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Xu Zhaixing’s idol, Cen Feng, was a new star, slowly rising in the entertainment circle. She firmly believed that everyone would see the brilliance of her idol one day. But she could no longer wait for the day to arrive…

Cen Feng had committed su*cide at home because of depression. It was only after his death that the injustices he had suffered had been revealed to the public.

It turned out that he was an adopted orphan, and his biological father was actually a mu*derer.

It turned out that the reason he never touched the piano again was that his little finger was intentionally trampled by his teammates.

It turned out that the team was harassing him, and he offended a higher-up company, resulting in resources being divided.

It turned out that the treasure, which she had been so afraid to hold on to her palm in fear of breaking it, had been trampled on, had been beaten black and blue…

Six months later, Xu Zhaixing died in a car accident, only to be reborn as a high school student. She was just a freshman that year.

It was ten years before Cen Feng committed su*cide.

I’m going to use these ten years to build the best road just for you. All those who hurt you will never appear in front of you. Brother, let’s walk the flowery road together this time.

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My Crown in Entertainment Circle
วงการบันเทิงเป็นของฉัน ส่วนรักนั้นเป็นของเธอ
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June 23, 2020
Status: --
Based on that description, this is the same story as "My crown in the Entertainment circle" just the character names are changed. It's currently being translated by Novellike, last updated 5/23/20. Even the chapters match up, 169 + 3 side stories = 172 lol. I added the author and other name here, not sure when the entries will be merged. Here's my review from there:

OMG. This story made me cry, laugh, and want to hug our baby ML a few times. Sometimes I didn't even know why I was crying.... more>> This isn't so much a sad story (I'm just pretty emotional right now lol hence the crying) but instead a redemption story about how love will find a way. Real love is support, comfort and tolerance. Not isolation and manipulation.

Here we have a ML who is closed off from the world after his rebirth, and a FL who takes the role of the secret backer after rebirth. It's a bit of a gender reversal to have the female be the one who can call the wind and the rain and it's done rather well. Both ML and FL are strong, and the ML has a clear character progression throughout. The depression is believable in presentation and is addressed throughout the novel which really makes it clear how much he has changed. I guess low rating are due to his su*cide in a prior life, but please remember that was as a result of an illness, not weakness. This story includes both of their viewpoints, which really helped me become invested in these characters. As this is an entertainment novel there were online masses to deal with, but here they weren't annoying sheeple all the time which was a nice change.

Overall, 5/5 I really enjoyed this. The evolution of their relationship from silent backer to the light in each other's lives was precious. There's love, supportive nuclear family members, marriage, and babies in the extras! I wish we got more about their wedding but the proposal was 10/10 so I'm satisfied. Both spend their new lives fulfilling their dreams and becoming stronger in the process. While there's some face slapping, the focus here isn't on revenge, but growth and love

. Would recommend for those who want strong leads and won't but put off by the FL's fan mentality which is quite strong at times. But let's be real, who isn't their partner's biggest fan? <<less
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sansukini0923 rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I think this should be my favorite c-author after reading 2 of her works. I MTL'd this from start to finish and the MTL is very decent. I like how this author likes tackling unconventional topics like su*cide and depression and focused the story on healing in a way that's relatable.

The story is a double rebirth of the FL and ML.

The story spans ten years before the ML committed su*cide, and how the FL tried to be stronger and successful in order to protect the ML and her parents as well. It's a slow healing. She approached the ML first, she did not pressure him but tried to encourage him by letting him know someone cares for him. The ML was depressed and suffered a lot in the previous life, and so became indifferent after rebirth and it took 7 years to let him out of his shell. Although the FL tried to always cheer him on and support him from the shadow (using her company), his healing also happened because of the people he met when his environment changed from his old entertainment company to the reality show the FL created for him. (Think Produce 101, Wanna One). Instead of the opportunistic, antagonistic people of his old entertainment company, the people from the reality show, including the contestants are friendly and treated him like a brother, and he made some fans that, with the help of the FL, made him think that staying in the entertainment business might not be bad afterall. I like that the fans kinda sensed that he's not right, he's depressed, and so cheered on him to be happy and did not become toxic fans.

