Versatile Mage


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He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed.

His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician.

Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans.

His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk.

However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!

Versatile Mage average rating 3.4/5 - 216 user ratings
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Quanzhi Fashi
Toàn Chức Pháp Sư
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nwms8 rated it
March 5, 2016
Status: --
I stopped reading this at chapter 40. There are a couple of reasons, but the main one is that I don't like the MC. Here is the setting:

MC came to new world, full of magic. His family is being suppressed by a local noble's. MC has a magic pendant and access to more magic than other people. Proceeds to act like a retard. There is no thought process involved, no real character development. His decisions don't come from any thought out plan, he just makes some random decisions and plot... more>> armor makes things go his way. Even the girls who are interested in him comes from plot armor and not from interactions. You don't see the budding romance between them, things are established as fact and I just can't feel for the characters.

The characters are from the country, so I believe the author tried to put in an accent but perhaps the translators didn't do well in translating the dialogue but the direction doesn't work well and the plot is sort of a jumbled mess. Would not recommend.

3/5 World building.
1/5 Character development
1/5 Character dialogue
2/5 Plot.
1/5 MC Charisma - I just think he's a total idiot. Would not want to read more about him.

Especially after he totally insults the lord of the MU family in front of everyone putting a huge target on his back. What an idiot.

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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c221
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with this one. This review will be more of a venting my frustration so please forgive me.

At the start there were a lot of things I want to comment about like the advanced science turning into advanced magic, like seriously? Just one or two spells for the primary stage of element makes the world advanced? What happened to the guns, missiles, nukes were taken out of the picture just because of magic? I mean there are still a lot of ordinary citizens that... more>> are not mages so there should atleast be a group of people trying to advance or counterbalance magic with science I mean even low-ranked magicians should strive for this because in the earlier chapters during the enrollment there were even someone saying wanting to suicide because of the awakened elemnet. (I mean atleast something similar to that one novel/anime Irregular at Magic Highschool)

Also there are a lot of time skip to progress the story I mean I know its CN with cultivation that takes months to years of cultivation but for me it doesn't work that well. I remember there was a part stating that magic reinforce the body but not the IQ & memory. There was one chapter were the MC was doing his 2nd awakening and there was a time-skip of 1 year and guess what the examiner who saw MC for just a few minutes was able to remember the MCs face when he saw him again. I can understand if you remember the name but the face?. Also during the time-skips I always wonder what happens to his step-sister, father, etc.. The story is too focused on the MC and all the side characters are just there to make the MC look stronger. As for MC relationships just keep on dreaming. The MC had a childhood sweetheart they also tried to elope I think this was before & after he crossed the world as it happened when they were 13 years old (i think this was the tragedy they keep on saying) yet afterwards the MC was like "Are we close? But if want you can be part of my harem attitude" & didn't even try to make any effort get close again. Even after

the Bo City disaster he didn't try to contact her to tell her he's ok or anything he didn't even try to get to the same university as her. As for the Teacher Tang Yue after taking care of his mess about the magical artifact, receiving lots of tomes worth millions, then he just kept on taking advantage of her even when she was in danger, then finally it just ends up him s*xually harassing her to make a forced relationship, and the MC still acts like a victim and still expect more advantages from her, now that is what I call a thick-skinned MC.



Also somehow it's really annoying how a lot of side characters keeps on dying. I know it makes it more realistic but at the same time it makes the MC a lot more stupid. The final thing that made me drop this was when the same thunder-guy from Bo City (forgot his name) just to make it more miserably for him his entire family was killed all except for him, and then he was captured by the MCs enemies and he was drugged/converted by the Black Church and him ending up killing his girlfriend wow the author must really hate this guy he didn't even standout or find trouble with the MC

I dropped this because I feel like things like this will keep on happening.

For the cultivation aspect I find it hard to understand. (I would call the stage/boundary/realm as tier) I mean I know there was tiers & skills tiers doesn't relate to cultivation tiers, but maybe because I was skimming for the info dumps I have no idea of the boundaries for advancing to the next tier.. And I don't really get how much stronger each tier is. And like any other CN novel a bunch of old dudes in the first city is like a god and going to the next city it turned out that he was just an ant that even those the same age of the MC can kill him effortlessly. Isn't it annoying how they keep on repeating the MC is such a genius then after moving on there were more geniuses like him. I would like to ask a solemn question about this novel, is the internet also removed from the advancement of science. Can't keep up with the news? They have mobile phones but no internet, how terrible of a modern world is that, people there need to learn to adapt like those in "Cultivation Chat Group" even cultivators adapt through advancement of technologies even when they can move mountains/planets.

