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Jung Jiheon was once a promising swimmer, but retired early due to an injury and is now working diligently at a sports agency. Currently, the greatest interest in the sports market is none other than Kwon Jaekyung, and numerous agencies are fighting fiercely behind the scenes to scout him.

In the meantime, Jiheon is ordered by his boss to somehow lure Jaekyung into his agency, and he miraculously succeeds thanks to their insignificant and brief relationship of going to the same swimming center 10 years ago.

However, when they agree to meet for the first time in a long while, Kwon Jaekyung is not interested in the terms of the contract. He just suddenly asks about Jiheon’s second gender….

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19 Reviews

New aiji
Nov 29, 2023
Status: c99
Dropped it at Chapter 99. I'm so done with the MC! Grrrrrrr

Go eat my 2 stars!!! Grrrrrrrr

So yeah, had to leave a short review to convey my feelings while it's still fresh so I won't get swayed by other reviews and eventually brainwash myself that what I'm feeling is "wrong".

... more>> Like bruh, I just finished re-reading a freaking masterpiece (arguably, of course) but got greeted by this piece of $#!~ right after. Sigh...

To start off, since I have so many complaints and ended up being too nitpicky (unreasonably so, which I'm aware), I will list down the goods and the bads of this freaking novel that was rated 4.5 like I was seriously wondering myself the entire time as to where and why it was rated so high. I even read the reviews a couple of times to at least see its "redeeming qualities" to slap myself some sense and somehow make myself agree to it. (Are you bots? Can your reviews elaborate more what makes this a 'masterpiece' deserving a 5 star? Which part?)

But first, let me give you a piece of my POV on how I see this novel's premise outside its given description/blurb to set your expectation: ~~

Jung Jiheon (MC/shou) is a professional 'scumbag' (according to me ONLY). Kwon Jaekyung (ML/gong) is his hopelessly pining hoobae once upon a time when they were still training. With the ML's not-so-pleasant personality when it comes to socializing and poor communication skills with other people combined with scumbaggy personality of the seemingly 'calm' MC according to the tag that scammed me so much I want to cry blood, what would you expect?

Fluff? Bickering couple-y setting? Cute banterings?


ABO setting. Smut.

Aside from illogical stuffs which are given to ABOs settings, expect a s*upidly long ass push-and-pull scenarios that dragged on up to 90+ chapters (shit, up to 130+ chaps) because of the freaking MC's not so likeable personality (I said what I said. Come fight me on the reviews. He's nothing but a s**tty scumbag no different from a psychopath. I pity the ML)

Anyways, enough of that. Let's talk about something positive for now. I'll come back to the MC later. We're not done yet.

> The good:

Do you see that 2 stars I gave there up above?

Yeah, that's for applauding the author for their knowledge and very detailed exposition regarding stuffs about swimming and how the industry works surrounding sports even though I didn't bother to confirm it. It sounds convincing enough so they deserve a clap clap from me.

Unfortunately, the good part ends here. Let me proceed to the bad ones now, and boy, I have so much to say.

> The bad:

    • The MC is irritating. I've said this before in some of my previous reviews: I'm very lenient when it comes to ML's personality and such but never on MCs. I don't hesitate to roast any MCs that never fail to make my blood boil. But this issue is on my part
"But what's wrong with the MC???" you ask.

Boy, lemme brief you first on how he's like. The tags there are not wrong (*some*). He's calm, yeah. He's one of those pals who possess a genial smile ready whenever, wherever. But "mature"??? Can I take down that tag off there?

If anything, there's only one word I can describe him with all throughout the painstaking reading I did just to search when will he redeem himself: he's nothing but a freaking scumbag. No different from psychopaths.

I'll mark the rest as spoiler


Never want to be in a relationship anymore because you think you're not suitable for it, you say? Oh c'mon! Why offer your freaking body in exchange???

Is that how a freaking mature person think and act? If anything, I only see him as someone who's lacking braincells. Or rather, he's a sl*t who loves to toy with somebody else's feelings. Nothing more, nothing less. He only wants to receive but never want to give

Do I sound harsh?

