The Supreme Villainess’s Journeys as a Cannon Fodder


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One day, the supreme villainess’s sleeping soul is bound to an unknown life form who calls itself the Cannon Fodder System.

The lifeform requires her to act as various cannon fodders in various worlds, dying again and again in different inexplicable ways just so the story plot can progress.

Shao Yin believes that every single character should be allowed a chance to live their own life, instead of becoming a stepping stone for the so-called protagonists.

Hence, she does her best in each and every world.

System: Please try your best to act your role as a cannon fodder.

Shao Yin: Hm?

Why would she do that? Is it not pleasing to hold money and power within her own hands?

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13 Reviews

New Hobocollecto
Mar 20, 2024
Status: Completed
My favourite QT novel.

I love the female protoganist, before reading this my favourite was Records of Counterattack of Cannon Fodder but this one is just better.

Female protoganist isn't a pick me girl, there is sometimes romance and there is no tigh hugging or there is no misogyny it is just good.

She isn't trying to be OP in every world but she is OP, I just like how she aproaches the stories.

One of the best and MLT is good too
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Feb 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Everyone!! There is a sequel! I read it on MTL (it's not listed on NovelUpdates) and it's called "The Female Partner is the Most Beautiful, But the Male Lead is Not Worthy". That's also pretty good if you enjoyed this one. Just wanted to post this here because I discovered it randomly. The ending was a bit brisk for that one as well but hinted there would be another one coming after that one. :D

I'll update this comment with what I find so other readers can also continue reading if... more>> they like it.

IMO this is pretty well-written. Worth the read and following through! <<less
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May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
3 stars it was kind of meh.

The MC is my least favorite kind of OP. She just has things go her way no matter what and has schemes happen the way she wants no matter how far fetched and contrived they are. If you read it very quickly and not very closely it will get past you until you notice at which point it's smack your head time.

Considering it's QT the character development in the bounds of the short stories isn't badly done. The antagonists are well fleshed out, and... more>> the system has some development over time. Unfortunately there's not much for the MC. She is too busy being mysterious and OP.

The go/no go for this type of story is the face slap. Is it original, comical, surprising or cathartic. For the most part this QT didn't manage to live up to the standard.

The meta arc of the system space, system/master system was also a little disappointing.

Bottom line: Read an arc now and then. It's not horrible. <<less
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Jul 01, 2022
Status: Completed
so the concept is actually kinda funny since she doesn't care about the QT goal at all. Tbh this is like the Transmigrates Cannon Fodder, Please Calm Down where the MC breaks out of their role as the cannon fodder and the system tries to stop them, except here the MC is still under the control of the main system so she's limited in what she can do.

this has little to no romance at all. Tbh in the first arc, it gave me hope that maybe that was just a... more>> warm up, but I realized in the later arcs, that she only gets together with a guy in an arc if she actually really likes them. (And I surprisingly actually liked that) so in some arcs like where she has children, she doesn't have a significant other at all. Actually there's a lesser number of arcs where she has a guy with her and an arc where she has no guy

I enjoyed this as this QT is centered much more on counterattacking (much like the first qt here on this list) but here the system is still under the control of the master system and so they still have to be careful and as much as possible not fail the task

i rated this 4 because though the novel is very good, and some arcs do give a good satisfaction of revenge,

the ending completely stomped me. Very obviously rushed. Its not like a cliffhanger where it can be considered as an open ending because literally here the author left it at a cliffhanger. The MC made the system connect to other hosts and slept. What?

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Jan 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't quite understand, but what about the ending? Will there be a sequel? Or is there another book? Or should a new heroine appear, which the system will drag around the worlds in the hope of waking up Shaoyin? Aaaaaaaaa I really don't understand, someone, please explain to me!
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Jan 05, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

nea and falco there are people who have already actually read through the entire novel? And even if they didn't it's fine to vote 1 star, especially with what we're given. Those first few chapters don't exactly leave a good impression.

Wew, where to start?

MC is a super beautiful complete Out Of Character Mary Sue broken OP almost always perfect woman who is super beautiful always and will be praised by many people over the course of the novel. She faces basically no opposition and has to... more>> deal the greatest challenge of a female protagonist: oodles of author filling word count with a whiny system that you find incredibly dumb to never catch on to the Mc's free styling adventure of not caring about any mission.

Novel goes down in quality the longer it goes, with the complete garbage rushed ending being the epitome of everything wrong with the story.



MC just gonna level up (promote) so she tells the system to not worry and goes into hibernation. Lol that's it! Remind me again why you read this?


Specific Issues:

The MC acts extremely out of character, yet everyone in every world she is in simply fills up their minds with their preconception of what the MC is. In most arcs, MC is also extremely vicious towards whoever the main hero and heroine is, usually ruining their lives or doing other nonsense. Nothing's happened yet so you feel like the Mc's not making much of her ability to know the future other than getting in some cheap jabs. MC goes overboard a lot and also tends to be up to all sorts of silly shenanigans that serve as filler.

As for the start:

In the first few chapters of arc 1 MC was some fodder supposed to die. MC goes "naw" and pulled the scum original ML off a high platform with her inexplicable powers (author didn't write it well) of reversal and down the guy goes. You'd think she would finish him off but she just starts playing around. You would think she cared about her son she wanted to take care of, but she doesn't spend any time teaching him instead throwing the work to others. And it only gets sillier.