All in all what really disappoint me is the attitude of the MC, he is a fillial son (His father sacrificed a lot for him then MC just gave him money because he knows his father can take care of himself), caring brother (Yup, just call a few times a week, then neglect her for weeks, months, help her a few times and from his actions its like his expecting incest, we'll not really I guess because they are not related by blood), a good friend (yeah like that the one he saved but let others friend die just because they are not his friend, then afterward he would only call them when he needs them), will probably be a good lover (yup he's a pervert, though he said he was not a gigolo from his relationship with his teacher I would not think twice that he's a gigolo). He is an upright citizen (Yup, stealing magical artifact and let a teacher deal with it, steal the holy spring and blame it on the situation, take advantage of others and still feel no shame about it, take others cultivation resources and justified that he is poor and needs it more than them, made enemies and let others take the misfortune.)

And also the atmosphere of the story is really weird for me as sometimes I keep forgetting the setting that it was set on a modern society as like the characters act like ancient people. <<less
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grandplex rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
Definitely not a 4+ worthy series. There is extremely thin character development, lots of plot holes, to the point where you cannot empathize with what the MC is doing, he just looks like an idiot more than half the time. There is attempted humor many times, which all falls flat. The world building is weak, it just says some elements are strong, while others are weak, with no explanation, as the story develops, it doesn’t become any clearer. Somewhat related, the translation is fairly bad, it is basically a machine... more>> translation with correct formatting.

It isn’t to the point where I would consider it one of the worst series out there, as it at least is keeping up a decent pace of weak to strong and avoids some of the absolute worst mistakes that pop-up in some fairly bad Chinese light novels, such as extreme racism towards a certain island nation, but this should probably have an overall score around the low 3’s, which is within the range where it is barely worth a read, to some people (anything below a 3 average rating I would consider trash level where no one should even bother reading it). <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
Ai... while the premise was nice, the delivery was kinda subpar. Our main character is too caught up in trying to hide his skills so that he can reveal them explosively later in life. Magic system seems kinda limited in scope and quite boring. MC’s advantages are meh.

Characters are weak. Only one I really like is that wind mage best friend who’s called Monkey. Dunno why. More badass than the MC for sure.

Story sometimes doesn’t know if it’s a mage story or an ecchi story. When the female teacher... more>> was introduced, it became a bit agonizing to continue.

Far too many League of Legend references.

While the story says all modern appliances have basically be replaced with magic... how? No expansion on this idea which makes it confusing.

How the hell is Thomas Edison known for discovering Light Magic? Why didn’t he discover LIGHTNING magic as fuel for lightbulbs instead? Using magic stones to replace electrical appliances seems kinda...

I dunno, but I’m kinda tired of Lightning being the ultimate element in chinese stories... <<less
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Melfer rated it
March 3, 2016
Status: --
So far 14 chapters and I must admit it’s pretty bad. The author keeps trying to be funny but it’s not, he’s so busy trying to be funny that he’s just throwing in random sh*t into the novel without decent explanations or contradicts himself. And sorry but having 2 out of 7 elements being water and ice is just dumb.
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HesheFell rated it
January 16, 2016
Status: c100
Updating this review. I'm up to c100 and I'm not sure what to think. MC is supposed to be a genius but I can't see where he is very smart. He is a hot head, who makes rash decisions but overall, with a character that is neither unique or interesting. Other characters are equally generic and uninteresting. Because the author made the characters 95% of the story. What you get is a unique setting and concept ultimately dumbed down by uninterestin g and random dramatics the further you go. Even... more>> so, it's not the worst thing I've read. Just sub par. I put this on hold because it's still readable nonetheless. <<less
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yellingbrian2 rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: v21
This is a hilarious novel, and I'm glad I spent a night reading it!

You just have to come in with the mindset that the novel is a half-decent Chines Xeon. And take a shot every-time the author add "magic" to a generic word! "Magic academy" "Magic final exam" "Magic History" and "Magic Geography" :P

I felt even a little sympathy for the main character, with his family situation and all. But the novelty of the world switch, with everyone going "what fantasy books have you been reading! Literature and Math don't... more>> exist only Magic"

10/10 glad I read! <<less
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jaybirdmcfee rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c711
Quite frankly, folks who have given this novel a low rating are missing out. It picks up kind of slow... but future chapters get a lot juicer (I'm on 711). There's plenty of well written foreshadowing, surprise twists, heart wrenching tragedies, and exciting battles to keep the reader interested. There are chapters that have made me cry grown-ass-man-tears.... So I think the character development is just fine.

