Transmigrated to become the Tyrant’s Male Concubine


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When he woke up, Wen Chi transmigrated into a book.

In the book, the protagonist accidentally obtained a system, and with the help of the system, he pretended to be sick and escaped his engagement with the disabled Crown Prince. Then, at the peach blossom banquet, he demonstrated his extraordinary talent and attracted the attention of the fourth prince…

Finally, everything went well between the protagonist shou and the fourth prince and they fell in love very deeply. The fourth prince overthrew the rule of the previous emperors and became a model royal husband.


Wen Chi transmigrated and became the cannon fodder brother of the protagonist shou, and he was the one who was forced to replace the protagonist to marry the disabled Crown Prince.

It was rumored that the disabled Crown Prince was burned by fire five years ago. Not only was his face disfigured, but his legs also ended up being disabled. He lived deep in the Eastern Palace and stayed behind closed doors all year round. He had a very strange temper.

Only Wen Chi knew that the disabled Crown Prince would still become the emperor and became a famous tyrant in history. Unfortunately, he was later killed by the fourth prince for being too cruel. Even the cannon fodder, he was not spared, and he ended up tragically.

On the wedding night, the disabled Crown Prince grabbed Wen Chi’s chin. He sneered: “Here comes another one who wants to step on me to climb up.”

Wen Chi in silent tears: “No, no, no. I’m only sitting around waiting to die.”

The disabled Crown Prince: “???”

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New Hyna rated it
February 25, 2024
Status: Completed
I find that the transmigration plot was not really needed, and it was not even explained. There are too many useless long scenes that bring nothing to the plot, like fighting over not drinking the bitter medecine. And in my opinion the extra chapters sucks. I despise the parent/child competition/jealousy over the attention of the other parent.

What is nice is seeing the MC and ML relationship dynamic change over time, because MC become more assertive instead of staying a meek coward.
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New Ariss rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: Completed
The problem with this novel is it has too many plot devices that don't mesh well so the plot feels disjointed. The mood of the novel changes a lot from section to section. The main conflict feels contrived then is easily solved. The romance isn't very convincing either. I didn't enjoy the writing or the characters.

The only positive aspect is a main character who is realistic in his behaviour as a scared modern-day person who found himself in a dangerous new world. Yet, there are other novels with the same... more>> theme that are better written. Save yourself the time and avoid this one. <<less
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applebeans rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: Completed
At c34: I like the dynamic of ML who is really scary and genuine killer and MC who barely escapes death every time.

Their interaction is like this:

... more>>

ML: *looking vicious and intimidating*

MC: *averts eyes*

ML: look over here

MC: *looks but then closes eye so he doesn't have to look*

ML: if you don't want to use your eyes I'll just gouge it for you.

MC: 👀


basically ML wants MC to behave close, MC is scared, ML threatens him then MC does it with racing heart. It's a bit funny because ML never did anything and it reads a bit like teasing him. On the flip side the ML threat is very much real, he can kill and he will kill.

double standards ML:


Cannon fodder lady: your royal highness! I g-greet his royal highness!

ML: (unclear but could be talking to MC) come over here

CF lady: (understandably thinks he's calling her) *gets up and wants to walk over*


CF lady: *shudders and drops on her knees again*

ML: use your knee to walk.

CF lady: I am very blessed! [insert many praises and rainbow farts here] if I could see your wondrous grace up close then I'd be able to die happily!

ML: then perish. *snaps her neck in one hand*

Many people want to get close and kill ML. Also ML had no reason to be at that place other than to help MC.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Another time:

ML: come closer.

MC: *scoots over on knees*

ML: I'm telling you to walk over.

MC: *gets up and walks on two legs*

- - - - -

ML: thinks all if not most gifted food has poison

also ML: eats MC's mysterious food X without being prompted, without prior poison testing, without hesitation

he asked MC for something of MC's in exchange for other people's lives. MC being a poor sod had nothing to his name. Then MC remembered the cake he made, the only thing he had that's presentable to bigwigs. Which makes me think ML did all that just to get a taste of the cake tbh.

- - - - -

ML: no one bother me or I will explode

ML: who told you to shout at him?



