The Tang Family’s Seven Os


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In this era with a scarcity of Omegas, the Tang family gave birth to seven Os.

Lao Da: I’m clamouring for a divorce every day

Lao Er: Gun friend (internet slang for a friend with benefits) has not forgotten white moonlight (Bai Yueguang, refers to a love that is unattainable)

Lao San: Frying (deliberately hyping) CP to become real husband and husband

Lao Si: The Gong (top/seme) I’m raising asked me to give birth to a child for him

Lao Wu: Happy life after being marked by the damn enemy

Lao Liu: ALPHAs are all big pig’s hoof (internet slang for scumbag)

Lao Qi: Gong is also eating vinegar today (means to be jealous)

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Melange rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorite fluffy feels good ABO novels. There's not much drama, just a story featuring a big family of seven omega brothers and their respective alphas.


Here's a list of the various arcs.

  1. university student omega x amnesiac whipped dog president alpha
  2. fashion designer omega x high school rival turned fwb entertainment company president alpha
  3. popular omega actor masquerading as a beta x "fake boyfriend" fellow actor alpha (their agents become a couple too)
  4. powerful investor omega x "canary" lawyer alpha who makes way more than his keeper
  5. "beta" military commander omega x rival alpha military commander
  6. emergency medicine physician omega x high school sweetheart alpha disguised as an omega
  7. autistic university professor x childhood friend emperor alpha
  8. Extras involving the whole family and how the two dads met
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sleepy_chelsy rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Cute, light hearted fluff.

As expected from this „genre“ you won’t find a deep, groundbreaking story. Just 7 simple stories regarding 7 different couples.
Every arc was cliché and predictable but they were still very enjoyable to read because they had at least decent characters and a decent plot.

Now, if you are tired and easily annoyed by lowkey-tsundere gary sue shous then I advise you to read something different.
While the shous never bothered me to that extend I can understand if other readers may find them bothersome. All 7 main protags have lowkey the same personality

or just not one at all but so do the gongs, so... ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


but lemme ask you this: Name me one cute romance novel with its focus being lighthearted fluff where the shou is actually interesting. I‘ll wait.

I mean the novel does what it is trying to achieve and that is being an easy read with many cute and funny moments.
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Keikey rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: --
Seven omegas, seven stories. Each plot is kinda interlinked with the other even if you can read them independently. Not the usual abo plot, very well written, the brothers interact with each other's story, it's fun. And we have all the settings for everyone taste : entertainment, military, school, hospital...

Kids for the great work and clever author.
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damnmei rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Notes I took for each arc, any more major spoilers are separated:

... more>>

Arc 1: Ch 1 - Amnesiac simp husband CEO ML and long-suffering MC

This was a good arc to start off with, and really set the stage of what to expect with the other stories: a super rich and powerful alpha ML who is obsessed with the capable and very attractive omega MC and a MC who likes him back but pretends that he's above it all and doesn't give a shit.

This arc in particular was fun because of the hilarity of ML trying to not be interested in MC but falling for him again anyways. Was a bit overplayed in some scenes and ML was too oblivious and idiotic at times but overall enjoyable.


Their kid was hella cute and I ended up actually liking the omega/beta side couple even though they came off as taking advantage of the ML at first. Which to be fair, ML was s*upid and it was actually painful to read his s*upidity at times.


Arc 2: Ch 36 - F*ckbuddies to lovers

This arc was pretty funny, with the two main leads finding comfort in each other after their first loves went off with one another, only to get challenged by their first loves breaking up and reentering the main leads' lives.

I really liked the relationship between brothers in this arc in particular, as second and third brother seem to be the closest out of the bunch so far.

I would say my only real gripe about this arc is that the whole premise of them not being able to be in a relationship because THEY LIKED DIFFERENT COLORED ROSES was the most idiotic thing I have ever read. Wtf?? Are red and pink roses that important to them?? I did not understand, but


it was cute that the wedding had MC wearing a pink rose for his now husband. Compromise, I guess...


