The Fake Daughter Became the Favorite After the Whole Family Gained Mind Reading Abilities


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Wen Yan read a book where the female supporting character with the same name as her was the adopted daughter of Shen family and a fake rich girl. When the real rich girl returned, she drugged the elder brother of the wealthy family in order to stay in the household. In the end, she was exposed by the Shen family and despairingly committed su*cide.

Seeing this ending, Wen Yan was furious. How could she not survive without the wealthy family? Didn’t they give her a luxurious mansion and countless luxury items? It’s so frustrating! If she were the Wen Yan in the book, she would have stepped down and let the rich girl take her place long ago!

But when she woke up from her sleep, she realized that she had truly transmigrated into the book. True to her words, she decided not to act and she quickly packed her things.

The entire Shen family noticed that their adopted daughter Wen Yan had changed. Not only did she obediently move out of the Shen family, but she also stopped causing any trouble. What was even more bizarre was that they could actually hear her inner voice!

[Dad, Mom, it’s not that I want to take advantage of you, but the real rich girl and your genetic testing have problems. She’s even more fake than me, the fake rich girl.] Shen family parents: …Then the long-lost ‘daughter’ was discovered to be an imposter and was taken away for questioning.

[Big brother, your colleague can’t be trusted. He’s a corporate spy and the illegitimate child of your family’s enemy.] Shen family eldest son: …Then the colleague was caught stealing confidential documents and was taken away for questioning.

[Second brother, you are such a heavenly being. You must not be with the Qin family’s rich girl. She’s just using you. She actually likes someone else.] Shen family second son: …Thank you, I will investigate.

[And third brother, fourth brother…]

In the end, no one expected that the Shen family’s adopted daughter, who was never in the spotlight, would end up becoming their daughter-in-law.

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The Fake Daughter Became the Favorite
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Mar 20, 2024
Status: c66
Paused for a while as MTL is a headache despite being understandable. Sometimes names get jumbled up and the problem is all the brothers names are similar and in MTL when a word in their name is missing I can never tell which brother is talking.

Story also drags on quite a bit.

Basically about a smart and cheerful FL who tries to live a good life while trying to figure out the mystery behind the supposed real daughter of the family. She is an adopted child of the Shen Family and... more>> this is one rare story where the whole family knows she was adopted and the parents treat her exceedingly well. However the real daughter who comes back is the one who picks on the FL and FL wants to know why.

Haven’t got to the romance part yet but I don’t like it. Why does the author have to make one of the brothers the FL’s love???? Also the author tries to justify it by saying that FL actually was adopted at 11 years of age and by then the ML has already gone abroad to study and doesn’t have much contact with her. In fact most of the brothers aren’t close to the FL as they don’t grow up together. I think this is author’s way of making it “okay” for ML to fall for FL which is still weird for me.

Will attempt to finish this story when I am bored. <<less
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Leikr_ish bish
Leikr_ish bi
Jun 02, 2024
Status: c12
Did not finish

It was funny at first, has a promising plot, good story flow but then I felt the the author is gonna force the misunderstanding drama cliche to make way for story dragging, forced dumb family problem plots that's gonna get annoying and drag it down for forceful comedic or dramatic interactions and all the wealth p*rn *sigh I can't even...I just didn't want to continue through.

It's got a good plot and story line, it has a potential for a good novel despite the cliche switched at birth trope,... more>> or the adoptive sibling turned lover trope but as I experience most of this is gonna get dragged on -coz the author is gonna drag the wealth p*rn, comparison of real and adopted daughter and the drag in drop out tease of the romance. It's good to pass the time. It's better than most novel but it's 300 plus and ongoing, I feel that its gonna fizzle out in the middle just like any tpical CN novel authored for pay per chapter or word count. <<less
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May 23, 2024
Status: c109
I like all the characters, and find their interaction interesting, it’s a very slow burn love, with family healing and career development as main focus.

However, I hate the netizen comments. It’s so prevalent and so nasty, she gets so many hate and sunspot easily. The true definition of black and red popularity.
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