She tried to create an empire in order to protect her cub, but it's more realistic because she did not create things by herself, but had the help of her cousin who became successful later in the previous life and her parents.


I don't know how many times I cried and laugh in this novel. Like the previous one I read from this author (Transmigrating to become the Boss's little fairy), this story pulls the heartstring. This is a slow romance but it shows how a fan supports her idol. I'm not really familiar with the terms Mom-fan, GF-fan and the likes, but she was a mom-fan and she's friends with the ML but she never tried to cross boundaries and just supports him and builds a strong fan club while backing him up quietly when he needs it, but the ML also tried to be independent, not relying on the entertainment company but tried to build himself up to be worthy of her.

This is also one of the best cnovel (the best in entertainment scene) that I have read. It's fluffy and warm, and also has some scenes that makes you cry and feel good. It's worth reading again and again.
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Mcol1617 rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I hope the translator will merge this story with my crown form the entertainment circle as both are translations for the same story. This is a really mature beautifully written novel. There are so many entertainment stories, when I see the celebrity tag I get put off by it. Because it's always cliche and generic. But here the story has been presented beautifully, even though both ML and FL are powerful, throughout the novel we get to see character progression. The storyline is based on FL's quest to save her... more>> idol, but because the author included both FL and ML's point of view, we get to understand events from two perspectives.
I recommend this story to all people who want more than usual climb to the top and dominate entertainment industry kind of story. <<less
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solaires rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: Completed
to start off, this would not be everyone’s cup of tea. while I personally love the main female character, I can also see why people would turn away from it. she is a fangirl, like very very much a huge fangirl when it comes to the main lead. she’s clever and intelligent however when it comes to our ml—she turns into a fool. I don’t think that necessarily detracts my fondness for her character, but others may not feel the same way I do.

the writing itself isn’t spectacular, but I... more>> couldn’t help but to tear up during scenes due to the emotion that was portrayed. it wouldn’t even be an overwhelming sad scene either. just passing comments that when read all together made your heart ache.

i think one of my favorite things about this novel is the characterization and growth of cen feng, the male lead. he starts off very cold and indifferent to the whole entire world. his depression is very apparent and you can tell that he is struggling. while outwardly some characters in the story might not be able to tell, you are able to see it when you read his pov and through some of his interactions with the other people in his life.

his depression doesn’t just go away when he meets the mc—but with her persistence and continuous support, she is able to give him more light. and what I liked most is that instead of just only MC helping him, there’s others around him supporting him and helping him.


one of my favorite parts is specifically when he’s on the survival show. when he meets his f rank teammates, he starts to slowly open up to the people around him and not just MC. when he sees the fans supporting him and so shocked that there’s people who like him... he becomes distressed because he doesn’t want to be an idol anymore. he had no expectations for himself and it’s so sad how you know he’s just given up on what he once loved to do. however, he tries his best to return the support others give him and you can really see him develop and grow more because of that. his personality is relatively the same, but you can also see how he has grown to love the world around him more.


the romance is a bit slow due to the fact that zhaixing is a fan and she sees him as her idol, but it’s very sweet when it does happen. some may think there’s a power imbalance but if you know what happens—that definitely isn’t the case considering cen feng’s character.


when we see cen feng putting the puzzle pieces together that zhaixing also went back in time and he comforts her when she is terrified that he will commit su*cide again. I think it really solidifies that he has moved on from his traumatic past and now he is going to live his life in this present. he is able to tell her about his past and what he went through and he will tell her little by little what he went through because he trusts her even if she never reveals the whole truth. his love for her is so sweet and I just love him as male lead so much.


zhaixing herself is so bright and full of vitality, but there’s small instances where you can see that break. her past life really effects her but she chooses to move forward despite it all. she works hard to make sure that none of the stuff that happened before, doesn’t again. I think contrasting that against cen feng’s initial character is interesting and I really just adore that instead of making it seem like her loving an idol as a negative thing, it drives her to do better and more things that she can accomplish. I really liked her. #girlboss. <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Story-wise, it’s very OP. Both ML and FL are very OP and barely encountered any obstacles at all. But given their tragic first life (and the long list of tragic novels I had been reading before this), this was such a breath of fresh air.

