A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return


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She died in her prime as the Queen of Song.

After being reincarnated, she becomes a simple trainee.

Losing her former glory? It doesn’t matter—no one can compete with her voice as a beautiful singer.

Mocked by her lowly birth? It doesn’t matter—her true identity is enough to make the whole world tremble.

She owes huge debts? It doesn’t matter…

A powerful boss once whispered to her, “Your debt will disappear if you become my woman.”

But the proud her would reply, “I’m sorry. I would sell my art, but not myself.”

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The Queen Is Back
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emmyazzy rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: Completed
I think that many people will rate this novel very differently due to different opinions and/or different reading preference. However, this review is just based on my opinion. Therefore, please forgive me for ranting.

I started reading this novel after reading and waiting for the Chinese manhua. At first, I was really attracted of this plot where I was hoping to see that the female lead can become stronger mentally and slowly build her career which then cause me to start reading the novel. I have read many comments on the... more>> manhua saying that this novel is 虐 which just shows that it will be a painful romantic novel. I honestly rarely read this genre of novels but I pressed on to read (by skipping some chapters when I can’t take the simple misunderstanding becoming a big issue) hoping to see the female lead grow as a person.

However, after reading, I didn’t like all of the main characters.

The female lead: I realised that the female lead didn’t become stronger mentally at all or well even after reading the entire novel. I felt that the female lead technically is very weak, mentally and physically where she can’t solve her problems herself. She always relies on someone to solve her problems.

The male lead, Li Lei, I had good impressions on him before even though before he really start to like the female lead he was not with good intentions and just wanted to 包养 (where it means taking in (lover)).

this is where he even made the female lead forced to make hard decisions just so that she can give in to him and accept his request.


The second male lead, Bei Zi Heng, is someone where I believe everyone would agree is pretty much a j€rk. He tortures the female lead so that she will not escape and hoping she will get Stockholm syndrome and never leave him again. Well, I hated this character from the start for not only making poor decisions but torturing the female lead. However, after a while, it is true that I can tell that the love for the female lead is strong just that it is not in the right way. As the chapter goes on, I slowly pity him because no matter how he tries the female lead never love him again.

There was a period of time of their marriage where he forced the female lead to marry him just to save the Male lead. He tried his best to save the marriage and the love life however it was to no avail. After the female lead went back to him, she realised she was pregnant with LL’s child and begged BZH to keep the child. BZH wasn’t willing but slowly he was willing to take care of the child that the female lead had given birth but the female lead was still fearful and didn’t give up escaping.

Even though, eventually, they were forced to divorce because of the female lead’s brother’s threaten, he still loved her.

I guess the saddest part of his story was shown on the extras at the end of the novel where he died alone dreaming about if he didn’t make certain decisions and made extra effort to correct his mistakes. I guess this part was to comfort readers by showing a different ending.


Even though I really disliked the main leads. I still enjoyed some characters from the novel. Firstly, the female lead’s brother. Not only does he help the female lead, but he is mentally strong or well he has some abilities as well. He “punish” the main lead because of their immaturity which is harsh but I believed they should be “punished”. Secondly, the two producers. The two producers, once again, helped the female lead throughout her career as a singer by giving advices and shelter when she was in trouble. Thirdly, the female lead’s son and LL’s other fiancée son. The female lead’s son is really cute and mentally strong since he was taught by the female lead’s brother. He knows when to make sacrifices and persevere to have a happier family. He helps LL’s (ex) fiancée son or his ‘brother’ even though his mother (LL’s ex fiancée) has caused him and his mother harm. This ‘brother’ then slowly with the help of female lead’s son become stronger mentally and they become good brothers eventually. I believe the female lead’s son is my favourite character out of the whole novel.

Honestly, other than these characters, it is true that the writing isn’t that bad. It is just that since the side characters were the only characters I liked, it was hard finishing the novel even after skipping some details in the novel. I honestly think this novel is currently the most painful I have read. Therefore, I believe this novel may be liked by some but may be hated by some. It is just of different opinions where it may be liked by some readers who enjoy many misunderstandings and heart wrenching moments. <<less
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Kimchi759 rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: --
Well. Here’s what I thought.

1) Female lead is tolerable. Her talent, strong-will, and self-confidence make her admirable, if not likable.

