What Should I Do if My Stepfather Loves Me Too Much?


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My stepfather’s love comes from hell.

How can you fall this low?

Note: The stepfather is a pe*vert, his three views are distorted. Please be cautious entering.

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1 Review

Jan 28, 2024
Status: Completed
Be warned this story was dark smut. This involved kidnapping, drvgging, r@p3 and brainwashing.

... more>>

Jiang Kuo (stepdad) was a major tr*sh. He's big shot police officer who recently married the mother of FL (Tingyu). He immediately became obssessed with Tingyu (minor stepdaughter).

He drvgged her to possessed her body... then due to circumstances, he used his power & medicine to make her forget everything and only depend/know him to create an illusion of their loving relationship.

When FL discovered it, she realized she didn't love him... but yet again trapped by making drink medicine to forget again. Thus, not able to leave bc of Jiang Kuo's schemes.

I'm sad for her childhood love interest, Tianming. They look good together before the stepdad enter the scene. I bet Jiang Kuo will make him suffer after helping FL and to hide his secret.

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