Never Saved You


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The princess of a neighboring country who stole the prince that the little mermaid saved…
That was me.

I believed that it was me who saved him, but reality was cruel.

When the little mermaid died and the truth was revealed—

“It wasn’t you.”

The man who once said he loved me abandoned me after saying these words.
Just because I wasn’t the one who saved him.

From then on, he started to ignore me and shut me out.

I couldn’t endure it any longer, so I chose to die. But somehow, I returned to the past.
So I made up my mind.

* * *

Instead of going through that again, I looked for a certain man.

Robbed of his memory and exiled from the magic tower, but more powerful than anyone else.

The lord of the magic tower.
Alejandro Diarmuid.

“The memories you’ve lost. I’ll help you find them.”

So help me.
So that I can escape from this fate.

“No one else but you can save me.”

You can save me.
Only you.

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당신을 구한 적 없다
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16 Reviews

New tedy2004
Aug 04, 2022
Status: c42
I'd never thought I would meet such a dialogue based novel. The amount of dialogue between the characters made me feel numb. Which I've read till c42 with this numbness. Now awaken, I've escaped from this painful reading.

Author tries to cover the plot holes like:... more>>

Ex-ML being in love with the FL somehow, after both of them time travel.

through the amount of dialogues which take on even two chapters. Or the world building which barely exists is a plothole itself, considering the amount of conversation take place in this novel around FL and ML.

It's an low read for wasting time, however even for that, I don't recommend cause it feels like you're reading a talk show, between the person (FL) who asks questions and the person (ML) who answers, and viceversa, in this novel.

Good night. <<less
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New stephhiny
Jul 26, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is a story about mermaid, which is pretty similar to all mermaid love stories out there, but I'm still intrigued nevertheless. Fresh and interesting plot. I love the story and how it unfolds. I love the characters. Fun to read. It was well written and well translated. Totally recommended! Thank you for the author and translation team for the novel.

p.s: can't wait for the side stories hehe
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c55
I am a sucker for fairy tales (especially when they are re-told from a different angle). This plot immediately intrigued me. The FL suffered quite a bit at the hands of her husband (neglect and verbal abuse). You really feel for her (and are disgusted with the husband).

... more>>

After 3 years of being treated like sh*t by her husband she can't take it anymore and when she finds out the mermaid scale (that the mermaid asked be given to her) is poison, she swallows it, but instead of death, she ends up 3 years in the past. She doesn't want to deal with all this sh*t again so she takes a walk off the balcony of the palace where she's at a banquet. The wizard (Alei) catches her and when she acts like she knows him he's super shocked so she makes a deal with him. Of course the male lead watched her pitch herself off the balcony so he goes to find her - which she does not want since they hadn't met yet as of this time.


I am really curious where this will go and there's enough plot points that I'm very much interested in knowing how this ends.

Edit: Above here is my original review from Aug 26 covering up to chapter 9.

Having now read up to chapter 13, I am still really liking this. A huge revelation about Alei just got shared and this story just keeps getting more interesting. One of the better fairy tale retells I've read (and I've read a lot of them).

Edit: Having now read to chapter 55 I still find this fabulous. Ophelia is smart about what she's doing and it makes for a really good plot. Also, a pretty good twist about the husband (in the prior life) just got tossed in:


He spent 3 years regretting after she swallowed the scale and then jumped into the sea when he couldn't take it anymore. He has also gone back in time and wants to fix his past mistakes, though he's just coming across like a stalker.

24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 22, 2022
Status: c38
Too much analyzing not much progressing, the novel.
-Even after the tiniest moment it's explanation after explanation after explanation. Dialogues are short but the explanations of the dialogues are at least 2 chapters. It drags way too much.
-There are no breaks from the viscous drama and sadness. Even the saddest person will take a break from their misery. This novel won't tho.
-Too much mention of the past. It was all over the place.

FL: It may seem like her character is poetic and decent but she's genuinely a self-pitying... more>> goof show. The long, heavy paragraphs of explaining the same tragedy killed my soul. AND don't get why she feels so betrayed about ML from the past, just because he did that doesn't mean he never considered her a friend. Devoid of mind, the character.