At one point, it kinda felt like fan fiction for a fan. Quite entertaining!

I personally enjoy role reversals where the FL is the domineering CEO who does all the things even if the ML can solve it himself.

Rating 5 stars primarily because I needed something light... more>> and uplifting to read through a trying time, and this was it. <<less
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Yuunayoon rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: Completed
im confused whether this translator already dropped it too because it's been a while since the last update. I hope they don't drop this though, this is such a beautiful story and one of the best I've ever read.

... more>>

it follows the journey of Xu Zhaixing (fl) who was reincarnated after she endures so many injustices in her past life, FL actually wanted to commit su*cide in the past life because she just can't take it anymore, but ml's promotional video at that time 'saved' her, and so she's been his fan after that. Ml's su*cide and poor life later made FL devastated. But thankfully both of them managed to live for the second time, and FL promised herself that she'll protect him with all costs.


it also brought a term that's not being used regularly in Chinese novels; depression. Although it's still kinda stereotypical

the author showed ML, a depressed patient as someone who's edgy and asocial. Even though we can agree that those characteristics can be a sign of depression, but not all people with depression are like that so I hope people won't take the depression theme in this book seriously outside the storyline.


the love story is so sweet, and this one has the ceo!FL and actor!ML trope so it's a fresh start. The ML is so sweet and gentle (the attributes that unfortunately not being used enough in chinese novels as regularly as the cold and dominant one), while the FL is strong, but cute and kind at the same time. I also love how their past and second life kinda entangled with each other.


in the past life, the man had saved her from the claw of death, such a pity that their endings are not good. But in this one, she saved him, and they managed to live their best.


a beautiful story, I totally recommend you to read this one, it has slight mary sue and gray stu feelings, but please just let it pass so you can read this one with a peace of mind. <<less
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WordEater rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed
My heart hurts for Cen Feng. He had gone through so much (I don't even mind his OP-ness), his transition to liking and trusting Xu Zhaixing was well-paced. This is something I would not mind rereading again. Loving that this did not become cringe and abrupt to end after they got together. We were given 40+ more chapters!

This is a very sweet story, I didn't expect I would be very invested in Cen Feng. There were bits of splash that showed his past. All I could say is that I... more>> am glad Xu Zhaixing persisted to make our cinnamon bun happy. She was naive but she put her all in scheming to deal with those who hurt her son.

Xu Zhaixing, I only have one thing to say: stop pretending to be studious and go back to saying rainbow farts to your cub! c45


Xu Zhaixing had led a pretty disappointing life filled with family betrayals, this resulted in her family being doomed in her first life. She wore spikes and refused help after her Aunts and Uncles washed their hands off when she asked for help. Xu Zhaixing gave up many opportunities due to her mother dying, her father soon followed after being burned out from work. She was distraught and was saved when she saw a few seconds smile commercial of Cen Feng. She was not able to fall through with her dreams and her family didn't also make it, her only source of strength became Cen Feng who always gave smiles. Later on, she was shocked that the next thing she knew about her idol was the news of his su*cide. He was a target of a corrupt system. And it made her feel empty that time seemed to make the world forget that a human named Cen Feng existed.

When Xu Zhaixing got into a car accident, she woke up as a high school student before her family fell and before her idol got into the boyband S-Group. She was determined not to let things happen again, she prepared for it. All the moves that would hurt her loved one, she would destroy! The plan her uncle made to make her dad carry all the business injury? Thwarted. Repay her cousin who helped them in her previous life even though she gave him bad attitude due to the betrayal she experienced? Done! Make her son happy? On-going~!

Cen Feng had once thought that leaving that house would make it easier. He had dreamed that he would be loved. He had hoped that the friends he had would stand strong. He did not expect to be subjected to his company's deception, and that the one he treated like a brother would soon throw him to the wolves for that person's own gain. He helped, he gave, and he put a wall around his real feelings. On the stage, he would put a persona that he was a joyful character, but he was suffocated. On a futile hope that he would be able to escape, he was bounded. In the end, even the mighty falls once pushed enough.

