Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile


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Ordinary youth Tao Ran was forcefully bound by a ‘system’ to save the vicious villainess in a novel world. His original idea was to complete the task and bring home the reward money. Later, during the mission, he slowly came into contact with the villainess. He (Tao Ran) began to realise that no one was born vicious, and that the so-called vicious villainess also had a distressing side…

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FEMA rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: v2c9
Its entertaining not too cliche filled and personally I love the explanation that the author used for the MC being clueless about dating in his second world, even thought he was married for decades

... more>>

It was exactly because he was married for decades!!! LOL They where a couple of homebodies with the hobby of cooking together, in his second go he may be in the body of a young man but he still got the habits of an old person, he just wants to go home and lay on the sofa, not go to the amus**ent park. He intellectually knows he is an attractive man, but yet he was taken man for the longest time, so he got the habit of being selectively blind plus being a old man for years, not exactly dating material for young nubile women.

I also interpret it and others behaviors that he is lowkey depressed after leaving the life he lived for a lifetime, he loved her and misses their companionship but its show in a quiet way, there is no melodramatic wailing of I will never be happy without my soulmate! Or such rubbish its actually feel more real that the "ONE TRUE LOVE FOREVER" of most QT, he will move on but its doesnt make their love and life together less valid. I am not saying that the story gets sad and full of mourning, nope like I said its in a very lowkey manner and someone can easily make the argument that I am overly analizing and he is fine and just being dumb and lazy.


You got to at least read the visit to the haunted house in chapter 30 and 31, its gut busting hilarious!!! And its even better that there consequences.

Edit: Warning for typical cn novel super relaxed view in consent


First life they where in a romantic relationship and the FL got him drunk, since she did not wanted it to be ankward, second life no doubt it was r*pe, there where ropes, a gag and struggling (she wanted to r*pe the og!ml, there was a case of mistaken identity), the only minimal good point in the handling was that the MC straight up say that it was r*pe, men can r*ped too, but then it was like they and the author forgot it happened, for the sake of keep reading I pretend that it was a forceful kiss and some light fondling, thats about the level of importance the narrative gave it afterwards in the characters actions. I am actually hoping that there is not the usual qt deal of but they are the same soul! So its one true love pairing! Blerghh I found the second vicious female that repellent. Ughhhh its so disguting that after she r*ped the wrong man she was all uwu I am now dirty, poor me, now I cant be with og!ML

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alwayscolder rated it
February 16, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a good novel. Girl accepts a system by accident and goes to different worlds living as a man and trying to save the second "evil" female. At the end she goes back to her worl and tries to get used to her female body again lol.

Most worlds had a happy ending, the one with MC being a killer/bodyguard made me cry a little.

About MC, I don't know how to describe her exactly. She probably ends up with the girls because of her mission, I mean, she make it looks... more>> like she doesn't care that much about feelings.


At the end, on the extra chapters it seems like she realizes that she actually loved them but didn't wanted to accept or maybe was confused bc of her mission.


Um, the extra chapters are meh, would be fun to read about her re-entering those worlds as a girl. Or she getting a girlfriend in the real world. <<less
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ThisReader1 rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: Completed

Seventh Arc:

... more>>

Modern world where the MC doesn't have a good background.

MC- 19 years old ex-convict

VIL- 22yrs old working as teacher

ML- VIL's fiance but loves FL

FL- ML's school sweetheart

I could say this is one of the arcs that I enjoyed a lot because it's my first time reading a teacher X young gangster element in a gender bender category.


Eight Arc:


A world of Religious and Non-religious/Science Empires.

MC- Assassin of great caliber

VIL- Non-religious' High ranking person

ML- Religious empire's high ranking person

FL- Ordinary Student

I read the first chapter and immediately lost my interest because of the ridiculous circumstances of the characters. It's really a disappointment for me coz I got excited with the MC being an assassin:') I just jumped on the ending and I could say it's probably the only arc where the MC didn't choose to stay longer in the world.


Ninth Arc:


Modern world where the FL is reborn

MC- ML's younger brother

VIL- ML's fiance

ML- Wants to marry FL

FL- Reborn after dying at the hands of the VIL

Horisheep the hormones of the MC doesn't know how to keep calm lol. The MC was like a wolf in sheep's clothing when he was trying to lure the VIL into having a relationship with him which really questions your morals even as a spectating reader but it's... sinful, it's just sinful...


Just so you know he was f*****g the VIL by the door while she was trying to talk to someone outside... and that's her freakin Mom... WTF


Tenth Arc:


Modern World with ability users and Normal humans being at war.

