After Becoming the Alpha Protagonist, I Snatched the Cannon Fodder Omega


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The thick-skinned Qiu Zhenyang just transmigrated, and became the crazy, cool alpha protagonist gong in an interstellar ABO campus story.

He silently looked at the young man glaring at him with misty eyes. This young man was the cannon fodder omega the original owner had recently broken the marriage contract with, and the overflowing pheromones from his body indicated he was about to enter estrus.

Do or not do?

This is a question worth thinking about…

Transmigrating into the young master of the Federation’s Chief Legion, the First Consortium, and a Pharmacy Family, Qiu Zhenyang has whatever he wants. Whoever is not pleasing to the eye, he can deal with.

On his first day in the Interstellar Academy, facing the confession of the omega school flower: Sorry, you aren’t my type.

Inadvertently, hero saves beauty. Facing the protagonist shou in the original story: Go away, I don’t drink green tea.

Besieged at home, facing the pursuit of the coquettish childhood sweetheart: Why are you wearing such showy clothes?

Qiu Zhenyang’s pheromone tastes like sunshine, and his personality is like a little sun. But only when facing Ling Mu, the cannon fodder covered in thorns, did heart soften again and again. His affection grew stronger, and he loved him uncontrollably.

After the marriage contract with the Qiu family’s young master was called off, Ling Mu’s difficult life became even worse.

But, just over a month later, he had an affair with the young master, and was even temporarily marked!

That bastard!

Qiu Zhenyang, who temporarily marked him: “I will be responsible for you!”

Ling Mu: “Shut up, go away!”

Qiu Zhenyang, who officially introduced Ling Mu to his friends: “This is my wife!”

Ling Mu: “What wife, go away!”

Qiu Zhenyang, who had just rejected the protagonist’s confession: “Oh, are you jealous?”

Ling Mu: “F*ck, go away!”

Qiu Zhenyang: “Are you serious? Then… Xiao Mumu, let’s do something harmonious?”

Ling Mu: “…”

After a few seconds, Qiu Zhenyang: “Ow! Wife, your fists are so powerful!”

My pheromone is sunshine, your pheromone is sunflower, we are born to fit together.

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New cynpayne
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
Overall, I liked it.

I liked that there was a lead who was willing to throw away any face or pride he had to make his lover happy.

If you are not comfortable with what some people consider dubious consent because of pheromones from the ABO premise, then don’t bother reading.

There were a few plot holes that I did find annoying:

... more>>

1. Demon Beasts. The beginning of the story takes place on a planet used as a testing site for a 10 day survival test that students are taking to get in to university. They have to survive while hunting demon beasts and get their demon cores. Okay, fine, we’ve all read stories like this BUT nowhere in the rest of the story is this even mentioned again. There is talk of the military using Mecha to fight alien beasts, but nowhere do they say people go out and fight beasts in person with minimal resources. The rest of the story is about a modern, advance civilization... why this beginning?

2. Main Character is beaten by his dad. It’s said that after the MC breaks his original engagement to the ML his father beats him so bad that he ends up in the hospital. It seems very strange then that the family is completely harmonious and doting the next time they meet. Is it normal to beat a family member into the hospital and it to not cause any problems later? Again, what was that point of this being in the story?

3. Transmigrated into a novel. I’ve never understood this plot device. How does this even work? Are you really in a novel? What happens when you reach the same point as the end of the original novel? The world stops? Why not just say you appeared in an alternate dimension. Anyways, this is not specific to just this story, just a personal beef on my part.

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CasBrin rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: c86
Honestly... kind of dubcon. The Omega ML does not consent for half of the novel. The novel also mentions that marking an omega will cause them to become physically dependent on the Alpha. The MC also uses his wealth to force the ML into living with him. The MC also follows that trope of 'I temporarily marked you now you're MY omega and I control your life now.'

So I dunno how I feel about it all. The MC is not malicious, and he does want to improve the ML's life,... more>> but that is overridden by wanting to possess the ML. He also has no respect for the ML's sense of privacy and regularly just tells everyone, on blast, intimate details against the ML's will.