2) Male Lead A: Li Lei... A massive disappointment. He was sweet and attentive at first, but my opinion of him quickly soured. He had his employees deliberately create a huge dilemma so that she’d have no choice but to call him for help and depend on him.

To be specific, ... more>>

when the predatory CEO of another company (who she’s rejected) offers a deal to have her transferred to his company, the employee tells her she’s not worth enough for them to keep her. They do this knowing they’re forcing her to choose b/t being sold to the other CEO as a personal play toy, or submitting to her current CEO as his “lover”.

... yeah. I know. Gross.

3) Male Lead B: He Who Shall Not Be Named. The other CEO. Human waste. Garbage. An huge, smelly, physically and mentally abusive pile of t-rex poo.


He adopts her as a kid with promises to treat her ill sister. Somehow, this turns into a romance, only for him to turn his back on her saying he needs a “proper wife” — she’s a side piece. Then, when she tries to leave him, he mentally and physically abuses her. Like, dude literally uses doctors and nurses and drugs and even straitjackets.

Oh, and he also:

  • locks her in a cage with rabid dogs
  • keeps her chained captive in a room
  • whips/beats her
  • tries to condition her with alternating abuse and comfort

3 & 4) Both music producers in her life are leagues better than either male lead. For example, one tried to help her out of the dilemma Male Lead A orchestrated.

Tl;dr while the fem lead is intriguing and attractive as a protag, both male leads are controlling, manipulative, and have no respect for her free-will & autonomy. They constantly try to force her into becoming their possession and “submitting” to them. Sometimes thru violent means.

I tried to stick round for the music producers & the showbiz elements, but the male leads were too much of a turn off. <<less
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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship
June 27, 2019
Status: c100
Read this novel if you want to get angry. In the novel the female lead is forced to choose between the abusive rapist male lead and the slightly less abusive significantly more manipulative male lead - two real winners in short. While the actual intended male lead is the one who doesn't literally lock the female lead in a cage and r*pe her all the time (and thus the marginally better of the two choices) that doesn't actually make him a very likable character in my books since that is... more>> an extremely low bar to clear. Also the way the secondary male leads various heinous tortures that he inflicted on the female lead are described in loving detail multiple times at different points throughout the story is very uncomfortable for me, the reader, especially since nothing (as of chapter 110) ever comes of it.

All the horrible sh*t the secondary male lead did seems only to serve as an explanation for why the female lead is a fragile PTSD ridden flower. Admittedly, the female lead's PTSD is a rather unique character trait that is written fairly intelligently but reading about someone who is always a bouquet of flowers away from total mental collapse isn't as fun as it may sound at first glance. Usually, in these "I've been reborn!" types of novels the main character reincarnates with drive, purpose, and a burning desire to get revenge on the people who harmed them in the past but this female lead... has none of those things.

Instead, she keeps living and working in the same city and the same industry as her abuser. Her only goal seems to be to quietly earn enough money to separate from the industry so she can move away (or something?) but of course before she can do that she catches the eyes of the two predatory male leads. And she seems to have no desire for revenge or to uncover the truth of her own death while her biggest worries are alternately traumatic PTSD flashbacks to her time in the heinous rapist character's torture dungeon and also "why does she still feel love for the heinous rapist character"? While those sorts of reactions might be realistic from the perspective of an actual victim of s*xual violence and kidnapping and all sorts of other horrible shit, they're kind of irritating to read about. I, as the reader, wanted nothing more for her to gouge the as*hole character's eyes out with a rusty spoon after being forced to read about the various horrible tortures he inflicted but she, as the main character, only worried about why she still loved him so muuuuch.

So yeah, like I said at the top, read this novel if you want to feel angry. <<less
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Bardura rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: --
Consists of;
☛ A while lotus who backstabs her own sister
☛ lower than tr*sh male characters whom should just go die in a f*cking hole
☛ a story that keeps getting more absurd and turns into misery p*rn when it should have been a f*ckING REVENGE STORY!!!
(ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻
☛ mental abuse and torment
☛ romanticised r*pe
☛ Very toxic relationships
☛ dumb, naive, s*upid and spoiled FL who falls in love with her rapists
☛ A story that perpetuates the power of men over women, how women... more>> can't be whole without a man by their side
☛ Way too much drama happening to the point it loses it’s illusion.
☛ Some other typical chinese cliches

If I were younger, I guess I would be gullible enough to continue reading this piece of sh*t but I'm wiser now.

