The Zombie Emperor’s Domesticated Cat


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What can a cat do in a apocalyptic world where zombies are rampant?

Fang He, who was reborn as a cat, held a small dried fish and seriously pondered over his cat life.

In the middle of the night, with his cat claws, he scratched a blood-red decree on the wall. He thought that his poop shoveling official would prepare for endless supplies and dried fish.

Who would have thought that his poop shoveling official would become a zombie on the first day?!

Fang He’s first reaction was to escape, ah ah ah ah ah~

Hmm? Don’t rub my tail, don’t scratch my ears, not even my chin!

Purrrr…Don’t forget my tummy!

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Nhà Vua Tang Thi Nuôi Mèo
The Zombie Emperor’s Domesticated Cat
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New Nana_ rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: Completed
I liked it, mainly because it reminds me of my cat that died.

I found the story interesting, even though I feel like it has a lot of plot holes, but nothing that bothered me.

It has the ideal amount of drama so it doesn't seem like everything is perfect, but it also doesn't leave you suffering.

but something that bothered me a lot (but I just ignored it as if I didn't see it) is that sometimes the interactions between MC and ML are a little weird... because one is a pet... more>> and the other is a human, right...

Sorry for the writing errors, English is not my first language, and even if I understand it well, writing is still complicated. <<less
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Hell rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Big warning that MC and ML start to develop feelings while MC hasn’t unlocked human shape yet, so if that bothers you, turn around!

... more>>

MC can still speak when they begin to catch feelings; there’s also a zombie cat X zombie couple at the end, but that one is kinda harder on the bestiality scale


Non-dramatic story, the plot is cohesive enough, MC is a cute cat and ML is a cute kuudere who spoils MC rotten. The zombies are nicely written and I like how the progress is all logical and rational within the worldbuilding and plot. Kinda fast if you ask me, specially the last dozen chapters, but satisfying enough.

5 stars simply because I entered this story with no expectations and was rewarded with compelling characters and story, plus the Li siblings are just too cool (you go Li Yi, you’re amazing darling! Wish you had more screen time though :”) <<less
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zuzuo3o rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: Completed
story is mostly about MC and ML their 2 person world

others all are passerby~

liked how both zombies and humans live together in end like no:1 zombie wife

but it was never mentioned how virus spread ~. ~ And cause for communication failure
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trash_generalist rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
(2nd Reread Update: 03/20/2023) This is a fun, cracky read. The first time around, I refused to read it for a while because it was unfinished and I was worried that I would be left hanging lolol. Good thing I waited since the ending is really rushed!!! Anyway, this novel is a lot of frustrating kind of fun XD. By that I mean... While the tone of the novel can be said to be very light, it's actually not the easy-progress type of novel. From the very beginning, the... more>> MC and ML make a lot of mistakes (it can be said that every choice they made was the wrong one xD). However, these mistakes led them to a surprisingly smoother path forward. It's just that they have to suffer a bit to get there. ALL in all! I enjoyed it quite a bit, the feeling is very different from your typical novel.


SUMMARY: The MC, Fang He, had faced the apocalypse as an 8yo with a regenerative ability. Such an eye-catching power... of course he was inevitably sent to be experimented T.T And he stayed in the laboratories for a full 13 years before finally escaping. Only, the escape was fruitless. In the end, he died and was reborn several dies before the start of the apocalypse. Well, it should be said that his soul had transmigrated over to a parallel universe. And, as for the original owner of his body, it's a newly weaned-off kitten!!

Said kitting was picked up by the ML, Li Zhen, who has a cold exterior but soft heart that just so happened to love little animals xD. From then on, their fate is tied, and, after hitting several roadblocks, one zombie and one cat fight against the apocalypse together.



This novel can't be said to be very focused on its characters. It's very light in this regard, which is just fine in my opinion since the novel is relatively short.

Fang He (MC) :

Fang He was reborn in a world similar to his own. Except, in this world, he's a cat! He recovers his consciousness three days before the apocalypse and is picked up by the ML.