A lot of this is because the MC is clueless about the finer points of an ABO world. But he still makes stereotypical Alpha choices and enforces them on the MC so...I'm not really a fan of him. <<less
41 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5/5 - Do NOT read this as a serious novel. This is an interstellar campus romcom.


... more>>
  • MC & ML's little interactions are cute, e.g.,

    ML saying MC's pheromones are equivalent to dead mites; or ML punching MC multiple times when he's embarrassed or annoyed

  • MC's personality - he makes it clear he's not interested in others (to them and to his friends), and his tiny M-streak when dealing with the ML adds a hint of fun. Also, his internal monologue at times, e.g.,

    My fav: "Hehe, s*upid interstellar people, you can't escape the law of milk tea and fried chicken!"

  • ML's growth. Yes it could have been done better, but his character did evolve and shift slowly in the plot


  • Ending arc could have been written better (-0.5 star). A little more dramatized than it could have, and would have been a better read had it not been MC's net new creation and focused more on ML's development and growth
  • Deus ex machina in chapter 1 that sets up the plot. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it is in the novel description, and there is nothing R-18. R-15 perhaps.
  • ML's mother. That b*tch. 😠

At the end of the day, read if you're looking for something light-hearted, such as, a campus romcom with common tropes in omegaverse or top chasing bottom novels. But NOT for those who are looking for something serious or may analyze every single detail.

For those curious, try a few chapters, if you don't like it, 🤷‍♂️. If you do, 😁. <<less
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I enjoyed most of it. I think it was a fun, simple book. The plot was kinda shallow and cliche but good enough for fluff. However around chapter 70-96 I started skipping texts and chapters. This arc is the e-sports arc and it wasn't as interesting as the previous plotline which focuses on resolving the villains of the original story.

Still 5 stars coz I'm generous today.
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ri_n rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: --
the story started off with the retelling of how the original plot should’ve went and it had a bit of emphasis on how ML’s life was made into ruin by this one single character so you would expect a face slapping show for that character. There’s so much build up for that point but then that character literally disappears after a few chapters then reappears at the near end of the story only to be dealt with in just a few sentences.

the ML seemed hypocritical the farther the story goes.... more>> His initial setting was a hedgehog trying to be strong and individual guy but as the story goes, he becomes a softie with the MC’s pampering. Which is all good cos it means ML is regaining faith in humanity. But then his initial setting of a strong individual ML turned into someone who says ‘No’ to whatever MC says but accepts whatever comes with the excuse that “ah MC’s just gonna force it on me anyway.” What makes it annoying is that he’ll disagree just ONCE and then let the MC go and give things. Like cmon, his actions make him seem like a novice gold digger. His character setting isn’t so bad considering he’s young and lacked security since young, he’ll probably grow independent the more he matures, however, the way he was written is annoying.

Equally, MC being an alpha cancer that doesn’t take into consideration anything of ML’s opinion on the mindset that “this is all for the betterment of ML’s standard of living; I am for his good so this is acceptable”

just wow

second, MC literally coerces ML every time ML complains or voices an opinion opposite his. By coercion I meant both ‘seduction’ and suppression. MC is well aware that his partner, once marked, will be affected and be dependent on him and then he proudly boasts about his self-righteousness and strong self-control that he doesn’t do or permanently mark the MC without his consent like *eye roll* so self imposing himself on his yet-to-be partner (by literally spraying his pheromones everywhere) is considered respecting the ML’s space?

I can’t think of anything positive in the story because the main points I've stated are what stuck in my head, however, as someone forewarned in the one of the reviews that this isn’t really for people who cares about details and stuff (which I obviously am lol), this might be okay for people who are into brainless pampering but on the perspective of the gong/seme. <<less
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JamaisVu13 rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a really good and light read. A very good combination of transmigration, shameless MC, a lot of face slapping and with a perfect bit of green tea bit*h drama.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
October 7, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of those moderately brain dead fluff novels where the transmigrated Gary Stu alpha MC gong foregoes the green tea partner in lieu of the pitiful misunderstood omega shou ML.

MC super stronk man bulldozes his way through all of ML's insecurities and yay happy ending. This is a good read for when you just want to read some fluff without thinking too hard.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sand Sculpture
Sand Sculpture rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: Completed
There should be MPreg on the tag based on the raws, but ok.

