They Regretted it After Their Hearts Turned to Ashes


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From childhood to adulthood, Luo Zhi didn’t seem to have done anything right.

His biological parents didn’t like him. They only saw an excellent eldest brother, a caring sister, and a sensible stepson in their eyes. The sister whom is well-behaved towards everyone else, only treats him as air. The childhood friend that he grew up with would accept his gifts on the surface, only to turn around and throw it to the stray dogs on the roadside.

When he debuted as a singer, it was not gifts that he received, but countless of threatening letters scolding him for using his family background to oppress others and threatening him to quit the circle. He started his own film and television company, and spent money to hire an eighteenth-tier star to say “Happy Birthday” to him. When the little star unexpectedly exploded into the top stream, it was regarded as a robbery by fans, and it was picked up and scolded all the way to the hot search. The family accidentally fell overboard, and Luo Zhi was immersed in the bone-chilling ice cold water. He could only watch as his always indifferent eldest brother eagerly stretch out his hand to save his adopted brother.

When he was completely engulfed by the darkness, Luo Zhi finally felt that the world was really dull. If there was someone who can love him, let them appear. He wasn’t able to find them anyways.

After waking up in the hospital, he leaned back against the bed. He didn’t care current state of health nor did he care about the treatment. He was no longer interested in anything. But this time, everything was different.

His parents kept going to top hospitals and begged countless doctors just to save his life. The eldest brother’s eyes were red while he took care of him. His sister cried to the point of fainting by his bedside.

With scarlet eyes and fierce methods, he frantically took revenge on the eighteenth-tier star who slandered him at the beginning. He was inexplicably on the hot search once again, but this time the entry became #The whole world is waiting for Luo Zhi to come back#.

Later, the whole world did not wait for Luo Zhi.

However, someone familiar with the matter revealed that the Ming family, who built an entire maritime business empire and sank a top-level luxury cruise ship worth hundreds of billions of yuan, not only has another young master, but also the youngest captain who sails the world.

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They Regretted it After Being Ashamed
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New cupsidate rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: Completed
An absolute breathtaking piece on moving on and finding a home in the people who love you and wish you well. The protagonist is a beautiful character and soul, and so is the ML.

The villains, albeit extremely cruel and evil, are an extremely truthful version of cruel and evil, and show clearly how warped people can justify the things they do and still keep a superficial image of good.

This is a masterpiece at a joyful recovery in search of happiness, and I could not recommend it enough if you want... more>> to lighten your outlook on life. <<less
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mmem rated it
September 28, 2022
Status: c63
That summary sure is misleading. So far the MC hasn't taken any revenge. He just wants to be free and is slowly recovering. At most any affection he had towards his family has died and he's ready to move on. The one taking revenge is actually the ML helped by MC's family ripping each other apart.

The author does such a good job showing and telling the characters' pain and thoughts. Rather than feeling like face slapping the revenge touches on how hypocritical and selfish people can be. Like how a... more>> certain character wanted to be punished so he can move on from the pain of what he's done, he just wanted to stop feeling bad. Rather than focusing on the surface reason we learn about their deeper thoughts and it isn't pretty.

MC's family treated him like crap. He was their scapegoat so they took out their feelings of guilt and shame they had towards him and did everything they could to pretend he didn't exist. Even if the replacement son hadn't done anything to hurt MC's relationship w his family the end result would be the same.

The MC's been through so much yet despite that he's so easy to make happy. He's so good and likable, resilient and so so young. He's only 23 years old and still a child (but in a good way not obnoxious way). Thank goodness he had his Aunt, thank goodness the ML saved him and is helping him recover. I feel complicated on how I want this story to end. I want the MC to have nothing to do with his family ever again, but a part of me wants him to forgive them despite everything. At least just the older brother, maybe lil sis, but definitely older bro. I like to think I've been trained to think that way thanks to other stories I've read/watched, but maybe that's just an excuse and I don't want to feel bad for anyone by the end of this. I don't know. All I know is people's minds are fragile and getting mental health is imperative.

