What a Good Social Status You Have. Give It to Me


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Osamu Takahashi, who died in an accident, was reborn with memories of his past life as Isaac of the Wellrod Marquis family.

However, he found himself in the world of the Otome game his sister used to play.

The game revolved around the theme of “Stealing Love”, involving the cruel act of stealing away characters who had fiancees.

These target characters were quite terrible themselves.

“Someone like that prince is going to be the future king? In that case, it would be better if I became the king.”

This is a tale of a man who treads the path of dominance without caring for conventions, set in the world of an Otome game.

Associated Names
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Tensei kizoku wa taishi o idaku!
Tensei kizoku wa taishi o idaku! `ii go mibunda na, ore ni kureyo'
Tensei Kizoku wa Taishi wo Idaku!
What Good Social Status You Have. Give It to Me.
Ī go mibunda na. Ore ni kure yo. (Current)
転生貴族は大志をいだく! 「いいご身分だな、俺にくれよ」
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ErikHarrison rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c66
It's very slow, by chapter 66 he hasn't solved the initial conflict and is still 7 years away from the otome premise. He can read finical documents at 3, but they had a *poor* excuse to why no one doubted it. The politics aren't interesting but characters are distinct enough so I remember the 10+ roster. The MC just isn't a good person.


Ignoring the fact he is planning to kill a kid who is only 8 and has shown potential for growth and change. He is obsessed with the Crown Prince's fiancée Pamela (they haven't spoken once). He constantly talks about how she will be his despite constantly bashing others for their cheap views on women. He also casually implies he wants a harem too, achieving it after their fiancé's leave them. It's emotional manipulation (which he uses CONSTANTLY)

The current royalty is "bad". IE only trying to look good in the history books and petty (one ending of the game ends in disaster). So here comes the MC, does he want to save the country? Prevent conflict? No, he's just greedy for power, money and women.
It's hard to root for him.


It's a very slow political novel that avoids its premise for the length of 4 arcs. I haven't disliked it so far but am questioning how much more I have to read to get to the starting line.

EDIT: I looked up the raws. Ch. 222, arc 10, that's when the academy arc starts. I'm checking out as I don't think the story is worth the initial 200+ chapter investment.
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Roby1610 rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: C523
God dam how did I survive reading so many chapters of raws XD. But honestly its just amazing. For a guy who likes politics this is a gem. Its slow for sure, but its god dam good. The MC feels like he was born to be a politician. He isnt evil or anything, but he will get rid of anything or anybody that stands in his way. He isnt strong at all... hell he is weak af. That said he is a master politician, manipulator and so on.

Ok let... more>> me just straight up give some spoilers.


So there are 3 reincarnated individuals in this story. The main love intrest, Pamela. The heroine of the game, Nicole. And of course the MC, Isaac. Pamelas reaction to meeting Isaac was the same as his (aka she is also in love with him). But she still takes her role as the crown princess fiancee seriously so she doesnt break up with him for the MC. That said even if the MC didnt interfere with anything the crown prince would have still broke up with her because the heroine is aparently extremely atractive in their world because of the difrence in aesthetics and she manages to seduce all the capture targets. The only thing the MC really does is encourage the prince to go for the heroine in order to get Pamela. Most of the fiancees of the capture target fall in love with the MC because he cleans up the mess the capture targets make after they get seduced by Nicole. That said he actually doesnt want a harem even now that he managed to become king because he doesnt want to create problems for his familie. That is to say he manages to become king after orcestrating the the greatest assassination known to man and blaming it all on the crown prince. Im leaving out the context as to how he did it because its a long story. Also he marries Pamela and Lisa. He marries Lisa because she couldnt find anyone for herself and he wanted to stay with her. Honestly the MC isnt an evil person, but when it comes to his goals he can be as really coldblooded.

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Spacio rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c498
I see multiple people criticizing the novel because of the MC, which I find unfair. So, I'm writing a review.

I've read the translation up to chapter 43, then read MTL until 498, which is the last chapter available (released yesterday). I really enjoyed it.

First, the MC. It's an anti-hero, there's no debating about it. Anti hero, but not inhuman. It is shown that he grows, mentally, over time and becomes less brutal. His reasoning is particular, because his common sense isn't normal (compared to the common sense of the otome... more>> world, or the common sense of our world, in any case it's weird). That's what makes him original. His plans aren't always the best, but he becomes more and more consistent. Even if he hides it from other characters, he is emotional and not always rational, which is great. His main trait which makes him an anti hero is his pride and slyness. His goal, to summarize, is to stand at the top and be free. He won't hesitate to even bow to someone until it's not needed anymore.