ML has an old "enemy" who looks very similar to MC. Now idk if this person really was his enemy or ML just resents him for leaving. He allegedly promised ML he'll never leave, he has knife wounds on stomach and leg. MC looks exactly like him, except the wounds. So I briefly thought maybe there's some hidden past here because before our MC even came, the original body also lived on until the tyrant emperor died. I thought there's amnesia plot, childhood sweetheart, or it was their previous lives...

and then. turns out ML has this healing ability by using his blood, which I assumed healed his own leg (but not his face because it's outer appearance). So it might even be this life.

I don't think ML is the type of guy who'd keep a substitute around. If they're not the same person: If he loved that old "enemy", then he'd kill off MC. If he hated old enemy, then he must like MC or at least enjoy teasing him from the interactions I've seen.

THEORY: I'm inclined to think it's the past life, as in the MC and ML had lived this life before and that's why there's a remnant of control. Maybe MC was controlled till his death back then and can only break through in this life. And he got the knife wounds in a future plot and died after tyrant emperor was killed.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Final thoughts:


sooo I was right, "enemy" was MC, from the future. I guess ML also had no idea how MC never aged or why he didn't remember him. His soul/spirit travelled back in time and met child ML. ML falls in love, ofc, but MC gotta go back to his time. They're cute, just that in the middle there's so little that happens! And I hate that the author used their godly power to restrict MC's movements (author did this in another one of their book, it makes MC seem trapped and also makes the story not about him but ML. Because he resigns himself to the restriction.)

the beginning was so promising, but the middle part is so boring and drawn out. Nothing else happens and the shift between not-love to love is abrupt, even though there were many chapters that can be used for progression.

right from the beginning there's a power imbalance because MC is very scared of ML (and he is right to be), while ML knows everything and still choose to tease him about his life and death.

the dubcon is because ML's blood acts like aphrodisiac, but he also didn't know his blood can make people crave him. ML never really does anything bad towards MC, it's very similar to author's prev work, adopting the villain: where ML is cruel but never to MC, in fact he is only soft to MC.

MC makes cake, MC fights but fails and become pawn of fate for most of the novel, ML kinda tries his best, never intending to harm MC but the plot ends up getting to MC anyway!

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YoriMei rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: Completed
A nice story that had a really strong beginning but once you hit the 90's things start to drag a bit. Wen Chi's a love it or hate it sort of deal, he's very passive and obedient but has a backbone at times and is quite skilled at talking. Impressively, his personality doesn't change very much throughout the story and remains pretty stable. He won't perform any incredible feats that garners respect or attention amongst the court, he remains a realistic modern man who can't really fight and while he... more>> has knowledge from a more advanced time; he can't spit out all the facts and procedures from things he read in passing. ML's your typical "domineering, scary, handsome" c*cktail, but I do think he and MC are a cute couple along the lines of Cat (ML) x Mouse (MC). It's cute watching MC accidentally challenge ML's bottom line only to find ML has infinite patience for him. If you're not into the "pulling on pigtails" sort of romance however, you might find the first half of this story very grating.


Also the fact ML has been in love with MC since he was a kid stabs me right in the heart, hook line and sinker. ML was a pretty cute kid...


Like I said though, the plot takes a down turn once you're about halfway. Near the end it gets quite boring because while it makes sense that MC is away from most of the action (he can't fight), but it feels like he completely sidesteps the entire plot. There's a whole conspiracy palace drama going on and ML is off dealing with it, but MC's just off to the side being pregnant because he doesn't really have much of a role in this. Even the times he goes off to save ML, it's mostly someone else fights, ML runs towards MC and MC just stays with ML or tries to drag ML to safety. There's also some loose-ish plot threads that never get entirely addressed, like MC has a few rare movements where he physically can't leave ML or why he transmigrated in the first place. The whole "transmigrated into a novel" plot wasn't needed, MC could have been who he was at the start and nothing would have changed. The story also does that "fun" thing where ML is in a wheelchair and then gets up later. It's hand-waved away, but if that's a pet peeve for you just be aware it happens.

Overall, it's a cute story that has enough palace drama to keep things interesting but is overall focused on the romance. It's also definitely more of a "I'm in love with you because of your personality" type story rather than a "I'm in love with you because you can do xyz/your achievements". I do think MC and ML's romance isn't transitioned very well, the "will they, won't they" is dragged on for much too long; but I had a fun time reading and if you're looking for a romance story I recommend giving this one a shot. <<less
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Majin11 rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: Completed

don't misrate the novel just because you didn't read the tags.

IF you don't like a crybaby, timid protag, don't read this then hate it. The #timidprotagonist is there in the tags.