  • Minor Spoilers:

    The MC has a very child-like personality. In his previous life, he was only 13 years old when the apocalypse began, and not long after that, he was stuck in a laboratory and not given much of a chance to grow up mentally. After being reborn as a cat, the MC's main goal is to simply live better than before.

Li Zhen (ML) :

He's a forensics science effort/biology researcher. His sister gave him a space artifact (though she only thought of it as a protection talisman) because she was afraid that his job would result in him cultivating a lot of evil spirits. This artifact is given to Fang He and, upon Li Zhen becoming a zombie, becomes their tool for survival.

  • Minor Spoilers:

    He has a cold exterior but a warm interior. He's wanted a cat for a while, but they're all too scared of him. Maybe that's why, after picking up Fang He and becoming a zombie, he continues to dote on him.



To be honest, the setting of this world is a bit all over the place. The author introduces a lot of things but doesn't really spend time exploring them thoroughly (and in the rare occasions where they did, it would end with some hand-wavey content). The basic setting is very similar to your average CN Zombie Apocalypse novel. There are humans and zombies with super powers and there are zombie nuclei to evolve said powers.


This one has a little bit of extra pomp with fallen meteorites being the source of the virus. There are also the cultivation elements that allow the kitty to transform. But, both of the latter things are not really explained.



PLOT: 7/10

The novel at least stays true to the premise! This really is a journey about a cat and a zombie emperor. The kitty MC spends most of the novel's first half trying to cure the zombie ML. This strong plot direction makes the first half of the story really interesting, but the further you go, the less interesting it becomes since the newly introduced elements and characters aren't really given any chance to flourish (the ending is really really really rushed).


RATING: 3.6/5

I recommend it if you're looking for something fun and silly to read. It does have its dark moments, but it's mostly self-indulgent -- playing with the familiar tropes of novels of this type. It took itself seriously in the first half but gradually loses stability in the latter half. Still, the first part is worth reading! Even if it is a bit weird because the MC is a kitty for most of the story. And not just any kitty, but a kitty with a fairly young mind, no matter how old he was when he was reborn. <<less
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myfakeaccount rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: c87
I mean, its Okay. Nothing great but its not too bad either. It did make me want to drop it a few times but I just kept reading cuz the translation was good. The story itself is pretty cliche, the romance is cliche and everything in this cliche. There are no surprises, everything goes like you expect it to go. Of course, this is a romance novel and there are some fluffy parts but its not something great that I will come back later to reread.

In a sentence, Its a... more>> completely forgettable novel that you won't even remember you have read unless you see that its bookmarked by you. <<less
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Devrai rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: Completed
It's not exactly deserving of 5 stars but I really liked it! (Well it hit all my buttons but that is questionable for others..... zombies, cats, super powers, leveling up, cultivation)

Also big kudos to the writer that was able to have a not-yet-lucid zombie and a not-yet-beeing-able-to-speak kitten having more communication and understanding going on than 70% of the couples in other novels.

MC has a bad past. When he was 8 years old the apocalypse came and soon after he was sold to the laboratory, where he... more>> was tortured for the next 13 (11?) years. When he finally escaped with others, they were hunted down and he sacrificed himself.... only to wake up as a kitten? A small kitten, freezing in the rain... reborn to die so soon again? Just as he was despairing someone picked him up and took him home. ML is a rather ice cold personality on the outside but he really, really wants to have a pet to cuddle. Unfortunately all kinds of animals are afraid of him, his cold demeanor and maybe the blood on his hands... then there is this bright little kitten...

So the Description makes it look like a cute zombie story with a cat (and it is) but it's so much more. It takes some chapters until the apocalypse starts and MC and ML already formed a bond at that time. So when MC realized that ML is going to change into a zombie, it's just heart breaking! (Tissues, you need lots of tissues!)

