Am I Allowed to K*ll the Male Lead?


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I, Yoo Eunha, am the female lead of ‘Devil’s Vivace’, which is a depraved, male-oriented, R-rated webnovel.

With a genre like that, I had to live a pitiable life where I would be spanked and hit by the male leads every single day, but…

Huh? The writer stopped publishing chapters, you say?

No! Please don’t quit. Dear male leads, please continue spanking me.

What? You don’t want to? Have you forgotten the discipline you’ve been taught? Hit me or I’ll kill you. Turn around and assume the position!

And thus, the daily educational record of the ‘Masterclass’ began.

Here lay all the juicy details of how the unsatisfactory main characters were beaten and straightened up, all for the sake of raising them to become true sadists…!


“From this day on, you will be undergoing rigorous training to become a true Master.”


“If you don’t become a sadistic master who can properly abuse me, I’ll kill you.”

“! …But I’m just not a #tr*shmalelead who takes pleasure in hitting you. I don’t wish to hurt you.”

This guy was the stereotypical blackhaired-redeyed-toxic-depravednovelML, and on top of that, he’s the demon king. But, what? He’s saying that he’s not cut out to be a sadist?

Oh, I got it. What if he were to become a masochist instead? What if he’d just realize one day, ‘Ah~ Being whipped sparks joy~’

I answered firmly.

“What I’m saying is this. In order for you to become a magnificent Master, you must first be shown exactly how it’s done.”

Of course, this was the first time I myself was hearing about something like this. I didn’t even think about it up until five seconds ago.

Though doubt and suspicion tainted his gaze, Bel’s eyes went wide open.

“Is… Is that true?”

Oh? It worked?

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