No. FYI, he sleeps with anyone he fancies. He doesn't want commitment, but he got the freaking balls to toy with a person's affection YOUNGER than him. If he has one bit of a freaking conscience and a brain, he wouldn't do stuffs a scumbag would do. You are older for what? Can't you say "no" and stop acting like a no-choice teenager?

Oh, because you like it too, do you?


What a true professional scumbag. An indecisive scumbag. I hate his character so much.

Indecisive, selfish, immature, a pushover, cowardly, people-pleaser, unnecessarily intrusive... scumbag

There's nothing admirable about him.

Tsunderes, cold ones, hot-blooded ones, sharp-tongued ones... I've encountered them all. But nothing beats this MC on how annoying and irritating he is

A WORD OF CAUTION: this is only my feelings up to the chapters I've read. Whether the MC changed or not, I do not know. And I don't care.


    • Poor writing. So many unnecessary fillery sentences that doesn't contribute in any way to the progression of the story. Like freaking don't make it a dialogue if it's just a bunch of greetings and idle talks. It feels so amateurish
... Unless the author is really an amateur...? If so, boy, then they need this feedback ASAP.

    • Poor characterization. Aside from the main protagonists, the rest are just bunch of faceless name-dump. Like bruh, if they don't contribute much to the story, don't bother to give them names. Or better yet, at least describe to us how they look like before you force us to read their dialogues, because 9 times out of 10, we will forget them eventually since it feels like we're looking at a blank cardboard cutouts
The cast here is like this: the description ends with being either handsome or pretty or with good body build. The rest?

If you give me a name and ask me to draw how they look like, I will only hand you a stick man with the same blank face and body. That's how bad it was

    • "Tell, don't show". Yeah, the complete opposite of "show, don't tell" writing. The author is too "guiding". Like how can you convince me? It's basically urging the readers to shut their minds off instead of encouraging immersion and let our imagination roam
    • Pacing is a drag. Ever read a novel where you feel like you've read so much and yet gain nothing? Not to mention the push-and-pull nature of the MC is freaking exhausting because it's so repetitive. Even his eyebrows-raising inner thoughts is not helping. So much for a "mature" man, huh... Don't make me laugh.

    • Poor and cringe scripting. I'm not sure if this is the right term but you don't know how many times I rolled my eyes whenever I encounter s*upid questions/exchange of dialogues between the characters. Like bruh, do you even need to ask such braindead things like a child? And some conversations is like a hodge-podge of lines breaking the trail of the topic like wut?
Overall thoughts:

Very poor in every regard.

I'm judging it so, so hard.

I started to read this because of the premise and that freaking 4.5 rating. My expectation was high. There's so many good plot points here that would've sound so awesome if only it were handled well on the author's part.

Like I said, one of the main culprit here is the "telling" writing style of the author. It's too guiding. It doesn't stir engagement. Not to mention the indention between the dialogues and the person who said that dialogue is too jarring. Why separate it in two lines like what the heck??? Is that how it really was on the original raws?

You know what had me 'engaged' and persevere instead?

It's me trying to look for any redeeming qualities of the f*cking MC!

I didn't want to put up with him for another 99 chapters if I couldn't find any likeable part of his character!

Like boy, my tolerance for a so-so to below average novel is up to 20 chapters only before I drop it, but that fricking high rating had me hostage in hopes of me liking the MC eventually... Man, I was so freaking duped...

Their relationship is frustratingly pitiful and unhealthy. We only get to see the ML in a not too borderline pathetic state because the MC is h**ny himself so he can get his way. At the end of the day, the main substance of this freaking story is just smut.

So much for quality story expectations, huh.

As expected from ABO, huh.

Hah! I should've known better...

So yeah, that's my review-cum-rant about this scam novel.

Please do not take this review too seriously (or personally? lol), and instead treat this as something to watch out for before reading so you won't be as annoyed as I was. If you think you're okay with it, don't hesitate to pick this novel up. And also please take note that I dropped it halfway through so what I'm saying here is nothing but impressions, personal feelings, and objective criticism about the writing overall. The ending, character/plot development are not taken into account. Please read other reviews, especially the ones after mine because for sure some will 'correct' me or provide their different perspective about the points I mentioned here. That is, if they're kind enough to list it down instead of the 'default' "I love this novel so much!" -__-

And please don't think that I rated this so low just because I abhor the MC so much. Nah ah. I'm pretty sure they got their happy ending whether the characters remain the same or not. The novel's overall writing quality is just bad methinks *shrugs*

So, do I recommend reading this?