Finally, this story made me cry like a baby. It hurts. And yet, MC is so strong and so good. How his family could've treated such a good kid the way they did is horrible. Thank goodness it's over. <<less
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ylial rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: c79
The author knows to abuse the reader well XD just kidding. The story has depth and is well written. It has also the right amount of drama or abuse that won't disappoint the readers. The first few chapters, up to ch19, is really heart wrenching, as well the flashbacks in the succeeding chapters on novel. The author made a great detail of mental and physical abuse that the MC underwent from abduction, from his family and from his friend. He was literally being broken step by step.

he became deaf and injured physically. After he was saved by ML, there was still the instinct of MC to protect his body, showing he was beaten/abused before (kidnapping incident. You will really get angry as you read how indifferent and selfish his family in the succeeding chapters. The MC has a tumor that caused his hearing and sight impaired. Fortunately all is well at the end

Fortunately, the ML rescued the MC in the brink of death. In chapter 25, the ML vowed do the justice in his stead 💕 However, it is still painful to read the flashbacks. I want to knock MC for being too good. ML's revenge is short, and the story focuses more on how the MC heals from pstd and from the disease.


I'm wondering why there was no one who greeted MC in his 23rd birthday despite having so many friends at his work. I'm not sure the reason for this since I haven't finished the novel yet

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October 1, 2022
Status: c40
There's a fanfiction term called whump which is a genre in which one character endures mental and physical hurt with the attraction of comfort later. Hurt/comfort but heavy on the hurt.

This novel is very much whump. Luo Zhi is put through a ludicrous amounts of hurt and but has endured so well and is slowly getting his comfort. I think the author writes out the emotions pretty well but that's about it.

This whole novel is a marathon of Luo Zhu's suffering past and present. His family are all blood sucking... more>> demons who hate him to the point of insanity until they don't and they're forced to confront themselves. Even the current comfort is marred by him being a shell of who he once was.

I don't hate dog blood, I enjoy it even but this novel is like the martyrdom of Luo Zhi where he is so pure and kind and doesn't deserve any of this but now he's a shell of who he was but he'll be nursed back to health and finally get his freedom.

In a weird way it feels a bit perverse. I enjoyed what I read but dropping because I don't want to read more. <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel isn't the mediocre dog blood story with brainless villains and brave MC getting revenge you usually find on this site.

There's no dog blood, no braindead schemes, and no face slapping so loud that it echoes through the world.

It's a literary novel that's focused on a truly broken family, how parents with severe mental disorders raise children with similar ones, and how these people interact with each other and the world.
A space in which pathological narcissism, hysteria, and antisocial traits collide, always at the expense of the only... more>> normal person.

"I've never done anything wrong, it's always your fault. And if I can't blame it on you, I will find someone else to blame."

Things that can be swept under a rug will stay there forever, things that can't will be twisted until they fit into a comfortable worldview the perpetrators can profit from and believe themselves to be innocent.

I've never seen such an accurate portrayal of this kind of people, and family, neither one that is so detailed and medically correct when it comes to physical and somatoform illnesses.
How the writer showed MC's physical and mental decline was shilling, it was so uncomfortably true that it made me wonder if the author has personal experience with it.

Of course, there is revenge, just not in the completely overdramatic, brainless way often seen in novels.
Instead, it's carried out mostly by the very own perpetrators against each other and even themselves, slowly dragging them down into madness and mutual destruction.

"We are all going to hell", a quote from the novel at the start of their decline, which sums it up well.

The characters are fleshed out in great detail, all of them, their relationships are complicated, no one is a meaningless cannon fodder, no side characters with little significance.

ML is a steady ally subtly pushing chess pieces on a crowded board, he just has to push them a little and watch how they maim each other, he isn't OP and has a bottom line that he never crosses, if only for MC's sake.
His character is deep, full of faults that he's trying hard to make up for, and he has people by his side that he trusts enough to let them act on their own so he has more time to take care of MC.
Even this is such a unique point that it's worth pointing out, he actively educates himself about MC's physical and mental illnesses, actively takes part in his rehabilitation, and learns from his mistakes.

There's no magical healing for MC, just a hard battle to get back to normal, to live with serious impairments and still find happiness.
MC is a brave and miserable person whose resilience has been drained to an extent that nearly caused his death, he's someone who, despite it all, finds joy in many things and holds unto his smile until the very end.

The novel can be divided into three parts, it's not for those who want the focus to always be on the MC and ML.

During the first, we follow MC, mostly from his own perspective, and watch how a bright young man drastically deteriorates and get to know who the main actors are.

The second hardly involves MC, it's from the perspective of different perpetrators, how they fall from their mighty place into mad obscurity, hated by the world and each other.
All of them have different ways and outcomes, it matches their personality and circumstances.

