The Villainess Whom I Had Served for 13 Years Has Fallen


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It’s a story about a man who got transported into a novel and possessed a slum boy. He met a noble girl and served her as a butler for 13 Years. Now the girl has already fallen from her noble life and lives in an abandoned mansion with paralyzed legs. Why did she become like that? Of course because she is the villainess in the novel.

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13년간 모신 악녀가 쓰러졌다
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bozakir rated it
November 9, 2023
Status: c50
This is not NTR. This is not "like NTR" either. Your one sided crush having a one sided crush on someone else is not even at the same timezone of NTR. Ffs it has a harem tag. If anything MC is the one going to be stealing girls hearts.

It's a villainess story from hypercompetent butler perspective. Villainess has a crush on og male lead things go sideways and story starts at the aftermath of denouncement.

It does the villain diary thing where side pov characters see glimpses of the alternate reality. Which is somewhat fresh.


I read ahead to c50 and can say it's actually pretty good for the most part. (Unless you are a certain type of person then you'll hate it.)
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Sareza rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: c48
This KR-Novel is a hidden gem. The first 10 chapters might not spill the whole story, but trust me, once you hit chapter 10 and beyond, it's a wild ride. Ever wondered why Ricardo's acting like a simp for Olivia? It's not just some cliche stuff; there's way more depth to it. Ricardo's been a lone wolf all his life—was an orphan in his past life and ended up the same way after getting reincarnated. The reason he's all in for Olivia? She's his savior, the one who gave his... more>> life meaning and pulled him out of solitude. She's his family, and he'd do anything to protect and make her happy. Olivia's his sun.

What's cool about this novel is that it's not a harem (at least for now). The banter between Ricardo and Olivia is top-notch, mixing drama and comedy like a pro. It stands out from recent KR-novels because it bothers with character development, delving into backstories and giving side-characters some limelight. It's a heartwarming tale of a butler and his eccentric mistress. And can we talk about how Olivia, despite being a villainess, is surprisingly pure? She gets a bad rap because she's brutally honest about her feelings, but thankfully, her loyal butler's got her back.

Overall, it's a solid 5-star story for me. The author brings a unique twist to the table, with elements that set it apart from other KR-novels. If you're into a plot that shakes things up, this one's worth checking out.

PS. Unrelated, but I just wanted to point out that I prefer the previous cover than the current one. <<less
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Lolosh2003 rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: c34
This is one of the best novels of this type (transition to a character in a work), as all the characters are alive, the dynamics, and the dialogues between the servant and his mistress are funny and enjoyable, and I never tire of them.
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Rem89 rated it
February 3, 2024
Status: c10
Legit tr*sh. Both the male and female lead are boring and one dimensional. Both seems to be lacking about -20 IQ points judging by the way they speak and act. The author does the classic thing where the female lead is absolute garbage from the get go with no redeeming qualities, that way even the tiniest good thing she does or say can be called ""character development"". The male lead Ricardo seem s*ave-like in his disposition to this girl, because he was saved by the villainess as a kid and... more>> this is apparently enough to put up with her annoying dogsh*t for over a decade.

The conversations between these two characters make Oblivion NPCs seem lifelike, here is an example of dialog:

– Do you know, Ricardo? I think I've met my destiny.

– You mean that gentleman?

– Shut up.

– Hmm. Is he handsome?

– Yes! He's very charming and kind!

– But I'm handsome too, right?

– Ugh...

And let's not forget that the only reason the villainess starts liking the male lead is because of a sudden deus ex machina that shows her a what would have happened without the 'selfless' sacrifice of the male lead. Only a 'It's a wonderful life' ripoff and literally divine intervention could make this braindead bimbo see reason.

Judging by the first 10 chapters I have serious doubts about the abilities of this Author, your average LLM could probably write better. <<less
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AlisonWonderland rated it
January 29, 2024
Status: c43
You need to give it a few chapters because in this the villainess is actually not very likeable. But you come to realise that she is basically the MCs family that he will never give up on no matter what. It's quite sweet, but it could do without what looks to be a harem formation on the horizon. If a story takes a single romance seriously, harems just make you feel bad for a bunch of people that are second wheels.
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G_matt rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: c120
Read the first 20 chapters before giving up as it will rope you in. This is one MC you don't mind being a simp; he is hysterical without intending to and charismatic. The best part of the novel is the interaction between the villainess and the MC. It's like the daily life of the carefree butler and spoiled bratty villainess.

... more>>

The system in this novel is, in itself, like a character. I'm not sure if it's the god of the world, but it lets the other characters know the outcome of what would happen if they don't do this or that.