ML: A lost puppy. Not even a slightly cute way tho. More like a lame dollish way. He is a command dog and nothing more. A WALL. Also, feels pitiful that he can't help FL but it's all because of FL not telling him shit... It's ridiculous.

Ex-Husband: A truly annoying and has no common sense type of character. Well, the author in this case had not much common sense. Can't blame the dude. Author, can you tell me how he kinda forgot their past, the moment heard about the mermaid? Bruh. How did FL NOT save you, brotherman???

Had potential, didn't even perform a flick of it. Sad. Dropped at 38.

Debated if I could give this a 2 but I'm too annoyed to do that for this novel. <<less
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Nov 21, 2021
Status: c36
Love this MC, she is smart and doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of her past. It is a slow romance so if you are looking for a quick romance to begin this won't be good but, it is an amazing story with a great translation and consistent updates. I really am enjoying the new take to an old classic fairy tale.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 20, 2022
Status: c56
I love it. It's a typical second chance story, but the FL is solid. She's got tons of trauma and at times can be emotionally weak, but she's also got an iron will when it comes to carrying out her goals and finding happiness.

The Male Lead


The ex-husband has black hair, so I initially assumed he would be the ML. Unfortunately for ex-hubby, his personality is tr*sh, through and through. There hasn't really been any overt romance yet, but I'm hoping our silver haired hottie will be the new hubby <3

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 11, 2021
Status: c32
My favourite, especially with the frequent updates. The translation is amazing quality. The story itself is my cup of tea, but nothing major really happens in 30ish chapters if you're looking for a quick-paced romance story. It's a slow burn, realistic romance story focused on the FL uncovering the mystery of her time-travel and trying to right things.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 03, 2022
Status: c69
This is gold. The mystery after the mystery. I can't have enough of this. The FL is smart and the plot twist is surprising me. I always can not guess what will happen in next chapter. At first the pace is kinda slow but after that the Story is progressing so well. And the theme of this story is rare. The idea of the author is brilliant. Sante is such a mood
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Apr 12, 2022
Status: c44
I was just chilling on my couch thinking "Maybe I should write sum constructive review." which, I assure you, is a thought that pops out once in a blue moon and so I just scrolled through my "to be reviewed" list. Having said that, it's emberrasing to admit my mind abused space button so much that it turned into a shaking M to cope with me when my finger stopped on this novel: Never Saved You.

From basic sh*t like character names to detailed settings, I can't remember them at all... more>> lol. So I'll just go with two things that left deep impression on me, skin deep but deep nevertheless.

1. That handsome siren. I remember my chronic second-male-lead-desase relapsing and falling into a depressed state. They should stop making 2nd male leads much more interesting and charismatic than male leads -and no I'm not issuing the good guy card so forever secondary assassin guilt boss fishes, feel free to join in!

Ehm, I was led astray, should be the aftereffects of the illness. The point is, Alejandro or whatever is boring af. Insecure, silent, wants to be with FL 24/7; in short like a stray puppy. Some of you prob like this type, but imo, an adrenaline junkie ML would beat that stero-type 10/10 times. Lol

So it's not necesseraly a con but it didn't hit my right buttons.

2. The whole depressing vibe. It didn't help that the only ray of sunshine in this damn novel is the reason my desease was so severe (= our cute siren UwU). I found myself having internal strugles like "should I press it or nah?" when staring at the "next" button. Jesus, I would hesitate less if it was the infamous red button!

Obv I would press it bruh.

Anyways, setting a trifling matter like world destruction aside, this novel just made me feel depressed in general. It didn't envoke the kind of feeling that would make you burn in righteous anger to the injustice MC suffered and lead you to read a ton of chapters in the blink of an eye.

Here, I just grit my teeth while muttering "ugh, there is more?"

Again, it is a matter of taste, maybe there WAS stimulation but it just didn't do the trick for me. Tho I'm the type that gets riled up easily, weird.

Imma conduct my rewiev here since this sh*t spinned longer than my literature essay I wrote in blood and tears and I don't like it.

