The Vicious Male Supporting Character Married The Disabled Villain


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When Chu Chen woke up, he found himself transmigrated into an interstellar novel.

As the vicious male supporting character in the book, the original owner not only cheated on the protagonist Gong and cuckolded him before marriage, but also hired someone to kill the protagonist Gong’s White Moonlight after the marriage.

In the end, he was designed by White Moonlight’s flower protector and ended up miserable.

Chu Chen was too lazy to follow and entangle with the original plot, so he turned around and got to know the son of the Li family.

It was said that both his legs were disabled and had mental illness.

He got married in a flash with the useless son of the Li family — Li Ran. But Chu Chen never expected that the husband he married was completely different from what he thought!

Disabled legs? ——pretended.

Mental illness? — cured.

Only then did Chu Chen know that one of the personalities of the useless man he married turned out to be the biggest villain boss in the book.

The only one with 3S mental power in the whole interstellar, who could fight with the entire alliance army and kill without blinking an eye.

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New Mihami rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: c136 part1
At first it was good but then we got things repeting again and again. As the s*upid joke of one of ML personality being played and not knowing it always running away. And this joke you'll read about it 50 times. It was fun the first few times but it's becoming annoying at the end. Then let's be honnest the plot is really simple, almost a little too much, it's nice when you don't want to think and just enjoy the ride but if you're not in the mood it... more>> becomes boring. And finally what bothered me the most was how the author went too far in ruining the antagonist, the fake white lotus and old moonlight, and coming back again and again with more abuses. He has been already punished and put out of the story, what is wrong with you for coming back to ruin more when no one really think about him ? It's almost like the author imagined this character as their ex or an enemy and wants to totally destroy him. It's toxic. <<less
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AriaSoul16 rated it
April 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Most of the characters are s*upidly funny. They always get played or teased by MC.

This novel almost made me like Harem. I love how each of ML's personalities have their distinct characteristics but it doesn't make MC love them less.
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trash_generalist rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: Completed
4/5!!! This novel is far from perfect. But thanks to the likable characters, I was able to read it through without any regrets~ It's the kind of story with lots of plot holes and questionable decisions but you can't help but like it anyway. Definitely a must-read for those that are looking for a feel-good novel that's high-in-comedy and romance.

Note, this novel is unique in that the multiple personalities do not lead to a fusion. But this uniqueness feels right in my eyes. You get a stoic ML that can't... more>> be profaned, a tsundere ML that's both bratty and domineering, and a lustful loyal dog ML that is 100% obedient. XD SO, ALL IN ALL, it's a whole package. As for the MC, he's definitely not your typical shou. Externally, he's a bit of a dandy. But his hidden depths make him the perfect match for all of the ML's personalities. So yeh. Lord of fun all around! Don't expect too much of a plot btw. There is some, but plot really isn't the focus here. Nor is it the setting. It's all about the characters in my eyes.


SUMMARY: The MC, Chu Chen, is an ordinary man from the 21st century. He had briefly glanced at a BL book set in an interstellar world, and then suddenly woke up to find himself occupying the body of the vicious male supporting role in said book. The original owner is also called Chu Chen. He's the eldest son of the Chu family, but after his mother died, his father took in a mistress and completely forgot about him. In this way, the OG owner was raised as a dandy that only knew how to play around. This made him useless as a son, and so the family decided to marry him off to a wealthy family. Unfortunately, things didn't work out. The OG owner was set up on the night of the engagement and ended up giving up on himself and the world.

The MC takes over at this point, and the story begins. The MC doesn't really care about the original owner's family or supposed-to-be-fiancé. He intends to get revenge on behalf of the OG owner, but that doesn't stop him from seeking his own satisfaction. He directly asked the Old and Wealthy Li Family's son (AKA, the ML) — who is not only disabled but also suffering from mental disorder — for his hand in marriage. Somehow; it all works out. The two get married and stay together from then on~ <<less
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Dianille rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Why the rating is so low????

