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In an erot*c romance novel, I transmigrated into the role of a villager who was killed with one shot.

I was lucky to defeat the Demon King, who was the strongest in the world, while I was struggling to survive . . . But a problem arose.

“Erina! Is this enough chopped firewood?”

Oh my God! Are you planning to cut down every single tree in this area?

Seeing the firewood stacked up to the height of the house gave me a headache.

“I’m sorry, Erina. But I did my best . . . Please praise me.”

The problem was that the Demon King had become my servant. This was the all-powerful final boss in the original novel.

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Rafjean909 rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c7.1
This novel is so good to read 'cause the FL and ML is so cute and funny. ML act like a child if FL doesn't give him attention, he'll be upset and whine while questioning who/what does she pick, him or that (things/beings name). Thus, FL is soo tired of his stubborn and whiny attitude but she still does what he told her like "praise me" or "kiss me". However if she didn't do it there's naughty consequences she'll received as her punishment. Oh once you read it you'll understand... more>> what's demanding FL to do it for ML fufufu~ <<less
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crunchberry rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c34
Over all, the story is alright, but not great.

There are a couple chapters I advise people to skip. Starting on chapter 22 or 23, the translator starts giving a trigger warning. The trigger warning applies to chapters 26 and 27 and one of the chapters before that.

Merson's underling's are threatening this guy (he's the one mentioned at the beginning that wrote a letter to the original Erina) to find Erina. Well, this Guy has a hobby.
His hobby is torturing, mu*dering and raping women. Even after they die. (So he's a mu*derer, rapist and a necrophiliac.) They are threatening this utter piece of tr*sh, saying they'll give him so many days to find Erina, and also mentioning they can smell the blood and see? At least 20 women who he had mu*dered.


Then in chapter 26, that b1tch Chenin makes her second appearance.


. But she's not alone. She's having s3x with her "husband". He's a nasty, old, and fat man. So he's being mean, questioning her about Sezaine, and when she'll have the deed in her hands etc, all while having s3x with her (it's descriptive). He pulls out and finishes just as she's hot and bothered, says something else and then forces her to do an*l. Once he's done, he says something about not letting her have his seed until she gets the deed, washes, gets dressed and leaves. Do NOT feel bad for her though, because she abuses the maid that came to help her AND THEN MAKES THE MAID DO ORAL ON HER. As this is happening, the utter piece of tr*sh walks in. He's the oldest son? Of her husband. They have a conversation (I skimmed because the whole thing is just disgusting), Chenin asks something along the lines of how would the husband/father feel if he knew that his son and concubine regularly had s*x, some other words were said, then he leaves the room. On the way he's thinking about a woman he had mu*dered and r@ped.
The underlings show back up, ask if he's found Erina yet, threaten him again and leave. He goes back into Chenin's room, the poor maid is STILL being made to do oral on her. Not sure what happens (because I skipped down a paragraph or two), but then he starts having s3x with Chenin and mentions that he needs to find a woman. Descriptions of s3x. Chenin asks the name, he tells her. Chenin stiffens up, stops having s3x with him, gets b1tchy and calls Erina names. He then forces the poor, poor maid to do oral on him as well, while Chenin tells him about Erina.


I was so, SO GLAD when

Merson's subordinate m*rders him in chapter 28. Only thing was, I thought it was too quick. The second subordinate even says it was too quick.


Oh yeah, between chapters22 and 25

Merson and Erina have their first time.

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denalidevyn rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: c48
I absolutely loved this novel and while it’s still being uploaded, I feel like I’ll love it til the end. I just started reading webnovels after loving webcomics, so this book was an amazing find. While the plot was a bit slow at first, it gets better as the chapters go on and reveal that ... more>>

the ML had remembered everything after about 2 months and stayed because of curiosity, until he fell in love the the FL. He was pretending to be innocent and the fact that the demon king listened to a little human lady was so cute. I love the FL and ML so much, but I’m really interested in seeing how the OG FL will react.