When he woke up, he was back as a trainee. The world... is it this ugly before? He threw away all his hard work, since he cannot get out of the contract he will just waste away and perform badly. He took up a hobby... there's a new thing he found. Maybe after his contract expires, he will find an isolated area and open up a mechanical shop. Or so he thought, every night he sings on the street. There's this little girl who cried and gave all her pocket money. He didn't expect her to stay but every time he performed there, she would watch. She was silly, naive, and full of love. This girl... I'll put my trust in you.

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wan-wan rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5/5 stars for me

Compare to "Transmigrating To Become The Boss’s Little Fairy" of the same author, this one have the same plot : the sunshine FL helps the dark ML back to life, but this one is better in few degrees.

This novel have deeper background of the ML, more heart-wrenching and teary stories, heartache enough to make you cry and want to help him.

The FL was his fanclub and after rebirth, everything she did is for his happiness, she did not hope to be his lover or girlfriend, so no... more>> possessiveness or jealousy of FL.

FL have lots of gold-fingers which make her life goes on smoothly and rich, so she can support ML in every aspects.

The romance is slow but heart warming and cute. The friends and family are cute too. (Except the villains)

I wish all the fanclubs and fandoms of Chinese-idol and Korean-idol be like this "Kite" fanclub: rational, understandable, lovable and not go overboard with idol's private life.

I watch the Chinese girl group idol-survivor program in 2020, call " Youth with You season2", and it a lot similar to this novel so I feel related. (The show is very good, heart warming, good vibes, all friendship not so much b*tchy situation. And I highly recommend everyone to watch the show if you have some time) <<less
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Nelle rated it
February 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This is so beautiful. It's a good novel that showcases love, trust, and perseverance. The MC and ML both undergo character development. I highly recommend this!

I hope someone translates this as it is only available through mtl for now.
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November 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I was pleasantly surprised with this novel. The title makes it seem like it is frivolous but it tackles some serious issues ... more>>

like su*cide and depression. Like what is portrayed in the novel most depressed patients do not go around with blatant signs nor yell and scream that "I want to kill myself" and make some token effort to do so. I do not belittle those who do so as this could be a cry for help. The more seriously affected ones are those that go under the radar. They go about their usual lives only with very subtle signs and unfortunately, their depression manifests as actual su*cide or more serious attempts of.

The highlight is actually the male protagonist's character development. It is a well fleshed-out story of rebirth and redemption with the romance, although good, provides more of a plot device that facilitates the story. Even if you are in the mood for just fluff, this provides enough of that with a bonus of a plot that you can actually sink your teeth into. <<less
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kyrez rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: Completed
This isn't just a story of rebirth and romance, nor is it just about how the power couple protects each other and dominates the entertainment world...

because it is also a story of how the ML (and FL) struggle with mental illness and abuse in their old and new lives...

I cried many times throughout the story. The characters become stronger to overcome their weaknesses. And weaknesses become the advantage in their journey to find happiness~

It's written in a rose-tinted coloured glass kind of way, but doesn't negate the seriousness of the... more>> matter. It's heavy yet it's also light... thus I find the story both impressive and enjoyable^^

Strongly recommended 👍🏻😊

#mentalhealthawareness #thestrugglewithinisreal #itsokaytonotbeokay <<less
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waterplease rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: c103
I really liked it at first, both ML and FL are good characters but when I started reading the MTL I realized how many chapters there are! At around the middle part of the story I started getting lazy cuz I felt like the story was kept being dragged on and everyone was so busy with their shows after debut and all that and I just started to lose interest.

I also started losing interest in the FL cuz aside from the ML, she just won't do other stuff. Her college life, her chairman job, and her fashion design career just vanishes and comes back again when she needs to do something for the ML and that kinda turned me off a bit.

Though I might pick this up again if I find the time but for now, its gonna be on my waiting list I guess.
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ricachuu rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Their love for each other was too beautiful that it took me quite some time to just sink it all in and enjoy such a wonderful and heartwarming journey of the two of them.

As stated in the summary, FL (Xu Zhaixing) was a huge mother fan of the ML (Chen Feng).