┌∩┐ (ಠ_ಠ) ┌∩┐

I'm out of here. <<less
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FEMA rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: --
It was a promising start with capable fl, her interesting rise in the entertainment world and her slow healing of her tragic past life.

But then I found out that in the narrative of this novel pedo creep (the disgusting sludge of toxic waste calling himself human that adopted FL as a child to mould her into a star and maybe also lover on purpose and with who he started a s*xual relationship, feeding her lies of love but treated her as a side piece in reality, which she found out... more>> when he decided he will marry a "proper" wife, was f*cking offended that she did not want to be his misstress and broke up with him, beliaved the flimpsy evidence that she killed his fiance and then kidnapped her, tortured, r*ped her and not just willy nilly, no this scum got "professionals" to advice him in how to break her and give her stockholm syndrome to depend on him and even when they told him that she its not susceptible to that, he persisted) its not a villian but THE f*ckING SECONDARY MALE LEAD in a love triangle, OMG if the author sees THAT as male lead B material, I saw nothing but awfulness in the future behavior of male lead A which will still likely be less than pedo creep, but still thats a in the mantle of the earth low bar to clear and that there will just a cycle of abuse and helpless in the FL future with enought dog blood drama to fill a ocean. And the spoilers in the reviews here prove my fears right, thanks for saving my time.

Edit: to be fair if you are into reading abused/helpless/tormented female lead dog blood novels, this novel its five stars, the writing it is good, which may be part of why there are so many 1 star reviews, the high quality made people love the novel and where bitterly disappointed when they discovered that it was a novel of this type, like myself, my god was I so wrathful when I realised it. <<less
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Carrotflower123 rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: c880
The male leads should all DIE
Xia ling and the story is okay but then it goes into some dark stuff
Plus the story shares some similarities with Perfect Secret Love
The manga was okay so I started this novel and it completely killed my view of light novels forever
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SpicySugar rated it
November 21, 2019
Status: c502
I wasted my time here, it's not worth reading in my own opinion. The MC is annoying, The Ex is a bastard. The ML is likable at first but turned worst at the later chapters. There is no character development happening in here. The MC can't even protect herself or even think straight, or think logically. There's no use in being reborn if you're not striving to change yourself. I have read up until 500, I kept convincing myself to not give up half way but, you see, ... more>> if the MC is dumb and annoying, you wouldn't last reading the story. Sorry for the low stars but it is very deserving of the low rate. <<less
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Avelyn rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: --
Am I tripping or did I just see a review say the ML r*ped the FL cause he had to? Haaa? He didn't. He didn't have to do nothing. I didn't like the ml, her ex was sick. Her former sister before she died was sick as well, everyone in this book could give someone brain damage. FL was... ok? She annoyed me a lot. And to the sicko in the review that said

"I know r*pe is bad but he had to" I'm looking at you @Xinneth. U're as sick... more>> as the people in the novel, actually excusing r*pe? Lol girlie go get ur brain checked. I'd never trust someone like u with my drink (actually calling the ML good just cause he wasn't as bad as her ex.) And to all those people saying "this is a matter of preference." Lemme just say what I wanted to say. It's only a mental person that'll like this book, I was astounded with all the good reviews... so there are actually sickos in the world that enjoy reading about abusive, manipulative rapists... There goes the little faith I had in humanity.

last but not the least. I lowkey loved the ml. IN THE BEGINNING that is, he got almost as messed up as her ex, I shipped her more with her producer in her past life than with those rapists. Ended up dropping the novel tho, listen to the bad reviews it's not worth it.

Oh yh u know what I said about the FL being ok? I was capping. She was a total idiot that jumped from one drama to another before establishing a solid fan base. She'd be that one problematic celebrity if she existed that was involved in a scandal every other day with fans that have a horrid personality.