For the last, we really get to know the ML and finally see MC's recovery, his struggle to get better and build a new life.

You can find a lot of beautiful symbolism between the lines, themes that run through the whole novel but are never in your face, and you have to read carefully to appreciate them fully.

This isn't a story for everyone, it has a dark tone and you need a fairly in-depth understanding of medicine and psychology to get the full experience; it's slow and the themes are tragic, people who are easily triggered should be careful.

Pick this novel if you want a mature, professional and realistic one that's far outside of the range most webnovels are in, read something else if you like dog blood drama and face-slapping done by a powerful MC/ML.
If you like classics such as "The Remains of the Day" or anything written by Margaret Eleanor Atwood, then you'll likely enjoy this one as well. <<less
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Hell rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: Completed
The drama and dog-blood is very good, and the relationship (when it starts) is satisfying enough.

However, there’s just too little to be said in such long chapters; the story would be just as well constructed (and more pleasant/less dragging to read) in 40-50 chapters. It seems like the drama and conflict is stretched out as thin as possible to milk all the emotions from the reader, but it also turns quite exhausting.

Overall, it’s a good story, but it becomes very stale at about the ~60ch mark.
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Aachiin0914 rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I read this novel long time ago, then when I saw it being translated, I went to read it again.
... more>>

Ah, btw, I may have some answer to @ylial from comment below.

From mc' brother's perspective, since MC came back 13 years ago, he no longer celebrated his birthday. And it looks like, just like what happened in the first scene, it was the adapted child who became the celebrant each year in MC's birthday.

And with MC's personality, MC's coworkers might not even know it was MC's birthday.

The only time MC celebrated his birthday was when he was tricked by his sister in the hotel, which became his black material in the internet.

This is a fictional world, as long as MC don't say anything, no one will know it.

Actually maybe the Ren something something might even blocked those caring words like he did when MC first almost died– the scene in the car.

And here I thought you guys will doubt the fact that ML practice becoming MC's fan for three years that he came so late in the scene. Anyway, even if came. late he still came. Better late then never.

Well, heroes came late every time anyways.

Anyway, looking at it in different perspective, this is actually a tale of two characters.

Lou Zhi and aunt Ren.

Looking at these two, we'll see they are the same. Ren family and Lou ain't much different.

Aunt Ren has a best friend name mother Lou, while Lou Zhi has a best friend name surname Ren.

Surname Ren has anti social tendencies since he was a child, and aunt Ren knew it, that's why he gave Lou Zhi a car. And that's why she always cried to surname Ren to get away from Lou Zhi, and crying to Lou Zhi for him to run away.

Despite being a kind and gentle woman, Aunt Ren has a child like that, meaning it could only be attributed to his father.

And the fact that Ren family blamed all her death to Lou Zhi... when it was Ren something's fault.

It was said that aunt Ren has an Illnes, and she have a sudden attack, Lou Zhi was there but he didn't have her medicine, so she died. In fact it was Ren something... so he killed his mother, such scaldal... So Ren family blamed it on Lou Zhi, maybe because Lou Zhi insisted on aunt ren's wish to have her ashes on the sea?

Or maybe like how Song Family, in Transmigrated as the Villain Cat, blamed everything on Fu Xiao, because they can't have the fact that Fu Xiao was imprisoned in the closet so in fact he doesn't even know his grand father died or something.

Anyway, I think these scene portray the same idea as Lou Zhi loving the sea to get away from all the sad things namely Lou family. I think aunt Ren also wanted to get away from Ren family but she can't.

The villa by the sea is aunt ren's villa.

Actually when seeing it like this, I made me think that without ml, MC's ending will become like aunt ren's ending.

Dying under his family's hands. And that's what happened in the cruise.

Without ml, MC will die just like that.

Meanwhile, Jiang? Something, the adapted child. I don't think there's something wrong with him, except for MC, he's the only normal person in Lou family.

With this kind of family, actually, I think what the adapted child did is justifiable?

This is not a false / true young master switch at broth story. It was the young master was missing, the family replace him with another story. Growing up with such a family, more so very close– care taker of an old woman who has mental illness, anyway who has a perfectly healthy mind won't last long.

In fact, he said: He doesn't want to be a care taker of that lunatic woman. In his pov. And his been acting for 13 years who won't feel suffocated in there.