Arc 3: Ch 54 - Actor MC and Singer ML fake a relationship

Honestly just a generally feel good arc, no real drama.


From the start it was pretty obvious that ML was completely obsessed with the MC but am I the only one who finds it a bit creepy just how obsessed he was to have a whole room dedicated to MC's fan materials?? I guess it's sweet to support your idol but to then mass produce a CP with them... that much obsession just isn't sexy to me? I do like yandere characters so maybe he's just missing the psycho part to appeal to me LOL


There was quite a bit of face slapping with the other actor trying to form a CP with MC. The ML did act a bit odd at times but I mostly just skipped over those parts where he was acting all cute and OOC (is it even out of character if it's the source material... idk).


The "white lotus" character on the ML side was pretty weak and caused the most minor of misunderstandings that got resolved in basically one chapter after the two main characters just talked to one another. Honestly as it should be as they're mature adults and not actively trying to sabotage themselves... as is the case with the next arc.


Arc 4: Ch 84 - "Kept man" ML and oblivious as hell MC

Hands down my least favorite arc, as the misunderstanding grew to such an extent that it was painful to read.

What kind of person is in a monogamous relationship with someone who is completely devoted to them and thinks that they're not dating much less that the other person is only tolerating them and doesn't actually like them??


The whole baby trapping plot with the weird power play and manipulation was just unnecessary as well.


I just could not wait for this particular arc to end, it took every last braincell of mine to stay engaged. Which is a shame because the ML actually had a really tragic backstory that made me shed actual tears!!

Arc 5: Ch 102 - Rival commanders, pheromone disorder

I for the most part really enjoyed this arc! Sans the slight incredulity at yet another brother pretending to be a beta and somehow not getting caught, the personalities of the two main leads worked well together, and I'm always down for a enemies to lovers plot.


At this point in the story it's basically expected that everything will be a cliche so I wasn't surprised when the ML was revealed to have a pheromone disorder that could only be healed by f*cking the MC. Truly nothing better medicine wise in ABO.


The MC had more of a distinct personality at first but by the end he kinda became like all his other brothers, blushing and ogling over the ML.

Arc 6: Ch 132 - Stoic MC and Fake Omega ML

Ok so at this point you really have to accept that in order to enjoy these stories you need to not take them too seriously and just ignore the vaguely morally suspect things that are going on.


ML basically tricks and lowkey manipulates MC in order to get close to him, which on one hand is hilarious and on the other deeply disturbing. Taking the fun road, it was really enjoyable. Had I not, it would probably have read like a psychological thriller... ? Haha...

Well regardless, it was satisfyingly brought to a head with MC figuring things out and proceeding to kick ML out of his life (as he should!!) Honestly this what what I needed to redeem ML, can't just let him get off easy for lying to MC like that!

Also wtf was the marriage proposal before they even started officially dating? I'm—


Arc 7: Ch 156 - Prince ML and Blunt AF MC

Ok so now this was one of my favorite arcs. Humorous, adorable, with one of the best MCs of the bunch! I really loved his straightforward personality and how strong of a character he was, fearless to a fault.


I was a bit disappointed that sixth brother didn't really appear in this arc at all since the two technically live together and are "close." Instead the ML got to defend MC in the entire arc rather than any moment of sixth brother protecting him? Despite the sixth arc saying over and over how protective sixth brother is of the seventh?


Anyways, overall these were mindless enjoyment and I'd recommend for anyone who likes ABO! It does get a bit tedious just how many times the MCs are called "tender" and "white faced" and whatever other adjectives describing how sweet and pretty and delicate they all are (literally every single one, like please...), but the plots are all quite fun and entertaining. <<less
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November 30, 2022
Status: Completed
From CEo stories to interstellar, this novel's far-reaching trope is pretty interesting. It gave me multiple stories without QT. So I won't be needlessly wasting emotions attached on one world (and most of all, parting with other casts) since they won't be leaving that world. Very convenient!