She once lived a prosperous life until her mother died due to cancer, their family got bankrupt due to a relative's trap, and her father eventually got hospitalized. Of course, as someone who used to be a doted and loved young lady, the sudden change in status and all the struggles thereafter almost made her want to end her life. However, ML was playing the piano in a large LED screen on a building and stunned her to not commit su*cide. He became the light of her life and things have gotten a bit better afterward.

Later on, after learning that ML died, she lived in pain secretly every day and one day, she just dies in a car accident after saving a child. She then got reborn and did her best to fix things and pave the way for the ML's future.

ML (Chen Feng) was a pitiful character.

He actually got reborn like the FL that's why he looks so indifferent to everything in the rebirth.

As from the summary, his co-trainees in that shitty company treated him badly due to jealousy and he was always exploited and abused despite him only wanting to be loved and appreciated. He had lifeless eyes and was tired of everything until he met FL who gave him warmth, love, care, and appreciation. He was very hesitant and confused at first since it was his first time meeting such a person and he didn't want to hope for more and be greedy of her light. Later, after FL's countless actions showing that he deserves all the love and affection (add to the many years of FL just waiting for him sincerely and patiently for him to open up and accept such feelings), he finally found the light in his eyes and realized his feelings for FL. He worked hard to be able to meet her and be with her openly and to make her happy too (as FL is always trying to make him happy and would always protect him uwu).

I really liked the contrast between the previous life and the present life.

Like how ML in the past life had shitty teammates who were jealous of his talents and how ML in the present life meet good brothers for his teammates who would always support him despite the fact that he clearly is more talented than them and that he has more resources too. Also, in the past, ML had a shitty ass company who would wrung him dry and even harass him a lot but in the present with the help of FL's company who treated him like a treasure, he was able to establish his own independent studio. He even later became talented in acting aside from being a really good dancer, singer, composer, and robot maker.


The ending was also very adorable uwu.

They both have twins, a boy and a girl uwu.

Also, shoutout to the most wholesome fandom I've read in a CN entertainment novel! They just wished for ML to be happy and also cheerfully supported ML and FL's love <3 10/10~
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solivagantsoul rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
i actually regret not reading this for so long. The story is cute and heartwarming, healing even. The MC is taken back in time before misfortunes pile up and decide to right the wrongs as well as protect her light and belief from as much as she can and make him happy avoiding his death.

the romance builds up really well esp for how ML falls for her its smooth and not forced at all. I love seeing all the small actions she took behind the scenes or how she silently... more>> guards and protects him cleaning up all the rocks and stones in his path to avoid tripping. In the last life, he was her salvation so in the next one she becomes his salvation too <<less
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Lazygoddess rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Very nice, the story was more fluff than bittersweet as the FL protected her cub ver well hhhh, but that doesn't mean you won't drop a tear once you hear about the ML past because that man went through a lot. The story felt like the dream life you'd wish to have for every person out there who was at a point disappointed with life, it is a bit of sweet you'd like to take after taking a very bitter medicine ^^.
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08phamann rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked the beginning of this novel. It has all the things I love- rebirth and changing your fate and becoming super strong. MC saves her family from becoming bankrupt and at the same time also manages to steer her family to become even more prosperous. I liked that none of it was unrealistic, like she was only 12 or something and manged to do all these things. She was 16 when she was reborn and what she could do was very limited and mainly in secret from her... more>> parents. She eventually develops into a famous designer and a CEO if an entertainment company. The romance was cute in the beginning but it kind of took over the story at the end. I like romance but the way this started was a bit problematic. MC idolises ML and besides being cute and quirky and loving him, we never really see her develop her charter beyond that. She is a CEO of an entertainment company but we see her spend most of her time chasing ML and all her thoughts and actions revolve around him. There is a mention in this novel that she dresses and acts differently at work, she is cold and aloof and decisive, but when she heard that ML was at the company, she quickly changes her makeup and clothes to become the cute and innocent girl that he knows. ML himself is a great guy, one of the most mild MLs I've ever read about. His character gets a lot more development than MC and besides his music we see him develop himself in acting and opening his own studio. I just feel like MC is very dependent emotionally on ML and this imbalance in the relationship doesn't sit well with me. This does not change the fact that they are a very cute couple and there is love and respect between them. I just wish they also spoke/communicated more. <<less
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YouToon rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Its your typical rebirth rise to the top of the entertainment circle with the help of a powerful CEO. With one minor difference.

