The Vicious Male Supporting Character Married The Disabled Villain


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When Chu Chen woke up, he found himself transmigrated into an interstellar novel. 

As the vicious male supporting character in the book, the original owner not only cheated on the protagonist Gong and cuckolded him before marriage, but also hired someone to kill the protagonist Gong’s Bai Yueguang after the marriage.

In the end, he was designed by Bai Yueguang’s flower protector and ended up miserable. 

Chu Chen was too lazy to follow and entangle with the original plot, so he turned around and got to know the son of the Li family.

It was said that both his legs were disabled and had mental illness.

He got married in a flash with the useless son of the Li family — Li Ran. But Chu Chen never expected that the husband he married was completely different from what he thought!

Disabled legs? ——pretended.
Mental illness? — cured.

Only then did Chu Chen know that one of the personalities of the useless man he married turned out to be the biggest villain boss in the book.

The only one with 3S mental power in the whole interstellar, who could fight with the entire alliance army and kill without blinking an eye.

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2 Reviews

Apr 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Most of the characters are s*upidly funny. They always get played or teased by MC.

This novel almost made me like Harem. I love how each of ML's personalities have their distinct characteristics but it doesn't make MC love them less.
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Apr 26, 2023
Status: c108
the novel is quite good, the MC is quite intelligent and funny but... the only point I find unbearable is, the ridiculous part with Li Fen, the author extended the flirtation with that personality too much, at first it was funny, already for him Chapter 108 I couldn't laugh and wanted to skip the pages, Chu Chen insists on acting like a bit*h in heat every time he sees Li Fen, LITERALLY, his behavior is very disgusting and not funny at all, even he himself has said that he has... more>> gone too far in bothering Li Fen but since Li Fen doesn't resist then he continues to do so, where do you see the point of that? even if the author is crazy and that behavior doesn't bore me, yes, it not only bores me but also disgusts me, on more than one occasion I wanted Li Fen to hit him and I don't understand why he didn't? He doesn't know that Chu Chen discovered his split personality for him. Chu Chen is just blatantly trying to cheat his little brother with himself. If I were in his place, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hit the person who propositioned me. much less him that it was not just proposals but actions that were worse and worse, I really do not understand how he did nothing, that can only be explained in the author's head, whatever it is, it's fine if it's only a few chapters of that but that's it around 108 it even made me doubt about leaving the novel... <<less
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