Second, the plot. It's a very unique type of otome novel. While most otome novels start with the academy, or do great timeskips to get to the academy years fast, this author didn't rush it. The academy arc only starts after 2 major arcs. The chapters before the academy aren't just uninteresting fillers. Everything is important, and minor dialogues lead to major scenes, sometimes more than a hundred chapters later. The actual plot of the Otome game isn't the most important, and it is easier to describe this novel as a scheme-filled plot. There are hundreds of schemes, some minor some major, done by multiple people (obviously Isaac is very involved).

Third, the world. Contrary to most otome novels, I was able to feel this world as more real, coherent. Sure, some specific things linked to the otome are strange, but it's pointed by the author himself, it becomes a world building element. It's sad that we didn't see many nations and their point of view, but maybe later in the story. The aristocratic customs are especially written in detail, and well explained.

Last, the other characters. Over the time, many characters get involved, but strangely I never had any issue with remembering the names and position (even with MTL). At the beggining it focuses on Isaac (until around 9 years old, he is the main focus), but later other characters get detailed and complex. However, I regret the lack of multiple point of view. Sure, we see parts of their thoughts during dialogues, but not always and never in detail. According to the author's afterwords, it seems that there are some short stories with other's POV in the light novels, but I wasn't able to find them. Also, the mother of the MC in the otome world isn't developped, she's the only one in the family who is truly bland.

For those who want spoilers to decide if they wanna read it, i'll put some things topic by topic:


The MC and the main heroine of the otome (Nicole) are reincarnated. We don't know her identity in previous life at the moment, except that she is japanese. None noticed that the other is reincarnated, but the MC suspected it lightly before rejecting the thought. I personally had a theory that the villainess, Pamela, was reincarnated too (strange things pointing that she may be japanese), but nothing strong and some other spoilers seem to deny that theory. We never learned the reason for reincarnation.


Number of love partners:

That one is spicy. The MC only loves 2 girls, and got married, but he might get married to a third one later. The harem is hitting hard, many girls are interested in him. As far as I remember, he got confessed by 5 girls outside the married ones but rejected all of them.


The names of the love partners:

Pamela, the villainess becomes the first wife, and Lisa, the foster sister and his nanny's daughter, becomes the second wife.


Isaac's amitions:

He plans it, and it seems it's gonna work, but not exactly how he planned it nor how I imagined it. Less bloody.


The fact he fell in love with a 5 years old girl:

Not really explained yet, but I think it'll be completely explained soon. Basically, the "soul" of the girl made him attracted to the point of fascination. She got the same feeling from his "soul". It may be that she is a reincarnated too and that reincarnateds are fated for each other, but it is said that it is not a normal 'love' feeling. Male Capture targets of the game also feel that strong attraction power towards the main heroine from the Otome, in an unatural way. Something or someone's at work.


I hope my review can motivate some people to read it^^ <<less
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Eisvarith Devirea
Eisvarith Devirea rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: Completed
One of human greatness is how we can adapt to any kind of situation.

if I had to summed up the whole story into a single paragraph it would be like this:

a boy and girl meets, fell in love at first sight, too bad the girl already has fiancée, the prince. So the boy set an ambition to take her away. through a bunch of hardship, scheme, wickedness, misunderstanding, lies, the boy were to struggle in usurping the throne.... at least thats how it goes in my mind.

... more>>

and he actually did it, vol16 is the war arc of isaac vs jason, and the current vol17 is the aftermath of the war that tells the process of how isaac become the king.


and the harem part is... well I guess nicely done? it happens at the very end of the story with the author pulling some sick twist to the story. -_-)


Pamela is actually his sister from the previous life, in which isaac had some serious self-crisis knowing he did what to his sister.... thus he ran away to his job and to woman, to bring himself further away from his sister... kinda sad since I ship both of them strongly.

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Shellman rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: c15
He got love struck for a five year old girl while being mentally 29. He was crying for it. I dropped it the moment it happened. The series suddenly became disgusting.

Not to mention how hard it was to digest with author wasting time and MC thinking about planning the same things five times in every single chapter.