In fact, of MC wasn't so holy mother character they might even became a great partner/friend.

The cruise scene might be the last thing that made the adapted son's thread snap. Hes afraid too, so he tore his face and said everything. It's a great tactics. After he was beaten to the hospital, no Lou family care about him anymore.

The biggest flaw in this novel is the fact the only ML reached out for MC. Director Gou knows everything as well... forget about MC's coworkers who could do little about it, what about ml?

Where is he when MC debuted and was blacked to the point of retiring?

ML became MC's fan when he saw him on the bonfire scene. And it was ten years ago.

Because from ml's perspective, MC was just getting good at playing a guitar just then.

And what about those rich people who knew mc?

From what I understand in the novel, MC is very famous public figure. He's a well known designer, and almost all the things attributed to the adapted son was all MC's doing. We only get a glimpse of them on the cruise scene so that Lou brother would doubt the adapted son.

Then later, I dunno in father Lou's perspective. He hated Lou Zhi so much because almost every business partners and rich people blame him for his disappearance and questioned him for not looking for him for three years. Asking him why they didn't find him for three years and why MC himself came back by himself.

This is why Lou family almost crumbled, but Lou father threw all the blame to Lou Zhi.

But we'll, understand– the author wrote this novel not for face slapping, but for healing. The author mentioned the reason why MC was in such state, wrote the ending of the people who made MC that way, then made a really detailed progress on how MC healed.

Actually, the characters of this novel could be summary as MC, ml, the Lou family, aunt ren and Ren best friend.

Only mc's past was detailed because it should be. The author need to write how much pain MC endure his life, so that the moment he healed, it will bring so much impact to the readers.

That's why, the author didn't wrote any outsider's perspective.

This will became a disturbance.

Actually I think having a friend will do more harm than good to MC. After there's the obsessed Ren something something luring behind the scene.

According to Ren something's assistant, Ren something knew MC's every move and action, even his whereabouts

Meaning Ren something has someone to follow MC all the time.

And the reason why the adapted son and MC became an enemy, is the adapted son wanted to destroy Lou family so he could become free, while MC wanted to protect his family.

The reason Lou family persist to this day, is became of MC.

I think if this is a vest dropping novel and face slapping novel, the moment MC died, even without ml, Lou family will not last long. Then mc's vest will slowly fall down.

The author wrote about healing novel, so except for ml, these people didn't exist. But if we look at this in other perspective, if ML could love MC just by seeing him smile, dance and sing with his guitar around the bon fire, what about the others.

If you look at it in another perspective, the reason why Lou family was always crumbling was became MC's friends/admirers was doing something behind the scene. But the unsuspecting MC will save the crumbling sand castle by casting another layer of wet sands.

Well, this isnt a face slapping novel so... face slapping is crispy and very good to hear, it so satisfying. But this is directly breaking the bone, and the sound of the bone breaking is very scary.

Well, that's it...

But I will forgive ML for not coming to MC earlier, after all he's been on the sea all year round. I remember I have a classmate, she's dad was a sailor, and they could only contact him every three months, and he could only go home onece of twice a year.

Anyway it's HE.... sheesh... It's a very good story to read when you wanted to cry.

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October 3, 2022
Status: c43
Dropped atm, not because it is a bad article but because I can't take the ridiculousness of these people anymore. My blood is boiling.

Even with the promise that Luo Zhi would have his happiness, I can't take the idea of him reconciling or even accepting back his family or that Ren Guy. I won't begrudge him if he does but I really don't want it.

Even if the overly nosy assistance of the ML was abrupt for my tastes considering their limited interaction, I would tolerate that suspension belief over Luo... more>> Zho being in the parameter of those people a second more.

This is a good one, protect Luo Zho at all cost. I think my top favorite character here is Aunt Ren.

Highlighted parts: hypocrisy, out of sight out of mind, negligence, shamelessness, abuse, trauma, lots of trauma

Most anticipated part: (I haven't read yet) Luo Zhi's healing journey or second chance at being happy <<less
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Chronos5884 rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: 86 +3 extras
This story was very good. I cried so much at the beginning and later got so many feels. This is an emotional ride, and it's not actually a story about revenge. It's more of a story where one person heals and we as readers get to catch glimpses of how the perpetrators suffer as a result of their own actions. I say glimpses for a reason. The main focus, especially in the later chapters, is on the MC's inner resilience and optimism where he finds friends and new family and... more>> does his best to heal with the help of found-family and memory loss.

