Rehabilitating the Villainess


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If the wicked woman is being rude, give her a proper scolding.

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악녀를 갱생시켜라
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01/29/23 Goblinslate c8
01/26/23 Goblinslate c7
01/25/23 Goblinslate c6
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01/18/23 Goblinslate c4
01/16/23 Goblinslate c3
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01/13/23 Goblinslate c1 part2
01/13/23 Goblinslate c1 part1
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New CapybarasOKIPULLUP rated it
January 29, 2023
Status: c7
Its good, really good. From the title I expected your average "Shower the villain/villainess in kindness till they are a good person" trope you see time and time again. This however, is a bit different where the MC is actually mean to the villainess as she is to spoilt from doting parents. This interesting take sets up a refreshing story with good banter between the two main leads. Some qualms I have about this novel is that the MC adapts too easily. Like

(Minor spoiler)

... more>>

After randomly transmigrating into novel he doesn't question anything and just goes along with things, he exercises and practices swordsmanship for 6 months straight vigorously till he has wounds and bruises and on top of that already deals with the villainess scolding while being nice to her and maintaining etiquette. We also don't get any information on MCs past life. Does he miss his parents? What will they think when he's gone? Does he have any lingering attachments? None of this is even glossed over and it would be a interesting plot point the author could of explored to give the MC a bit more depth


This review may be a bit to early seeing as there is only 7 chapters but the novel seems promising and I think needs more attention for its freshness. Side note - the translation is kinda iffy at times sometimes it will have an out of place word or an incorrect sentence no where near the level of MTL though. Some translators think its okay to MTL an novel and call it a translation. Seriously one of my favorite novels was straight up MTLed halfway through the series. IK being a TLer is hard job and all but MTL just ruins the novel and my immersion anyways MTL rant over give this novel a try its worth a read <<less
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