The Wealthy Husband


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Ding Cheng was basking in the sun on an island abroad, and when he was about to fall asleep, he received a call from a domestic friend. He hurried back to Beicheng on the first flight back to China from the island.

”This is the person that this young master has liked for ten years. Who of you dare, try and touch him!”

Ding Cheng’s face was thunderous, like a little beast with exploded hair, and drove all the relatives of the Qi family who were there out of the ward.

”You are too useless, this young master just left for two years, you will become a vegetable…”

Ding Cheng cried for Qi Ling at his bedside. He wiped away his tears and grabbed Qi Ling’s hand. “It’s ok, I will raise you.”

Qi Ling after rebirth was originally pretending to be a vegetable, to take the opportunity to catch some restless fish, but he didn’t expect to catch his little wife who had nothing to do with him early in his second life.

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The Adopted Husband of a Wealthy Family [Entertainment Circle]
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Neollle rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: Completed
If you’re looking for a short read with fluff and not much dog blood plot then you’re in the right novel. The MC is pretty much straightforward with his feelings to ML. The ML was reluctant at first but gradually accepted MC’s feelings.

The novel is pretty much easy to MTL and not that much headache.
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zuzuo3o rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: Completed
its total fluff

MC is straight forward confess his love without much drama

ML also choose to give up his revenge and accepts MCs love and realises he loved MC in past but just didnt realise cause of his hatred blinding him

MCs parents are so cutee

mls pparents (except his mom) are.... even grandparents.....

like I didnt really understand if mls grandma willingly had s*x with her husbands dad or it was a r*pe 🤔 and mls dad and mom even if his dad is adopted by qi family

and her mom whos the original daughter of qi was given away by qi yong to chen family and they both got married so some might feel this as in*est? (tho not blood related) and still now I didnt understand why they killed mls mom o...o


MC is sunny ML is like ice (except to our mc)

ML also acts as bodyguard for MC ahh

and and ending fanwai is also satisfying and ML opened to MC about his past loved the ending 🥰

Only thing is ML is so lonely 🙁which he had few frnds
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Chrysanthemum25 rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a light read. It's full of fluff.

QL's family is a bit twisted, especially how QL's grandfather treated everyone in the family.


I also don't approved of what DC's grandfather did in the past life of QL. The businesses of QL's mother was entrusted to DC's family so they could give it to QL when he's old enough. But DC's grandfather didn't give it to QL because QL was brought up by QL's grandfather and was cold/ruthless in the business world. DC's grandfather has no right to deprive QL of his... more>> mother's inheritance. Maybe when QL received his mother's inheritance in his previous life, QL might not be living such a miserable life and thinking that his mother did not care for him and committed su*cide, which baffles him in his previous life. <<less
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AdalSaira rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I was crying a lil bit 😂

The story itself is fluffy, sweet, and dog food. I guarantee every sentences is dog food 🥑🥑

But when they reveal the past of Qi's family, , not anybody can go through that and still sane. At least not me ☺️

... more>> Qi Ling's decision after he know how and why it could happen to him, his mother, and Qi family is somewhat different from other novels I read but absolutely rational, ,

Though, as individually it's doesn't look really satisfying, , but from reader's perspective like me, how Qi Ling can overcome because of Ding Cheng is heartwarming 💘

Last but not least, the extra chapter ended in a very good way imo


Qi Ling tell Ding Cheng his previous life

The author show us how the previous life Qi Ling's ending


Ding Chen come back after Qi Ling's accident, taking over the company, wait for a few years and finally Qi Ling who has been in coma, wake up and ask for the thousand kisses Ding Chen promised in his coma, ,

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