From the start ML was a bit special and MC (still a 2 month old kitten) is doing his best to hinder ML as to not bite people. Imagine this for a second... all powerful zombie gets derailed by an angry puffed fluffball.

It's a journey of getting lucid, having setbacks and rescuing people.

I feel like this novel indeed has a massage, that even as a non human you can be more human than humans themselves. (Maybe I just had my random 5 minutes of pseudo philosophical enlightenment here).

The story itself is not on the "world saving " level or building the best base. It is more dedicated to becoming "human ish" and destroy this laboratory. There are indeed lots of parts that could have been better, written more detailed and strings that were left dangling could get a better resolution... but it didn't interfere with the joy I had reading this novel.

The world building was ok and I did like the characters. Even the side character were fun.

In another review someone wrote that MC was controlling, abusive and so on. I veto that! I feel like you guys are measuring a not lucid zombie, that can hardly keep itself together, with the standards of a noble gentleman hero?

Yes, MC is highly protective (emphasis on protective) but he also knows that his kitten loves freedom and supports him as much as possible to have that freedom... like giving a protective shield to let him roam freely between the zombies (insted of restricting him), or changing his own plans to accommodate MC instead of leaving him behind in a secure place. I really like their interaction and feel like the communication is in place.

I recommend reading this story at least once. It made me laugh and it made me cry. I was highly entertained and give this 5 stars even if the writing itself might be a 3.5.

Also I want to say about that bestiality tag, whoever entered this, you might check the meaning of this word again.

There is NO interc**rse WITH ANIMALS. The closest to this is when ML kissed cat MC which instantly changed to human when their lips touched. About the feelings growing while MC is still a cat... he is a damn speaking cat that is/ was a human and he is in and out of cat/human body, ever changing until it stabilized. If this is a reason for you to freak out or make you uncomfortable, feel free to skip this novel. <<less
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DreamingBlue rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: c64
... Animal Characteristics... it's a bit more than Animal Characteristics. With how much the ML obsessing bout the cat is like borderline beastiality but then again he's a zombie zo is that necro? Lol kidding, the situation will prob get better? Although sometimes the recovering zombie ML seems to have more brain than the human cat MC.

It's mostly fluff. The ML took in the kitten and care for it briefly and the cat choose to stay and take care of him in turn. There's a bit cultivation in it, a... more>> bit domestic life? But mostly probably a transformation journey of the two main characters.

Where I'm at in the story the others characters seems to be just...a bit more than passer by. Like put in there to break out from the materials gathering and travelling of two pers world of the MC and ML.

What I've read is MTL so I might be missing out something. It's a story pleasant enough read but I won't be jumping at the chance to read the proper translation any time soon. <<less
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ryzll rated it
October 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Okay, let me just make it clear that this novel definitely has a lot of shortcomings BUT it is certainly and most definitely a farming novel with cute and fluffy story of a zombie (halfway) and a cat (human) with roads that are not too fast and not too slow.

Except for the rushed ending, and the author's way of killing great potential of close friends, and the all the plot holes and unanswered questions, and this might all be cons but this novel actually really good.

I actually like the way... more>> MC and ML have gone through before they can finally confess and change forms and proceed to a relationship with smexy stuff. It's not love at first sight. And it's also clearly not beastiality. ML is most definitely aware from early chapter, because he's not s*upid, that MC isn't an ordinary cat, or even a cat to begin with.

Also, I want to applaud the author for the different types of mutant abilities there are in the novel. It is clearly divided and not all of it are repetitive, this shows that they really did put effort in making abilities and about the zombies.

Anyways, I don't really hate this novel despite my introduction to this review. It's good. The romance part is good. The side plots are good. The ending might be a bit rough and rushed, and it might be bad but that's not entirely bad. The main plot is actually good too. Boss fight is just so-so, it was too short for me. And also, side characters are good, but there's a lot of wasted side charcters who were either killed off or are even forgotten, where were the others they met along the way. There's only like two crowds I remember that appeared again near the end despite the excitement in the early chapter of MC and ML, me thinking that they're gonna be having a load of army and bases for reinforcement but there aren't. Aish, and I actually thought that side charcters with names will be brought up again, turns put they're just cannon fodders.

