On the Thousand Postures Reconstructed by the Scumbags


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There are thousands of scumbags in the world, each with their own type of tr*shy entanglement.

They make a stand for every step and have a devious heart, their modus operandi? Start stirring up feelings and eventually abandon the people they have schemed against. With having nothing but fame and fortune in their eyes, these scumbags forsake the sincerity of others and forget about it after using them.

The Scumbag Reformation System raised its arms and exclaimed: Reform and become a new person! The sea of suffering is endless and turning back is what it means to be on the shore!

Both good and evil will eventually be rewarded, the Heavenly Path is good for reincarnation. When those scumbags who have done all bad deeds get a chance to be reborn, they start their miserable career of being forced to reform.

【No Work】 Electric Shock x 10

【Sitting back and enjoying the benefits】 Electric shock x20

【Stirring up chaos and forsaking】 Electric shock x50

【Deceiving and cheating money】 Electric shock x100

Scumbag Reformation System smiled: “What is our slogan again?”

The scumbags gritted their teeth silently: “……Reform well and become a new person!”

Associated Names
One entry per line
Betrayed Again (Manhua)
Quick Transmigration: Properly Reformation to Start A New Life
Reforming Jerks Into Good Men
快穿之好好改造重新做人 (Manhua)
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EatKiwis rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtled this novel a few months ago. It's very similar to Don't be a kept man by the same author.

Different arcs have different protagonists, and the protagonist is always the seme (gong). The MC is scummy and the system aims to reform them.

It's very well written and highly recommended. Glad it got a translation.
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LunaSolis070 rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: --
Different protagonist in every arc. The system picks those scum gong and needs to reform.

Arc 1 Actor seme x Paparazzi shou

Nooo ML is too cute! When he was packing clothes and when MC wants to sleep so he hugs ML then ML would move around the bed so MC needs to hug ML tight. 🤭😭❤️

MC and Qiao Zhi comedic duo 😂


... more>>


As for the dating rumour of MC and Qiao Zhi in the past. They didn't date, they were friends. Friends who would stab each other but protects when someone provoke their bestfriend. They are like brothers. Qiao Zhi has a boyfriend (gangster) that she loved. If MC in the past life gave up ML then Qiao Zhi is the opposite. Both have idol image so, dating rumours are prohibited.


2nd Arc Zergs

You really want to slap this Seme 👺. Then you want the Seme to slap some character. 🤭

As a human, he was spoiled. His parents were busy making money and no one taught him what is right and good. Then he suddenly transmigrated in the zerg. The zerg he married was submissive and would bring MC a whipped so MC thought this is what the ML Likes. And since this is how the world view he thinks its okay.

But its fun seeing MC seme being violent to that facked-up Male.

Cannon fodder Male zerg entrance : 🧚🏻🧚🏻

MC seme picked up bricks 🧱🧱

Cannon fodder : 😦🧑‍🦽🧑‍🦽

Arc 3 modern

I dont know what mental illness shou has. Maybe schizophrenia? Bipolar? BPD?

Once a gangster seme / run away seme


Shou bites semes sleeves 1000%


Arc 4 seme Taoist and shou merman

You can't reason with this bij (this Taoist)

Arc 5 seme was a businessmen and shou gangster.

The book: they never knew that Wen Yan's money was given to Jin Heng for schooling.

Me: knowing who the scum gong.

System: Dont use knife!

Seme mc: 🤨

System: Use bricks?

Arc 2 seme: 😎

I liked the fanwai of this arc. 😭❤️ Came back to the semes past life

Arc 6 Transmigrator becomes seme prefect and shou eunuch

Seme is a K9 dog... JK

Seme has sensitive nose and can solve cases. Well, he should be a k9 dog then 😂

I think this MC has received lots of electric shock the most.

I should say MC is wise when he uses his brain. But becomes s*upid because of greed 🥵

actually I didn't want to read this arc but Im happy that I read it. MC is shameless! He can be shy and thick skin! I love how he handles the cases. And because of his greed and shamelessness he received the most electric shock. 🤭

Came back to the semes past life ❤️❤️

Arc 7 modern

Arc 8 🤭 plot twist?? System became a host.

Chapter 256 thoughts

Im glad Shou cant get pregnant. This story might become like my aunts love life 😂. Living with a boy then giving birth and living like husband and wife. My aunt asked my uncle what they were and my uncle said they were roommate 😂😂 (they had a child, lives together, no marriage, just suddenly forming a family).