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tocinomasarap rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: c52
Okay... if I'm being honest, I like this ML more than I thought. The way he worships her and being such a submissive partner to the MC had me on my knees. The MC has a refreshing personality, too. I'm looking forward to how the plot will unfold since she still wanted to go back (Earth). She's definitely in a dilemma since I'm sure she's now in love with the Demon Lord and the fact that her resolve on returning back home wasn't shaken. Lord, anyone, give me a Merson.... more>> Please. <<less
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ppomv rated it
June 26, 2023
Status: --

Just read for smut. Save yourself the headache of trying to understand the plot (because you won't). Unreliable narrator? Writer? Translator??? Some mix of all these points makes every character unlikeable. You can't trust the MC since she nor the author seem to know who she is, what she likes, or what to focus on. The only thing that you can believe about her is the undeniable stubborn nature she has about a side character, the Village Head's daughter. MC needs everyone to know how this side character is a back stabbing b. Or how they have to "convince" side character to give up on forcing her father to not give away his plot of land to another vicious side character. Along the ride is hot handsome sadistic ML who got manipulated by MC in the brief months of memory loss only to get addicted to "loving" MC. In book novel world, ML, OG Heroine, and other dude you will not care about are in a s*xy times love triangle. Find out about over 120+ chapters later, ML and other dude raised OG from infant hood and are still participants in this pseudo in*est fest. None of this matters to MC because she truly believes OG Heroine is sweet and innocent until she gets dr*gged to get trained on. Oh but don't worry, we still have to capture village head's daughter. Even after a traumatic event, MC won't forget her sworn duty.


This was a headache to navigate and a huge waste of time trying to understand any of it. Save yourself the hassle. There is other less irritating stories to read.
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natanickii rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: c23

It's decent. Not much plot going on right now, just character dynamics and being able to see the interactions between the MC and ML. ML doesn't really have much of a personality apart from fluffy dog to MC.

The plot is pretty interesting. Very straightforward but cute and fluffy.

Smut is actually pretty good in this. It's mostly/is consensual.

If you want to pass time and/or get off, this is a good read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Peridot_Granger rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: c68
Okay, I'll say I'm loving it so far. However, the clocktower scene keeps on bothering me. It would have been nice to know Meldon's perspective on that time, because Erina's broken heart is very uncomfortable for me.

Also, the saint is SUS, and it doesn't help that I don't like her one bit.
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Zureah rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: --
Amazing! I really had fun in reading this story, the characters are lovable and sweet with a bit of comedy and cruelsome touch. I cant wait for the next chapter, also the translation is great.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
redlilac rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: c178
I love this story, but I'm feeling kinda tired of all the drama. There is no time to breath, it's just a looooong problem that's never being solved. The feeling of happiness that I used to feel with new chapters it's more like impatience right now.

... more>>

Erina is not a smart character. She's not dumb, but I don't really understand what she thinks. She's on another word for almost 4 years, Mason already told her that he is in love, she's married and all, but she still thinks that after bringing Chenin to the village she'll just go back to Korea with the help of the Saint that HATES her (and Erina hates her back). I don't know if she have a lot of faith or if she's just a little crazy.


I did this review in November, c168. It's January and my opinion is the same. Now I'm in chapter 178 and NOTHING changed.

Erina lost her faith in the Saint, but she still dont see the world as real, just as a novel. The arcs are long, the chapters are REALLY short and the pace is terrible. I don't know why I'm still reading honestly!


I wish I could give just 2 stars now. <<less
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bincbinz rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: c115
Rating: 2.5-3.0

I'll be honest, it was interesting at first but I got annoyed by the development of the story after chapter 89. I'm disappointed by how it turned into a typical shoujo where she became less aware of her actions/ situation. It's enjoyable nonetheless. I have to drop it because it eventually tires/bores me out.
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October 14, 2022
Status: c61
I had added this to my list to read, and just recently read it.

Basically I Just want to state that it is better than I expected. A steady flow of the story which I kept wnting to read more; get to know what would be next.
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