Last but the not the least, the post ending is really too disappointing. Uwahhh, I wanna see more MC and ML post-apocalyptic shenanigans and dpg food huhuhu. I am literally left dissatisfied with this. Wish for moreeee ˚‧º· (˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥) ‧º·˚ <<less
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dday0425 rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: extra 2
no offense, but this is such a waste of an interesting plot. 😣 This novel has so much potential. The author is also not bad at picking up a cliche plot and adding some originality to it.

Although it is by no means my favourite apocalyptic novel, its straightforwardness and simple plotline is enjoyable to read. There are many things worth looking forward to, including the revenge and zombie virus experiments. However, I don't know whether the author intentionally thrown the story, but the hasty development of the core storyline, the... more>> skip of the supposedly interesting development processes, in addition to the incessantly increasing of the romance kinda ruined the fun for me.

well, I'm not against the romance. I also enjoy the companionship between the two protagonists, I just wish the romance wouldn't be so heavily included and the author could focus more on the main plot and pay attention to the story and relationship build up instead. Honestly, It's really strange for human (zombie) to develop such romantic feelings towards a cat. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem reading bestiality smut before this but the interaction between Fang He and Li Zhen is really awkward. 😭 there are too many unnecessary jealousy (It's so s*upid for the ML to even get jealous with a new born kitten), and the EQ of ML is strangely low after the apocalypse. I don't remember he's this annoying in the beginning. Besides, his intention of keeping MC from others solely because of his jealousy is simply too ridiculous; I despise this type of lover the most. <<less
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Rollandx rated it
August 10, 2023
Status: Completed
For a novel with the same genre, this novel is quite good. There is tension but not too restless. Fluffy is also there. The concept is quite new, starting from ML zombie, Space which is owned by not only one but both MC and ML. I give it 4.5 Stars, give it a try!
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IndigoEye rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c61
I dropped this novel at chapter 61, even my love for cats and my original excitement for the novel didn't manage to get me through more than that, no matter how hard I tried to push onward. At this point, I honestly don't even care about the ending, I can pretty much guess it anyways.

If you like semi-plotless cultivation type novels, where the main characters are ridiculously OP and where the author keeps on talking and talking about their skills and levels and defeating enemies of various skills and levels,... more>> with a side of heroic face-slapping of brainless cannon-fodder villains, you will be very happy with this novel. However, if you are expecting a proper plot and good, engaging writing, don't waste your time.

The first few chapters before the start of the apocalypse looked very good, definitely made me very excited for the novel. But then it went downhill quickly. If I can give just one advice to writers: don't give your main characters an absolutely OP golden finger, it removes much of the suspense from the story - no matter what obstacle they encounter, they will just breeze through it, which is very boring to read. This author even thought one golden finger is not enough and equipped the main pair with at least three (technically four, if we count MC's rebirth). I'm afraid at this point this story could be called 'One hundred ways to effortles living with your golden finger' and also 'Apocalypse: the guide to the types of zombies and mutants and how to kill them effortlessly'. Almost every paragraph their supernatural abilities are mentioned in some way. The zombie apocalypse setting itself is very cliché - including zombie nuclei, different levels of zombies, mutant humans etc. Nothing original anywhere.

There are some obvious plotholes and contradictions. More detail in the spoiler.


At the beginning, I found myself very frustrated with the author sometimes forgetting the MC is a tiny kitten and the backstory they gave him. I was having real trouble imagining a two-month kitten setting up a solar generator and stewing a fish (without abilities, as it was only later mentioned the MC suddenly realized he could use those for these tasks). Also, the author originally said the MC was only 8 when the apocalypse started in his first life and he spent 13 years in a lab as a test subject. That would make it pretty hard for him to have any practical skills (like stewing a fish, using a map, anything really). A bit later, the author suddenly realizes this plothole and out of nowhere starts claiming MC escaped after almost ten years and spent the last three years free. The MC still at some points has knowledge about the beginning of the apocalypse that he has no business knowing.