As for whether he forgives the ones who harmed him...

Nope, because he lost his memories entirely about them and the story doesn't really show him regaining memories of his biological family.

Luo Chi, the one who was harmed, the one who felt the pain and rejection, the one who could forgive, drowned in the icy sea. Now there is Ming Chi who doesn't know who the Luo family is, has no emotional ties to them, and can't even recognize them when they show up before him.


The ML is sweet and caring, and tries to get revenge for him. ML basically helps take care of MC's physical body and both old and new friends help restore most of the precious things that were lost.


Funnily enough, MC actually had things set up where even after he was gone he basically got revenge himself without needing much help from anyone else. In the end, an old family friend brought him a car that was of the same limited edition batch as the one his aunt bought him. This car was even renovated and modified based on his drawings and design plans to match as closely as possible to the car that was destroyed.

Also, his dad did one good thing for Luo/Ming Chi even if it was motivated by his selfishness. When Luo/Ming Chi's crazy mother wanted to go find doctors to restore Ming Chi's memory and wanted to go find Ming Chi, the dad reminded her that he cares the most about his face/pride. If she dared to do something that shameful (by trying to meet Luo Chi and get Luo Chi's memories back so that Luo Chi could forgive them), then he'd dare to grab her and jump off a building with her for a double su*cide/mu*der. That shut her up quick and she never dared to try to kick up a fuss or suggest looking for Luo Chi again.

Good job. Even if it was motivated by pride, you at least did one good thing for Luo Chi. I'm sure the ML would have blocked any attempt had mother gone through with it, but you saved ML the effort.


Also, on MC's health:

By the end, MC makes an almost full recovery after the surgery.

MC after getting rescued from the shipwreck is in real bad condition. His condition is so bad that surgery to remove the tumor is likely to kill him. In order to get the best possible results from surgery they have to weigh getting the tumor out as soon as possible and the state of his body to see if he can survive the surgery. It takes something like 15-20 days for them to raise his body to the best condition possible so that he can go through surgery. The surgery is a success and he recovers extremely fast due to his own desire to survive and how hard he works on rehabilitation. By the end, he's able to run without a cane for a bit.

From what I understand, this is within a few months of the shipwreck. And he has goals to live to a hundred with ML and travel the world, play his guitar at impromptu beach concerts, and try surfing, diving, traveling to the Caribbean, hang-gliding, and mountain climbing and so much more. He also has plans to spend New Years with the family of the girl who escaped with him.

The girl has found a husband who loves and cares for her, scars and all. The girl's family also say they really like him and that they will always consider him as family and they'll spend New Years together, celebrate all the birthdays he missed with him if he wants and they'll do all the things he dreamed of doing when he was kidnapped. (The college-age girl who escapes with him remembers all the food they fantasized about eating as soon as they got free, as well as the birthday cakes they'd have to make up for the 3 years of kidnapping, how they planned to sleep for days in big beds, etc.) Even after 13 years, she remembers it in detail. When they finally meet up again for dinner, she orders all the food he mentioned then and even the amount of food that was mentioned and talks in depth with ML about what the MC needs to pay attention to due to the past injuries when they were kidnapped.

The people from his company meet him by accident and are thrilled to see he's in good condition. They tell him that his office is still there and will always be there. Whenever he wants he can come back, the company will always be there for him and they are also his family. They tell him that if he doesn't want to come back to work, that's fine. They managed to buy back most of their stocks and give him 51% of the total shares so he will still be the owner. They tell him if he doesn't want to work, then he doesn't have to. If he wants to be an artist, he can be an artist. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't have to. If he wants to freely travel the world, he should do that. No matter what, they just want him to be happy and they will always be his backing. They'll do their best to do well, grow strong, take care of themselves, and they'll grow so strong they can take care of him and let him live the life he wants to live too.


The early part of the story is a painful heart-wrenching slog. The middle is something of a slow period of painful physical recovery with glimpses of the aftermath and how things are going for the people who hurt the MC. The later part of the story and the ending is all just warm feels, optimism, and looking forward to a bright future without the burdens of the past for the MC.