Check it out, and you won't be disappointed. <<less
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April 20, 2024
Status: --
It's weird how the villainess who didn't have any feelings for MC who she was with for 13years and liked OG protagonist suddenly started having feelings for MC after her downfall, meh I'd rather choose some other girl over who just starts liking you after you are useful to them since before that he was just a butler and a servant working for money -_-
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Sthunlimited rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c68
I don't get the hype, honestly. This is just another one of those self-sacrificing cringe fests. And I do mean cringe. Every time the MC tells his thoughts about someone it is just cringe. 'Oh, he hates me and wishes I die, but he is my friend, ' Kind of trip.

Also, the way they converse... legit not human. I know what they talk like, like characters in a poorly-written B movie.
People say this novel has fleshed-out characters, how? The first girl, Hana (or something) has one motivation, to earn her father's recognition, and when events related to that end, she has become a trophy.

Character development for side characters who are not heroines (cuz they need a reason to like the MC after all) are driven by visions... lazy as f. Now you have noticed what I said in the ' () ' earlier, right? Well, that is a lie too. The only reason the 'Villainess' even starts to give a f*ck about the simp, I mean, MC is cuz of a vision from god.

By the way, the MC is just a Gary Stu. There is nothing that distinguishes him from other Korean MCs. He is loyal to a fault, he does the whole 'for the good of others' and is op as f*ck.

He genuinely does not feel like a real human being and rather like someone's self-insert.

If you are looking for something that's just regular Korean Slop which is admittedly better than most, then read it.

If you are looking for something unique? Eh, better luck next time.
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SumitJagtap rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: c23
Quite an interesting take on the-villainess's-butler trope as while the butler (MC) here does want his master to not fall into ruin, he also isn't treating the original protagonist (s) as goody two shoes who should be happy at the end of their story (whatever its supposed to be).

As here instead of focusing and telling us about the lives of OG protagonist the author is showing us how the MC who really doesn't care about what happens in the plot as long his master doesn't become vegetative (after the ruin... more>> ending) acts, not as a transmigrator trying to change the original story for the better but rather a friend who wants to give a happy life (not ending) to his master and himself.

Well I haven't become proficient enough in reading korean yet, so can't tell about the untranslated chapters but till the current translated chapters the story looks promising.

Giving a 5* for now as the progress doesn't seem to be going downhill.

Those who want a story where the villainous character isn't someone who conveniently has a bad past and turns over a new leaf just because their butler is saying so, you should give it a try.

Encouragement to the author who is picking his own brain to create this story.


If the author is able to actually conclude this story while wrapping up all the open possibilities he has created in just first 40 chapters, I think this will actually be a masterpiece. Encouragement to both the author and the translators. <<less
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Infermite rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: c50
This is a pretty good novel. It is simple, though, so it may have issues with later chapters. But it currently executes the concept quite well, so there's that.
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Cactiii rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: c60
From chapter 60:

So far I've been enjoying this story. I personally think it does the trope of villainess a lot better than most stories in this genre, where you either have someone reincarnated into a villainess who doesn't understand cause and effect or a villainess who isn't actually evil. In this story the villainess is objectively bad, but you also can understand it. The book does a good job by stating her sins, but never going into specific detail which both enforces that the villainess has done bad things but... more>> by not explicitly stating them it prevents her character from being unlikeable. Her personality is one of the first ones for this genre where I could actually understand why she was a villainess, because she has traits like being stubborn to a fault, selfish, ect. where it makes sense for her to be obsessive in love while at the same time this novel balances that with keeping her likable by showing moments on how she actually cares about the MC. There are a few things I slightly dislike with the story, but at this point I don't feel like doing a spoiler to explain and its more of my personal preference on some minor things so it doesn't really matter.

Overall this novel feels more to me like a romance/slice of life with a bit of action rather than the typical villainess novel which to me makes it feel fresh. The villainess genre is more being used as a template than following in the tropes that are common in these novels, and I like how it starts after everything went down which actually makes the villainess have a history of doing bad things.

From chapter 113:
So, after reading further I've started to lose interest in the novel... Its not that the book is bad but more to me it just feels like not much is keeping me hooked. Theres a few threads set up but not enough to where I feel compelled to read the next chapter, and being in this state for a while I just don't feel like continuing.

PS: No idea what pekokopiko is going on about... At least from my perspective the story has done plenty to justify its characters motivations and actions. I think they just hate the characters personalities and hence they are calling the entire novel tr*sh. I hope that their review doesn't make anyone not want to read the book since at least to me I don't agree with any of their points. <<less
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Wretchedd rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: --
Genuinely a 10/10, I think this is actually one of my favorite stories I've read.

It's funny, it's sad, and it's well made and translated.