I also quite disliked the way the author used science. In some ways, it seems this world is a sci-fi (ML, a forensic doctor, for some reason has super equipment laying around that can do things absolutely impossible in our world - the way it analyzes samples is ridiculously OP), in all other ways the world seems to be the same as ours in technology. Oh, and let's not forget the way the author described the experiments done on the MC - which I found completely unreasonable, their purpose pretty much just to give the MC a tragic backstory and science a bad name. Especially considering the OP equipment that apparently even forensic doctors can afford to have at home for fun!

Halfway through the novel, at 45 chapters, I thought back on the plot and realized I could sum up everything important in three sentences max. That's how weak the plot is. Most of the writing is drivel, you can fly through a chapter and skip paragraphs without losing anything significant.

Romance was also very weak and somewhat awkward on top of that. The author should have thought more on when and how to start the attraction between the main characters. <<less
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ylial rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: Completed
There's no bestiality in this novel for me since the MC and ML did it when they are in human characteristics. Also, when they kiss on lips the MC immediately became a human, except when the MC as a cat kissed the ML. For downside, it is the ending; it is a little rushed. Everything ended (story climax til the end of main story) in just 2 chapters. What I like about this novel is the fluffness and the love development 💕 The ML only adored MC at first, like... more>> a fondness when u have a pet. Since the MC could later talk, the ML started to treat him like a human. The MC also accompanied ML through the tough times and fell in love with him eventhough the MC is still a cat. Fortunately due to the cultivation method, the MC can transform in human form.

Rating 4.4 <<less
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remyrem rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: --
I was expecting a gritty story about a zombie and his cat in the apocalypse, but instead it's a supernatural/scifi (?) story about a magical peach core bell saving a mutant zombie and his cat master.

I'm reading CG's TL, which is really good and easily understandable, but also means it'll be a while until I can come back and make a 'Completed' review.
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HooliganReader rated it
April 20, 2023
Status: Completed
It was less fluffy than what I expected which was a plus point for me. Tons of really cute kitty cat moments. Decent storyline and world building (but with plot holes as per Nom de Plume's review). I enjoyed both the MC and the ML's characters. MC was in a lab since he was 8 and managed to escape only to be eaten by a zombie at the age of 21. So he is silly sweet naive when it comes to reading, love and general knowledge but he knows the... more>> dark side of human nature. ML is the cold face type who scared the daylights out of the MC at first but he is actually a cute animal lover. ML super pampers his cat and is possessive of him. People who can't accept human x animal relationship be warn because the ML falls for the MC before he takes on human form (but he already knows that the soul in the cat his human) ! The MC's dark backstory fuels the plot. Though I found the ending a wee bit abrupt and not so closurey, it was still alright.

Entire plot is as follows:


MC reborn as a cat 3 days before the apocalypse after being eaten alive by zombies (he was a runaway experimental subject who endured cruel torture because he can regenerate his limbs as part of his mutation). The ML found him. ML is a renowned biologist turned forensic police officer.

MC warned the ML about the apocalypse by writing on the wall with ketchup but did not manage to pass the message in time and the ML was infected. Before the virus took full control, the ML managed to understand the MC's warning and did a test on his blood to confirm it was something he researched about before. He warned his sister who was about to give birth to hide at their old house. ML tried to send the MC away but MC bit him and ingested the zombie blood. ML was zombified and obtained some mental powers while MC was mutated and obtained wind and speed superpowers.

ML gave the MC a peach pit bell as a collar when he adopted him and it turned out it was a cultivation space with spiritual water and can store tons of stuff. Somehow, both ML and MC can access the space and for some odd reason, ML was not fully zombified and takes care of the cat MC. MC decided to guide the ML (who currently did not remember anything and can't speak) to find the sister who was about to give birth.