This novel deserves a solid 4.5 ⭐! It had me feeling all warm and fuzzy after I devoured it in just two days via mtl, which surprisingly wasn't confusing at all. I'm in love for the romance between the MC and ML - they're like a match made in heaven! Their personalities just click, and it's beyond cute.

Now about the ML. He's got three different personalities, and they're all a delight to read! The second one is the most fun to tease, and it's funny... more>> even if it's sometimes rather frustrating how he's the last to figure out that the MC knew about his condition from day one. But Li Ran, oh Li Ran, he's the sweetest ML I've ever read for a while! Those daily little star messages filled with love and confessions that lasted for years!!! He's such a cutiepie and he finds it was difficult to express his feelings, so he uses such method to tell the MC how he feels 🥺

And the third personality is basically Li Ran's repressed desire for the MC personified. He's the babiest and the most shameless of the three lmao since his main purpose is to convey the main personality's feelings for MC.

And speaking the MC, this person is a total witty vixen, always leaving the ML speechless with his outrageous and blatantly obvious lies just to tease him. The first personality? He usually responds with pure indulgence since he often repress his feeling, he never denies MC tho. As for the second personality? Let's just say he's often on the brink of combustion from sheer embarrassment, and sometimes he's being peety and tries to get back at the MC, but it always backfires on him.

Now, the third personality. He absolutely loves the MC's teasing and also reciprocates, leaving the MC completely overwhelmed.

Just a little nitpick from my end – I wasn't too thrilled about the military aspect of the story. I was hoping it would take a backseat throughout the entire novel, but around chapter 110, it seemed to hog the screen time. Thankfully, the one thing that kept me going was the cute romance between the MC and ML that still managed to shine even when the plot shifted towards zerg attacks and such.

But I guess it's just a matter of personal taste, and I've never been a big fan of this genre anyway. So, it's all good! <<less
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FYalimar rated it
April 26, 2023
Status: c108
the novel is quite good, the MC is quite intelligent and funny but... the only point I find unbearable is, the ridiculous part with Li Fen, the author extended the flirtation with that personality too much, at first it was funny, already for him Chapter 108 I couldn't laugh and wanted to skip the pages, Chu Chen insists on acting like a bit*h in heat every time he sees Li Fen, LITERALLY, his behavior is very disgusting and not funny at all, even he himself has said that he has... more>> gone too far in bothering Li Fen but since Li Fen doesn't resist then he continues to do so, where do you see the point of that? even if the author is crazy and that behavior doesn't bore me, yes, it not only bores me but also disgusts me, on more than one occasion I wanted Li Fen to hit him and I don't understand why he didn't? He doesn't know that Chu Chen discovered his split personality for him. Chu Chen is just blatantly trying to cheat his little brother with himself. If I were in his place, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hit the person who propositioned me. much less him that it was not just proposals but actions that were worse and worse, I really do not understand how he did nothing, that can only be explained in the author's head, whatever it is, it's fine if it's only a few chapters of that but that's it around 108 it even made me doubt about leaving the novel... <<less
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KeyonDrenson rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: c30 part1
futuristic setting

MC 4* - MC is forward, flirty, confident and I love it

Unique approach to identifying a Gold finger/skill ... more>>

one of the mc's big "skills" is that MC can cook food that everyone thinks tastes good, which at this point is almost a standard feature of any romance protagonist, what makes this unique is that the author sets the gold cooking finger as: not actually being good at cooking, everyone else just already had extremely low standards lol, idk why but that cracks me up (admittedly it gets old after awhile)


Plot/setting 3* light spoilers


ML has multiple personalities that are pretending to be brothers in front of MC, (only one initially considers MC his husband) MC is forward and flirt and knows they are two different personalities

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Rira rated it
March 12, 2024
Status: c119
This is a kind of story when your irritation slowly builds up. I guess there are people who find MC's behaviour funny but I'm on the side of not taking good how he constantly shames, sometime humiliates Li Fen. The novel started good but the plot just vanished after MC got rid of his family and the white moonlight. And it happens pretty fast. Since then, nothing really happens, we just forced to witness him teasing Li Fen. At first it's funny, then you roll your eyes and after that... more>> comes the irritation and it never ends. There are 50 chapters left, so 100 updates, I can't take this anymore. <<less
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Aires930 rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c116
First time writing a review and wanted to give it a 3 star but I accidently clicked more.