MC- Mob, Normal human

VIL- Fire Ability user, ML's second in command

ML- Leader of a village size ability user community

FL- Government's leading Doctor, Normal

The MC later became an ability user and went to stick with the dense VIL. There's a huge age gap but the exact numbers weren't mentioned.

At this moment I'm kinda just reading the arc for the sake of completing the story.


MC' Return to the Real World:


After completing 10 tasks and got to keep his ability user power as a reward (which btw didn't have any impact to the development of the story), the MC finally returned to her own world as a female. Having experienced so many lives and as a male definitely created conflict to her inner self when she came back. Her system continued to communicate with her and got offered a job. She then became a temporary system to guide the task takers. During that time, she met the Villainess from her first world who was getting married to another "Tao Ran". Next, she went to the cultivation world and recognized her lover when she was still the Sword Sovereign in the third world. After this, she asked her previous panda system whether it's possible for her to live in the novel world. The panda answered yes as long as she works hard in doing her job. It wasn't known how many years have passed on the side of the MC but to the widow of the Sword Sovereign, it's been a hundred years since she had last seen the trace of her dead husband. At that moment, a man showed up in her cave and you know who it is.


My thoughts?

I know there are many plot holes here and there but I genuinely enjoyed some of the stories especially the humor.

I remember laughing so hard when I was still at the beginning and it looked so promising for me.

Unfortunately, some didn't manage to catch my interest and I'm not exactly satisfied with the ending. There were also those questionable actions and characters that really made me say Wuuuuuutt????

It's not the best female to male genderbent story for me but the rarity of this kind of genre makes this novel sort of special and it certainly satisfied my wish to read an f-m genderbender story that has some decent bits of detail when it comes to bedroom scenarios *wink wink* that my fav stories lack.

Anyway, I'm thankful to the author for making this short novel. I just hope there would be more stories with an F-M genderbend setting. If there's anyone who's writing this type of thing, please notify me. I'll gladly read it. <<less
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Pluuto rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: --
It's a pretty good novel so far. The pace is pretty good, comedy isn't bad either and the characters are likeable enough. Give it a try if you're into novels like this.
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Chi rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: Completed
If you like quick transmigration and romance this is for you. ... more>>

not that all arc will be a HE with the MC and the FL together though, as his priority is the mission, so if the feelings are not properly raised (his for the FL of that world) he will simply leave


It's gender bender female to male.

And she do get used to being a man an in the end wanted to be a man again



It's not a same soul of FL in every world...... or at least it wasn't shown


since there was a FL that outlived the MC


Did the MC love them?..... Well, his first motivation to approach the targets was money, but by the end of their life he was in love with them, that is, the ones who spent all their life with him..... but MC was doing something about the memories to not get in the way, by the end of a


It's not a mind blowing plot but is quite entertaining. Though it's not quite like many others QT it actually wraps up well and have a HE. <<less
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Bib rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is funny because of the MC and the system's interactions. It's a good read for any world hopping series.

By the way, the 2nd arc was my favorite!
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LunaIsLuna rated it
June 9, 2023
Status: Completed
One of my favourites.

Mostly light, fluffy, don't need to think too much!!! Great to pass time, especially if you like doting MCs and a villainess kind of FL, which is 100% my type.

I also very much like it that MC immediately accepted that she turned into a man and didn't have much scruples about acting like it. Still, it's 5/5 because it's basically yuri🤣
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
February 16, 2021
Status: v3c17
This story is very good! I've read the raws after v.3 ch.17, and it gets really interesting as the worlds that the MC goes into gives this story an added spice than your usual kind of world-hopping MC as each worlds on this story as defined by the system (and in my own words) "organized each worlds based on its difficulty level".

Give it a try!
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Meloonseed rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: c3
The protagonist really is pathetic in this one ;;;

... more>>

I'm having secondhand embarrassment just reading this. He really goes to an audition and lists off playing mobile games and reading novels as a hobby. He also proceeds to perform Little Apple as part of his audition. And yes, he somehow got accepted.

And the way he tried to make friends with the villain girl was... yeah, no. In what world do you go up to your superior and say, "Oh yeah, let's be friends?"