... Hah!

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New apricat
Nov 27, 2023
Status: c113
What a great story. It can be a bit of a difficult read at times if you are sensitive to topics such as depression, low self-esteem and self-harm ... more>>

(At one point MC increases his medication, hiding it from his partner and knowing that the side effects will be extremely harmful to his body, in order to have his pheromones have less impact on ML's physical condition)

But the way the author depicts these things is so well written that I still recommend picking up this story.

I think it's important to mention how the story is tagged with the Unreliable Narrator tag. Except for a brief few chapters in ML's POV, we are seeing the world through MC's eyes. He used to be a national athlete and retired at the top of his career at the age of 17-18. Now 28 years old, on the outside MC projects as a reliable, nice, sociable and responsible person that everyone loves. On the inside, however, he self describes as a coward and as someone keeps putting up barriers to prevent himself from being happy.


Personal opinion: I really wish he could surround himself with better friends. I do not appreciate how his university friend keeps putting down MC by bringing up how he used to date a lot. It is *ok* to date a lot. It is *ok* to not date.


As for ML, I was expecting him to be a much bigger red flag as he turned out to be.

I've probably read too much scum-gong novels before because when ML brings up conditions to the contract I was like "here we go" but he just asked to "swim together" and "stop smoking", and when MC didn't stop smoking he never brought it up again ahah

He is not perfect and lacks basic communication skills, but he is a 20 year old Olympic athlete who has had his entire life handled for him by various coaches, managers and his mother so I was expecting him to be much more childish and immature than he turned out to be. I appreciated a lot how he always put MC's well-being and his relationship with him before his athletic goals, and also how he tries to prop him up every time he can.

So basically! Do read if you want characters and a story with depth <3 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 18, 2023
Status: c55
Really liking it so far, and im glad to have so many chapters available to read! I'm looking forward to the rest, thanks for translating!! ^_^
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 10, 2023
Status: c83
I was thinking of leaving a review after I have probably finished reading the whole story but, I really couldn't wait.

If anyone of you is thinking whether or not to start this, my advice is start reading it right away!

Two things:

... more>> 1. The flow of the story is so natural, the build up behind the behaviour of the characters and why they are wired the way they are: is exceptional.

2. The translation is top notch. The translator has done a brilliant job- infact, I have rarely come across such an amazing translation. So hats off for that!


If even the above two things are not enough to convince you to read it, let me dive into what I like about the story (I know a lot of people have complaints about the lack of communication skills on part of the ML) :

a. I actually like how complicated their characters are, especially the MC, you can find yourself relating to how he is feeling. After the way his previous relationships have been, it is only fair for him to question the intentions and genuineness of the ML.

b. The ML's lack of communication skills, I accept, are frustrating but like many others have pointed out, it is his personality that is like that and he isn't being vile when he behaves that way. That's what the author has tried to communicate to the readers as well, because all in all, he is one of the green-est flags of ML out there man.


Their s*x is amazing, the descriptions, the play: it all looks good while reading it. See, you can be a fan of smut and you cannot be, but in case you are one- you are in for a treat.


d. I am really looking forward to how these two will work out their issues enough to see through the end.


Also, why is no one talking about the setting in this ABO world? It is so good, and different when compared to the other ABO stories out there. The sheer idea of chips to stop pheromones, the law in place for s*xual harassment related to Omegas: like that's a setting where despite the whole ABO setting, your characters aren't falling in love because of pheromones. It makes the story all the more complicated and fun to read!



So, yeah, I recommend this book. It is a good one out here! 🎉 <<less
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Aug 06, 2023
Status: c18
I know it might be a little too early to write a review, but since I'm really enjoying it so far, I thought if people were debating whether to give this a try or not, you definitely should.

First of all, the translation is really good, the story flows really well, so thank you very much translator-nim <3 sometimes it's hard to come across a good translation so I'm pointing it out here.