I really wished I could rate even lower.
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moneng85 rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: c500
Excuse me, a quote from the novel itself

Ch431 : "Yi yahoooooooo"

An ambitious man who failed in someways and still pushes though. A tough read for me because I usually like simple situations where everyone is happy, but this one takes the cake by showing failures, not all result in happy end and don't give up.

... more>> The MC can't be tied down to an emotionless villain or a revolutionary hero, but he could be classified as a chaotic lawful faction that strive though his goal limited to his means and morals.

Lots of characters driven story that makes it politically, economically, relationship tangled series.

MC have lots of failures, lots of challenges and regrets too. His ambition isn't one that I would like as I prefer peaceful interactions or when one is forced (decaying kingdom). But the sheer web of entanglement makes this pretty engaging and fun

Thanks group


very severe spoiler




Pamela - first love, former fiance of Johan (crown prince) now wife

Lisa - childhood onesaan, 5 years older, fiance-to-be-second-wife

Bridget - elf, 140 yrs old, beautiful slim bodied

Tiffany - cousin, former fiance of charles, blue braided glasses girl

Amanda - former fiance of Fred, short red haired girl

Judith - former fiance of Michael, big b**bed Sadako-haired fortuneteller

Loretta - other country princess - scarred face but healed by mc


mild timeline


14 yr old, war, become war hero

15 go to school

solves most of the female fiance problems

17 asked to deal with a dragon, negotiate with it instead

18 graduate, saves pamela, lisa as second wife (not married), defeat usurper, chosen as king (ch 500)

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DimaShishandra rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: c11
Good plot with veeery thin plot armor. MC with balls, who can do both good and bad things, and who has HIS own agenda. So basically he makes decision instead of surrounding people deciding instead of him

The only downside is that MC is not paying attention to his strength. Though keeping in mind his age it's rather logical

PS: It's so funny to read other comments. 'Dude fell for 5 years old girl's - and? It's not like he wants to sleep with her right now. It's also clearly displayed that... more>> these are feelings beyond logic - probably influence of game world. 'Prep to academy takes too much time' - because story is not about academy. 'MC does some bad things' - isn't this the best part? It's not an overly kind Japanese MC and not perfect, god-like Chinese or Korean MC. He has his goals he tries to achieve them with minimal from his perspective sacrifices. Dude doesn't have infinite plot armor like in 95% of other novels <<less
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Shut it
Shut it rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: c617
Finally read up until the latest update (raw). I can’t believe there actually people who rate this novel 3 star or lower. This novel may turn some people off due to it long monologue, but that actually one of its pros for me. This novel mainly focus on politics with some element of romance/harem. It’s also focus a lot on relationships between family, friends and other people. MC sometime feel a bit too ruthless for my taste, but his actions isn’t without a reason, so I’ll forgive him for that.... more>> Overall, I would give it a 4.5 star for it amazing world building and character development and the only reason I don’t give it a 5 star due to him ruthless action to the king and his family. <<less
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Bees rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c17
It started out like an isekai I might like, a college graduate gets isekai'd as an infant into a fantasy world. Beware, there are a few spoilers from the early chapters here.

He seems normal at first, a former small restaurant worker that is going to make it big this time around, introducing some of his spreadsheet knowledge. Then he gets it into his head he wants to lead a rebellion against the royalty looking up to Stalin and hi*ler as his examples for some reason. The author also seems to... more>> indicate at this point that seemingly unbeknownst to our MC, he worked as a drug mule for the Yakuza. At this point he starts to seem dumber and dumber. Despite being a 30 year old in a five year old body that acts too mature for his age, all of a sudden he loses his mind falling in love with a fellow 5 year old. After having just met her for a few seconds and exchanging names he throws a fit at her grandfather, the Marquis, and insists on marrying her. I read a few chapters further and things just kept going downhill so I dropped it. However the translation quality was good and it had a decent start, so if I heard that the plot improved greatly in the next 10 chapters or so I'd consider picking it back up. <<less
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Chariots rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: c30
Most of the early chapters are spent with MC thinking about how to do things, without doing anything. Very slowly paced, slice of life moments feel off due to characters' ages. Apart from the MC, no one behaves in a consistent and smart manner. Peculiarities of the 3-4 year old child get brushed off in an instant. There are many JP cliche moments.