... more>> Honestly, this novel would've been a 4 for me just because I enjoyed it but I pumped it up to 5 because of a few unfair ratings.

Please read the tags. There are always different settings and characters and plots for different readers. For readers who like crybaby protags, this might be a very good read for them. Don't hate on the characters. They're all babies and personally, I don't want them mistreated just because a reader with a different preference didn't like them. If it's not your thing, don't read it but don't stop other people who has a thing for it from loving it. Just saying.

For your next novels, if it's not yet in the tags, be a dear and add it. 😉 <<less
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IsaacaHawke rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: Completed
To start with, good translation.

However, everything else? Argh. I generally don't leave reviews, & don't like leaving bad reviews but I can't help it today. I just finished it& my goodness it's so unsatisfying!

I was really not happy about how their first time happens ... more>>

MC is under the influence of something & not completely all there & they start having s*x. They don't finish because MC's head clears up & he kicks the ml


Their dynamic is also problematic. It's so much like a teenager's idea of a romance & dear lord, it's unhealthy! It gets better though, which is why I kept reading.

But then the major reason why I was reading - i.e., the mysterious secret behind it all was handled horribly! I have questions???


the ml's past, the mother, the poison, it's getting cured, the reason for the strange powers

, it's just wrapped up quickly without care.

Even the promised mpreg is

a blip, the pregnancy plays some role in the plot but the child is a literal afterthought


The MC is pretty annoying too in the sense, he's a complete damsel-in-distress. Even his "cool" parts are somehow handheld by the ML who creates paths for him. Also, he's the literal favoured concubine of the crown prince - he can't get a single person to obey him? He isn't nice, he's just a doormat.

I really want to scream after reading this. <<less
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puririnpa rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I should say that this is really my cup of tea. I was a bit hesitant when I see other people's review, but then when I give it a try, I didn't expect to enjoy it so much. I was expecting a boring story that I would drop after 20 or 40 chapters, not something as interesting as it is.

My advice, give this a try first and see if you'll like it or not
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chemaMissTea rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: c50
it's a good story so far!

the plot is not slow-paced and it's quite fun to read

the MC is a coward, yeah! But I see no reason to criticize him
It is true that he is quick to cry when threatened by the ml, He is also literally afraid of the ml, but he was brave enough to admit that he is THE brother and not the real husband, He was also brave every time he disagreed with the ML and expressed his opinion in any situation he had with him

he... more>> isn't brilliant but he is smart enough to know what should be done in his situation

He is not the currently popular type who can make a revolution or turn his situation around as he pleases, And not the kind who can make a fortune out of knowing the future either but he is struggling in his own way! He is a lovable and cute character and I love him!

as for the ml, his whole story is not clear yet and I can't really judge him,


I was so angry when he thought of the MC as a substitute but things arent clear yet


but I like it when he teases the mc! <<less
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toshibi rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: Completed
He's not just a crybaby, he's a big baby. You think he'd be able to take care of himself a bit or atleast can take a bit of bitterness since he was originally an orphan but no, he even cries like someone's killing him when given medicine. The baby in the extra is easier to take care of than him. Timid to a point even his maid can threaten him but keeps going over the line only when it comes to his interaction with ML. Also, he's more inflexible than... more>> the ancient people.


MC: I can't be empress. I'm a concubine and a man.

Maid: Rules are dead, people are alive. The emperor can make the harem for 1 person, he can make you empress.


ML has a problem with communication.


MC: Tell me so I can stop worrying

ML: Good.

(dissappears to go kill others, turns a blind eye to MC kidnapping to find enemy hideout)


Final Conclusion:

Good beginning, bland middle part to ending <<less
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Spoilerlove rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
A very nice story. Underrated. I gave it a 5 to compensate the lower ratings, my actual rating would be 4/5.

Lots of funny moments, especially the "Pei" scene in the second chapter. I mean of all the novels that had similar scenes never had an MC who reacted like that. O(*≧▽≦)ツ┏━┓!

MC is realistically cowardly so the interactions with the ML is also quite funny.


the ending of the actual story was a little abrupt (for me), but the ending of specials made up for it?!

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xjgg rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: Completed
it's a fun read except for mc's unreasonable (to me) tantrum.

ml's life was targeted and he, understandably, wanted a child later, he told MC this clearly. But MC went into a right snit and wanted to leave the palace. Like, who does thaaat? Your s/o is telling you it's inconvenient to have a child now because his life is targeted and you get mad??

