After A Crazy Yandere Was Reborn In Her Husband’s Body


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疯批病娇在她老公身体里重生后(1v1 高h)
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: c59
The male lead (Gu Qing Ha) was the ultimate creepy yandere who was obsessed with FL (Zhou Nian). ML thought he was reborn as FL's husband (after accident) and he felt angry and jealous to "original" owner married FL (his obsession) while he's locked up. He can't accept that FL married another guy than him.

However, the author or translator already gave a spoiler in footnotes of earlier chapters....

... more>>

ML simply lost his memory and mistook that he was reborn. He was the one who was secretly in love with her.


This was straightforward smut. Warning tho... this ain't wholesome or fluffy novel. There were r@p3 and non-consensual scenes with ML (husband) had a fetish of sleeping with unconscious FL (wife) even drugging her. While acting as gentle and proper professor husband when she's awake.


At chp 50, he finally discovered when he went to his old room at his family's house which full of his full stash of photos stalking FL (including her nood3s). He locked his aggressive side just to look good in front of FL. Making it looked like he was prude and cold intimately in bed.

Also he's drugging FL and assaulting her since they were high school. He's master manipulator.

He isolated her and threatened classmates to bully her... while acting like her savior. Bc he's too jealous seeing her happy w/ others.

He even planned the car accident bc FL planning to attend her mother's birthday and ML can't accept someone's important more than him. He wanted FL to guilty but his plan got lapses and he loss memories during accident.

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