First thing first. The MC was the first to fall in love because ML was based on his aesthetic.

Basically, Ling Mu was tailor made for him.

... more>> But the development of the romance is rather slow. Although The MC is already in love with the ML, the ML was stubborn and shut everyone out of his life because of a certain defense mechanism due to the abuse that he experience from the past.

In fact, this novel can be considered as a healing genre, because it also shows how Ling Mu slowly peel off the layers of defense and come out of his shell.

You know, even though Ling Mu have a fiery temper, he's actually full of insecurities. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rasbrey rated it
December 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I can understand the somewhat mediocre review. It's a very cute story but the beginning is very questionable.

The MC is a bit of a Mary Sue as he has a flawless background, good cook, smart, good looking, strong, high mental ability, etc. When he transmigrates he kind of r*pes ML. YES I KNOW IT LOOKS BAD BUT HEAR ME OUT. This situation was kind of unavoidable I think. ABO is kind of always dubcon since heat and hormones and whatnot. I want to believe it's something similar to a woman's... more>> period, i.e something uncontrollable. My argument is that it couldn't be helped and it was building a way for the story to end and ensuring MC is kind of hated by ML.

BESIDES THE BEGINNING, I really really really like this story. It's so adorable you'll develop every type of diabetes.

The power dynamic is immediately off the bat somewhat questionable but throughout the story it's made so clear how much MC loves ML and is willing to give up so much for him that the power difference isn't really that important and simply serves as a way for MC to flirt with ML with.

I believe I should also talk about ML. I don't think his character is too accurate or inaccurate considering his circumstances. He's stoic and independent and doesn't want to rely on MC but in the end he gives in. He's very willful and has clear dreams that MC creates a clear path for him and basically making his dream possible.

Although disclosing how I feel is kind of important to a review I think it's very 50/50 but personally I do actually like these characters however there is a high chance you may not. I don't think I can go more in depth without going on a rant but for what it's worth I do like the main couple very much. The way they get together is interesting in both how it is executed and how I felt about it. To be honest MC sort of crosses the line sometimes and get reasonably mad at ML and ultimately realizes ML isn't exactly mentally stable and calms down (I love how calm he gets when it comes to ML and his emotions during the relationship build up). But in the end I kind of liked it when he pushed it because I truly believe without those pushed ML would've never wavered. The way MC keeps trying to prove his feelings for ML and goes out of his way for him warmed my heart and made me turn a blind eye to his blatant disregard of privacy.

I honestly believe you should give this a chance if you're able to stomach very questionable papapa scene at the beginning. I really think this novel is a gem and deserves better reviews. That's all from me, I hope if you read this you'll like it. <<less
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Alexania rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: c65
It's cute and sweet if you don't think too deeply about it. MC is honestly a little over the line with his pursuit. Let's just say if they weren't the OG pair and ML didn't secretly like him, he'd be that typical scum, harrassing guy that we all wish would just die in other novels.

But this is an ABO and since ML does like him it wasn't that big of a deal. I've reached the point where they're formally together now though and... it's your typical "MC doesn't know what... more>> restraint is and will leave ML bed ridden for days because oh gosh he just couldn't help himself" narrative. I hate that, why can't BL couples just have normal healthy s*x lives in which both partners are willing? Like even if it's an ABO week-long-estrus story, is there a need to explicitly make sure we're aware the shou stopped being willing around day 3? Authors, cmon.

Ignoring that trope, the rest is good. No major misunderstandings that last for any amount of time. Decent side characters (including women!). Cannon fodder villains are morons but they get their faces slapped in a satisfying manner. <<less
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Starfox Stellar
Starfox Stellar rated it
December 19, 2022
Status: c100
So after finishing this novel, I decided to give it a 4/5.

I was really excited for this novel and enjoyed it a lot. But especially in the second half, the main character Qiu Zhenyang started focusing more on sleeping with Ling Mu and his body instead of like in the beginning when he cared more about him as an individual.

He also started referring to Ling Mu as his "object" and something he owned, it just seemed really oversexualized and a but dehumanizing to me.

It also doesn't help that all of... more>> QZY's problems are magically solved by him in the swipe of a pen. The author tends to just brush over everything, ignoring all the plot holes.

