They Rebelled Once the Entire Family of Cannon Fodders Read My Thoughts


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In her past life, Qiao Jiaojiao accumulated too much merit, so the King of Hell allowed her to reincarnate with memories intact, along with an additional merit mall system. Qiao Jiaojiao happily prepared to embrace her new life, only to find out that she didn’t reincarnate but transmigrated into a book! She became a three-year-old who died early in an ancient romantic novel, with so little screen time that she only had one line. And her entire family were cannon fodders, all destined for tragic deaths!

[“Dad, you were a hero devoted to the country and the people, but in the end, you became a sacrificial pawn in political struggles, executed by the Wumen Gate!”] [“Mom, you were manipulated by someone with ill intentions, separated from Dad, and finally died from excessive worries and depression!”] [“Big brother, you lived an upright life, serving the people, but in the end, villains fabricated evidence, leading to your dismemberment by horses!”] [“Second brother, you were full of youthful passion, guarding the borders for the country, but in the end, you were ambushed on the battlefield, dying in battle!”]

Qiao’s family: “……”

[“Sob, even I died at three, unclear circumstances!”]

Qiao’s family: “What! This is intolerable! No one can harm our Jiaojiao! If the emperor allows the second son to control the Chao Gang and harm Zhongliang, then we will assist the virtuous Prince Rende, overturning the situation!”]

In the end, Qiao Jiaojiao watched her parents lovingly, her elder brother leading the cabinet, and her second brother receiving high honors, feeling utterly bewildered.

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New iriss
May 17, 2024
Status: --
A must read! This is a truest jem among sea of C-Novels.

A full circled story that has EVERYTHING you look for when you're going to invest your time reading a 500+ chapters novel - extremely clever plot with MANY fresh twists on the traditional plotlines, coziest family feel blood/non-blood related, friendship, politics, wars, ROMANCE with REAL CHEMISTRY, believable golden fingers and characters' growth - EVERYTHING! Multiple CPs and you'll leave this story loving every main characters when the "evil" ones.

This kind of work mark the author's other works as an... more>> immediate "yes" to-be-read list. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
April 25, 2024
Status: Completed
Starts off as a fluffy heartwarming story about an OP baby girl and her loving family saving the country, similar to, "The Princess’s Inner Thoughts Were Overheard by Her Emperor Father".

However, it turned into something heavier and the story concentrated on a deceased concubine and her son's story instead. Not what I wanted to read, so I'm only rating this 4-stars.

There's a very long middle section about ... more>>

a deceased concubine's excessive/extreme scheming across three countries and two generations and secret gu (which I don't like), her secret horrific childhood of in*estuous abuse, and by the end of the novel, the whole story was centred around a male protagonist (and everyone else) fighting against Heaven/Destiny to become "free", like some male-fantasy-isekai novel. Yup, not for me. I did like the fact that all the romantic pairs had happy endings, and the good people were always righteous.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Meatshield rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: Completed
I am obsessed with this novel! After reading the translated chapters I sped to read the MTL. I barely slept in 3 days but I finished it all and I loved every bit of it.

This novel has so many good things going for it and I could spend weeks writing about its strengths but my favorite things are inevitably the characters and the pacing.

Firstly, this story is long and involves a lot of political intrigue so naturally there are a lot of characters involved; however, it doesn't get too confusing.... more>> The author puts much effort into making all of the characters, even the side characters and the antagonists, distinctive and well-rounded. There are several characters that start off as simple archetypes but as the story progresses they get entire story arcs that will blow you away. The stars of the show, the Qiao family, are a lovable, loyal, smart and decisive bunch that you can't help to adore as readers. Although they do their best to protect the safety of their loved ones, they never sacrifice innocents and they're not greedy for glory, because they're genuinely good people. Jiaojiao is super cute and her thoughts are rich, clever and funny. It's hilarious how her family navigates around being able to read her mind without letting her know. She is well-juxtaposed to the original novel's FL and ML. What's more, I love that as the protagonists grow and evolve, so do the antagonists. It's so refreshing to see multiple intelligent people, with reasonable motives, facing off because it's so boring when only the MCs have any brains or goodness in them. Watching the different factions going back and forth, matching each other in wits and courage, was like watching an expert chess game. The author is great at keeping the tension high but also balancing the darker moments with tender-hearted and even comedic moments that keeps the story from feeling overly depressing or heavy. I personally liked the fact that the grimmest parts of the story were contained in the past events, because it helped me create a sense of emotional distance while reading. Additionally, I liked that the author chooses to redeem some unlikely characters too in a way that feels earned.

I was most surprised by how the author flips our initial impressions of the ogFL and ogML and develops their characters beyond brainless and vicious villains to glorify the MC, as this genre often does. I especially enjoyed what the author does with the ogML because he has such an interesting character. At the beginning I hated how ruthless he was but admired his cunning. His inner conflicts were rich and by the end of the story he arguably grows more than Jiaojiao herself


Warning though, the FL spends most of her time in the novel as a small child and the romance between her and her obvious love interest (who's basically like a cute and clingy puppy towards the FL) doesn't officially begin until she's in her mid-teens in the extras. Thus, if you're looking for a straightforward romance between an FL and an ML you're in the wrong place. Of course, there are still many sweet couples around the FL, such as her parents and her brothers and their wives, that make the story still kind of classify as a romance. Ultimately, this story is about how a group of fictional characters come together and unite their strengths to challenge their pre-written destinies. Overall, I really loved this story. It evoked many emotions in me and I could tell the author really wrote the story with much thought. <<less
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angelangel rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: c10
PLEASE I NEED MORE OTL it's so funny! The whole family and how they love each other is so adorable! I love that the FL isn't the only one being doted on, and that her father is so devoted to his wife that he doesn't have another lover at all!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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