The plot is fantastic, the character personalities are great, and somehow has ideas so simple but I don't know how people haven't thought of or used yet. (System)

Great read.
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SomeRandomDudeOnTheWeb rated it
March 19, 2024
Status: c65
So far, I find myself enjoying this novel very much, Some people may disagree with me, but what I love about this novel is the relationship between the MC and FML, and the banter between the two. Currently, I really recommend this novel, so please do check it out.
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April 20, 2024
Status: c70
This novel is good and if you hate a simp op MC then it's not your cup of tea and as I said the main selling point of this book is how much of a simp the MC is. I personally like the villainess of this novel she is so innocent to which I had taken a liking to it. But after some chapters the troupe gets repitative like MC taking care of fMC intrepted by the novel characters and save the day. The main reason I read this novel... more>> is for the bickering between the MC and fMC and also MC and the novel's main heroine these three characters are the ones which keeps me reading. Read only if your are interested in the romantic development between these three characters because that's where the author focuses mainly <<less
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Reader4life rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: c72
Starts off good and gets progressively worse for every other character but the 2 main ones. The main couple have great synergy and if the story was confined to them and 1 off stories of other characters then it would be great, but they decide to include the characters from the novel for no reason other than to show the strength of the protagonist. For me the best character in this novel is the villainess and the worse is either the MC or the freshman girl Hannah

Him reincarnating into the... more>> novel does not even matter for the story except provide a reason for

1) show off the he is a orphan once again, not really having a family or people he is close with 2) modern foo

3) creating a wheel chair and elixir from the novel (maybe

If you get rid of his reincarnation and kept his desire to protect his master nothing in the story really changes.


It's shown in a possible future where if he didn't save the villainess because he didn't reincarnate, he still would be there for her.


This novel also does have a system; it is just not as annoying because it's not a major part of the story. It basically the only way the MC gets stronger. Most of the buffing missions happened in the past while the ones we see are just plot devices to advance character relationships, not the story. The novel story is on hiatus until the MC needs something or the author wants to sh*t on the novel MC.

So the outline for this novel goes main couple mini story -> novel character meets Mc-> system mission-> MC solves problem that either was part of the original novel, one that he created or one he interfered with and made worse thus needing to be solved -> repeat

This is very long but just understand it because the writing got worse around ch 45~ and I got very disappointed with it. <<less
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anonmily rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: c190
Wow, I was worried a bit 'cause of some of the other reviews, but this is pretty good. The harem tag has me a bit worried but... even though there's a bit of a harem feeling it doesn't feel gross or anything, so I can bear with it. The main drawing point of this novel is, honestly, the main character, who is really attractive... He's self sacrificing for those he cares about (to the point of ignoring himself), and it really makes me wonder what exactly happened for him to... more>> ignore himself so much while taking care of others... but it's touching to see his dedication and hard work to reach a happy ending. The system here is also quite strange so it also adds to the mystery too, so it's very interesting!

The villainess Olivia definitely ain't appealing at first, but as the story goes on she kinda grows on you as she starts to change and repent for her previous mistakes. The other characters also grow on you and change too over the course of the story. It's definitely a good read so far. <<less
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March 30, 2024
Status: c2
Novel might be good, but translation quality is the usual for GalaxyTL, that is non edited MTL garbage. One can only hope that someone more qualified will pick it up (or that GalaxyTL will at least hire an editor, but I won't hold my breath)
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FRASH_18 rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: c8
MC is an extreme simp, like I understand she saved you when you were young, but still after all this harsh treatment he still stays with her, hell she doesn't even love him. This novel is a slow burn, it will take a long time until she actually starts developing feelings for him. Shes also extremely annoying and just a bad person even though MC glazes her and makes excuses for her rudeness and bad actions so far. MC is a blind simp type character. The only good thing i'd... more>> say is how nicely the story is written, albeit alot of unecessary writing, its like bros tryna make an essay of useless word count. Overall its not the worst or bad, just isn't a good romance novel and the fMC is boring/mid. The best thing about the fMC is the cover art for her on novelupdates page, which is most likely the reason alot of you will click onto this and read it in the first place because she has big boooobs and is thick

This is not a novel for those who like lovey dovey romance villainess. This girl is an actual villainess similar to those b*tch royal girls in isekai mangas like shield hero (the red hair girl princess maine). What I mean by that is that the fMC here does not have any redeeming qualities that attract the reader, she is annoying, spoiled and is a b*tch, hell she would've thrown MC away in the end until deus ex machina intervened and showed her what would have happened if MC didnt intervene. Also being extremely honest doesn't not make you an as*shole. And as stated by another person, author giving her zero redeeming qualities or attractiveness and then giving her the slightest positive quality later on does not mean its good character development and is just lazy writing. <<less
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pekokopiko rated it
March 1, 2024
Status: c115
I read the chapters ahead than on this web.

this fic is legit tr*sh. You may wonder why the butler is a simp? The author maked it that he is a loner before Olivia save him and gave his life meaning, since he is an orphan in his past life and ended up the same in his new life and so the first person that save him, he will make sure lick the sh*t out of em.

the system is just a "diary" tipe of system where the characters will get glimpses... more>> of what can happen.

the MC and fML is so boring that they are more one dimensional than Sieg <<less
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