I ain't even gonna judge her for jumping from one toxic relationship to another. It was quite s*upid of her, but maybe she's someone that finds it hard to leave toxic relationship (let's be honest we've all heard of or met that one person that was always. ALWAYS in a toxic relationship, they couldn't control their feelings (or they had intense Stockholm syndrome) and u'd think they're an idiot but at the same time u just give up trying to talk sense into them. <<less
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AetherRaid rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c263

I have never just outright given up on a webnovel before, regardless of how infuriating the characters or mundane the plot was, but this is the first time and it was well-deserved.
    • The reason why ML falls for FL is so surface-level and isn't very realistic, especially considering how much he chased her and how much help he gave her despite receiving nothing but cold accusations and rejection in return. FL never really does anything for ML and I feel like she doesn't deserve his affection at all.
    • In her original life, FL basically worships her adoptive father and is spoiled to the point where she gives 0 shits about anyone else and fails to notice what's happening around her. After being reborn, she is still reliant on the power and resources of men to help her as the damsel in distress.
    • FL is talented and has ability but is so s*upid. She wants to re-enter the music scene, but much of the novel revolves around her getting involved in multiple crises and she barely spends any actual time recording/writing music. She should be focused on her career if she wants to establish herself but all she does is run around and get caught up in drama that she can't emotionally handle due to past trauma.
I was really looking forward to a rebirth revenge story's with a badass FL backed up by a ruthless powerful ML (similar to Trial Marriage Husband), but this just made me hate all the characters more.

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Avid_Reader rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: --
The beginning had some potential which kept my interest. The FL was suffering from stockholms syndrome of some sort (although she was technically aware of what the second ML was doing through her sister), and overcoming this seemed to be a strong premise. Reincarnation can be interested in and of itself.

However, the author missed a big opportunity when the FL sung the full version of caged butterfly about 100 chapters in or so, as a way to overcome her past, but in the end she remained the same. The FL... more>> is mostly 1 dimensional, she is defined by stockholms syndrome. As mentioned by previous reviewers, she has no desire to find her killer. However, she also doesn't have any defining drive to really be a star. The FL has not expressed a love for singing, dancing or anything else really, which paves the way for lots of character development, making her mostly 1 dimensional in that regard. She doesn't even try to seek help for the serious mental issues she knows she has. The FL has no real drive to be a star in her 2nd life.

The MLs have their own issues, one being so immature he is unable to handle a relationship with someone having stockholms syndrome, nor does he even bother seeking advice from professionals after he figured it out. The second ML's personality is more twisted than a pretzel. His obsession with the FL in her new life is introduced to the 2nd ML by something as simple as a hearing her name and it being somewhat similar to the FL in her previous life. That was honestly sloppy work completely on the author. <<less
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TaekaixTaekook rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: c111
I gave up. I thought it could be good but no. I know she will get a happy ending but I can't help but think MC is s*upid.

There is no justification that can explain why ML is better than her past lover. For someone who was in such a toxic relationships, to jump into another one after that is a loss. I thought with all the misery from her past life, her new life would be about healing and making better choices for herself but no, it was a lot of misery again. I don't particularly hate ML but he is treating her like a plaything and wonder why she doesn't like it. There are many times where she should have drove a line and clearly told him that she can't or remove herself totally from the situation but she kept on giving up bit by bit. For example: when he forcefully gave her the cellphone, she should have sell it and buy another one with a new number, cutting all direct access to her.

Basically, this story is dark and somewhat logical in the beginning but after a while, it gave the feeling that women are nothing until a man save them and take care of them. Toxic behaviors are not disqualifying when looking for a partner because the right girl can change a man. I didn't read thoroughly and often jump a lot of chapters bc way too much bullsh*t but still ended disappointed.
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Uthred rated it
December 29, 2019
Status: c1000
I initially enjoyed this novel. The main characters rise through the entertainment industry was entertaining in the way most of these resurrection power fantasies are. The developing relationship between her and Li Lei as she worked through her abuse was also endearing. Right up until the point where