The novel is not bad but it is also not very good. As a fan of predictable or cliche novels about Transmigrate/Reborn story and face slapping, this novel doesn't really stand out compared to the other novels that I have read.

I like the MC (Chu Chen) personality. I read through the English translation through 42 part 1 and read the raw after that until 116. It doesn't really mention much of MC's past... more>> yet but it does give clues here and there about his relationship with his own mother. MC is shameless and love to tease the ML (Li Ran) mainly the second personality.

The ML (Li Ran) doesn't have much of a personality; he is quiet and doesn't emerge as frequently as his second personality, which is something I didn't like about the novel. Li Ran is the host personality and there are currently three personalities. The second personality is Li Fen, who is describe as being indifferent, petty, and short-tempered. A third personality, whom I can only describe as clingy, appears later. I wish there is more interaction between MC and the other personality besides Li Fen because they don't feel as distinct compared to Li Fen. Even the host personality that does appear a little more than Li Fen doesn't any distinct traits because he doesn't talk as much. He is just indifferent. He did get a little better in the later chapters and maybe more in end of the story. But I don't know, I stopped at 116. <<less
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RavensChrome rated it
April 29, 2024
Status: c131
This is the weirdest but a very unique reverse harem I've ever read. And there's only 1 ML. Read spoilers below.

... more>>

Although the ML has multiple (3) personalities, they all feel like different people and the author does a good job making it feel like they have separate bodies and lives.


As for the MC, the MC is straight up shameless. He knows what he wants and is good at getting it. He is the type of person that we all say our spirit animal is but too scared to be. MC is also a huge troll in a 'I'm not stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with me' type of way.

My biggest complaint about this story has to be how MC does string along one of the MLs. It's funny at the beginning but the author does drag it for a long while to where it seems unusual for the MC to do it for this long. Although MC is a shameless troll, MC also likes things to be straight to the point after awhile. I understand it's to tease the ML but it does get cringe.

Although I do give it 4 stars, I feel like the author is now dragging the story now. Yes, the main issue of the plot has not been resolved, but it feels wrapped up. It's like watching filler episodes for an anime. Since I reached the farthest point of the translated version, I'm not going to continue to read this despite enjoying it due to this reason. <<less
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January 25, 2024
Status: Completed
It's so funny, the MC just plays jokes on everyone. There's a nice balance of romance and development of both the MC and ML.

It never dragged on; the pacing of the story was pretty good. It's a lighthearted read especially after MC deals with his family drama.
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Drakion rated it
September 29, 2023
Status: Completed
Idk. I feel like a 4.2 or 4.3. But I'll be nice with the rating. The multiple personality thing is weird, and sometimes I never understood why it even exists in the first place. Honestly, the way the author did it is half baked and half ass.... more>>

Makes you feel like it's a 3v1 instead of a 1v1.

Nothing about it is important except highlights the MC's shamelessness. It gets kinda explained in the end, but only in the extras. Romance was alright, but nothing incredible. I feel like this is another Mary Sue Protag novel, with the MC just being male is all.

The villains...

neglectful father, evil half-bro, white lotus bich, dumb relatives, geezus it feels like a dog blood drama again...

make me sigh in disappointment.

Story is not horrible, but I will never revisit this again most likely. <<less
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Keikey rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: --
Indeed why the rating so low!! It's funny, MC is arrogant but not Omni knowledgeable ! And the ML is funny in his own way.
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Fisukisuki rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: c61 part2
So far pretty Entertaining!!!

I Love the style of MC enjoying his revenge for the sake of the original owner. His way is Unique. He's ENJOYING IT!

And I also especially Love his interaction with OG!Gong. Their epic bickering weird friendship was Unique! Love how he hinting with the green shoes thing. And I do really hope the OG!Gong could find someone else to be with and keep staying as unique friend with MC!

