Unattended Marriage


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After Ye Zhi, a simple beta was humiliated and ignored by Huo Youcheng, his alpha husband, during the five years of their marriage, the main residence of the Huo family received two more owners: The alpha older brother of his husband, and their little daughter.

Ye Zhi tried to conduct a careful coexistence, avoiding contact with this “Big Brother” who seemed very serious and of high status, however, he did not expect this man to be quite gentle and attentive to him.

That was how he inevitably fell in love with his husband’s brother, Huo Youqiao.

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ylial rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: Completed
I honestly love this novel 💕 and I feel really happy and satisfied in their affair due to bastard ex husband, esp when u read MC's journey throughout this novel. The author didn't abuse much the reader XD ... more>>

They do not even doubt that the ML will like MC since they all look down on Ye zhi so they relate MC's changes or affair to someone else

At first, I was annoyed by MC's timidity (couldn't blame him due to his upbringing). He was taken for granted and mistreated by his greedy family due to him being a beta (ordinary). He was also the object to vent physically of his ex-husband since that ex resent the MC's family

so that ex husband always forced himself making the MC bled in sexand couldn't sit properly for a wk (this results to MC having a phobia with s*x before). Ch9 made me hate his ex husband more. He even used the MC as collateral in the game, "wife seizing game" and his husband's circle of friends is really messy. Youcheng (ex husband) wanted MC to do his wife duties but he didn't even give any cents for MC. Even the maids look down on MC 😅 everything really changed when ML came to his life - gradual but has depth

MC's brother is an omega and his husband's first love is his brother. Many things happened and eventually that ex husband and MC was used and cheated by MC's family to become together.


Fortunately, the MC met the ML, his husband's brother. He is literally the oasis for MC. ML slowly changed the MC to have a confidence even a lil. You can feel their love with one another in the 2nd half of the story. This should have smut tag since their XXX is very detailed and happened several times.

What I love in this novel is how the author arranges the plot, the gradual love bet MC-ML and the character development. Their chara changes are subtle, deep and Not out of place.

*The ML, from cold and abstinent to indulgent and possessive.

*The MC from very timid to having a backbone by saying his thoughts.

*Even the bastard ex, from scummy (having multiple partners, being rough to MC etc) to being patient, slightly considerate and loving the MC but he is still domineering and looks down on MC

Another good point is the dramatic plot twists (it's a twist for me since I didn't think it would happen bc I seldom read drama). I even thought that at the middle of the story MC and ML would be together. Yet an unfortunate event happened so their relationship is clandestine (became an affair). Also, don't worry since at c42, MC broke-up/separated with his family.

I want more extra for MC's story but they are more about Qingqing story. And I'm happy for him bc his ex bf is a scum. He is first seen in ch9 and there will be more near the end since he's MC's friend and the one who would help him. <<less
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Common_people rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Out of my taste, but still like it. It definitely this novel. The Drama thingy is mild, I think. I don't like sad sad and abuse drama, I don't like push and pull drama, I don't like the main protag's affair, I don't like mc's Charachter, but all of them here make me like it. And the smutties are the best. So, except for the abuse and bad treatment, you also can see how sweet the ML (and his adopt child) treat MC.

But still, Scum husband is not reason for... more>> you to cheat guys. Make him ex first then start the new. So you didn't cheat, but you still a traitor~ <<less
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AnuBis28 rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s good.. Really good..

MC : He is timid, might even feel boring sometimes.. But considering the abuse he’s suffered throughout his life, it’s totally understandable.. But when given a bit of courage, a little attention and love, he could also change his personality.. He could even confront his feelings in front of ML quite directly..

ML : Why don’t Omegaverses have more alphas like him ??? He’s a gem.. Neither forceful, nor a d*ck s*ave.. He’s by far one of the best protagonists I’ve ever read..

ML’s brother :... more>> He’s an ass.. Ok, so he was hurt and betrayed in his first love and decided to take revenge.. No problem with that.. But why torment MC while knowing that he was also a victim ??? Because he’s an easy target !!!

Also becoming a debauched because your love betrayed you ??? I ain’t gonna fall for that.. That’s just an excuse to let loose.. He was thoroughly selfish until the end..

When he fell for MC and tried to wash off his past sins without any sincere apology, why should the MC accept him ??? Good thing MC didn’t go back.. One can choose not to forgive.. Five years worth of torture shouldn’t be forgotten or forgiven just because someone apologises..

He even tried to propose to MC in a flashy way causing a serious accident.. It was simply s*upid and inconvenient for others..

ML’s Cousin : She snitched to Huo Youcheng because he was her best brother !!! The f*ck this girl is so irritating.. When that BEST brother was cheating on his husband and making live p*rns on internet why didn’t she try to stop her BEST bro huh ??? Was she busy enjoying them ??? Talk about hypocrites..

MC’s Parents : Even comparing them to animals is an insult to animals.. They are worse than beasts..

ML’s Mom : She also never tried to stop her son.. Never treated MC well either.. Just showed indifference.. Yet when Huo Youcheng claimed to like MC, she hoped MC to forget everything and have a child with him !!! What a terrible person !!!

Side characters aren’t just for decoration.. They played their roles well..

All in all it’s a refreshing AB pairing with likeable protagonists.. <<less
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xjgg rated it
October 7, 2022
Status: c90
it's an unexpectedly fun read. MC had been mentally abused by his family. his personality became really timid and submissive. ... more>>

his husband was framed by mc's family and had to marry MC. he knew how MC was treated by his family yet he still tortured him the most. he abused MC verbally, cheated on him openly, neglected him, sexually assaulted him, and even involved MC in a s*xual game with his friends without mc's consent. he's simply tr*sh.