Li Lei r*pes her while she's drugged up on sedatives

. Then when she tries to leave the next day he savagely r*pes her (to the point where her v*gina was bleeding) again. He then continues to confine and abuse her. At that point the novel turned into misery p*rn. If I was wise I would have stopped reading there. Foolishly I read on hoping that the main character would get some justice. But no, Li Lei never feels any remorse for raping her, in fact he justifies it to himself as fine because she is "his woman". What's worse is that a few chapters later the main character has fallen back in love with him, to the point where we get two chapters about her feeling bad for calling him a "beast". If the author were competent you might suspect that he was playing out the main characters battered person syndrome. But sadly no. The author was just normalising r*pe to a stomach churning degree. Read up until they depart to visit the Li family for new year and just tell yourself it ends happily ever after, or just drop it now. Either way, avoid this garbage. Edit: I'm truly an idiot and kept reading. It only gets worse. Even the misery p*rn, which continues largely non-stop, wouldn't have been too bad but the main characters personality changes completely. She loses all independence, relying entirely on her current lover (whomever that is at the time) for everything, the other characters also regularly make fun of what an idiot she is and she loses all agency. In short the novels only redeeming feature disappears.
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Elementarteilchen rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c252
This is a novel, you can't trust the ratings, because it is even more highly dependent on personal preference (and what you expect from this), than other novels.

There is also false information in some reviews, for example:

"But I seriously dislike the xia ling's character. She relies too much on other people."

... more>> No, she tries to be completely independent, because of her past experiences. She doesn't want to be indepted to anyone, even if it is her boyfriend.

Anyway, before you read this, you should know it is a very mature novel and shows the sweet, but also the very ugly parts of the entertainment industry and human nature.

You will read about r*pe, very possessive characters, s-e-x-u-a-l harrasment and even gory stuff.

A lot of characters in this novel would be deemed as mentally "unstable/not in their right minds" by our standards or even downright psychotic.

I hope you get the idea, why there are so many 1 star ratings. If you expect only a fluffy story, then this isn't for you. This novel will show you, that excessive love and pampering could led to serious side effects for all parties involved. <<less
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sheldane rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: c172
I’m all for the FL finding her way to stardom again after re-incarnating. There are just tooo many annoying plot holes and she is very dependent on everyone around her to make things work. Even though she has her tough moments.

2nd ML is too much of a creep! I’m very uncomfortable at the fact that he is basically a pe*ophile who groomed and mol*sted the FL. He raised her up as a daughter basically taught her how to write but ended up raping her when she grew up 🤯.

I don’t... more>> know if this is even worth finishing up tbh <<less
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MyWeirdoEyes rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c427
I read until 427 which is when I finally couldn't bear it anymore.

The biggest problem is probably that none of the main characters are likeable. The female lead (Xia Ling) is arrogant. She's a diva in the truest sense, throwing tantrums for the smallest offense. She's not sensible at all and makes rash decisions that would have buried her multiple times if not for the support of the male lead. She has a good voice but not the attitude to get anywhere with it if it weren't for her being... more>> in a relationships with people who have the best entertainment companies. It literally took me 50 chapters just to get over her personality.I honestly prefer a white lotus or normal Mary Sue over this idiot. In any other story she would be the cannon fodder. She'd frankly deserve it too.

I liked the male lead (Li Lei). Until he r*ped the female lead while she was having a mental breakdown. I might have been able to swallow that if he begged for forgiveness the next day but instead when she gets angry he r*pes her again. What. Then he refuses to allow her to break up with him and is just kind of an ass for a while before finally regaining some sense. At which point the female lead seems to forget everything that happened and continues to be a fool in love.

The second male lead (Pei Ziheng) is just a mess. He freaks out when Xia Ling kills his fiancée (actually someone else did but all evidence points to her, and she'd been throwing a fuss about him marrying someone else and considering all the tantrums she likes to throw, honestly I get it) and when he shows up to reprimand her for it he catches her trying to leave so this dude just loses his mind and decides to keep her prison. His brilliant solution for making sure that the love of his life never tries to leave again is to try to instill stockholm syndrome in her by torturing her and then taking care of her. Repeatedly. Endlessly. I mean... I still kind of like him? At least he's openly an as*hole unlike the other two who're jerks but are somehow supposed to be likeable anyway. I guess it helps that you can tell that just very desperate about her. He's mad in love. Crazy. She's everything.

Then there's Feng Kun who's a supporting character and supposedly a good guy except he keeps telling her that she had it so good with these abusive a**holes and is she really sure she wants to give that up?

Honestly, the only characters I liked are her two managers and her other producer. The first manager especially because I feel like if she knew half of the sh*t Li Lei pulled she would put him on his ass with a beating even he couldn't escape. The second manager is blunt and very professional. It's sad when you only like a character because compared to all the others they aren't bad. The other producer is just fun. He really has a personality and he cares for Xia ling but with limits. Which is probably the only realistic thing in this story.

