The Voiceless Duchess


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Lohengrin had been betrothed for eight long years.
Even when she lost her voice, her fiancé remained steadfast by her side, never once breaking off their engagement.

Just as she was about to marry him,
She found out that her fiancé had a mistress and a five-year-old son.
Such deceit was beyond anything she could ever tolerate.

But then.

“Have you forgotten how to speak because you suffered some sort of shock? Or is it that you’ve never had the ability to speak in the first place?”

Wynbergen’s disgrace, Bern’s libertine, His Majesty the Emperor’s setback.
Wynbergen’s bastard.
Carlisle Ansgar.

This man…

“What is it that you want?”

…Why has he appeared as though he had been waiting for this very moment?

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The Duchess Who Can't Speak
말 못 하는 공작 부인
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