Along the way, they stock up on tons of stuff and realise the space can maintain freshness of stuff and that the spring water as well as killing zombies can heal the ML to a certain extent. Spring water can be upgraded using zombie nucleus and jade. So, the ML managed to gain consciousness and remember stuff but still have zombie urges to eat. Learnt more about the space and the (dual) cultivation method that allowed the MC to talk and eventually transform into human. Found the sister but the baby the sister had was too powerful which entice his instincts as a zombie. Found a way to hide the baby from other zombies and asked the sister with her baby to go to a base.

ML decided to get revenge on the aunt and uncle of the MC who sold him away to be an experimental subject in his past life. They weren't alive. Saw a meteor (which was where the first strain of virus originated from) and managed to absorb the power and upgrade to a zombie emperor who can fully control zombies and at the same time in a way completely stop his zombie urges and become a somewhat fully human of sorts.

Made their way to Base A where the inhumane experiments were being held. Reunited with the sister, found out more about the lab and eventually destroyed it. ML developed a cure and use his power as a zombie emperor to plant consciousness into the zombies to eventually build a world where people and zombies can live well. The end. Extras is about a zombie subordinate they recruited along the way x a super powerful zombie kitten who was taught to think itself as a leopard.


Overall, still a decent apocalypse novel. Recommended for those who enjoy (cute/silly yet smart) pet x (cat-s*ave) owner interaction, satisfying supply hoarding/ zombie fighting during the apocalypse and a proper apocalypse end (not the ambiguous kind where oh a child is born and they are our future kind). Not recommended if you're looking for base building, slice of life farming apocalypse type of novel or don't consent to human x beast (with a human soul) relationship. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: extra 2
Not a bad read other than the rushed ending. Docked two stars for massive loose ends.

A good ending that would fill in the plot holes for this novel would be ... more>>

the villain being a villain to the end: the cause of the mutation/spread of the virus and perhaps the communication breakdown was a side effect from the virus deployment. The ‘cure’ is explained to have severe limitations as it’s only an inoculation. I’m pretty certain this is actually true due to the MCs’ follow up actions. The author doesn’t elaborate on the ML’s follow up plan. It’s obvious that his method to restore zombies is more like a forced mutation than the ‘cure’ dispensed by the humans.

They are still zombies on a special diet, meaning they are now starving themselves and hoping that they can hold out until they are able to recover enough to consume real food. The early chapters outlined serious consequences for not eating flesh or cores. The zombie virus is clearly willing to eat it’s host if it’s host isn’t cooperative. So do they now need to consciously mu*der their now conscious only food source (fellow zombies) ?

Good ending may have been to take the cultivation route to the end by finding a jade ornament with some normal introductory breathing techniques. These could then be spread to the zombies along with the consciousness seed. Even the recovery and search for a new cultivation technique for the zombie cat in the extra would have been more natural. The dropped plotline about searching for jade artifacts would have also been reintegrated. Cultivation stuff could have also been an explanation for the MC’s restarted/replaced plotline. A nice final touch might have been funding the uncle had been sold into the research base.

I think that would catch most of the loose ends, although not the best ending.

I didn’t dock any stars for the MC being non-human or for another couple attempting to emulate their cross species relationship. To be honest, the ML’s feelings developed much more naturally than the MC’s. Further chapters only served to enhance how far MC should have been from anything like lust. I get his trust developing fast, but I can’t imagine him being in a mental state easily swayed by physical attraction. His mentality and education both did not get much chance to develop beyond prepubescence due to his intense past. A zombie mistaking a talking cat for a person and developing feelings before he recalls the other party is truly a cat is actually a quite logical development in comparison. <<less
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1dumbho1 rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: c43
Made it to chapter 43 so almost halfway through the novel and MC still didn't turn into a human... so im dropping it

Story just goes into a loop so far (Loot places/kill zombie -> cook food -> check up on ML sister -> repeat)

I just got tired of reading it tbh

MC is still a cat but ML thinks about f**king him which is kinda weird to me
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caicaicat rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
This was cultivation zombie story.