I get that this is supposed to be comedy, but it just isn't that funny. I hope the jokes cut out as it goes on as it just doesn't work, but with the comedy tag on this novel, I don't have high hopes... <<less
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felixhykes rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: Completed
It kinda feels like Yuri and I love it. It's about a girl who hops worlds in the body of a male and falls in loves with females.
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shirotan rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: c118
The arcs are quick and mostly to the point without too much drama but not all of them have a happy ending as the MC has to traverse through several worlds.... MTL through most of it and

... more>>

World 1: Domineering Female CEO x rising Actor

World 2: Spoiled Rich Girl x Real Estate Tycoon

World 3: Demonic Female Cultivator x Righteous Sect Grandmaster

World 4: Hardworking Studying Genius (kinda skipped this arc, didn't seem too interesting)

World 5: Arrogant Female Empress x Male Consort

World 6: Modern Cultivation?

World 7: Female Teacher x Former Delinquent

World 8:


Overall, not too bad. It seems like this genre isn't that popular so there aren't that many novels of this type. <<less
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Yumeru rated it
March 4, 2024
Status: Completed
Finished~ I gave 5 stars cause this is the 1st time I read MC from female to Male then it was QT genre!! New twist and also have diff touch per world.

Plus!! The partners per world are very proactive when they realize their feelings. Also due to diff circumstances per world MC and FL got together😅

Kinda diff fr other qt about the FL partner per arc:

... more>>

I think they are diff persons per world, and it was never been announced that the FL partners are the same person. Plus there was an extra about a world where our FL left it and diff soul occupied his/her body to be wedded to the target character


There are Funny parts and you gonna think how our MC going to make the fl's to leave their revenge. More novels like this please~ <<less
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NikozSmakoz rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Love it, especially the ending. Makes me want to read more.
I love the cover picture too so cuuute.
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Akabane rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: v3c17
So it seems that each volume is a different life. I really enjoyed volume 1 but by time it got to volume 3 the main character had a completely different personality. So I couldn't really enjoy vol. 3 because I just kept wondering, what happened to the main character, who is this new person.
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Shamelessiwassoshamelessandam rated it
March 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Oky lets start with why I gave it three stars. Most at the very least of the fML are r*pits. Two to three out of those women don't deserve a redemption arc. Getting a man by r*pe the fuk.

With that said I really hate Qiang Wei the most. I was so glad that she spent the rest of her life alone when the MC died because the absolute disgust I have for her is unexplainable.

My favourite arc and the one that had me cracking up the most was The divorced... more>> leftover woman although I was not satisfied with the ending it's honestly the main reason among others I rated it 3 stars not like there weren't any that were good but this one was my favourite.

Do I recommend only if u planning on skipping most of the SA arcs like I did I was fooled by QW's arc <<less
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Purplerules rated it
January 28, 2024
Status: Completed
It was really interesting at first but the last few arc began to end without really giving a conclusion to the story which kinda left a really bitter after taste.
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December 20, 2023
Status: Completed
This was so enjoyable to read. It definitely is binge worthy and something I would reread some day.

Many of the vicious female are likeable characters but some of them can do things that are not so great. Some of the vf personalities may be annoying too. But if you’re able to bear it they also have enjoyably parts..

My favorites are ... more>>

okay I don’t really know how these spoiler things work but i’ll just test it out. I like the first world, I thought the MC and ceo were wholesome. It also explain how he can continue on with the next missions with the system helping regulate his emotions. I also loved the first cultivation world one. I like the assassin one too where the MC saved his girl. It gave a bit of angsts with him being in a coma.


i stockpile chapters before reading them after getting a good amount each time so I may have forgotten some things.

Some of the things I didn’t like

the world where guys can give birth. I had a mostly neutral feeling throughout. There was a bit of angst where the vf sort of gave the MC away only to regret it later. I found it interesting since maybe it was trying to create angst and show the vf catching small feelings. That world was similar to some other stories but with gender reversal. Which I normally don’t read because I obviously don’t find it enjoyable. But the way the MC was nonchalant made me not dislike it. It made the story better, I like how the MC didn’t go with all of the vf whims.

there was also the last world with the supernatural powers. I did like it but there were parts like how sometimes it focus on the protag and FL when I wanted to read about what’s happening with the MC and vf instead. But those are just some minor things and I still enjoyed reading most of it.


i think the author could definitely add more. I would love to continue reading. It felt kind of empty when it ending like...

the MC only return to the real world for a short while. Like thats it, with the plot of the real world? I was enjoying the little drama the MC had in the real world and her struggles with being a female again after so many lifetimes of being male.


i guess the author just wanted to end things soon. 10/10 for enjoying read. <<less
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kakistory rated it
November 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Why 2stars?

Because I like my Lead to be attached to the partner.

This work is like a heartless lead who regards nothing and quite dense, despite being powerful.

Although so, but the heartache part/plot is very much to my liking, thus the 2, which managed to make me finished the novel. If not for the heartache plot, I'd easily abandon this.
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