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
XER rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm usually critical of BL novels because of weak shou's, crazy gongs, bad plot, no actual emotion, etc etc.

I was expecting to be disappointed by this novel because of the low rating and the comments.

I was beyond shocked about how well this is written and how good the characters are in this story. The plot doesn't drag on, the MC and ML are actually in love, and there is actually consent in this novel. This is one of the better novels I've read, and I hope you give it a... more>> chance.

To address other comments: The emperor is NOT a good person, especially in the beginning. He is actually terrifying and the MC has a very normal reaction. He actually feels like an emperor, and the MC actually feels like a human being (and not some emotionless OP God). Over time, the ML becomes soft as butter and the MC learns how to argue and get angry. It's amazing character development.

The MC is not ambitious, is pretty timid, and just wants to survive. I LOVE it. (If you don't like this, FILTER YOUR TAGS). He acts like a normal person that got transmigrated. He had such normal reactions to things that I got hooked. He becomes much stronger, and is very honest with his feelings. With his honesty, there aren't loooong misunderstandings for no reason. He is a great main character. There's not too much face-slapping. There aren't pages upon pages of descriptions telling you have smart and beautiful a character is. It's a well-written, authentic novel.

So glad I read this. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
timefigment rated it
October 27, 2021
Status: c78
Common trope but still a fun read nonetheless. The ML is truly as scary he's described to be. He kills people easily and the MC was truly scared of him most of the time. As the story progressed, we see their relationship progress slowlyyyy (there's dub con!) and uncovers more and more things that were not in accordance to book plot.

The book protagonists have not made any waves so far. It's only been focusing on the side of our ML and MC. Although, several things about the system has been... more>> brought up and made me curious.

The story can be boring in some parts (progress too slow) but it's mostly fun to read. However, the MC can truly pisses me off at times.


MC is a coward and gets scared easily. It makes sense knowing he's from a 21st century modern man who never saw actual killings in his life. But the way he kept going "I shouldn't mess/talk bad/provoke the book protagonists because after all they have the protagonist halo" is annoying.

Also, even after uncovering so many hidden truths, backgrounds, people not mentioned in the book, he kept mentioning the book over and over.

MC doesn't insist or wonder why the plot isn't according to book plot, but he kept thinking about "book plot, protagonist, villain" as if this whole thing, this world he lives in where he could actually DIE is still just a book he read.

E.g: ML mocked book ML. MC went, "forget it, just let him say it. A villain who doesn't speak ill of the protagonist is not a good villain." Even after living with ML for so long and knowing despite his crazy temper and killing, there's more to him doing that than just because he's a "villain."

It's as if he's thinking all this people are still just mere characters in a book despite already living the life of one of the characters and got to know so many of these characters.

The fact that ML who is short tempered has yet to kill him might just be due to the real protagonist halo smh

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 8, 2023
Status: --
Its the first time I read a story so boring. Like wtf... It’s a repeat of MC being scared of ML and crying and coming back after ML saving the damn damsel in distress. Idk it felt so immature and I tried my best to read it more but I’m done. It’s about a cowardly, spineless person and a psycho who disposes of whomever he dislikes which is totally not helpful or healthy to continue reading. I read a lot of bl novels alright whatever genre it may be but... more>> this is the first one which made me feel like I wasted my time <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm glad I chose to trust the people who give good review/ratings. Because this Novel is Really Good!

If anything, it's breath of Fresh Air! And doesn't disappoint me so far!

The development between MC and ML was not slow nor rush. Though the Slow Romance tag did justice.

... more>> It's not focusing on Romance, and yet the development between MC and ML is not something you can ignore nor it portrayed as vague. It's clear.

Their feelings was complicated. Especially how MC feel toward ML. You can tell what he feel toward ML was NOT Love-Hate situation. MC does NOT hate ML. He's just... Maybe...


Like how he feel safe at certain moments. And happy with him at some point.

But then after they did the real REAL interc**rse, the disappoinment MC feel when he's not allowed to have kids because the situation not right yet.

MC know what ML mean. We all reader also understood very well.

That's why this 'not get to have babies' was only the first level of disappointment.

MC already have deeper feeling toward ML at that point, and vice versa, but maybe we can't call it 'Love' yet.

And then another moment where ML chose to go back but didn't bring MC. The denial of longing and feelings of 'he probably would forget about me' was another disappoinment.

Next the land deed and the feelings of why this happen.