I think the author is growing with his/her story, and if you can stick through the boring parts it becomes well worth the time... more>> taken to read.

Edit: Removed are star, I still like the series but I now feel that the author might be backpedaling to his/her bad writing habits. That being said I still like the story.

p.s. : Yes the MC is kind of an idiot, but the people around him aren't.

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TheGamingNerd rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: c119
Disappointed with this light novel even though its my first review I'm so disappointed the anime was good even though the fights where a... more>> little unrealistic (it was slow to hit the monsters fall after 3 seconds of waiting) but the light novel just ruined everything the anime was good and even though it wasn't translated by prof. Translator and it was fansubbed I wanna say the light novel was stupid af the plot is slow there was no titles what so ever that I couldn't find where is the continuation after the anime was well this light novel goes straight to the garbage

  • *There was bad plot
  • *Slow pace (that I dislike)
  • Its different than the rest magic/fantasy novels that are send to another world after death and get op skills or abilities but why would you need magic in the 21st century ? e.g 10 fireballs are 1 anti tank missile like bro
  • The main character in my opinion was weak af there was no op magician at the start and even if he progress fast I like main characters that turn the tables around with the rage inside them and awaken mighty powers even though he got lighting so? what lighting ? get ice and freeze humans they will suffocate... thats why I think lighting is weak except its penetrating powers and ice well ice got ruined if its only for sealing why cant a monster suffocate lol god thats normal humans animals plants need oxygen to survive... lighting is only for attacking main character is weak to defense
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kre5o rated it
February 6, 2016
Status: --
This story has so much potential to be great. But somehow I get all confused with names. I read the whole chapter and didn't really knew what I read. I have to reread it and that happens only if the story is inconsistent.
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lordofthebooty rated it
January 10, 2018
Status: c55
The start was so good, but it just proceeds to go downhill from a stupid MC. It makes absolutely no sense for a person with a dual element (lightning +fire) to even hide his skills. He could have EASILY been accepted into an amazing school, protected by powerful figures, moved dad and his little sister to a better city and his little enemies in this little city would not have been able to do anything, just wait to die.

No, MC proceeds to just disguise his lightning element and sticks with... more>> fire in public, which gets quite annoying. Why does he even have a damn lightning element if he is not going to use it? Oh, let's just secretly save it for a few years down the line when I become stronger and can suppress those small family Mu bullies.

If you want to read a novel that is short in chapters and ends up just frustrating you, go ahead. <<less
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Eldau rated it
March 6, 2016
Status: --
Pretty good story at the latest read chapter of 40.

It's like a xianxia with limited (fixed) cultivation in a 'modern' setting, where magicians (cultivators) have a star (single element) they can cultivate in order to grow in strength (physical and magical) and use more advanced magic within their cultivated element. Currently not much more than this is explained in the way of the magicians, so it can be hard to grasp what the actual pinnacle of strength is.
The protagonist does get away with just a bit too much... more>> in terms of his arrogance due to the world being set up with a protection for the younger generations, and strength is more or less equal to time cultivated (and talent, but mostly time cultivated), which seems to be the defining trait of magical strength. In other words, the MC is too arrogant for his strength and he isn't being directly tested (combat) yet, so he is in a way being let to run loose.


No real combat, not counting him trying elementary magic on some 'bullies' in Chapter 16'ish, but it should pick up in the next couple of chapters as it is set up for them to gain combat experience.

It does contain some weird expressions (Cursing and internet slang) which also takes getting used to if you expect it to be similar to a xianxia.

TL:DR: Nice 'modern' setting world, but MC isn't properly tested in terms of his strength so it feels a bit unbalanced. <<less
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November 6, 2017
Status: --
What to say about this thing... It can't even be categorized in the same realm of the successful Cnovels.

It's just plain terrible. I don't understand how the translators have the commitment to go through the chapters disguised as torture devices.

First of all, I don't really care if the novel is following common plot devices. A good author is the kind of person that is able to rebuild a old cliche into something refreshing... Or at least make it believable.