... more>>

The reincarnated FL is the CEO. And she's on a mission to save her family and the Idol she worshipped in her last life.

The world building is sufficient if not amazing. The secondary characters are weakly developed. The focus is always on our lead couple and how our CEO FL supports her Idol. And they are fun to focus on. She's a legit fan girl with all the money and resources every fan girl wishes she could throw her Idol's way. This story is fun and silly with just enough of a serious undercurrent to satisfy.

The great if not always well executed detail of this story is the ML's serious depression. His back story is dark. Its almost a joke how much crap happened to him. The really nice if totally unexplored aspect of the story is the reason the FL loves her idol so much is because she herself had a moment of severe suicidal depression. His performance saved her. It was a nice if underutilized touch on the part of the author.

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suudere rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best showbiz stories.

It is absolutely beautiful.

The story is about a double reincarnation of FL and ML. They both go to the past 10 years after having suffered a lot.

... more>> It is a slow romance where MC does everything in her power to heal and protect ML from inside out. Her feelings are of love and admiration and she makes him feel loved and needed.

It is realistic as well as nicely paced. Their relationship is gradual, it takes years for their relationship to develop into friendship and other more years to get close and even more to actually be together as a couple. I think that is the beauty of the story, it is not about an overbearing CEO but rather a fan CEO who hides her identity to support ML and take care of him.

The author talks about difficult topics such as depression and su*cide. At the same time, it talks a lot about feelings as a fan which is usually not talked about in other showbiz novels which I found interesting and actually quite enjoyable.

MC and ML are both super cute individually and even more when they are together, they are both talented and hard working, and when they are together they are super sweet, caring and gentle to each other.

The first chapters are super entertaining and couldn't stop reading, halfway through it can get a bit boring but it is necessary for their relationship to develop.

Highly recommend <3 <<less
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April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I have read many fan and idol stories. But this one touched deep. This novel was so relatable. All the idol fans feel and do stuff like these. And I love the mother or daddy fans. Always respecting and protecting their idols as their cub. I wanna become a mom fan too. I wish we all could be like that rather than stopping the idols from having relation or burdening them with all our demands. Plus the depression topic was also illustrated well and their emotions were well on point.... more>> I cried like a baby while reading some scenes. Don't worry, its a sweet story and have a HE.

MC and ML were really the cutest and you can't help but love them. Their romance and small moments made this novel so great and enjoyable to read. Well done to the author for coming up with this novel. I really really loved it. Hope you also give it a try. The MTL is also easy to read, not much difficulty. You can understand perfectly what is happening in there. <<less
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whitehana rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is absolutely nice! It's not illogical, I think. I am not reliable in this topic of logical or illogical.... However, after reading <The Female Supporting Character Just Wants To Live A Good Life> which the author tried to make as logical as possible, I had kept an eye out. ... more>>

ML went training at another country. MC contacted him through letters then texts but did not visit him as she is afraid that it will disturb him.


The ML is really good.

He knows something but does not expose her. It is nice that the novel ends up making MC know that he knows. That way things would be easier.


I like how she didn't lose her fan vibe although she got together with the ML. The fan vibe is not bad, it can mix well with the romance. Anyways, this fan vibe is what makes this novel so unique.

This story also tells us what depression is usually like. The hysteria and all is just a minority, maybe. This depression is kind of undetectable for normal people. As in, normal people would not really notice that person has depression. This is my opinion anyways, maybe you could tell after knowing the symptoms.

Although I don't really like their "We both know it but would not say" vibe, everyone has their own way of getting along after all.

I don't know about you, but I find it especially sweet that a fan relives and tries to pave the way for her wounded idol. Although, I have never met nor am I an idol chasing girl.

Finally, the ending was not really satisfying but it does make it easier for me to part with the novel....I suppose. <<less
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