Honestly when I finally reach this chapter 97 part 1, I understand why MC ask this big request toward the [...].

Anyway this novel was Amazing!

Honestly I LOVE how the author wrote the characters of MC and ML and also other characters. So Refreshing!!! So Enjoyable!!!

Truly Loving it so far!!!

Pray so hard the rest of the story would give us great Satisfactory and clear all Mystery!!!

Finished at 16 October 2023:

Love the Character Development and Growth of the MC. From Timid to Outstanding figure (at least to me). Who firm with his own decision and believe. Who Understanding and Accepting ML's Plan. Who won't let anyone sway his way.

Seriously, MC's Journey was The Absolute Best Well Written in this novel Ever!!!

The Author truly did Amazing job writing Complex Characters. The Protagonists, the Loyal Subordinates, others and even the Villains. They so well written and none given a Flat Characteristics. Not even some annoying canon fodder.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
swen rated it
October 3, 2022
Status: c23
this story must be one of my favorites.

unexpectedly, this story had more funny parts than I thought. the MC making a random comparison between ML and an advertis**ent made me cackle. and when he called ML an internet troll, my sides hurt. it's hilarious how ML is somehow there whenever MC messes up. MC doesn't know whether to laugh or cry 24/7.

there was a scene where MC accidentally covers ml's head with a blanket, realizes what he's done then falls off the bed in shock and fear, then ML throws... more>> the blanket on mc's entire body as payback. it's very childish but that's what makes it hilarious.

on the contrary, I didn't think MC was useless at all. he's self deprecating enough to accept his fate if he were to be killed, but he's not so depressed as to voluntarily seek his own death. if he can live, then he will live, if he has to die, then so be it. but at the same time he does have an actual personality other than being a doormat. he's a little cheeky sometimes. he's not a pro at hiding his emotions, so ML is easily amused when MC is upset and accidentally shows it. anyways, he literally needs to be a doormat to survive lmao, how can you blame him, the moment he rebels against ML he's gonna be 6 feet under. (at least up to where i've been reading)

also saw a lot of comments complaining abt how much MC cries but trust me, mc's brother cries even more... MC is pretty likeable to me, tbh. he's a good and honest person, and unfortunately very bullyable. but he's not pathetic to the point where he will shamelessly hug the ml's thigh. remember that this MC thought he was supposed to be the gong, lmao, poor guy freaked out when ML told him to undress

oh, I also like pathetic men so there's that. this MC was right up my alley. while duh he needs some plot armor to survive, it's refreshing to see an mc— especially a transmigrator— struggle with their role.

so far this story is pretty good. I'm here for a casual read, not to analyze the plot. it's even more enjoyable when you don't really care about the logistics of things and mainly focus on the development of MC and ml's relationship. so even if ML is behaving like a scumbag rn I just shrug. I already know what the tags include and I'm interested to finding out the truth behind ml's past.

edit: my only regret is that I will need to read the mtl version of this novel so some things aren't so clear. <<less
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked it.. So many plots and twists.. Te couple was very funny.. The ML's tyranny was very funny.. Sometimes I felt very sad and anger.. Anyway it was very intresting.. Extras are very good and I wish if there could be more extras..
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hippopotamus rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: c39.2
Okay... The author writes well. But too bad this one isn't to my liking.

The MC is too timid. Perhaps he have his own reason. And I understand that he just tried to keep his life. It's not so easy to maintain a relationship with someone with such strange temperament that can talk and laugh with you just now but the next second will strangle you to death just because of a small thing. And yeah... strangely enough the crown prince a. k. a our ML has this kind of "behavior".

And... more>> perhaps this "behavior" of his isn't without a reason.

Okay. So, The MC is too timid. Because he is afraid of death. At this point, I can understand but honestly, at the same time, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I dunno why but I just don't like his timidity. I don't feel that he is cute. Not at all. He is not a rabbit. His timidity only makes me cringe... 😓

I tried so hard to persist. I said to myself not to drop this story. But still I can't bring myself to continue. Not because the story itself is not good. But because I don't feel comfortable about MC. And ML. ML makes me think that he is a psychopath... 🙄

The conclusion is... yeah... I dropped this story already... <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 10, 2022
Status: c23.4
At chapter 23.4, a pity it’s not fully translated yet but the translator is really good.

so far, ML is pretty cruel but that’s what a tyrant is right? But at the same time the story is kinda funny bc MC really takes everything in stride, I kind of admire him for that. The amount of rainbow fart or flattery he comes up with is 💯
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ceeteect rated it
November 19, 2023
Status: c97
pretty promising start. I usually don't rate so low but this one... I know it's time to put it down when I'm just left hate-reading.