A couple of Omega brothers got pregnant and the firstborn even had a toddler already at the start of the story. Story focuses on romance of the seven (so many!) MCs. And boy with how many they are, have probably covered all kinds of... more>> tropes there is. The Septuplet Omegas that had similar faces but vastly different personalities made up aplenty of varied love stories. Overall its a nice family story with a general feel-good mood peppered with a few twist and turns as we witness different kinds of romance. The transition of each arc is very smooth. They all get together every now and then too, the dad is funny.

[edit] Speaking of tropes, Here's the 7 pairings and some little commentary.
  • Arc 1: Comedic pair. #Drama queen (shou) x Silly (gong). The one-is-willing-to-hit-and-other-is-willing-to-get-hit-trope. Super pampering CEO but amnesiac rn gong. Misunderstanding is hilarious and not over the top.
  • Arc 2: A more mature pairing (due to lots of bed scenes). #Sex-friends turned to lovers. Actually has feelings for each other but shou is unaware. Has mild face slapping.
  • Arc 3: The omega posing as beta trope. #Showbiz life, Reality show, barrage (live comments), fandom wars and bad actor villain. Gong is a well-known old rich so shou's secret identity gave way for fun faceslap opportunities.
  • Arc 4: #Misunderstanding is super big with this couple. Lovers since high school. Golden master shou (in the beginning). Revenge theme. Shou helped gong seek justice. I like how the gong here is a self-made rich.
  • Arc 5: Enemy/Rival to lovers. Omega sneaked into military trope. Interstellar action with white lotus villain. It also has the usual interstellar theme of gong having pheromone disorder. #Destined Mates.
  • Arc 6: Story went back to high school days as it starts there. #Tough omega with an infamous reputation in school while gong is the second-generation-rich school bully. Shou is the eats soft type (will fight you if forced) so gong pretended to be omega. Misunderstanding bcos of it and got resolved only after time jump. Another gentle CEO gong.
  • Arc 7: Closely related to arc 6... literally. The gong of Arc 6 and 7 were cousins. #royal clan infighting. Scum royal relatives + faceslaps. Gentle but strong heart shou. Mixed reception with this gong bcos of how he tried to let of of the shou but still can't truly part. The classic annoying kind of tsundere.
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secondthots rated it
November 3, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is a buffet. There's different food options to choose from & they're all great. If you happen to want something short, sweet, consent-filled... there's 7 ARCS of them! I was skeptical if it was really going to cover all seven brothers, but consider me a believer now. Not getting the brothers' names mixed up is quite the challenge...

The couple dynamics are my pot of tea. You have everything from entertainment industry drama to wealthy shotgun marriage to friends with benefits to smart student x delinquent. That's only... more>> 3 out of the 7. The variety is awesome. I have to admit that the first arc was slow; I was kind of hesitant to read the rest because it wasn't that great of a start. However, the flow onwards was really smooth & it overlapped pretty perfectly with all the arcs. It blended nicely; the timing & pacing made sense. I give it props for that. It should honestly be named "The Tang Family Taking Over the Empire" because they do just that. As for the ABO portion, I'm not mad. Sure we missed out on potential pairings other than the standard alpha-omega one, but I appreciate the consent & push for omega rights. Definitely an enjoyable read that can account for many tastes.

The real sh*t aka my alpha ranking:


7 arcs, 7 couples, 7 alphas—all are terrific, some more outstanding than others. Here's my pick because why not...

7. Lu Cheng

Lu Cheng & Tang Yi Yuan are my least favorite CP. Their bonus points lie in the sole fact that Lu Tang Tang exists. That small bun is the highlight of their entire relationship. Idk maybe I'm getting bored of the whole "I give birth to your child first before settling our actual feelings" setting. Lu Cheng's a total wife s*ave though; I like how he's not ashamed to cater to Yi Yuan & go along with the latter's demands. They're technically a really cute couple. They have the whole 'powerful CEO dotes on his wife' thing down.

6. Sheng Can

Look, I can't handle delinquents anymore... even if they're a literal prince. Sheng Can & Tang Qi Yuan are your classic study tyrant x delinquent pairing. They make you feel like you missed out on having a beautiful high school romance. Sheng Can is at number 6 because I at least hold him higher than Lu Cheng. He's a very tsundere character & I love that.

