The Sub-Gong Is Being Rejected Today As Well


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Who should you stick with to gain the most advantage when you’re transmigrated as an extra character in a BL novel?

You’ll get punched in the face if you stand next to the villain, and you’ll get misfortune if you stand next to the main couple.


“Why won’t he accept my gift?”

Today as well, the sub-gong complained to his extra character secretary about being rejected for the gift he gave to the main-shou.

“Shall I request a refund?”

“It’s okay. Secretary Ahn, you can use it.”

Originally, someone like him, who had everything and couldn’t even get the main-shou was bound to become a sub-character.

Se-hyun thought as he quietly hid his expression behind Shin Tae-oh, the sub-gong and CEO he worked for.

F*cking huge gain.

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Living as a extra in a BL Omegaverse Novel
오늘도 서브공은 개수작질 중
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Fenrironcrac rated it
October 24, 2023
Status: c62
I MTL'd the novel.
It's slow but thankfully the chapters are short so you wouldn't feel much dissatisfaction. Since the ML was SML in the original, he seems really nice. He's truly a green flag.

he controls himself when MC got his heat and even took care of him. He always thinks what MC would think. He's not pushy, but he's playfully flirty. MC admits to himself he has a crush on ML around 60th chapter, before that he always wants to be a bystander and not want to be involved in the OG characters personal life. It was a difficult for him to accept his omega trait but he had a reality check when he had his heat and when ML had his rut during which he wanted his pepper in him. The only dissatisfaction I have is that till now they haven't kissed yet but helped each other during their heat/rut respectively. Means they've touched each other's peppers. MC basically has attracted both ogSML and og villain but sadly villain is vain. If only he wouldn't be a villain we could have had a proper love triangle but there's no chance of it because MC's rejections are pretty clear and straightforward.


will update when I finish it
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Aldis rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: c68
I MTL'ed this one. It's good, slice-of-life-like office's drama. It's the usual 'im now an extra so I just stay quiet but now in main plot' kind of story, but I applaud MC for stay low for 3 years :))) and choosing the most financially stable and drama-free main character!! Of course he did dragged by main plot (as usual), but it happen in later half of the story.

I like ML because.... how normal he is. If you read the promo and looking at the cover, he's really the 2nd... more>> Male Lead to the T :))) Handsome, but not main protagonist's handsome? He has the quality of 1st ML but in normal way??


and ironically, despite looking like 2 dimensional normal green flag ML, this is his most personal (2nd ML syndrome) problem: he's not the 'main character' in his own 'life'.


MC is also interesting in his own way to having fun in his new world. His monologue is something else :)))

In general, it's a life between assistand manager and his handsome boss. Their small steps to be with each other is cute. It's more to personality-driven story rather than drama. I think it's interesting how the author shows two 'bland' non-main characters are real human with their own story too. My favorite is MC's number in contact :3

About the nsfw part and response to wintercreepe's review:


I'd say I applaud the heat scene because the non-penetration lol Idk if the viewer read it, and it also one of few novel with forced bed scene but different solution.... by calling the doctor. Yes, the heat scene ended up with doctor, medicine, and hospital. The bl**job is non-con? Probably in our world. But I think the bar in omegaverse world is lower. It's non-con but preventive measure :p

About the sentence and structure.. idk I read it just fine?

Characters' personality were unknown?? It's shown? Tho initially looks bland, but they're progressively did have personality?? And they did have expression and body language! It's just MC trying to stay low so he's expresioneless. His small reaction was the point of ML's pov and how he started to realize his love.


He 'loves' oriMC because how he treated him in the past and how he want to be loved and thinks someone like oriMC is perfect.

In reality all present he gave to oriMC were adjusted to MC's features/liking. OriMC is the victim lol but good thing he's stay with plot and oriML. This actually made ML who realize later feels bad to MC (he actually did not care) because MC once said to him that the gifting a present is like giving a part of your heart. Up till 68, ML still feel sooo damn bad lol

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Alwerien rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: c12
I haven't read much so not entirely sure what to think about this novel... The writing style is definitely not to my taste since I prefer I guess more wordy prose. This really is more of a dialogue back and forth. It's a style choice that some people might like, I'm not that someone. But that's not to say it definitely is bad.

I do think it has potential but at the same time it feels like I'm just reading a draft for a story that could be good. I'd rate... more>> it 3.5 but rounding up since I have not read far and not sure if I will. It can still get better.

Their relationship... so far I'm having trouble feeling the chemistry (no, not counting pheromones) but the ML could be the typical not-sure-who-he-likes at first since it does seem like he subconsciously liked MC from a while back despite going with the flow of pursuing oriMC.

As for the non-con,

I have only seen the first instance of handjob, and while it wasn't too bad, it did feel entirely unnecessary. I don't really think it added anything to the story in any case.

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Manhwalover356 rated it
January 13, 2024
Status: c22
Ahhhh I love it. ML is cute. MC is cute. They're so cute togtherヽ༼ °ヮ° ༽ノ.

What I absoultly love is that ML is not one of those cold domineering CEOs mls (which I feel like it makes him more like a person). He's funny and I love him. I also like MC he's a quiet person but not cold.

The novel I sont long so I'm hoping there is no unnecessary drama
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Wintercreeper rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c24
Writing style is elementary school level.

Extremely short sentences and the structure is questionable.
No descriptive words at all.
"A car", "home", "room", "office", all you get is a location, absolutely nothing about the environment, often not even anything about a character's facial expressions or body language.
All of this gets worse the further the story progresses, sentences get even shorter, even less descriptions, it's like the writer wanted to only write dialogue split into five word sentences.

There a quite a few characters, none of them has actual character and you... more>> learn nothing about them.
Even after 20 chapters, I have no idea what MC or ML like, dislike, how they think about anything, they are blank slates.

And there's non-consensual s*xual contact.
No, I'm not thankful that it wasn't full blown penetrative r*pe, and that it was portrait like some kind of generous help only makes it worse.
Especially because, apparently, a doctor would have been all that was needed for it to be unnecessary for the ML to assault MC.

The "romance" is very sudden, ML falls in love after MC went into heat/assaulting him, when he never considered MC as anything but his secretary.
They aren't friends, he knows nothing about MC, they never even interacted outside of work.

A lot of Korean readers commented that the novel is childish, tacky/cringe, and "off".

I agree and totally understand why the ratings on different sites are low. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 25, 2024
Status: c13
I quite like how the story is going and I'm excited for whats next and how theyre relationship would progress however does anyone know the link to the new website? I couldn't find the novel after c13 sadly the translator said the link of the new website would be here but I didn't find it and I would like if somone could help me get the link thank you
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January 30, 2024
Status: c20
I Love this Novel so much, the story so far i've read is amazing and I like the plot ALOT. Thank you to who ever is translating and uplouding the story, I really apreaciate the work ! I love our MC sehyun so much too, his personality is what made me fascinated by him. The story so far is GETTING BETTER I love it !
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 25, 2024
Status: --
My feelings about this story are quite polarized. Initially, I thought that MC would continue to maintain his reason in a reasonable manner. However, as time goes on, the logical reasons become more and more annoying.
... more>>

He continues to waver between maintaining the original plot and refusing to progress with ML. What shocked me was that he gave the information to Ha Jin-seong so he could bother Yoo Jin-ha. Of course, this doesn't work.


Shin Tae-oh, is a big green flag ML. He is direct, gentle and thoughtful. I feel sad when he keeps getting rejected.
The translation is quite good, I hope there will be more chapters. <<less
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