The second problem (because the characters being lacking is a big enough one) is the plot. Or rather all the holes in it. The Titanic could sink again in those holes. The author says something and... never mentions it again. Or worse the authors says something and after a certain amount of chapter directly contradicts their own words. If you're willing to ignore all that (you're a much better person than I am) then I feel that I must still warn you for the MISUNDERSTANDINGS. That's right the plot development could be smooth (except all the damn holes) except the author likes to create fuss and drama (and even a few tragedies) by having a lot more misunderstandings in this story than my dear brain could possibly bear. This story is a bumpy ride and not in any enjoyable sense.

Last I would like to add that I'm not a sensitive person when reading about r*pe or coercion in a story, especially when reading Chinese novels because it's apparently the gold standard there. So for me to still be bothered by it in this story should tell you enough about how it's handled and portrayed in the story.


If you want to read a tragedy that's really just a tragedy for your brain to read it, I don't think I could recommend a better novel. Full Points for killing brain cells and annoying the shizzle out of me.

If you want even just a halfway decent novel... don't. It's not worth the IQ points you're losing. It's not. <<less
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E. James
E. James rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: --
Real sick story. Don't waste yr time guys. Bleagh..... Complete hypocrisy. If you like dumb characters, glorified r*pe n dragging plotholes, you r welcome for a read. Wish I had read the comments section.
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Darc_Reiko rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: c1000

I never hated a novel to the point of giving it a really bad review. And I'm not someone who is influenced by other review. And I appreciate the author's works more than anything. Because making a story is not simple. But really, I really can't recommend this story. Although I read it to the end (without extra) I ready it very fast. Skipped some paragraph just to finished this story fast. Because I'm the type to want to know the ending of a story just for curiousty. The... more>> first part of this novel is very good and got you engaged. But it changed after around the middle of the main story.

At first you can say that the FL has a cold and strong personality. She looks smart and a bit like typical villainess. But along the way you can see she is the weakest female among all because of the tragic past. When she's fine she will become a spoiled child. And when she's not fine she become a shut-in person.

There are too many misunderstanding and scheming from the love rival that will make you really desperate and think, "Is this going to end?". I especially hate the obsessed man that become the love rival of the ML. And what I hate more is this FL is so damn s*upid because she can't forget about him despite ALL THE BAD THINGS he had done to her both in her past life and the new life. He's a manipulative arrogant selfish bastard that does everything according to his own mood and want. I don't understand the logic in this FL brain. Do you really need to go back to him and forget about your sweet boyfriend who does everything just to make you happy? He sacrificed so much for you.

The plot itself is a bit nonsense and sometimes there are some inconsitency.


Like when Li Lei goes to perceptor Xia to lift Xia Ling from bad luck. It shows that the Perceptor like Li Lei because Li Lei can save his sister Xia Ling. Something about sycamore wood.

But after that, the perceptor or Xia Ling's brother act like a busybody brother who doesn't like his dear sister boyfriend. Calling him s*upid and weak. Really? That was too cliche. Why did he change so much? Is it because Xia ling got chased out from Li Mansion? That was his grandfather fault! Is it because she got so much bad luck? That was because it was her destiny! And it was her brother himself that told her about her fate. So what's wrong with Li Lei?


There are still many inconsistent plot where I think the author just forget what she write in the past. And she just want this novel to become more cliche.

And I really don't understand why every female antagonis has a s*upid brain but is very scheming? It was obvious that the ML has told her that he loves FL so why is it that they think FL is a bi*ch or s*ut? And what about you then? Trying to snatch other people's boyfriend, aren't you the s*ut one? #Sigh. It was too classic. Too cliche.

The conflict is sometimes so nonsense that the author just want to put together every cliche conflict.

It's better to read Hidden Marriage than this novel. I really don't recommend it. <<less
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Eustoma White
Eustoma White rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: --
This novel is really one of the most dog blooded novel I've ever read, like seriously I tried very hard to read to the end but (╯︵╰) it was too much for this young lady to handle!!

... more>>

So the plot starts with the FL being reborn to a different body in the same world. The body is a trainee as such the FL who's already the queen of song finds it really easy and well, makes it convenient to meet the ML who's the ceo of the company. ML seems to find her interesting, thus offers to be her gold master which of course the FL rejects, since she's so traumatized by her ex lover who had locked her before her death.