Our couple hasn't really interacted with each other, just like a few words, making it feel a little bit... more>> slow burny which I don't mind at all, or maybe I'm wrong since I guess it is early to be calling this slow burn. Even though we've barely had interactions, you can already tell what kind of personalities they have and what type of dynamic they'll probably have. What I like the most is that our MC is not your typical omega, frail and whatnot. I like his character but that is basically my personal taste so take what you want from that. In regards to the plot, I actually know next to nothing about swimming and the competitions around that sport besides the olympics, but it's not as confusing or boring for people to not have an enjoyable read.

Hoping I will not end up eating my words in the future T_T At least as of now it's worth reading it. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 07, 2023
Status: c50
The Alpha is really good at handling his feelings not the agressive but not passive, he is taking is pace slowly - He had temper but really a simp for his Omega and would do anything for his omega, hopefully that in future chapters Alpha will not change his behaviour toward his Omega.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 17, 2023
Status: c69
I'm not really a fan of sports fiction, but since this novel is BL and Omegaverse, I decided to give it a try. And heck, I really enjoyed it so far. This feels fresh.

It was a bit tough to read at first, but I gradually began to understand the worldview and the characters' personality. And I have to say, they certainly do have charms.

EDIT: I'm on chapter 69 right now and omg it's so good!! It's been a while since I've read

... more>>

smut where both the MC and ML actually and openly enjoyed it with consents and all. They sure did take their time with the romance but not in a bad way at all.


I really couldn't stop reading; I guess I'm addicted. Now that their relationship is turning like this, I'm curious about what will happen next. I'm really really looking forward.

If you're still hesitating whether to read this or not, just give it a try. Once you pass enough chapters, you will know how good of a read this novel is. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 11, 2023
Status: --
i really like this novel.. even when it's a slow romance, the build up was consistent and compelling.. the translator also did a great job in translating this story, thanks a bunch...

If you're looking for a puppy seme who's loyal to his feelings to uke, then this is the right novel for you..I even fall in love with his stubborness to be polite to someone who has clearly crushing on him cause he doesn't want the other person to misunderstand..

Ngl, this should be the novel getting adapted to manhwad rather... more>> than those r*pey red flag stories being labeled as BL <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 21, 2023
Status: Completed
This is such a good novel!! Only a few chapters in, and I was already in love with the MC. He's just so seemingly chill about everything, from his career, to his dating life, to his gender, but underneath the blasé front he's deathly scared of commitment and has no attachments in his life. He's very alone despite his friendly demeanor, giving off the illusion that he's closer to people than he actually is. The way his brain works is so interesting, and he definitely masks his emotions a lot,... more>> putting on a professional front in most situations and drawing clear boundaries with the people around him. I really love how the author writes the contrast between his thoughts and his actual spoken words, as he tends to not say what he truly means and mostly just goes with the flow. Basically, the definition of an avoidant personality, which I personally find extremely relatable.

The ML on the other hand is so unintentionally funny. He's one of those characters where you just have to think he's lucky that he's so attractive and capable, or no one would like him lol. He is blunt as hell and has literally no tact (except around the MC), giving a middle finger to social norms and saying whatever he wants regardless of who he might offend. It was so amusing in the earlier chapters watching him lead the MC in circles with his roundabout questions, and probing for answers while offering no answers in return. He's a very straightforward character though, and even when he's not saying anything you can mostly understand what's going on in his head. I really liked the chapters in the middle in ML's POV where

we get to see just how down bad for MC the ML is. It's hinted at before but the extent to which the ML has been pining is amazing. Also it explains his sometimes confusing behavior at the start too, while providing a good basis for how his character will behave in the future! He was just so shy back then, truly endearing.


I really like the world building that this novel does with the social norms and medical reality of ABO as well! One of my favorite aspects of omegaverse is the social dynamics and hierarchy that always comes about with a new gender spectrum, and this novel was definitely unique in its approach. Pheromones are basically entirely suppressed and in a regulated and mostly safe manner, but it seems that there might be more consequences than introduced at first. There's also legal protections for Omega, and it's furthermore considered s*xual harassment to even ask someone if they are an O.