Also, I just realized there are more extras. I'm going further to fill my heart with warm fuzzies. I may or may not update this review after :) <<less
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I love readying
I love readying rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: c43

okay, I just read until chapter 43. And my tears keep coming out... THIS IS SOO SAD!!! am really angry with them. why they're treats our MC like that?! why they're so s*upid!! argghhh am really upset and sad at the same time, my heart really hurts when I read it...

actually, as far what I read now, the annoying adopted child has not yet been explained what kind of reply he got for lying to everyone, he didn't show up!!! I'm really angry to him. My rating is actually only 4, but because I like how the author writing this and the emotion that comes from reading this, Soo I give full stars

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Nah rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: c17
I try hard to understand the mtl just for the continuation. Author way of describing mental illness have me amazed. I like this way better than most novel ever describe. Author did the show no tell decently. Although the angst mostly unreasonable (supposed character just act hypocritical and evil without proper reason), that part of describing MC mental state wash the plot hole. I hope translator will someday has a heart to finished this novel purposely. Mtl made my brain hurt. If only I can paid for the translation 😫

With... more>> mtl I'll just do skimming. I hope can find a way finish this read chapter to chapter properly. <<less
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0r30 rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: c40
This novel so far is really good, from what I've read its heart breaking to watch the MC go through all that he has been through but still be treated so poorly and blamed for everything that goes wrong. But don't worry, the ML really treats our MC well and helps him through everything.

He's so sweet and sticky to the MC but a bit cruel and ruthless to everyone who hurt his little lover (which I support strongly and I wish to transmigrate into the novel to help ML beat... more>> all those bastards up)

The only thing I'm a little annoyed about with this noel is the translators, I read the first 13 chapters which were the only translated ones but it was too good to just finish it there so I read the MTL and it was terrible so I'm waiting at 40 chapters until it is fully translated.

but the story is still really good so 5 stars from me. :) <<less
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periperi rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: c40
3 stars (maybe 3.5ish?)

I liked it but I didn't love it. I read some reviews before going into it, so I was expecting the hurt and abuse and was expecting the healing. But what I didn't expect was how much of the story was going to be in the POV of the other characters. At first it was refreshing because there was in depth thought and analysis into why these other characters (the sister, the brother, the father, the childhood friend) did the things they did. They were by... more>> no means good people but there was some twisted logic behind the bad things they did.

But gosh I just wanted to read from MC's perspective more and more on his healing. But just when ML is there and I thought it was going to be what I want,

MC's health had, expectedly, deteriorated very badly to the point he can barely see and hear. So even then there's barely any solid meaningful interaction between him and ML! It's just ML taking step by step action dishing out subtle revenge and trying to heal MC, sigh. I mean, I just want some nice healing interaction. But it's mainly what's happening to the other people (in their perspective) and then what ML is doing, and his mostly one-sided interaction with MC.


But I still give the novel points because it's not often to come across a book that gave much thought to the villains and analysis their emotions and actions. If this is genetic, it's amazing how MC can be so pure and good, but I suppose a good chunk of it is also on upbringing.

Overall, it was an interesting read but I think I shall be stopping here. <<less
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justdoityoufucker rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of only a few books where I actually went to find the MTL to finish reading it because I needed to know the rest of the story. It's just so compelling in all aspects, the characters, their relationships and motivations, the events that occurred in the past.....

It's a very cathartic book. Personally, I don't feel that it drags at any point - the book's focus is on both what happened to the MC and how he recovers with the ML's hope (and a side of revenge that... more>> the ML takes for the MC). As such, there's a lot of them just spending time together, and thinking on the past. I actually really like how the author goes pretty deep into the psychology of some characters, but not in a made up way, nor in an overly-academic way, and how a lot of that intertwines with dreams that the MC has in part to process memories and in part to let go of the past.

The only thing I wish had happened was

Ren Chenbai suffering more, but in a way, having to watch the MC living so happily and so freely with ML while he can not do anything about it was the ultimate torture to him.


Honestly, I'd really recommend this. I finished it last night and I've not been able to stop thinking about the relationship MC and ML have, and how it really shows unconditional love in its strongest form. If you can't wait, the MTL is surprisingly readable, but I'm looking forward to rereading if the translator continues working on it! <<less
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AerynJay rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: c86
Ughhhh, so many ninja cutting onions today omg. This was sad, my heart hurts I may be having a seizure. I’m not into crying my eyes out swear to God, but this was good, even as mtl. Probably wouldn’t read it again, because it was too painful, for me at least, but do recommend to read it once. Just... follow the flow of the emotions in this book.
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