5. Xia Cheng Lang

Presumed playboy falls for the ice prince yessssssss. I actually forgot if Cheng Lang was ever a true playboy but he does give off that indolent nature. He's the type that looks very nonchalant & lazy, but is actually very passionate when having found a goal. I love him & I also like the unexpected angst I got from this arc too.

4. Song Xiao Bao

A man in a military uniform.. sign me up. Now I really enjoyed this arc more than I thought I would. Rivals to lovers... a thrilling kidnapping moment... it's got action & spunk. I have a soft spot for couples who aren't afraid to throw swings at each other because both know that the other is strong enough to take it. But yeah Song Xiao Bao is a man of consent, integrity, & just overall righteousness—a stalwart protector.

3. Li Can

Ok honestly Gu An & Li Can are pretty tied for me. Li Can is the overbearing CEO of the entertainment industry that happens to be the most doting & attentive lover to his loved one. The whole friends with benefits situation he had with Tang Er Yuan had me eye-rolling because how dense do you have to be to not be together that entire time. Sigh... but I'd take a Li Can any day

2. Gu An

A shameless singer who can say the most outrageous thing for his lover. I freaking love Gu An. Maybe I just have a thing for shameless types. Him & Tang San Yuan had the whole wolf x rabbit vibe going on. I love their interactions & it was an overall very entertaining arc to read through.

1. Yan Qin Ye

THIS MAN IS THE WINNER RIGHT HERE. Tang Si Yuan you lucky son of a gun. This man is a paragon of loyalty, patience, & all things sexy. I adore his arc & I highly think it's due to that monologue chapter where it shows his perspective. That had me so weak in the knees. He's my type 1000%. I can't argue that there's no bias to this because YES THERE IS A TON.

As you can tell, each arc has something for everybody!

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AriaSoul16 rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I love this novel so, so much. I love how each arc are interconnected to each other. There are some clues you can find to other pairings. I also love how each character has their own characteristics and personalities and is very distinctive.

This is one of the best BL novel I've read. I had so much fun reading.
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hy-d-ra rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: Dropped
Emm.. NOT my type of humor.

I haven't read much, but I'm already tired of this author's sense of humor. Because this story should be like this - cozy and light-hearted and lovely as it started. Noticing the people's reviews many have liked it. But the story itself is interspersed by the "humorous" parts and it lost the vibe to me pretty quick, since I don't like this type of humor that shows almost everyone making up their weird minds and going along with it and not actually listening to... more>> explanations whatsoever.

And I mean it, EVERYONE is like that, everyone is this one-dimensional whose brains were eaten by aliens and they make up brainworms. Except for the child, the one clear-headed.

Starting from the Alpha, he wakes up without memories of the last four years, means he doesn't remember his happy marriage and the spouse stayed at the "nemesis" level at the moment. Do you think his Omega would explain the situation of the last four years? No, he's too proud, because now he wants his Alpha to confess first, so he lets it slide... What kind of logic is that. The only good part about YiYuan was that he was tolerant towards his partner despite memory loss, after all he loved him and wouldn't flip the table and leave (naive me thought so). But the story itself doesn't follow any plot, since it's all random daily shit, yet the "humor" should be the big part of it and I don't understand the humor. The Alpha acts like a big idiot who can't ask to give him info on his last four years and why he's now married to the "nemesis", but simly continues to make up his mind that this "nemesis" is good at seducing and slowly, not realizing himself, his subconscious acts for him, like feelings deep inside are awakening, but since he doesn't know the true story he resisted for some time. Assistant made assumption his boss had s*x with his wife in the office just because one had wrinkled clothes (from sleeping)... *speechless*. For some reason the Alpha (have no idea how he heard about it), thought that if YiYuan's brother likes to see his Alpha in a bikini then YiYuan may like it too, because twins... and he does buy a pair, then gets caught holding them, but the entire trio is like - we understand your weird hobbies, but we accept you as you are, no worries. I understand that for some this should be hilarious, but it DOESN'T make me laugh at all. Like I find this type of humor very dumb and cringe. Some said that everyone is different, but I see all characters making up their minds in the weirdest way possible and that made them look like copy-paste version of each other with only tiny bit of difference.