Glad it was resolve.

I would reread fanwais and arc 1, 6, and 8 <<less
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bllover.123456789 rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: c13
I've just started reading the first arc and I HATE the gong (mc). I just know that if I was reading this from the shou's pov I would want ML to die and never come near the bottom again. I read other reviews and thought that ML wouldn't be that bad but I was wrong. This could also be because I have low tolerance to dog blood but idk.

... more>>

In mc's past life, he used the ML to gain popularity and then abandoned him after using him. He always treated the ML badly and ML being the orphan he is accepted it. In the current life he is always hitting him and it just pisses me off. Just think about, it if ML was a female character would he still do it.

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Asteroit rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Well each arc system reforms a scum gong. I read 2 arcs so far but they are really scum, greedy for money and also kinda selfish. But in my opinion the plot is really awesome. Also after they become affectionate it is very sweet to read. (Edit) I read more than 2 arcs and I think some of them are not really scum. They are just living hard lives or have to do that for something else. Of course there is scum ones too.

arc1- I really like the fact they... more>> change for each other. Also they are both possesive and I really enjoyed it. I really like the MC and ML there. Probably my only regret is that they weren't exposed.

I don't want to give spoilers so I hope I can make it short.

arc2- This one is not a normal World. MC finds himself in Zerg World. Kinda gets asimilated and gets reborn. Zerg World has weird rules they are not equel. I really liked the plot there. The reason I wanted to rate this novel is also due to this arc. The whole system changes and I wanted more extras for this one. I just like to see people fighting with injustice.

arc3- Well I also enjoyed this one. It is just that he ran away from ML but I feel happy that he found things he couldn't in his past life. The smell of oranges.

arc4- This MC is really pure but from love espect. If you look from another place. He didn't do anything wrong he was just following orders. He was following them because he needed antidote in order to live. (They mu*dered and burned mermans btw) anyways. They were sweet.

arc5- I like this arc a lot because MC really regret it. Also MC's life wasn't good he was bullied heavily. He was a child and didn't really know what should he do. Well in the end he didn't have anything. This life was good. He lived a life he should've had. The extra in this one was amazing I wish there were more.

arc6- Well I kinda didn't like this MC in the first chapters. His way of thinking... He kinda wants to be an infamous offical. He is smart and could be a good detective but is lazy af so unfortunately. To be honest in the end I like both MC and ML. Especially last chapters. MC was soo gentle with ML that I felt butterflies in my stomach. ML was insecure and unsure because he was an eunuch.

arc7- This one was pretty interesting because MC had two systems lol. I just kinda wish that there were more interactions with systems. This arc was pretty fast. Age gap is also over 10 I think. Still I liked it. Their interactions was cute.

arc8- Last arc MC is system. This one was also pretty nice. I just wish that it was longer or had extras. Sadlyy.

It was enjoyable and I like qt genre so It was my cup of tea. I also read author's other novels. My personal favorite is "The Rescue Of The Tragic Villain Is In Progress" but this one is also nice. <<less
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WI.J rated it
June 8, 2024
Status: c1
So I've read four arcs so far and here's my opinion on all three of them but before that I just wanna say for stories like this which focuses on redemption of scum gongs it only works when its an equal trade and I honestly feel like for most of the stories what the MC did to make up for their wrongs aka "redeem" themselves doesn't come nearly as close for the harm they did which just makes most of the stories highly unsatisfactory

Arc 1 :4.4/5

the MC here was... more>> definitely a scumbag however comparing to the other 2 I'm honestly surprised to say he's suddenly not that bad. Due to misunderstandings in his past life our MC committed su*cide and got a second chance at life and honestly the most abusive part was the rencounters between the MC and ML and the rest is considered reality sweet (???) compared tot he other two. One thing I wished was explained more clearly was the relationship between our MC and ML in the past life and how things got to the point they were but I'm glad that atleast our MC here seemed to have repent the most and tried to redeem himself

arc 2: 3/5

also let me just say what pisses me off about these arcs isn't even that the MCs face absolutely no consequences (the electric shot is basically negligible as long as they don't do anything wrong) and instead their actions are constantly being justified by the author like I've seen so many sentences tryna explain why what the MC did wasn't technically wrong like???? No it's wrong and at least admit to your own faults. NOBODY is gonna convince me that a guy knowingly caused the death of numerous innocent people is not inherently evil or good nah fam your just twisted and hypocritical

