Rebirth of the National Male God


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In her previous life, Si Huang was framed and controlled by her relatives. She was crowned as the movie emperor. However, she could only die without a burial ground.

Unexpectedly reborn, she once again returned to the starting point and obtained a unique inheritance.

Si Huang touched her chin and thought: It is indeed fabulous to be reborn. She can settle all the old debts and take revenge on old enemies.

Back on the throne of the entertainment circle, she is now the first male god in the eyes of all women.

Wielding the power of darkness, she is the dark hand controlling everything behind the scenes.

A word to decide the stock market, she is the mysterious little god of wealth in the eyes of all businessmen.

A skilled punch to the enemy, she is a small overlord in the eyes of the army men.

En… what’s more, she is the apple of someone’s eyes.

However, one day, when everyone comes to know that this person is a woman, the entire country boils!

Facing a group who are rushing forth like wild bees unrestrainedly, a certain man sneers: the wife that this old man has been protecting for so long, who dares to snatch from him?

“Reporting to the boss, Li family’s young master asked Young Master Si out for a meal.”

“Shut down his family’s hotel.”

“Reporting to the boss, Young Master Si and Wang family’s little crown prince have fought.”

“Tell the military doctor to take ‘special care’ of the patient”

“Ah? But Young Master Si is alright!”

“The ‘special care’ is for that one of Wang family.”


Many years later, the little bun pointed to the list of ‘Most Desired Men and Women’ chosen by the citizens. He looked at the man next to him with a tangled expression.

A certain male put on a gentle fatherly face, “Little Treasure, what’s wrong?”

Little bun twiddled his fingers for half a day and asked, “In the end, are you my father or my mother?”

A certain male’s face instantly darkened. “Of course I’m your father!”

Little bun earnestly said, “But they all say that dad is the male god and the male god is married to you!”

A certain male: “…”

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Rebirth of a Nation's Darling - Prince Charming
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7 Reviews

Oct 17, 2019
Status: 520-ending
Note: I read all of this from a Chinese website using the auto-translate from Google.

I have to say this is going to be under one of my favorite stories I've read. The MC reminds me of a little of Ye Jian from "The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness, " with the military and rebirthing aspect of it. Just a tad bit. But this is overall a great read. It's a decent amount of chapters, but not over 1000 chapters like other Chinese novels. Took me about... more>> 2-3 weeks to complete. I find it quite hilarious when people, especially the ML, says she's male, but the audience knows her true gender. But I also thought this was one of my favorite aspects of the story as it removes the sense of female being weak as she hides her gender to be male. (But at first, it wasn't really her choice.)

It's also absolutely funny that she attracts the female more than the male characters in the story. You go, girl! It's one of those stories where the MC starts from the bottom and has to work her way up, in her case, as an international actor. But she does have the advantage of being incredibly gorgeous and a cheat system, so it's a bit fast pace. The people she meets along the way are incredible and she's just a people magnet. But there are those bad people who resent her and etc. She has a problem with relying on others some time, but she does learn to (with the ML of course). The ending is a bit sad though, even though it's supposed to be a happy ending. A lot of plot twists to keep you on your toes. I do have to say that was unexpected was that it has a tad bit of a fantasy/sci-fi aspect to it? (I don't know what to call it, forgive me...) Not a lot to classify it as a fantasy/sci-fi completely, but hints of it. I also love how the MC is not completely all goodie two shoes but has a dark side to her personality. She doesn't dedicate everything to her country, but to the people she cherishes. So that's a plus.

The romance of it is so sweet. At least toward the mid and late in the story. He's incredibly loyal and dedicated to this domineering MC. Especially towards her enemies.

Overall, I would definitely recommend if you decide to take my route of using google, or when it gets picked up by a translator!

Make sure to read the epilogue after chapter 520!

I was wondering where was the last exert in the summary where the child asks his father if he was the mother or father. At first, I was kinda disappointed that the child wasn't in the story until the end, but that part does happen in the epilogue, FYI. It's called:



Little spoilers of main points in the story, in no particular order.


ML: Qin Fan

    • Her gender got revealed to the ML around 300+.
    • She tricks her father out of the entertainment company that her mother put her career to.
        • The father becomes disabled from the help of the ML and trapped by the MC.
    • Her mother is kind of alive still?
    • Her mother was a genetically created human?
    • MC does get pregnant and gave birth during wartime.
    • Ivan Jasper dies.
    • She was drugged and experimented on in her past life before she died. She tried to kill her self when she was weak by falling from a few story building, but she didn't die and they didn't bother getting her. She was left to die where she landed as the bugs and other pests devour her body alive.
    • Xia Qitong, the best friend and the mafia heir?, is the main antagonist toward the end of the story.
        • The original Qitong disappears. *Won't tell you how. Gotta read to find out.
    • The couple does get married.
    • She has a tendency of doing something that she's not proficient at to the point of exhaustion or pain.
    • Step-mother dies, hooray! And so did her side of the family.
    • There's this evolutionary thing where some people have special blood where they have heightened or other abilities than normal humans. This is where I thought it had a sci aspect to it. But to gain those abilities, they have side effects. The stronger the power, the worse the side effect becomes.
    • MC is a becomes a famous international actor, which was unheard of for Asian actors.
        • She is also an amazing singer!
    • Fantasy aspect: She also has special blood, where you find out later in the story. She is a mermaid/ Siren?
    • I'll add more when I remember.
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May 12, 2019
Status: c70
I've managed to get to 70 and so far I'm enjoying things.