Love the plot revolving around ML too. The Multiple Personalities was entertaing!

And I definitely would never expect there would be a new one appear in the middle of story!!!


And love ML's parents too!

Honestly I don't know if it Unreliable Narrator or MC really still doesn't have big affection toward ML yet. It's hard to tell. But at least we know he does care about ML's condition and do like the ML's parents.

Pray so hard the rest of the story would have clear and satisfaction ending!!! 🙏🙏🙏
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WallEyeKnee rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a hidden gem for sure!.

I love both the MC and ML to the core. MC witty slapping faces with his eloquent mouth, makes good food, such a good flirt and love to tease. So Fun the man is a succubus!

ML with his triple personalities what else need to be said so much action and his 2nd personality is so funny!

... more>> ML is nothing like a villain please! He's the sweetest and need to be loved the most, also shout to his lovely parents!

MC knows no shame and I like his he held his head high and can do what he wants and live a free live. His took over the body whose's family is so nasty, he wreck them so hard with his plans.

MC's new friends are so good people! Usually you get tr*sh friends when you first transmigrate because your status in the family.

Other characters are so funny as hell, especially the Main protagonist gong in the novel when MC keep giving him green shoes

I wish he got together with the Marshal in the main story instead of the extras, I want to see him moan about his new bottom life hahaha


This novel is so funny, interesting and relaxing to read. Highly recommend <<less
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juniorjawz rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: c47
The MC is the star of this novel. He's great. Probably the only reason I still read this novel. 5/5 because of MC.

We got our straightfoward, no-nonsense, self righteous, & shameless MC. Then there's this lil dying kid who just wants to live his final years happily and dates MC. MC ditches his asses of a family, dates this kid and be like : Yo I want yo cash kid so let me love you fr fr. MC really takes care of the kid mainly by showing love and cooking.... more>> MC may be an average cook in the kitchen, but he's quite the killer of a cook when it comes to dishing out revenge back to his family.

Meanwhile this dying kid has a 2nd personality. Let's just say both power dynamic and hilarity ensues. MC may be a h**ny b, but that's where our 2nd bro comes in. I hope he bonks MC from time to time, that'll make their relationship even funnier to read.

Also this novel has zergs. I heckin love my good ol' Zergs... but you'll barely see them mentioned in this story. sadge. Hope to see more of them later on. <<less
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December 15, 2023
Status: c55
I will agree that the characters are pretty unique and the synopsis peaked my interest, but I'm at chapter 55 and don't think I will continue.

The MC's decisions and actions frustrate me to no end. It takes forever to get rid of his old family and give the ML a title for no other reason than he is just messing around. Also him not telling ML he knows he has other personalities is getting on my nerves. MC is just so flippant with his feelings that I'm not sure he... more>> can love anyone, he just uses everyone. Sure his interactions can be funny, but I just want more from him. I also wanted more of his backstory.

The MLs are okay. The main personality is bland but cute, the second one is tsundere, which isn't my favorite and the third I don't know enough about.

The original gong is amusing and it's fun to watch him figure things out. Original shou is the typical green tea, but more lustful than most.

I may or may not read in the future, but for now I find the novel too frustrating. Translation is good, learned some new Chinese sayings. <<less
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November 22, 2023
Status: c142
This is the first time that I read bl novel about interstellar whereas the ML is the star pirate not the hero of the galaxy hahahaha

The MC is transmigrated person with the same name. He's smart and his smartness is to op for me.. not that kind of genius scientist but more eloquent..

The MC not denied the host life as his life, he took revenge for the host body as if that revenge is for himself..

... more>> The OG shou protagonist is a bit*h green tea..

And the OG gong protagonist is a clueless capable man, he's capable but idiot too at the same time.. tipikal person who has mediocre IQ but low EQ, but capable..

The ML has dual personality, no, more than two now..

This is the kind of novel with mental strength, it just I feel the idea in this aspect is so lacking, cause they put mental riot too in the problem but they doesn't put sentinel and guide in the context make every one have mental strength for nothing.. just to make a little tornado to fight..

