recommend it. You better read it from raw, translate is slow.

Recommend author other work: 虐文女主和漂亮女配[快穿] ab*sed Female Lead And Beautiful Villainess HE (Quick Transmigration)

I read it from raw, it was so great, funny and interesting. All arcs... more>> are so sweet, funny and happy ending, I love whole arcs. Pretend to be White lotus HeroineX beautiful Villainess. MC is too funny and shameless, face slapping is too funny. <<less
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toukonotto rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: --
Ah-xin is just perfect. Sadly, FL has no plus point for MC to like her. She doesn't deserves MC at all. I don't know why Author is too lazy to show what's so good about this FL for MC to love & spoil her so much. MC is perfect wife s*ave.

It's sad for me encountering a yuri couple for the first time in which, a character has simply no point to make the other like her. Even to a point that she (mc) spoils her.
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alwayscolder rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Fortunately the last chapters (backstory) wasn't as bad as it seemed, and I mean sad.

Every world was sweet n_n
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Laindesh83 rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: c76
Story: Great, i've not been bored yet. It's on par with Miss Cousin is always busy. My only complaint is that some of the Arcs feels rushed.

Characters: They're good, good variety and good enough depths.

WritingTranslation: Translation and writing is great, the only issue is that someone messes up with names to much. Especially the names Yin Lan and Yin Xin is mixed up frequently during a certain Arc. And there's other name mix ups and other errors happening throughout the novel, not often. Though the errors is pretty big since... more>> it can cause utter confusion.


In the cultivator Arc the name "Yin Lan" (not the MC) is used instead of "Yin Xin" (who is the MC) frequently, especially during scene at an inn. The entirely wrong name is also sometimes swapped. Imagine having two couples and two of the persons names got swapped around leaving me confused for a bit. Its an immersion breaker.


Recommended? Yes and Yes!. It's a good read and i've enjoyed it alot so far. 4 Stars given instead of 5 on account of few, but really nasty name usage errors. <<less
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blazingseraph rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: Completed
The plot and story is straightforward about what it wants to tell and I can't help but give it five stars for it. The author stuck exactly to what they said this will be, the villainess did indeed get pampered through all the worlds. It was also very refreshing to read a nice GL story without much drama, and the romance was really cute.
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Yoonseo rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c5
I've just finished reading chapter 5, and am tempted to read the raws, which I'm about to do. So I will come back and update this opinion once i've finished it. But the translator so far has done an excellent job, and the story premise itself I find to be intriguing, which is new since this usually isn't the type of story I read. I have very few opinions so far as i've not read much. But I am looking forward to the continued translations of this story.
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Cennepal rated it
May 11, 2024
Status: c124
I love it, nothing to add or to criticize. I honestly absolutely adore this concept. For anyone turned off by the title and synopsis, read it, it's not what you think and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The small love stories between Ah Xin and her lover told many times over in different worlds is captivating! Changing scenes, plots and environments keeps everything fresh, but it's also not meaningless.

Through and through my favorite story, slightly behind Adonis.
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Altair545 rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Damn what a great world hopping novel, the 2 main leads are so damn likable and I can't help but love them each world.

Our MC Ah Xin always has the mission of helping the female lead in every world, she doesn't know why she wants to help our FL but she just knows that she needs to make her happy, and oh boy does she make her happy Ah Xin is a complete beast she really can do it all, a perfect woman tbh, now with such a perfect girl... more>> you'd think things would get boring fast but that's not the case at all since Ah Xin only uses her talents to bring up her cute little wife, our female lead changes name in every world but her personality/soul is the same and she's somehow been cursed to be the typical cannon fodder antagonist that gets f*cked every world to make way for the leads.

When Ah Xin enters into a world to help her little wife it's always when FL is at her lowest point and has been shunned by the world, Ah Xin will sense her and negotiate with a mortal to take over her body to help FL live out the most fulfilling life possible and the best part here is that Ah Xin always works in the background and slowly helps her little wife get back her self-esteem and confidence and help her accomplish her dreams by supporting her emotionally, she could directly give her everything she wants but that'd accomplish nothing for the heart our cute female lead, it's super satisfying seeing the FL be able to pick herself up thx to someone loving her, and FL always gets f*cked over only cuz it's part of the story but she's a damn capable woman herself it's just that she's destined to get f*cked over but our great MC Ah Xin won't let that happen, both leads are smart, dependable and strong-willed, thankfully there's no bullsh*t misunderstandings or anything and their relationships are always very fun to read how they get together, FL is also a little black inside and very protective of MC when she understands she's in love but she's a good person lol.

Now I'll admit the first two world's are a little boring, it feels like the author didn't exactly know what she wanted to do and the style of writing feels kind.. idk distant? Like it's good but I couldn't really connect with the characters it felt like we were just getting an overview of a story.

Well from world 3 onwards things feel a lot more personal and the characters develop a lot more, from world 3 onwards it's fantastic, world's 4 and 5 were especially fantastic the relationships in both are extremely interesting and I couldn't help but want them to have been fleshed out more.

Another problem I have is that in most world's we don't really get to see much of them actually together as lovers, you see our MC Ah Xin for reasons can't understand she loves FL until FL confesses and our MC in every world is again a spoiled arrogant princess type with a lot of pride and she always dicks around a lot, by the time of the confession we just get to see them a bit before we leave for the next world, it's more of a process of seeing them get in love then seeing the love play out and I'd just have liked an extra chap or 2 of every world with them as a couple, welp the reveal of why Ah Xin is like that is pretty damn good tbh lol I really agree with why she's like this.

Another problem is that this has the same problems as all other world hopping novels, in most world's side characters aren't really developed and you'll of course find a favorite world you wished the author could focus on.