I think most of the ratings are due to the gender confusion throughout the translation. She is biologically female, but everyone thinks of her as male, it would be easier if the translator could just stick to one and only change it up in dialogue by other characters.

... more>>

Unlike most gender benders, the ML (and the rest of the world) is still convinced she is a man. I can't tell you how refreshing this is as there's usually some ridiculous incident where the FL lets it slip somehow (like a certain novel I previously reviewed where she gets drunk and BAM, ML knows within 10 chapters. Ridiculous.) The lack of periods is explained as due to her new physique which I guess I can grudgingly accept lol. I believe she is wearing a breast band/corset thing, and is therefore not flat chested. The author likes to emphasize her "golden ratio" so there's not much focus on her chest either way.

I still find the amount of violence a bit ridiculous, she seems to need to kick some ass every other chapter. On the upside, r*pe isn't being casually thrown around as a plot device, although this is likely because her persona is male. There are male s*xual predators though so... There's that.

She obviously has a bunch of grudges from the previous life to work out, which become more obvious the more she interacts with certain characters. It'll be interesting to see just how many people contributed to her hellish prior life which so far is just suggested in some areas. No exact details of what she went through, but if one considers how she meets these characters and what they're doing to other people in these encounters, I can almost guarantee it truly was horrible and she deserves her revenge *cue Kill Bill theme*.

She hasn't explained this to the ML as they are not yet in a relationship (he thinks she's male still lol) and so her getting close to certain males has caused some misunderstandings between them as he only sees her surface actions and not the motives behind them. On the upside though, this has also made our eternally unflappable FL show emotion and grief so there is progress. She's trying to believe in others again, but for now expect a lone wolf.


Overall, give it a chance as it's actually quite enjoyable. No need for ML to jump in and save her over and over, as even when he does appear there's this feeling that she could have handled it on her own. I guess that's why he keeps appearing, to reinforce that while she is a strong woman who don't need no man, she doesn't have to always struggle alone. For the most part though, he's off on secret missions so it's all on our girl.

(Sorry if I jump around a bit, just got off nightshift and have not slept yet). <<less
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Aug 29, 2019
Status: c225
I wanted to make a review after completing the novel, but I can't wait for other people to start loving it and maybe translating it in English a bit sooner ?

If you like the prologue the novel is the right material for your eyes and mind. Domineering and arrogant as a typical male lead, a bit Mary Sue sometimes, but it's what you need to expect from a male god. (It's almost a yaoi novel sometimes so beware)

... more>>

As of c 225 the protagonist is still a man to the world. There are no awkward situations of her trying hard to not be found out, she is a natural (as a movie emperor in past life this is to be expected). The ML now knows her gender and the two are in an official relationship (misunderstood by the rest of the world of course). The poor lover has to always run around trying to keep bay all the other interested parties eating vinegar (being jealous) everyday in every occasion.?


There are reason in the plot for the protagonist to keep her male identity, there are reasons for the couple to be loyal to each other, there are reason for people to go crazy. Believe me in this novel there are a lot of crazy people. In some of the latest chapters the protagonist seems to go crazy too sometimes, but I think it's justified by her being reborn and all the possible complications.

This novel is really long, there's much to expect from all the things going on in the undercurrents.

anyway, best badass woman/man ever.?

BEWARE: I read the novel with google translate and LOTS of interpretation based on my MTL experience, I got the gist of the story but it gets confusing often with genders (sometime in the dialogues in the chinese language you can't differentiate male from female, for this reason when this becomes really important as in this novel things get really confusing) for this reason I have no idea when the ML learns of MC being a woman T_T.

maybe I will update the review upon completion <<less
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lucky frog
lucky frog
Nov 15, 2021
Status: c86
I don't know how to rate it, so I won't rate.

Unfortunately, the scenes with ML and MC were my stumbling blocks. I liked everything except for romance and ML Qin Fan... but it was the reason I stopped reading the story.

Romance was not sweet enough for me probably. ML not my cup of tea. He is a kind of terminator in flesh, although I like the idea that MC Si Huang probably is going to be stronger than him, but so far he's the top dog. Unfortunately. I would've liked... more>> MC to kick him to another country when he was manhandling her. MC fittingly thought of him as a 'beast', but emphasizing this aspect added even more to his unflattering image. The author tried to show how gentle he is with MC, but I cannot ignore repeated scenes where he attacks and physically subdues MC. I wanted MC to shake him off, just so annoying.