The other part is the rest of characters, if you know these two, you know what to expect from the rest. Arc 2: Oblivious gun friends who chase after their "first love" when two first loves break up (yeah they were in a relationship). They were so oblivious that it was painful. Mature adult men who are like that are not my thing to make them the bu*t of the joke. And stories are too short and too shallow and too forced to give a damn I mind you. Arc 3: Again oblivious Omega (I suppose they're all like that) in a fake relationship to get rid off a guy who hypes him and uses all the time... As I said, very forced plot. But Omega gets real in the fake relationship. Arc 4: Nurturing etc. etc. the most basic and cliche plots you can imagine, all doe-eyed very pretty Omegas you can imagine (the epitome of silly, sweet and cute of course) and all the short and shallow plots you can imagine.

This came into conflict with the parts that were okay, but I don't see the need to continue with the story that is partially okay and partially totally not my thing. Thus I'm easily dropping this, it's not my type of thing, we didn't click. I'm out. Doesn't mean you may not like it, others like it, look at reviews. Matter of reference. <<less
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dday0425 rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: c189
It's alright.

The romances are cliche and quite childish. I was not particularly impressed, but it's readable.

Most of the Omegas in this novel (specifically, the eldest to the fourth) are timid in the face of love. Although there are some variations, the core personalities are basically the same. They are almost identical. You can have the eldest change clothes and play his brother's role, and I wouldn't even notice. In contrast, the male leads show more distinctive personalities, even though they are all rich and powerful, resulting in a more diverse... more>> set of storylines.

Out of the 7 arcs, my favorites are arcs 1, 5, and 7, as I found them to be more unique and appealing, with more depth and completeness. The extras with two daddies are also cute. It's a pity the author has no intention to further develop their storylines, as I'd love to read more about them.

In the end, the thing that disappoints me the most is that the pairings are always Alpha x Omega. Considering the number of times the topic of Omega's freedom and equality has been raised within the story, It would be more convincing if at least one of the siblings paired with either Bata or Omega, to be honest. <<less
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Aspiringbeamoflight rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Love this sm!

I was reading the translation from knoxt but then couldnt stop myself from reading the raws!

Each couple has their own different story with the first couple and the 3rd being my favourite. Dont get me wrong I do love all them but the tang yiyuan and lu cheng are just hmm🤌 also mpreg 😳

... more>> It has the right amount of angst so it doesnt drag on for too long. Oh yeah the omegas parents are couple goals love them.

Im so grateful for the translator melon_bowl on knoxt. Space. They have been consistently uploading chapters everyday. Thank you for your hardwork 💗 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yoya rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. It’s a very simple novel, and it has a different cliche for each of the 7 brothers, other than 4-5, I actually enjoyed most of the storylines. In 5-7 there’s also a background plot and the storylines intertwine with each other, so you can see all the different perspectives. I liked how the author didn’t make all of the love rivals villainous and some of them turned out pretty all right. Not too much character development since each arc was so short but... more>> I found it enjoyable and it’s an easy read. It’s not 100% fluff but all the angst gets addressed pretty quickly, and it’s quite funny too. <<less
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Rurella rated it
January 4, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a series of very sweet romance stories about each of the seven omegas' relationships in the family. Each arc (omega) has their own genre and personality and individualistic MLs. The waves are small and it's mostly cute sweet fluff.

The overarching progression of the world is tied in well with the specific omega stories without being dominating in each arc and they make just enough reference points with the other arcs to give a good sense of timeline.

Overall a very nice relaxing read.

