Reborn, I Became a Male God


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Chosen by the System, Jing Ling, each time she was completing a task would harvest a bunch of scum males.

The accumulated grievance caused her to have an accident while performing the task. Reborn in a parallel time and space to a seventeen year old body, although the gender has changed from female to male, the various attributes and skills that were redeemed from the system were still there.

Looking in the mirror at a face that could cause the downfall of a country and its people, Jing Ling’s infuriatingly arrogant smile emerged.

Don’t be afraid, this time I don’t want you. Change your girlfriend 🙂

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Royuki rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
The concept was so intriguing I had to go MTL it. The story is very good and it's a rare shoujo told from the perfect male lead perspective. In this story, it makes sense why male lead is so perfect in everything. As a female transmigrator, she had to travel to different worlds to finish missions and get revenge against the scum males. Throughout all these missions she's gained skills and level ups that makes her physically and mentally superior. Until the most recent mission in which an accident sends... more>> her into the body of a perfect male lead with all the skills and power-ups but no connection to her system anymore. So she decides to live her life in this world as the perfect male god.


Eventually s/he discovers this world that s/he had transmigrated as an alternate reality of her original life, including an alternate version of her original self! Determined to resolve her past life regrets, s/he does her best to protect her original self and in the process accidentally initiated a love flag!


I hope the translations continue, because I really enjoyed this novel a lot and there were parts I'm sure I missed even though the MTL wasn't bad. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
May 6, 2019
Status: Completed
I too was attracted to this novel due its unique idea of turning a female MC into male god ML. It's well-written as you would feel that what the changes has occured to this person are justified. The ML no longer connects himself with his past self due to his immensely long world hopping experiences and amazing skills. As for romance? It is sweet and gives this novel even more spice to it.

ML coming to love his own past female self is shocking but at the same time realistic. This person no longer identifies himself with his past self, so he sees the female lead as another separate person but he cares for her as he knows the pains and hardships she suffered as he had suffered so once.

You would love to see a female-turned-male god showing supernatural powers along with an aura that screams luck. The action scenes are cool too!

I really loved this one. And read it whenever I didn't found a good enough novel.

It's a gem! And I totally suggest to read!
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Senescence rated it
June 20, 2019
Status: --
I would like to read more as I am interested in the premise. However, it has been months since the story has been updated.

I still want to see more of the MC's thoughts and actions concerning the plot.
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