The Vase Man People Say Will Collapse


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Xie Yu, a bigwig in the modern entertainment industry, ended his life due to a shipwreck, and when he opened his eyes, he was reborn as the laughing stock of the interstellar entertainment circle with the same name—a 27-year-old traffic star who has been ridiculed by everyone for not producing good works for many years and is an embarrassment all over the stars despite having looks that could be said to be God’s preference.

Under a brand-new entertainment industry environment and a huge conspiracy, Xie Yu ends up at the forefront of public opinion, filming when he has to, quietly investigating when there is no shoot, cooking with cats in his spare time, and fully ready to complete his mission and retire. However, although not popular now, with all the skills possessed by his body, he will definitely become popular later, and finally stand back at a high point in his career.

His state-of-the-art acting skills and superb cooking skills arouse widespread discussion in the interstellar entertainment circle. And by the way, he’s also attracted the attention of the bigwig Shen Qi who joined the circle for an investigation.

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4 Reviews

New WallEyeKnee
Apr 09, 2024
Status: Completed
Well for cat s*aves out there, this is a novel that you don't want to miss! Alot of cats so cute and so much moe.

There's not much filming going on for MC, we spend much of the time on MC and Ml's interactions and cooking.

There's some crime plot that over the course of the novel but doesn't really play a major role as everything get sort out largely off screen, we don't come face to face with the real villains.

We also spend alot of time doing PR work because there's... more>> alot of negative gossips and ton of black power fans for MC. It's get very annoying that there's alot of brainless negativity, they are the biggest enemy in this novel.

MC is a good actor who knows how to cook, very gentle and have alot of experience in the entertainment industry, love to experience new things and has that cute childish side but get his work done with alot of effort

ML is the cool man a hidden police force have talents in directing and child care, is the best cat/human form I have read as far as know, this should be the standard transformation for beast type. You can transform at will! And still has human nature and has the animal characteristics. It was special to see it

I like this novel, there's something that can be explore more but I find the relationship between MC and M so interesting, their interactions warm my heart. <<less
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Oct 13, 2023
Status: Completed
It's good and easy going kinda novel. With a bit of crime and entertainment.

Most of the novel is about the relationship progress between MC and ML. They are soo cute and sweet. And also the most true green flag 💚 couple. And as a cat lover 😺😍 I loved this novel. Plus for a 2018 year novel it's quite good and enjoyable. Highly Recommend.

Lots Of Love❤.
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Sep 24, 2023
Status: Completed
3, 9

I'll say, it's quite good, but boring at the same time. I like the sweet things here, but also don't like the setting genre here. It's too short for a novel with criminal thingy, quite enough for showbiz... But also not quite deep in both. So the good things here is sweet romance and diversity of species, but nah for the showbiz and else
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Jun 28, 2023
Status: c82
The novel is relaxing to read. No unreasonable MC, no face slapping. It's more like a slice of life and more focused on the MC - ML and somewhat on the syndicate/trafficker and his profession as an actor.

The plot on trafficking nor movie doesn't have much depth. So not recommended for the those who want a heavy plot novel.
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