Never Saved You


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The princess of a neighboring country who stole the prince that the Little Mermaid saved…
That was me.

I believed that it was me who saved him, but reality was harsh.

When the Little Mermaid died and the truth was revealed—

“It wasn’t you.”

The man who once said he loved me abandoned me after saying these words.
Just because I wasn’t the one who saved him.

From then on, he started to ignore me and shut me out.

I couldn’t endure it any longer, so I chose to die. But somehow, I returned to the past.
So I made up my mind.

* * *

Instead of going through that again, I looked for a certain man.

Robbed of his memory and exiled from the magic tower, but more powerful than anyone else.

Lord of the magic tower.
Alejandro Diarmuid.

“The memories you’ve lost. I’ll help you find them.”

So help me.
So that I can escape from this fate.

“No one else but you can save me.”

You can save me.
Only you.

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당신을 구한 적 없다
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PalenMisha rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c13
I am a sucker for fairy tales (especially when they are re-told from a different angle). This plot immediately intrigued me. The FL suffered quite a bit at the hands of her husband (neglect and verbal abuse). You really feel for her (and are disgusted with the husband).

... more>>

After 3 years of being treated like sh*t by her husband she can't take it anymore and when she finds out the mermaid scale (that the mermaid asked be given to her) is poison, she swallows it, but instead of death, she ends up 3 years in the past. She doesn't want to deal with all this sh*t again so she takes a walk off the balcony of the palace where she's at a banquet. The wizard (Alei) catches her and when she acts like she knows him he's super shocked so she makes a deal with him. Of course the male lead watched her pitch herself off the balcony so he goes to find her - which she does not want since they hadn't met yet as of this time.


I am really curious where this will go and there's enough plot points that I'm very much interested in knowing how this ends.

Edit: Above here is my original review from Aug 26 covering up to chapter 9.

Having now read up to chapter 13, I am still really liking this. A huge revelation about Alei just got shared and this story just keeps getting more interesting. One of the better fairy tale retells I've read (and I've read a lot of them). <<less
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