And so as the plot goes on, ML slowly falls for her, FL meets her ex lover who tries to kidnaps her at one point after noticing some similarities in her habits. Well, not because he recognised her, he just wanted a substitute for the FL whi is already deemed to be death. This kidnapping scene, I guess the auther wanted the FL to be a damsel in distress so that ML could save her which he really did. Now, because of this incident, their feelings develop and they fall for each other.

Is it a happy ending? No wayyy! Not without some more drama, misunderstanding and Angst!!

FL and ML goes skydiving? (I don't know, I'm not sure since I've already read a lot of novels after dropping this. I'm confused) Fl, shooting a scene while skydiving gets into an accident due to a sudden hurricane? Typhoon? Such that ML heroically rescues her resulting in severe injury and loosing consciousness. Fl, of course is a freaking damsel in distress doesn't know what to do and panics as both of them had been separated from other guys.

What's worse? She doesn't remember anyone's number as she doesn't pay much attention to them after all, I her past life, she was pampered to the heavens by her ex lover who fulfilled every one of her wishes. As such, she did nothing. Nothing at all, just waited to be spoiled, loved and pampered.

So in the end, she remembers her ex lover's number which only she knows. Fortunately, with the fl's halo, there's network and Yeah, that lover recognizes her instantly and only promises to save ML after she decided to go back to him. Haaa (╯^╰)

Next, FL abandons ml, ML is saddened, heart broken but doesn't give up as he thinks she's forced. The ex lover also loves the FL to the point of obsession and decides to marry her as to not let her run away. He regrets not marrying her before she died. Thus, he marries her without hiding it and everyone knows it. The melon eaters are happy and congratulates them both for marrying each other. But why does no one question why an eighteen years old is marrying a thirty something years old man? They have more than 10 years of age gap which is too much for me. Though, the FL is mature mentally but she's still physically 18 years old which is really young and only the start of one's youth.

Anyways, things take a turn for worse when FL discovers she's pregnant with the ml's baby. She lies to her ex lover, who became her lawful husband that she's preggy with his child. And blah blah blah more drama!

Conclusion is that FL is a damsel in distress and that this novel ate my brain cells ヽ (`д´;) / I had to stop reading novels for a week because of it. This novel was really epic! Master of the masters, most dog blooded novel I've ever read!! (͡° ʖ̯ ͡°). The author deserves an award for this ヾ (^-^) ノ <<less
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Ashaman108 rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c20
This is terrible. I give it zero stars but for some reason this review has locked it unto 3 stars. The FL is pathetic and a total loser, I have no idea why she attracts people. She’s got a terrible attitude and is totally clueless.

Don’t bother reading his or you’ll just end up hating yourself for wasting the time and energy on it,
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rosalinenightskies rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c1157
I really enjoy this novel but I had only read up to the part where Pei Ziheng's extra story ends. I am not going to bother reading the last couple of chapters as after reading a lot now, it really starts to get boring just reading about a new second generation heir story which focuses on a completely new character included in the last chapter of v2. The thing that I enjoy about this story is the progress between Xia Ling and her previous and current life. I am not... more>> sure why the ratings here is so low. Most people say it was due to Pei Ziheng but he got what he deserved. It is a story about a love triangle between Xia Ling, Pei Ziheng and Li Lei. Basically it is a previous life lover vs current life lover battle. I really enjoy this story a lot but honestly, after she got out of Pei Ziheng's home, the story got really boring as she started to be more spoilt and demanding. She then gets A HUGE SUM of money which makes her a diva when she showcased her skills (which she basically challenged extremely popular and talented people). From then, it got way too boring and Xia Ling pretty much gave up and got bored of her singing career due to getting so much money from her biological parents of her previous life and it is not really interesting anymore. The story is based on your interest really, some hate it because the female lead is too weak, but she did try to be stronger, while others dont like it because of the male leads, which is at first understandable. The 2nd male leads character development was truly awesome, it was much better than the female leads character development. I have a feeling the author favored the 2nd male lead, because his development was the best out of all of the characters. From a devil rich 2nd gen heir to a caring but no one understands him guy. I pity him the most out of all of the characters. <<less
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