I get that QZY originally transmigrated into a stallion novel but it's still really disappointing and boring to see stuff being solved by him so magically.

Also Ling Dang virtually didn't even exist in the story after QZY got with LM and became obsessed with papapa. It's like everything existed just for QZY to get into LM's pants and it really pissed me off. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gumamela rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: Completed
The beginning of the story was like a bitter pill for me that I keep on trying to swallow. The ML, Ling Mu, wasn't likeable for me. The MC, Qiu Zhengyang, also didn't give me an enjoyable feeling while reading.

The MC is an alpha and although he transmigrated, he has some alpha qualities that are not so good. At the beginning, he marked the ML without his consent. Although the author tried to justify the situation, it came out as still forcing the ML to be connected to the MC.

In... more>> the end, the ML became dependent to the MC about all his problems. He wasn't able to show any abilities except mecha. It just felt forced as the author tried to showcase an omega who can stand on his own. But in reality, he relied heavily to his alpha. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: c51
So far pretty good~ Our CP is Cute!

Our Gong MC is shameless but not overdoing it. He's bold but also has lot of patience. But he definitely won't and can't bear ML get hurt or even work too hard if he can stop it.

ML is truly Tsundere but not overboard. His wariness was reasonable and understandable. He's not frustrating us or MC. He's also not the Abusive Tsundere type too (you know, the Japanese Tsundere type). And finally see MC's many sincere genuine actions, his attitude is getting better! And... more>> he's no pushover even when he was cornered many times by s*upid people!

I also LOVE how pretty Good MC's family so far.

But you definitely can't underestimate the Villains. Canon fodder villains are s*upid or too b*tchy. The bigger Villains are Evil!

Anyway this novel so far pretty good! We get to see some Cooking, Face slapping, Mecha, and soon E-sport too? But because those things are not BIG nor SMALL, the story doesn't feel messy. It's make sense in a way. Like our normal life where our Works, Love, or Hobby can lead us to Anywhere!

Anyway I pray the rest of the story are as good!!! 🙏🙏🙏 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LAlmond rated it
April 30, 2023
Status: Completed
I understand the ML feelings. To be fair, everyone will be on guard and worried if a person who hate you to the bone suddenly become kind and dotes towards you. Because that is not how it works. The MC is a gong, this is what I likes it, and he is even a shameless person and quite a straightforward person. He took time to let the ML know he is changed even though MC is not the original. Tasty food, flirting, and the MC can be listed on the... more>> person you want take as a married partner. He is really caring.

But, the character I love the most is the MC original brother. After reading this, I have a crush on him. You might find how the doting elder brother is and really cares about his family. Even though he is not good as MC when it comes to house husband material but you will feel safe to stay by his side. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Potatoteeth rated it
February 25, 2023
Status: --
MC is a rapist and a blackmailer. It's a bit triggering because I've walked someone through the whole process of recovery from marital r*pe and gaslighting, and all of that stuff is heavily romanticised and on full display here. What thick skin, what ABO setting justification, what true love and protection and rescuing someone from a worse fate -- everything is just an excuse for MC to control and overwhelm someone who is already abused and very vulnerable, and it's exactly what my friend's rapist husband put her through. And... more>> this shitty author dares to give their story a happy ending -- by turning ML into a waste who can't earn any real victories on his own. I'd smash this -10 stars if I could. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Giratina rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: c79

I've been shipping the mc's two friends since the beginning and thought they would never be a couple, so I was really sad. And then they actually became a couple!!! Well they're not together but it shows they like each other and I screamed so loud. I was so excited! I love AA pairs!

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 11, 2022
Status: c96
I really loved parts of this book and other parts annoyed me to the point I almost dropped it. The story was kind of all over as well

For me the pros are

    • Seme/gong protagonist
    • OP MC
    • MC family not scum and very supportive
    • MC accepts his transmigration easily
    • ML breaks the omega appearance stereotypes

    • ML was bland

he is supposed to have gone from almost blackening to trusting and loving someone and the author made his character barely have any substance. He went from angry tsundere with no love to cold tsundere with the love of many.