But I'm docking a point because author is... more>> obsessed with smoking. All the alphas smoke as if "manly men" are obligated to smoke and all the omegas try to curb their alphas' literal addiction to a debatable successful rate, with many scenes of chain smoking and recreational smoking. I understand if 1 or 2 of them smoked and can overlook it, but all of them do and I find that disgusting. <<less
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bookmunchies rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: c189
TBo it was not much fun. If you just want to kill time cause you have other commitments it's alright. The premise starts off interesting but then itgets dull. It doesn't really add anything tbo, , like it's very bland. There's the sexism and the eugenics which just makes you roll your eyes so often. It's def in the instant food category. NOt really a rec.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Inari Noctifer
Inari Noctifer rated it
December 15, 2022
Status: c29
It's nice I guess. I dont really "like" it but I don't love it either. Anyways here's a list of the arcs if ya want to skip. (I'll update if I get to finish this latur)



Arc 1 : Chapter 2

Arc 2 : Chapter 36

Arc 3 : Chapter 54

Arc 4 : Chapter 83

Arc 5 : Chapter 102

Arc 6 : Chapter 132

Arc 7 : Chapter 156

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kassandra rated it
November 22, 2022
Status: Completed
THIS IS SO NICE!! I have to shed a few tears at the end to show how much I love it.

7 omega = 7 different stories. I love all of it, each one of the story is unique and so heartwarming. It really warmed my heart, it's so fluffy.

It just has right amount of drama, nothing too over dramatic. The fluff is also too much but it just felt right to me. &Gt;<

The concept of Septuplets is really new to me and at first I don't know if the novel... more>> would be good because it's 7 we're talking about. If it's not done good, the characters would be overwhelming and too much.

But if it was done right, the numbers would just feel right. Which this novel did.

I really highly recommend this one. I don't why this was not known because it's good. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fakeluff rated it
October 31, 2022
Status: Completed
So adorable and sometimes silly, yet touching with its moments of genuine emotion, it’s made its way into my heart such that I’m happy and sad to get to the end. Looking forward to reading the stories all over again.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Qiaoyishanren rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: Completed

yup, definitely!

Well... The first arc is so irritating, and if you're going to read it I'm sure you'll find my rant there, but Thankfully, the other Arc gets better and better, which is a good reason for me to add this novel on my lists. There are lots of misunderstandings I'm telling you, But! The good thing about this novel was.. it's like, you're reading a different kind of scenarios like you're reading a lot of ABO novels in one sitting.

If you're gonna ask me if I'm gonna... more>> read this novel again? Yeah, definitely. But I'll choose the arc lol 🤣 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hippopotamus rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm a little jealous of the closeness in their family. Rather than the romantic aspect of this story, I'm more interested in the affection between family members 🤔

Seven omegas and each has a different personality. Seven different stories with seven different protagonists. You could say this concept is very new to me. Because I've read a lot of stories, BG and BL (not interested in Yuri and harem tho 😅) using tags such as "episodic" or "world hopping". Usually, there is only one MC who jumps from one episode to... more>> another, and falls in love with the same ML. At first it was very interesting to me. However, more and more stories that use the same concept make me feel very bored. While there are really good stories, there are also stories that make me reluctant to read any further.

This story is very special for me. By the time I got to the final chapter, I felt a little lost. I felt like that I met close friends but suddenly had to part ways. On the one side, I feel very happy, each of them could be with their true loves. But on the other side, I also feel a bit sad as every story eventually have to reach an end... Goodbye~ 😭

Binge reading? Unfortunately I do not have that kind of habit... <<less
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switbluangel rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: --
This is basically the individual love story of the Septuplets omega brothers, each with unique characteristics, and the pains of their alpha father getting his "cabbages stolen".

This is a fun story to read. The comedy and love story of each Omega brother are unique to each other and each story will leave you craving for more.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Moocakey rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: c189
I really enjoyed this novel! The stories are AO and each pairing features a Tang brother MC with their lover. Each ML has a different background and the stories may seem a bit repetitive (from their first meeting, miscommunication, discovery of feelings, relationship doubt, etc.) with a little bit of drama but each one ends on a sweet note. I really like how the author ties in the the stories of each brother with 'guest' appearances of the other brothers. The last few extras really rounds out the HEs for... more>> each of the brothers, and their loving parents. <<less
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