Until You Come


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In grade 10, Chen Qi continuously met the same male student every day she went to school.

The male student was very tall, especially with his beautiful eyes that were usually obscured by a contemplative look.

Strangely, whenever Chen Qi went out, she always met that male student.

There were many people that she often encountered, but he was the only one who she could meet every day.

Chen Qi did not believe in fate, nor did she believe in the so-called fate, until the day he came.

Then suddenly one day, she never saw that male student again.

At first, she did not think much of it, but every time Chen Qi passed Cornfield Road, she would subconsciously look for that familiar silhouette.

Just one morning without seeing the male student, she would feel strange, and her heart would feel empty as if something was missing.

He was a stranger on the street, but also someone special in Chen Qi’s heart.

The yellowed cornfield leaves carried the bitter feelings of the young girl, fell to the ground and were blown away by the autumn wind.

The leaves had flown away, but her feelings were still there.

When the two met again, Chen Qi stared blankly at the person in front of her, while listening to a song playing, and the lyrics were just sung:

“I have never believed so, so sure, who will be my destiny

Until your light falls into my dark night.”

Chen Qi suddenly remembered a sentence:

“If you don’t forget it, there will be a reply.”

—Falling in love with a stranger at first sight—

Jiang Yan Yi X Chen Qi

~I’ve never believed in fate until the day you came~

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