The beginning was not good. The MC is an asshole, I don't... more>> feel it's strange that so many people hate him or look down on him. Reading his povs made me hate him. His actions do not make sense. Not only that but it feels like the author is trying to brainwashing us into believing that he is the real underdog.

Like, no. He is not an underdog. In the current world he lives there is no reason to hide his talents, when the Mu family won't even see him as a threat despite his magic power- which he just had awoken. If the MC is so dumb, please don't put much faith in the IQ level of the other characters.

Dropped at 20 characters. I'm not going to rate this novel for the sake of the translators but consider yourself warned. <<less
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Siliarius rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: c1800

This series has a slow start but it gets better after the first few arcs. The power system is basically a tiered system, each time a magician raises a tier he gains an additional element. There are many different types of elements in the story such as the basic 5 elements fire, water, earth, lightning and wind and also some special elements like ice, spatial and summon. Each element has its own advantages and disadvantages like fire and lightning specializing in destruction as well as elemental defense water defense can weaken fire attacks.

The protagonist has his own cheat skill (called inborn talent in the novel) he gains 2 elements whenever he raises a tier so he can use more skills than other magicians at his tier and eventually more skills than those above his tier. Normally having more elements means requiring more cultivation time but he has a cheat item that negates that.

This is not a novel where the protag solos all the enemies though, there are a lot of battles where he and his friends have to work together to defeat the baddies. Some hiliarious moments occur in battle where he and his friends are in a life and death situation and he and 1 of his friend always say something that doesn't fit the tense atmosphere prompting a tsukkomi retort by another party member.

This novel is not all rainbows and sunshine though, many times the protagonist has to witness several tragedies that he was unable to stop due to being too weak and those tragedies become a pushing force to be stronger. Saying more would spoil the story but I highly encourage to read up to these few chapter checkpoints c120, c327 and c700.

There are some minor plot holes in the story but it appears that way because the author is trying to avoid the generic cliche such as meeting arrogant nobles then beating them up or freeing girls from forced marriages etc etc. Each companion of the MC has his/her own stories some of them appear for only a few arcs then slowly fade away but the permanent party members of the MC have their stories slowly develop along with the MC which I feel is better compared to other series where the MC solos everything and his friends/love interests are just left behind in a safe area.

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Sai47s rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c177
Quanzhi Fashi is a slowly current novel, corresponding to the anime of 2016 (of course, some small details are omitted in the anime). Alternately, an alternative world where magic has replaced science, and such things as firearms do not exist, as well as oil and other existing sources of energy.

The novel is very slow in terms of the relationship between the characters, there are simply very boring chapters, but this does not prevent you from enjoying the work. Approximately from chapter 28, the main character begins to disclose his abilities... more>> and show character.

MK ordinary guy that got from the ordinary world into the world of magic, he is a genius, not in terms of his strong intellect, but in terms of magical abilities. He streamers will rise in the local hierarchy of power.

Female characters, there are, but they are secondary and not visible. Lightly stands out his class teacher, but that's it.

In the design of the world, aspects such as social disparity and the concealment of abilities and artifacts are intertwined. Hiding abilities saved the hero several times in the most difficult situations. After all, if your family is not rich, it is difficult and dangerous to expose your forces to the show, because envy, anger and arrogance do not go far from the life of the MC.

The work for all its pluses (these are the battles and abilities of the character, not the bad moves of the author with the concealment of abilities) and the minuses (described above) does not look bad. Score from 3.6 (minimum) to 4.0 (maximum). This is my opinion, but everyone decides for himself. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
February 3, 2016
Status: --
The Story is promising but the author approach to most characters are a little bit a mess. For example some chapter are wasted to random characters and sometimes a chapter is just complete no sense at all..

MC is good but his potential was limited or hidden to a point that most people rejected him. I don't know if the author is thinking of making MC op to slap the arrogant characters but so far I can't see this in the story. To much plot twist? Not really its rather simple... more>> and dull

20 chapters I read so far so my review is base from this as such I am hoping that this story potential well bloom in the future

I just hope the author won't focus to much to sideline characters its like reading side story which has no worth to the main story. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ignus rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c113
This story has many original elements that support it.

A unique cultivation system.

Events that occur don't follow the same old script that ever other story follows. There at least is unique plots.

Also, there is some decent political espionage later in the story.

Just the originality behind much of this story makes it a worthwhile read.
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