It isn't a bad idea, I like that MC has a goal early on, but the execution simply isn't that good.
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Gladddddd rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c15
I was enjoying this novel until chapter 15. Was so looking forward to how he was gonna mu*der his brother and stepmother but the novel turned disgusting when he started to forget his calm demeanor and broke down crying due to a 5 year old child and begging her grandparents to engage him to her. Then throwing a tantrum to his grandparents when they ask him to forget about it. Will leave it at this rating unless I revisit it in the future.
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Asf rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: c252
The more litteral title of this seires should be.

"isekaied politican way to rebellion"

The MC cant use magic and isnt vey good at swordsmanship. Instead he schemes his way to the throne..

... more>> He is pretty selfish and cruel. While he have some kind of kindness towards his close kin, he can kill everyone that gets on his way. He is pretty calculative too.

He is more of a villain than your usual goodie too shoes tbh...

But that has its own charm.

The world is an otome game so some things are forced according to the settings becouse its an otoge world...

But be aware that this series has tons of tons of monologue. <<less
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Magicflier rated it
September 27, 2023
Status: c602
I enjoy harems especially when they lead to polygamy/polyamory rather than it simply pandering harem tropes that go nowhere. It is also always a plus to see a harem-seeking protagonist in a light novel/web novel that is tagged under harem rather than a protagonist that thinks being dense is cool. Most importantly, pregnancy is what is most difficult to find in these kinds of stories. On top of a anti-hero protagonist, I personally think this web novel is a great find and I am looking forward to see how the... more>> story goes from 600 chapters+. <<less
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Snowman256 rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: c67
It's a pretty interesting and thorough novel, and even when I MTL's past the current translation chapter c38 the story keeps up its good rhythm and plot progression. The MC is also a joy to read about, and his devious and sinister perspective is quite amusing at times. I love how the author emphasizes the MC's steady dedication, rather than the MC being gifted from the start. I'd definitely recommend it as a casual read for anyone interested in the isekai genre.

That said, the MC has a number of rather... more>> disturbing trains of thought, and they're so pervasive throughout the book I really wonder if the issue is more with the author rather than the MC's characterization.

  1. The MC wants to become the king of the country, not for any particularly noble reason but because he just doesn't want to live under anyone else. He acknowledges many times that he'll be starting a civil war, probably causing lots of deaths and grief, and tearing the country that his family was supposed to defend apart, but he keeps asserting "I don't want to live under anyone else, so it's OK, right?" The reason I'm unsure of the author's position is that the MC starts to justify that "Japanese people inherently want to become king, even if they kill anyone who stands in his way." He uses the fact that no one else seems to be plotting treason to be definitive proof that no one else is a reincarnator. In this sense, the MC is horribly maladjusted to his new world - he assumes only people raised in the kingdom can have affection for the kingdom, while neglecting the fact that his new body was also raised in the kingdom. His train of thought is honestly scary, especially since he wasn't even particularly oppressed/working for a black company in his time in Japan.
  2. I have no clue how his train of thought goes from "I need to kill my father's second wife and her son" to "I want a harem." Hasn't he seen that polygamy doesn't work well for his family?
  3. Spoiler

    When Dennis scams his father 100, 000 coins, the MC gives Dennis the opportunity to give him back the money + some extra to apologize. Dennis gives him 10 billion coins (formally, it was in an auction setting. Dennis could have given the MC 10 billion coins, since the other participants of the bidding were giving 8 billion, but he chose to go high and bid 20 billion). The MC then goes on a rant saying that Dennis should have given more than the 100, 000x inflation he just did, and decides to end Dennis and Dennis' company as revenge for how Dennis "hasn't properly compensated him." What was the MC expecting?

It's a novel with some flaws and a relatively slow plot progression, but nobody expects perfection from an anti-hero MC like this. All in all, I'd say give it a try! <<less
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MoeCollector rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: --
MC is a creepy scum.

I thought it's going to be like "little tyrant..." or "reincarnated as a mod..." so I read through it. But I cringed all the time.

But the MC is unlikable. Plan to become king cuz lol future prince is going to start war. Now I want to prince fiancee so lol I'm going to be a king. Heroines are flat personality.

Favorite dumb part: character asked MC if he is reincarnated. MC says no. But shows weird sh*t ever since a baby to everyone. Everyone accepts MC is... more>> not reincarnated cuz IQ of everyone is 0.

Honestly if sis becomes otome main heroine, then this novel is bullshit. <<less
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