ML is mc's brother-in-law.

during the times mc's scum husband didn't come home and neglected MC, ML was the one who took care and helped MC. he was really patient and gentle with MC. initially, he didn't have a good impression of mc; someone from a small family managed to marry into his so much larger family. but he never treated MC badly, and changed his own preception after observing MC.

meanwhile mc's husband is just... so self-centered it's baffling. after MC got stabbed to protect him, he became "smitten" with MC. he showered MC with gifts to make up for his past mistakes and had a bit patience when dealing with MC. but it's hard to change one's color, afterall. he got angry whenever he knew MC was too scared to make any contact with him. it's like he didn't realize the severity of him sexually assaulting MC. it's really amazing.

it's just really a pity how MC didn't divorce him when he just got stabbed for him. that's when his goodwill was at its peak. when MC and ML started having affairs, they lost the moral high ground and their wedding later became something embarrassing and awkward for ml's family.


i really like how when mc's husband showered him with gifts, other characters kept gushing about how he was lucky, how his husband finally saw his efforts and started falling for him. and then you were faced with mc's indifference. his love for his husband had long gone. yet others conveniently forgot/undermined how horrible his husband had been treating him (even his husband's family) ; thinking mc's husband was lucky to have a saintly husband who persevered. they didn't have the slightest thought that he might not love his husband anymore. his husband even thought MC was not forgiving, holding a grudge, dull, and hard to please. idk I just love this contrast, it really chilled me and left no sympathy for his scum husband.

anyone got the extras? I want to read them 😭 <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
August 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5

    • Good bits of drama and never a boring moment
    • Slow burn but when smut hits, it hits good
    • Cold but doting ML x reticent and mistreated (by quite literally everyone) MC who does self-improve eventually, that's also a bit of a slow burn
    • Lots of s*xual tension hehe
    • Annoying MC's husband that makes adultery sound good. An absolute ass of a man, and if that's what love is, I'll stay single. ML is where the ideal love is at.
Ok, I binged this. Like seriously, I binged it from 12 AM to 5 AM. I could not put it down. Thank god it's summer or I would be screwed. It's crazy addictive. I'm a big drama-holic and love to see MC growth, and it really just satisfied all my itches. So I support adultery? No. Do I support adultery in this novel? Maybe (yes).

So we have our shy, reticent MC that never tries to speak up for himself and is tied to a marriage where he's used as a stepping mat. I really shed some tears out of him from frustration... You really hope he can stand up for himself. He then meets his partner's brother via his daughter who he takes care of (like damn MC is so sweet as a father figure) and that's where the story begins.

Our ML is cold yet gentle (yet not confined to this archetype and is rather very human), and you realize he's perfect for the MC as the story progresses. He loves MC for both his strengths (kindness and gentleness) and weaknesses (push-over behavior, but only at the expense of himself and not others) and rather makes the MC a better version of himself. Sniff, teaching him to stand up for himself, be more proactive, and giving him smiles he hasn't had in years.

Overall, the romance between them is stellar and the story is gripping in an emotional sense. It kinda reminds me of the same feeling when I read Surrender. Not to mention! Slow burn + smut (quite a bit) is a treat for me.

The only thing I hated was the MC's husband (but man, he did add a lot of spice to the plot), who is an asshat and I will never feel bad for, and the family that condoned his actions. Like dude, we get it,

you were heartbroken and betrayed, but that justifies literally ZERO of you actions, especially when you knew the MC was basically a victim. Gosh, the nerve of this man.

I don't really know what's missing from this story, but I do wish that ML' family could have been done better? It just felt weird that they're proclaimed as good people but kept condoning MC's husband's actions silently and didn't even bother to look at MC

like ever. Like child favoritism exists, sure, but if my brother did this sh*t I would be disowning him you know? ML was the only one that actually got frustrated with the stuff his brother pulls.

But that's all!! I really really enjoyed this one (evident by my panda eyes). Recommend it to anyone who loves a good bit of drama, a cold but doting ML, and a mistreated MC that grows to be strong in his own right.
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SweetRian rated it
April 12, 2023
Status: Completed
I will not post links since I get in trouble for doing so but if you want to read this story, search 'Matrimonio desatendido (abo) ' on google and the Spanish translation comes up. I then use a translator to convert it to my language.

Now for my review:... more>>

the MC has a very weak character and the ML is a stony faced character. MCs husband is a scumbag that forces MC to have s*x and even drugs the MC to keep him under control. MY HEART. ML just wants to give MC some love.


I was on the edge of my seat wondering if ML was gonna come save MC from the situations MC found him self in. Murphy's law seems to happen to the MC, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

As the story progressed it made me punch my pillow since the MCs husband

tries to woo the MC after the MC saves him from being stabbed. MCs husband tried to re-propose and have a wedding with the MC but luckily the MC and the ML were already together at this point!


We only get to see the little bun created by the MC and ML in the very last paragraph 😭. There is more pregnancy than there is seeing the main couple interact with their baby...

The extra stories are ok, we just never see the main couple again, just the side characters.

5 stars since it is rare a story makes me want to throw my phone across the room. If you get mad at a weak protagonist who relies on their love interest to get strength, this is not for you. If you do not like extramarital affairs, this is not for you. For me however, this story was just right! <<less
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Moon730 rated it
March 9, 2023
Status: --
This was so good, so glad I read it! At times I almost cried, what's crazy about this is I think everyone gets annoyed at the no for being cowardly. But when the ML realized how truly strong the MC was I did too! It was crazy. I loved the plot at the romance, I love their personalities.

I wish we had more of them. I can't say I was overly interested in the extras. Though the friend deserved to be happy.
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