Also not really a spoiler but there's another 2 souls that always follow our leads the main hero and heroine of the world's now the heroine starts turning Yuri halfway through the story due to certain events but then the author backs out around world 7 only to have a Yuri ending anyways.... Idk it pissed me off to get bamboozled then I guess author got some heat and went Yuri after all ? Welp it was unsatisfying that she went back on it then that hasty "just kidding she really is into girls" at the end, like sure I'm glad it was also Yuri but why the back and forth? Felt cheap.


Also I was pretty surprised that the ending is actually good and satisfying, a good decent ending in a system/world hopping novel? Now that's rare lol and the reveals at the end were actually built up and foreshadowed pretty nicely, most system/world hopping novels have sh*t asspull unsatisfying endings so while this one isn't really amazing it's quite good, still leaves some things up in the air and I'd have liked more time with our main pair but it was good.

4/5 a pretty fun world hopping novel with a very likable main pair and satisfying relationships in every world with a decent enough cast of side characters for this type of novel. <<less
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messbiscuit rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I did not review this amazing work ?!

Oh my, well straight off— highly recommend read. The different worlds and characters are very likable. I got attached on a few worlds and wished it was longer or maybr get a spinoff.

... more>>

Got a nice twist near the end and the different world kind of is connected to each other so if you skip one, chances are you're going to miss a few clues in there that will play in next 'life'. But nothing major and it's a easy fluff read. Has a few angst moments that's just *chefs kiss + heart eyes*


Also our MC is special, special. When it unrevealed my heart broke for An Xin. I just love our MC, one of my top favorites ones. She's just so – ahhgh! FL is super adorable.. Little tsundere, ahah. <<less
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Chisaki rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: c27
It's exactly what it says in the package: a sweet story about falling in love and improving yourself. There is no unnecessary conflict and drama, the plot isn't convoluted or dragged out, and it's easy to sympathise with the MC and FL. This definitely deserves a 5 star <3
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leviathan0007 rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Incredibly sweet and beautiful. I don't recommend reading it all in one sitting since you'll get fatigue but the arcs are so satisfying and gradual reveal of things play out so nicely.

man ending had me crying happy tears
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Norika rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Waa, I loved it. Very enjoyable and warm story. Thier interactions and love story is perfect.

Please tell me where can I find my Ah Xin.

I just don't want to tell any spoiler. But every arc was beautifully done.
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amycx10 rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: c12
Must read.

It's English isn't all that good, but that doesn't matter.

All you have to know, is that she is a yuri super hero.

The MC swoops in and saves women from their woes with the power of lesbian wholesomeness.

That is all.
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ALKimC rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: --
This is like watching several mini dramas. It's not too long, the pacing is well done and it doesn't exhaust you with needless situations. The protagonist is generally always quite emotionless but not too the point that it becomes annoying, and the FL is always so fun to watch develop especially on the romantic front.
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Naquada rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: --
Beautiful and exciting story, MC overpowered true love and FL wholesomeness, truly something else.

Give it a try Gentleman's and Dame's, I will love a 2nd part, but like the finals word's of the novel say... Maybe im just daydreaming.

5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Lavawater rated it
February 28, 2024
Status: c124
I enjoyed each arc though some were better than others. It was over too fast! It does get better about mid-way in. I enjoyed being able to read about women in a few xianxia-type worlds overcoming misogyny and overall arrogant creeps.
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Empathatic rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
Alright, I really wanted to rate this between 2.5 to three stars, but because it's legitimately yuri (baihe) I've decided to bump this up to four.

Why do I not want to rate it so highly? Well, there's a number of problems with the plot, like there usually is with quick transmigration stories. And it gets meandering near the end of it, like a lot of other quick transmigration stories as well.

The first issue I have is our protagonist Ah Xin, the MC of the first... 3/4 of the novel? She's... more>> incredibly flat and boring and she never gets better. She only has two character traits (well, three if you count her being ridiculously powerful). She likes food and she likes the FL. I'm being dead serious when I say that she has literally no personality outside of these traits until the very last two chapters. And even her liking the FL is kinda... forced on her? She's a really emotionless character otherwise.

Luckily the last few worlds has the MC flip to the FL, and it saves a bit of the story for me. Not much though...


Second, there's quite a few worlds that just... meander through... to force the relationship of the MC and the FL together. As if the author wanted to write something important but was just running out of ideas. And there's nothing engaging about the side characters in some of these worlds. We get two side characters that become important later, but one of them is really weird

The love interest for the original FL in some of the stories was hidden or killed. I dunno, it's kinda vague what's really going on there.


The next issue starts happening about half way through the stories. It becomes a mess of a sub-plot that is supposed to be occurring between the worlds. You're given nothing but vague clues until the second to last world, and the last two worlds were ridiculously rushed to completion.

The meta-plot becomes a story about immortal beasts with human forms and some overarching evil plot that's resolved in two paragraphs. With Ah Xin's emotionless character I just can't bring myself to care, and you can tell that the author really wanted us to care about Ah Xin's fate, but they didn't know how to make it impactful.


Finally there's the inconsistencies between the worlds. There's a main overarching plot going on in the background and between worlds but the characters for that plot don't matter until later worlds. In the first few worlds the only characters that matter are Ah Xin and the FL.

There's the "unlucky child" that also travels between worlds and we're told later that she's supposed to be the original FL in every world. However the original FL in the first few worlds are cannon fodder and usually idiots. It doesn't match the character for the "unlucky child" that we're given later.

This also means that the more worlds you read, the more plot-holes the reader is forced to ignore.

Honestly? It's fine to enjoy some of the worlds and the quick satisfaction that you can get sometimes, but if you're not up for a lot of boredom to get to the more interesting parts I'd say give it a pass. I still had fun with parts of it though. <<less
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