Pretty much the whole story was just the two of them and I was suprised that I enjoyed the ride as much as I did because it was just like I don't even know what I was expecting.
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IsaacaHawke rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: extra 2
It's a good read, but the ending is rushed & messy. MC is super cute, ML is fun to read too, with his "my cat is my everything" even before he regains human consciousness. Good read for people who like cats. Wish the ending wasn't so Bleh though. It's HE but abrupt & not that satisfying. But good read overall.
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May 13, 2022
Status: Completed
The translator did a wonderful job with this story.

I really enjoyed this. There are some funny bits and some cute bits.

The spice level is very low. It's the kiss and then waking up sore type of romance.

... more>> You have a man turned zombie and a man turned cat rallying in love and later you have a kitten with a pet zombie that gets a bonus chapter at the end that is adorable.

This is a HE story and luckily, the author actually gave an end that was for the most part, satisfying. Would have loved a few more bonus chapters, but this author is know for either a rushed or a incomplete ending. So am just happy with a decent end.

The bestiality tag isn't for show. Cat and zombie feelings start before human transformation occurs. Nothing really physical, but the feelings do develop. So if that is going to weird you out, this might not be the story for you.

I enjoyed this story enough that I would read it again. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Generally, the novel is okay. However, there are some issues I feel conflicted about. One being how the ML saw the MC as a love interest so early on, even before the latter was able to transform. Excuse me, but the image of a human/zombie kissing a cat on the mouth with tongue is kinda disturbing for me even if the cat transforms into a human mid kiss.

Another issue is the inconsistencies of how much time the MC spent in the laboratory in his last life. Is it ten years... more>> or thirteen? Maybe it's a translation issue. Who knows?

Then there is the fact that the ending feels rushed. While I was approaching the final chapter I kept asking myself how the author was going to wrap up the plot seeing as I still had yet to reach the climax three chapters away from the final chapter (extras excluded). In the end the author packed everything in the last two chapters and distracted the reader with the extras focused on the zombie side pairing. Needless to say that I felt dissatisfied.

Still, these issues aside, the novel was still an okay read to pass time with. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't read the summary with clear mind and then forgot it until finally I chose to read this novel. I thought the story was started at the middle of Apocalypse. I didn't expect it start at the few days before apocalypse and then we actually see their Journey to became Powerful!!!

This is truly Different from many other Zombie novel. Like the fact ML wasn't infected by Zombie virus from being bitten. We actually see him being Emotional but only worried for MC's well being. And MC from the start... more>> won't let ML bite anyone or eat any Raw food.

The progress of ML getting his human conscious back wasn't slow nor fast. It was Enjoyable step by step development. Love how his heart know that his cat is so Important for him even when he wasn't conscious.

MC as Cat was almost 99% part in the novel so far I have read. It's okay, he does become Human and still can and will go back as Cat. But this is the best part in novel. Really love how our MC in Adorable Kitten Form being Cute badass and attacking Zombies and sometimes attack the bad people.

This novel has new level of Harbouring things....

They raid multiple plants in farms...

And Bruh, they took a little Mountain... XD lol


Anyway, it has lot of Fluff and Amazing Actions. Absolutely Wonderful Unique Novel !!! Truly Loving it!!!

Pray so hard the rest of the story is as Satisfying!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Finished reading at 1 APRIL 2022


The 2nd Novel I have ever read that actually solved the Zombie Virus/Make Zombie Vaccine (QT Novel Excluded) !!!


Anyway, I'm pretty Satisfied with the end! Things between ML and MC is Always so good!

The side characters/people who worship them shown to be actual good people who doesn't have bad thought toward them. They actually really look up to them and would help them as best as they can!!!

And even the Side CP actually become a CP and get their Happily Ever After~

I'm Truly Loving this Novel with my Eternal Love for the Eternity and Beyond!!!! <<less
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