P.s: translation is good tho <<less
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Feb 26, 2022
Status: c56
it's a good read. I just wish the author didn't deal with the timeline like a chipmunk on caffeine. "this happened before that, here's a flashback in the middle of our conversation, amd now we don't finish the scene but spend two chapters describing relationships in the 'dark future'. oh and I lied five chapters back and this is what actually happened back then." I already gave up trying to figure out what happens when and nus continue reading and if I forget, then I forget and get it mixed... more>> up.

the characters are standard but well written, the story is nice, so it's a solid read. but seriously, the editor should have forbidden flashbacks and 'backtracking', and the story might have been more coherent.

edit: dropped at ch56. MC is too much of a weakling, lets the men do whatever they want with her and never speaks up. so the pattern is like:

1/ a man spews accusation

2/ MC says "let me goooo" and doesn't defend herself and doesn't explain

3/ man grabs her wrist, throws even worse accusations

4/ MC screams even louder "let me goooo" and STILL doesn't explain

5/ another man comes in and 'saves' her, making the accusations stand without explanation, which in fact makes them even worse.

it was tolerable until now because she only did it once in a while. but now, after several chapters of the "poor poor man" explaining exactly why he thought she never loved him, she still doesn't explain anything and just... sigh. I give up. if thr story concentrated more on the actual ML, the mage, I might have tolerated this, but it's too annoying to read now.

good potential, bad implementation. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 26, 2021
Status: c50
This is a well-written story giving the feeling of reading a fairy tale but with a nice twist. Ophelia is the female lead and she is so likable. Reading her plans for her future and working towards it is exciting to read. She's not waiting to be saved. She's a smart and brave girl. You keep hoping everything will work out smoothly.

This probably is one of my favourite novels. 10/10 and recommended
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 08, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a nice take on the Little Mermaid fairytale (the real one, not the Disney version).

Ophelia is an illegitimate princess, shunned by the nobility, the servants and her family. When she meets the dashing grand duke on the shore, he brings with him a possibility of a life free from suffering, with a person who truly loves her.

But her hopes are quickly killed when she finds out the reason he fell for her was because he thought she was his savior, Ariel, who, as we all know, ended up dying... more>> for love.

The guilt and the judging looks follow her to the Principality, where she is alone in this grand castle and even though she still loves her husband, little by little, her spirit is collapsing.

The only person who brings her warmth is the a mage with memory loss, her old friend, Alejandro. But he too has his own problems, and they end up separating.

The time comes where she can’t handle her reality anymore and she chooses death, by swallowing a scale left by Ariel, believing it to be poisonous.

And then she opens her eyes to five years ago, when she meets Ian, her future husband for the first time.

With the opportunity to change her past and create a new and happy future, she reaches out to the only friend she ever had, Alejandro, and promises him to help him regain his lost memory in exchange for him to bring her to the Magic Tower.

But will her plans work when everything seems to be trying to pull her to her original fate?

This is a brilliant retelling of a classic story, and although marked by tragedy, we have strong willed characters who not only try their best to succeed in what they put their mind to, but our main characters also are empathic and learn the limits of what the can and what they should do.

There is a bit that drags a bit from the 70 to the 90 chapter, but only because I couldn’t wait to see if Ophelia’s plans would work out.

I recommend anyone who likes The Little Mermaid and doesn’t mind a bit of angst to read this! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 14, 2022
Status: c42
It's good. Just it's not my taste. I prefer strong girls, but she has too many traumatic experiences too deal with that she simply can't find her way.

If you like drama this is a good choice.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 09, 2022
Status: c118
I really liked this one, the story was like a roller coaster and you get immersed in it, the feelings are very profound and the characters development is truly incredible. ❤️ The ML and FL are so cute together that I wanted more scenes of them being together, 😍😍😍 and Sante too I would like to have a story from him, one of the best characters.💗
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 07, 2022
Status: Completed
Its such a beautiful story, I love how the author portrayed each characters and their development. I just wished it was longer but I'll wait for the side stories as well.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 06, 2022
Status: Completed
A classic miscommunication drama that delves a lot into character headspace, but can become overwrought at times. The paragraphs are 1-2 sentences long, so not many brain cells are needed. Let the emotions carry you along for the ride. 4 stars.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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