I think what got me hooked in the beginning was MC and his crybaby salted-fish personality. But!! Over time, his personality quickly turns almost caricature-ish, making him a passive and even entirely apathetic person to everyone and everything around him. When I say this, it's not that a character can't be "interesting" if they're not actively engaged and worried or thoughtful of other characters and situations,... more>> but it almost feels like the author is trying so hard to make the MC a "relatable" and cute "fool". It's to the point where his character is entirely stagnant and truthfully, boringly irritating. I'm left constantly literally shouting out loud at my screen "Do you care about anything!??!!"

MC becomes one of those characters who always says they just want to be salted fish and doesn't want to be part of the drama, yet expects SOMETHING from ML or others, but never thinks to put in any work.

Yes I get that in a sense it could be attributed to him being a 21st century modern man with modern conveniences, but being a 21st century modern man ≠ having absolutely NO ambition. Having ambition doesn't necessarily have to be grand things like fighting for the throne or becoming a hero of the people. It's always "I want to live" for MC but MC never does ANYTHING to make sure he lives a good life. he understands from the moment he transmigrates that he will suffer the same fate as the ML because of the novel and that's bc the original MC has a special stone that is the system. At some point a general picks it up and MC never even thinks to take it or take precautions. he just thinks it's whatever, to the point where I'm left scratching my head because what's the point of trying your best to "SURVIVE" if you don't take the precaution of making sure no one else gets this golden cheat?!?! He never takes action and he's always so wishy-washy. The only time I felt his character was actually going to change for better or for worse was during his su*cide attempt and this is mainly because for once he's confronted with the reality of his life and feelings after being apathetic about himself and this world. You'd think after that, one or two things would be different but absolutely nothing changes. NOTHING!

Author does not develop his character even up to this point. It had me so confused about MC because we get a brief introduction to him, but the author only randomly adds a yu-gi-oh style card reveal of random irrelevant facts about him that doesn't do anything to make the readers engaged with this character, nor does it attribute and reflect in what he does and why he does what he does.

the entire trip to fix the problem with the locust plague was so pointless because the author never delves into MC being an active participant, so we never get the see the MC do anything other than mental gymnastics in his room over the same 2 things. Not to mention the random 2-3 year time skip was so???
At that point, I was so bored with the MC, that it only felt like the plot/story had the possibility of moving forward by even a bit was when ML was put back in the story. Only for the author to torture us with the MC's mental gymnastics AGAIN.

I hate to be so critical, but even the most dense salted fish has a personality beyond being just that. Maybe I wouldn't care that nothing is ever really happening in the "plot" if MC wasn't such a stagnant character. The beginning was okay, good premise with a promising dynamic, but quickly plateaued to boring and irritating. I tried my best to finish so I can get the entire picture, but even getting up to chapter 97 was self-inflicted torture. <<less
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Hualian2023 rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: Completed
I was entertained while reading this but I kinda struggled to finish it. The beginning was promising but the couple's dynamics by the middle frustrated me.

* (SPOILER) Idk why the author at times made their love seem fake or forced. I would have prefered if they just fell in love in a more natural way, without the appearance of the aphrodisiac blood or stone to restrict the MC's movements in order to help or make him stay with the ML. It made me feel that the ML didn't really like... more>> the MC at all, which made the story drag out for me.*

Also the lack of communication between the MC and ML was frustrating, it just felt like they can't communicate like a normal equal couple about important things, there were lots of secrets coming from the ML and the MC was too passive about it for my taste. Overall, I was expecting more true love to develop from this couple but it didn't seem like it.

I did like the plot twist at the end though. It made me cry, not in a sad way but it actually moved me.

* (Spoiler) But then looking back, it made me realize that the ML could have behaved in a sweeter manner to the MC since way before, made me felt like something was missing in their interactions.*

But overall I appreciate that the author tried to make something different with that plot twist, it probably was the main point of this novel, so I give it 3 stars. <<less
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January 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Just finished it through MTL, I honestly love this novel and I wish there's more 😭 There were times that I would literally cry but mostly I'll be laughing my as* off because of the interaction between MC and ML. I soooo love them very much. I wish there are more chapters 🥹❤️
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