I’m Drunk On You


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Su Li was drunk and fell in love with a bartender.

Later on, she became his colleague, blocking him at the bar counter every day.

—The story of a rich girl pretending to be poor chasing a strict bartender—

Chen Jiu X Su Li

~A sweet little story like a cool soda on a hot summer day~

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Su Li And Wine
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07/21/23 pramsh c5 part2
07/20/23 pramsh c5 part1
07/14/23 pramsh c4 part3
07/13/23 pramsh c4 part2
07/13/23 pramsh c4 part1
07/07/23 pramsh c3 part4
07/07/23 pramsh c3 part3
07/06/23 pramsh c3 part2
07/06/23 pramsh c3 part1
06/30/23 pramsh c2 part4
06/30/23 pramsh c2 part3
06/29/23 pramsh c2 part2
06/29/23 pramsh c2 part1
08/18/22 Le Floria c1
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