Especially, the distasteful scene where he plays p*rno with the two of them.. and then forcibly subdues and kisses her. MC is underage too, and he still seems to hold the idea that she's a male. His excuse is that he gave her space afterwards and let her run away if she were disgusted. He ignores the mental aspect of the issue, the messiness, people especially younger people and children can be easily suggestable. I even now of the person in the real life who wanted to change his gender, because he was confused, but snapped out of it. So, I find it inexcusable that Qin Fan acted on his impulses or whatever he wanted to prove. For those who care only that he did not cross the line and did not sleep with the underage, so yeah he didn't, thankfully.


Well, he's not cute and his approach is not cute too.

When I first read reviews I expected that ML had no idea that she's a female, but he directly asked her from the very beginning if she's a woman. So he really wasn't fully convinced from the beginning so it seems, had some doubts from time to time, the idea was probably yo-yoing in his mind. Anyway I quite enjoyed the rest of the story up to the chapter I read. I am very curious about further improvements she'll get through her system, too bad I won't find out, because romance is such a turn off. So, I liked how op MC is, her meticulous plans and calculations, she is smart and strong. A truly smooth operator. I liked how her actions changed the fate of some side characters for the better. Her fans were very cute too. <<less
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Sep 19, 2019
Status: c86
Currently reading it through bad machine translation but damn I think it's worth it. As long as you don't mind a badass MC and a little basically yaoi vibes only because the MC actually can hide her gender, then I really recommend it so far. I mean as far as my understanding goes with how I'm reading it.

I hope it gets more picked up and updated because I think it's quite enjoyable! I think having a real translation would make it even more enjoyable for me.
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Dec 02, 2022
Status: c102

Almost each sentences of the novel is full of description on how arrogant, cool, beatiful etc. MC looks/sounds. I can't see her personality at all, she's just a bland charater with "majestic" everything.

ML is even worst, he's one of the ML I hated the most in CN I've read so far. Although I always turn off my brain every time I read CN, my dislikes to him were never diminished.

... more>>

He forced kiss MC after making her watch p*rn with him even though she was a f*ccing UNDERAGE. Mind you if the settings is Ancient China I can look past it as it is a fiction and back then age protection law wasn't a thing. But the author also designed him as some kind of beastly aggressive male who is violent to students, rudely use fists to solve anything rather than brain like he's a man child, and attacked MC under the pretext of Compulsory Military Training for uni when he was jealous without even believing in MC's explanation. He still has the audacity to say he will give her space to run away if she's unwilling but at the same time he just ALWAYS act domineering and pry into MC's personal space under the disguise of being a good "older brother".


That aside, your ML preference might be different to mine. So feel free to try this out if you have time to kill. I do have to warn you:

There is no development on the plot/storyline/characters of the novel. It's just a typical cliche entertainment genre CN with no comedy or significant drama. 🙄 <<less
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Nov 17, 2020
Status: c259
I'm halfway through the story. I don't dislike it but I don't completely like it either. The romance was great because they gradually progressed into a relationship. Especially considering that QinFan thought that SiHuang was a male. He readily accepted that he's gay. Good for him lmao. But there are just some parts that made me feel too corny and weird.

... more>>

This is an entertainment slash supernatural novel. So I understand that the characters having abilities is normal. But the combination of these fairytale creatures, military, entertainment, business, revenge is kind of weird for me. I lost interest reading halfway because there's so much going on I don't have the motivation to read the more than a hundred chapters. Especially when the author would keep adding dramatic twists. I like twists but, I don't know why it's so corny in this novel.


I like the female MC though. She strong af she doesn't really need a man. In fact, if this is just an entertainment novel which focuses on her acting, her path to success and revenge, I would still read it. The romance doesn't seem necessary tbh. She has friends that could help her anyway, who cares if she has a lover or not? Her fangirls and fanboys are also cute. What I also like is that her disguise as a man is almost flawless. And she also acts like a real man. Much better than other gender bender novels I've read. What makes me feel corny is that...


90% of the powerful, handsome, young men in the novel fall in love with her. She has a secret bloodline which makes her extremely beautiful in face and voice (from the hints I've read, she's most probably a mermaid or siren). She's smart, beautiful, confidents, charming,... well damn, no wonder they fall for her. But I just kinda feel bad that they all easily fell like BAM. They're just supporting leads so they're just gonna suffer unrequited love. Whatever makes them happy. I think her golden finger is not the hamster (the one who made her rebirth, forgot the name), but her real golden finger is the people around her. She's a people magnet and the powerful men (&women) are her plot armor. In other words, she's a mary sue.


It's great that her rebirth and her death has reasons behind it. That keeps the drama going. But honestly, it just made the story longer that I lost interest reading. But it's just me okay. I don't mind reading long stories as long as it keeps me on my toes. If you are the type who likes dramatic twists, supernatural creatures, entertainment, gender bender genre, and military stuff, then this is for you. <<less
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