It gets worse the later it goes as the author doesn't have any ideas to write and so makes the MC contradictory. She's supposed to be a Super Independant Mary Sue type villainess but ends up appearing as a loser toying with some people and then messing around. There's no explanation why MC is doing any of this except to be Evil (TM) which is somewhat refreshing, but you never get the feeling anything she does is worth caring about. The worlds are made of one note boring cardboard and a lot of times MC and author complete ignore the consequences of Mc's actions. The first arc is a good representative of this. Taking out the monarch of a nation is just played for laughs with nothing changing due to Mc's actions.

Certainly a new low for QT novels in general involving a female protagonist.

But hey, at least the MC isn't a Pyschotic h**ny female character most of the time.


P.S. The most disappointing thing is that we finally get a female MC who doesn't have to follow the system. So what does she end up doing with this amazing power? She doesn't even need to take part of the s*upid plots!

1 Arc Later:... Oh. She just changes a few plot bits and stalks the other important plot figures. Sigh. <<less
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Nov 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Just finished the first arc, I have to say it's pretty enjoyable, the ... more>>

MC sure knows how to play, she even played the system 🤣. It is unknown what kind of existence the MC is, but she's pretty powerful that the system's punishment is like food to her. The system was pretty annoying at first since it keeps pressuring her to die for the plot, I hated it at first, but I can understand it. It could be recycled if the mission failed, but after it gave up, it woke up and sided with the MC to torture the ML until death.. but unfortunately it often revert itself back to its original mission which is to get the MC to die for the plot in every new arc, so it offended the MC quite often... it changed eventually though


Sometimes she feels out of line, but she's right!

Update : the story gets boring/annoying sometimes, unlike the first arc she deliberately targeted the male and female leads, some arcs are quite boring as she didn't target them. I really dislike arcs where she was emersed in her acting, acting like she loves the MLs, acting like she cares, too much acting, it would've been sweet if she really meant it, but she's just pretending most of the time.. it's exhausting. I read QT novels to see the faceslaps, to see arrogant ice cold MLs get destroyed, not to see the MC playing house with them.

Completed Update :

The ending was very abrupt, the last arc was unsatisfactory.


the FL in that arc still marry the overly possessive ML despite knowing his true nature, though she made sure that he knows she hates him. It was the ending that was the most unsatisfactory for me, we never get to find out who MC is, or what's her story is, she just decided to go back to slumber and it ended there, there's no closure for her at all, it's pretty sad. But like the other reviewer said, she author could easily start another sequel if they feel like it.


But, all in all it was a decent read. The MC doesn't really care about succeeding the tasks, she just does what she wants, so there are a lot of failed tasks. Her methods are sometimes annoying/boring. She often likes to act and create dramas with the leads, it's not the kind of novel where she start investing is stocks and become super rich and came back to crush the leads. So if you're likes a lot of drama, you might enjoy this.

My final rating is 3.5 <<less
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Aug 14, 2023
Status: Completed
It is fine to read this novel once. Good thing is our MC is powerful and not under anyones control. But the problem is MC always abuses org ML and MC.
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Feb 11, 2023
Status: c53
I went and read ahead the first two arcs and it's really good. I liked all the twists, the mystery around the FL, the way she managed to pull the wool over the system's eyes, the fact that the male lead and female lead in their respective worlds felt human and not just some NPCs.

The FL is strategic, doesn't trust the system, tries to find the truth by herself, experiments, manipulates the system, finds a way for her to survive w/o killing the world so to speak
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Oct 09, 2022
Status: c67
I have mixed feelings about this story.

First two arcs were a breeze, but the third one was kinda... psychological torture for both reader and characters..? I get that OG!ML in third one HAD to go through the painful redemption arc, but it was still very hard to read.

And in the fourth one the script goes out the moment MC steps into it, and the story feels bland because of that.

Maybe I'll return to this article later, but for now it will be shelved for me.
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Oct 18, 2021
Status: Completed
probably ~4.5 stars

there's a few rushed bits of arcs / logical inconsistencies but overall pretty coherent and very fun

not really a spoiler, but just my thoughts that aren't obvious from the description below

... more>>

they really truly did not lie. She really is a supreme villainess LMAO

masochists beware, shes too strong 0//w//0

all the arcs are self contained (no long running ML)

i felt sad when they cut off at the end but it's a QT novel so I guess expecting an abrupt ending makes sense (the author could totally start up again where they left off and I hope they do if they feel like it)

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Jun 01, 2021
Status: v1c7
I created an account just to post a review. I really do not understand how people can rate a novel 1 star despite only reading a couple of chapters. Please Ignore the Hate and Judge this book with your own eyes. So far I really enjoy the 4 chapters translated and will continue via MTL.
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May 16, 2021
Status: c3
I normally don't write reviews, but this is really quite interesting for there only being 3 chapters. I don't think that it should have as many 1 star reviews as it does, with how few chapters are out.

With what is out so far (ch 3.2) I would give it 4.5 stars (but will actually give 4, cus there is not enough for 5). It has an interesting premise, has introduced the main character and made us interested in her, and has introduced a hook in the form of things not... more>> being as they initially appeared. <<less
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