Also was getting tired of his overly tsundere attitude, after he accepts the MC he never is really affectionate except for once and only because he thinks he should give something back to MC. He doesn't even say I love/like you to MC until the last f-ing chapter and only after they get engaged. MC pours his everything into the relationship and bares his heart but because of MLs pride/face he treats MC like crap.


    • Their relationship

they did have their cute moments but until the very end I wasn't sure they really loved each other. Felt like it was just an alpha's possessiveness and the ML being forced into it. Mostly it felt like the author just forced them together for no other reason than they said so


    • Too many stories shoved into 1

starts out and it feels like an elite military/mecha school setting, then that's scrapped and not much about the school except for convenience sake. Next MC decides to wow the future with never tasted food and opens a successful restaurant, but that is quickly forgotten about in favor of ML's family drama and green tea b*tches. Then randomly it becomes an eSports novel, but its okay because this game chamber uses the person's actual physical ability so that they can't game all the time pushing them to exercise and MC gives chicken soup about how important school is


    • The typical ABO characterizations

I loved the MC EXCEPT for his overly cliche alpha characteristics. He is super possessive of the ML, wants to horizontal mambo all the time and of course he can go all night/days and makes it so ML can't even move. If s*x is hurting that much, they are doing something wrong (unless it's S&M

), as much as it shows up in Chinese novels I'm actually worried for the women of China.

The ML is the typical tsundere uke/Shou omega. Always resistant to MC's physical advances, says no but really is just thin skinned. Waist must be made of paper as it's always weak after they do the deed


Translation was really good to begin with but I noticed some of the chapters begining about 59ish could use an editor, there was a few "she" when it should have been "he". Really easy to MTL, couldn't find the extras though.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
May 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Pretty average story. The MC is the highlight, reading a story from the Alpha perspective. I honestly did not like the Omega ML - he was annoying and boring.

Then it went into egames territory - le sigh.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LunaSolis070 rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: --
Im a walking Spoiler

Observation chapter 1-18

MC SOMETIMES uses his scent to make ML soft and accept MCs help because ML is reaaaaally stubborn and hard mouth he also likes to punch MC. At chapter 18, MC decided to think after all he just transported in another world which is waaay to different from our world. Of course you cannot plan everything but atleast he acted normal and let anyone think that he is still him (his body). So without thinking and with only his mind on how to help... more>> ML of course he would use his scent to make ML soft and accept his help. MC had to cook since the food in this era is unpalatable (for him). So he cooks at their dorm every day and night. He also makes lunch for MLs little sister.

As for the two friends of MC they are really good. They support MC when OGGong chased OGshou. They also supported and didnt question when MC said he didnt want to chase OGshou. They are also happy when MC "suddenly didnt become hugh profile" although the 3 of them are rich. Hey, even though OG owner of the body has shitty personality he knows how to make good friend. (well this is Chapter 1-19)

At chapter 25.. ish. hugs and kisses are acceptable but mostly ML would scratch MC 😺

I think MCs grandmother is an alpha while his grandfather is an omega 🤔 (base on MTL, you know that MTL confuses gender because of Chinese words.)

Chapter 55 yeah grandmother is the alpha

MC (seme) always has his plan A and B while ML (shou) likes to do straightforward.

ML having a verbal fight with OGshou in the bathroom.

ML goes out and sees MC looking at the food disgustingly.

ML: I see you also had a fight with foods...



they did it for 7 days 🤣


MC with a blank look is too cute 🤣 also when he is mad at MC after they confirm their relationship is too cute 🤣 he wont punch MC but cutely ignore him! 😫😺😺

MC doesn't restrict ML. He would be even happier if ML makes friends but as long as they are good and not the one who will backstab the ML <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Coldxfire rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a good read.

The MC was very supportive and understanding.

The ML has a cold personality but has a very good heart.

The sister is really cute tho.

I love the fact that although the MC's family is a very prestigious family they are down to earth and very loving, understanding and supportive.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mi17 rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: c87
Honestly, it's pretty boring. After the MC and ML get together, there's no plot conflict or really anything to keep the story going. (It's just tropey things that don't affect the relationship or the characters.) And the story up to them getting together isn't amazing either. Definitely skip this one.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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