The misunderstanding in this novel is epic.. and funny..

The MC point of view is really something, he always says that he only love ml's body and doesn't care about the soul, so it's fine for him being "touchy touchy" with ML another personality since he only care about the body, , but I feel so wrong in this aspect, it feels like he's fine cheating as long he's only cheating the soul not the body...

In my view the author love bad boy more than gentleman..

You will find so many bad boy characters in this novel than the righteous one..

I really hate og shou protagonist hahaha...

I can't take green tea bit*h at all..

I meet them in real world already, now is too much to found them in the story too...

This novel feels like two story in one book.. one is the original story between the OG MC and OG ml, second is the story between our MC and his ml..

Kinda annoying for me to read the OG story.. like I don't care about the green tea b*tch..

So there will be time when enemies become friends, but in my eyes this enemy not worth it to be friends at all.. moreover the MC just doesn't care being wronged before and even helped the enemy to reach success.. it make me frustrated

I think the author want to tell the world through their novel that every human is a selfish creature, cause every character always say they are selfish at the end of their thoughts..

This novel is SFW so it's okay to read it outside... I need a little bit of smut but it's fine..

The context of the story actually inconsistent..

Some time the character will tell A then after that they will tell B.. <<less
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gzeroo rated it
September 11, 2023
Status: c180

I mtl-ed the rest because the story was s*upidly unique and fun in its own way lmao

I usually don't indulge with stories that have this kind of length i know this isn't even that long because I tend to get bored but the MC is just so stubbornly awesome on his own way by making every chapter interesting enough.

I tbh don't feel any intense love when it comes to the character. I mean, they have their strengths and flaws but they are in no way my favorite fictional characters I... more>> have read in here. The MC is kinda all over the place but not in the same time because of his thinking and scripts lol. The MLs I kinda have mixed feelings about them.


I kinda hate that the peak interaction we witnessed between Chu Chen and Li Ran, the supposedly main ML, was in the extra. I felt like Chu Chen had the most interaction and more stable dynamics with Li Fen the entire 170 chapters. And I don't know what to feel about that. Yes it brought interesting twists in the story but I feel like the author could have also done that while giving Li Ran and Chu Chen their own moments ya know.


For the side couple:


It was hinted pretty earlier I think but was not fully established in the story because of their limited interaction and Ji Sheng being Chu Chen's relative. So having them in the extra was a suprise! Love it.


Regarding the plot, it was straightforward. You can kinda guess where it would be heading. No intense angst nor heavy plots.


I really thought there would be explanations why Chu Chen transmigrated, about his mental form, and his cooking skills but I guess there is no room for that since Chu Chen did not really tell anyone about his situation of being a transmigrator


Overall, good light read. Entertained me for days. <<less
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August 30, 2023
Status: c63
I eanted to MTL it because I really love how the MC and ML dynamics shown in this novel so far. The MC is straightforward smart person that actually likes the ML. ML's personality disorder also added spice into it. Again the story is cute and interesting. I didnt get bored by reading it. I'm patiently waiting. This is the first time I reviewed early and the status is not COMPLETED, but I can already see myself finishing this book ❤️❤️❤️ btw, I felt pity to the ex fincee. Truthfully,... more>> he didnt do anything bad to MC. He just fell in love with a green tea b*tch. I hope someone spoils me about what will happen to them and the feeling that ex fiancee has later on when he figures it all out <<less
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agnesiite rated it
August 29, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a very unique story. The main characters are actually very likeable and realistic, in that they are not perfect, they are sometimes weak, petty, mean and uncaring, but also loving, caring of the people around them.

And the relationship btw the main characters ir good, and has nice and realistic development.

There are issues with the story, plot holes and inconsistencies, but honestly they are not important and didn't take away from the story.

... more>> Translation is ok, mlt the rest and was similar quality.

If you are looking for an unusual, but sweet love story with some face slapping and a deserved happy end, this is a good book. <<less
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