okay I was honestly this close to skipping the whole arc cause of how downplayed the friggin whole domestic ab*se was, I get that this is suppose to be according to Zerg standards but our MC is a godam human and I constantly see the author giving excuses like "oh but it was just a children's innocent mischievousness, like umm no that doesn't make it okay for him to hit and whip the ML just cause everyone else is doing it since fundamentally he's different from zergs and before he transmigrated into a Zerg he was a full on college student you're telling me a college student can't tell that hitting your own wife is wrong???

arc 3: 2.9/5

okay y'all thought that was bad this shits even worse. First off maybe it's the unreliable narrative but our MC basically

indirectly caused our ML to go insane and betrayed his feelings as he was hired to seduce our MC and cause him to lose his inheritance rights

so yea 100% a scumbag but MC himself doesn't think so. He believes that he did nothing wrong and is constantly finding excuses like "oh but I wasn't the one that caused the car accident and I wasn't the one who killed his father" well sir you ARE the one who emotionally manipulated the ml, you ARE the one who made him go against his father for you, you ARE the accomplice of his father's mu*derer and part of the reason why he became insane and ab*sed. I was also this close to skipping this arc but I held back but I truly cannot see how anyone can view this as a love story anyone, it's not even a redemption at this point, like sir that's the BARE minimum

Arc 4

okay so this arcs MC is just a hypocrite all around I remember one line of the MC saying how their master taught him to respect the distance between opposite genders and not get distracted by desires as that would make him impolite and how he followed his masters teachings, this whole time I just wanna ask, is you bringing disaster upon a whole village and causing the deaths of not just the villagers, but also the mermaids, not godam impolite 🙄. Genuinely I'm finding it harder and harder to like these MCs and I know they're not suppose to be likable at first but guess what I still don't like them even after the so called "reformation" lmao all they gained was basic human empathy and guilt am I suppose to clap for a guy who realizes (took them 2 whole godam lifetimes) that killing people and causing the death of people is wrong <<less
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EndlessLove rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Honestly... this has become one of my favorites!! I didn’t think I would like it as much as I would. It was a refreshing change of pace. It felt new in comparison to the other troupes. 10/10 would read again.

Please read this novel and support the author and translator!


... more>>
  • They are not OP! Both MCs (gongs) and MLs (shous) are all incredibly humane. They both have flaws and imperfections that somehow works.
  • There were certain arcs where I felt the MC would be irredeemable, but they turn around in the best way possible. By the best way, I meant it was within the MC’s character. It wasn’t an abrupt change. The MCs had to dig deep into their hearts to see what they truly wanted. (Most of the time, it’s due to the MLs.)
  • The author made fleshed out characters with substantial reasoning and depth. There always seemed to be a purpose without the angst or plot dragging out too much. Perhaps, the MC would be a complete scum the first half, and then, it makes sense and you forgive them enough (or you fall hopelessly in love with them).
  • The MLs aren’t mary sues. They won’t save the world with endless patience and understanding. They will love you as much as they will fight back. They are not weak. They are hot chili peppers! But they’re also the sweetest. Ugggh! You have to read it for you to understand.
  • Some arcs felt more heartfelt to me than others, but that’s due to me being mesmerized by the characters.
  • Gotta love world building. Even though, some information isn’t all that up front.
Arc 1: Actor x Paparazzi (Favorite arc!)

Arc 2: Human/Male Zerg x Military Female Zerg (Not as good as others but it has its moments.)

Arc 3: Gold Digger x Fallen and Depressed Young Master (This one... it has some unresolved issues for me. Both of them needed mental help. But I liked it!)

Arc 4: Taoist x Mermaid (When loyalty and the heart collides.)

Arc 5: Bullied x Bully (The ML worried me in this one. He could be a serial killer if he was pushed far enough. Overall, another favorite!)

Arc 6: Wannabe Corrupt Official x High-ranking Eunuch (This one is also good! I wish there was more to the extra...)

Arc 7: Online Dating (Decent and enjoyable.)

Final Arc 8:

The system turns into a human but needs help how to be human.

I wish there was more...I need moreeeeee!!! <<less
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