Anyway, highly recommend. Both characters are very complex, and they both surprised me a lot in a very good way. Translation quality is great and I don't know how they're doing a chapter a day but I love them for it. Still, probably should have waited to read this because it's so good that now I'm off to bear through 100 chapters of what can only be shitty Korean MTL. But I'll definitely come back and re-read the full TL! This novel deserves an official TL though it really is that good, so fingers crossed for that.

A small note on the NSFW scenes, as a small trigger warning on dub-con:

There's scenes where MC says no but in his head he wants to keep going, and ML will often push past MC's verbal comfort levels. However, immediately after testing those boundaries, ML will pause and check in with MC to make sure he's okay, and he will wait for confirmation before continuing. In my opinion, this dynamic is necessary for their relationship development, as MC has way too many walls up and never says what he means without being pressured to. Having ML force MC to actually communicate his needs and limits during s*x is very necessary for MC's growth as a character, but if you're sensitive to potential dub-con scenes, would still proceed with caution during the NSFW sections! I will say though, for a Korean BL, probably one of the more tame novels when it comes to explicit consent haha


Ok yep I went and read the entire novel MTL from Korean (don't recommend you do this) and it was great, loved the entire thing. The relationship development was perfect. <<less
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Aug 31, 2023
Status: c44
Translator-nim: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Ever since the audio drama version came out, I have been dying to read this novel, but my korean reading skills are not good enough. I am so thankful that someone has finally been translating it.

I am a sucker for a sports romance, and this story does not disappoint in that department. It's a bit of a slow-burn, but that also adds nuance to the story. The ABO element is really interesting when combined with the whole sports theme. I would definitely recommend this story!
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 07, 2023
Status: c81
Before I started reading this, let's hope that the translator would complete the deed, ameen.

Why, because there's no Korean MTL 😭.

While this novel looked 🔥🔥🔥, I would be beyond myself if I couldn't finish reading it.

Translator-nim, if you saw this, please keep up, hwaiting 💪
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 13, 2023
Status: c57
I read all the available chapters in just one day—that's how good it is. I like sports novels and I really love BL so this combination is perfect. Sports (swimming) combined with the omegaverse world, to be honest, that's a strange combo, but it works surprisingly well.

Sometimes the ML comes out kind of pushover, but thankfully the MC is mature, reliable and can handle the situations very well. (Honestly he is my favorite in this novel because he's just like how I want to be as an adult).

As far as... more>> I'm reading there's hardly anything worth complaining about. It's just good and I enjoyed it.

And seeing how frequently it's updated, I'll be eagerly waiting until it's finished. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 06, 2023
Status: c19
It's a bit early to evaluate this novel, but the content presented so far is really good and promising!

Personally, I liked the MC a lot; they are a sensible and calm person who gives the feeling of being a real adult, which contrasts with the ML, who is difficult to handle and has all these communication issues. I don't know how their relationship will evolve; it might be something toxic or just cute, but based on the writing, I think it's worth reading.

The translation is flawless; even though English isn't... more>> my primary language, I can understand it perfectly. Thank you for the translation! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 11, 2023
Status: c85
I wanted to send a big thank you to the translator — really love this novel so far, and it's the only novel I've been looking forward to reading each day.

There's something unique about how this story is written compared to other bl webnovels that I've read. I love the dialogue — there's a nice rhythm to it because there aren't any words wasted and the things the characters say or think all contribute to you understanding their personalities. While the ML doesn't have a ton of dialogue, what he... more>> chooses to say and how he reacts to the MC really make it clear how open-minded he is toward the MC, which is always pleasantly surprising to me given the stubborn parts of his personality.

Anyway, if you're wondering about this novel, even if you don't have any interest in swimming (I don't — but the swimming context of the story works quite well), I suggest you start reading! <<less
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Oct 20, 2023
Status: c94
I love this novel ! I practiced swimming in highschool and it's very relatable. It makes me the motivation to swim again. The love story is very healthy and the ML childish but il makes him less irrealistic. In my opinion, the MC learn how to love and have a relationship.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 28, 2023
Status: c102
Very refreshing. It is slow romance but honestly that’s what makes it more realistic. I just hope it doesn’t stretch too long because that can get tiring especially since:

... more>>

The MC realizes his feelings at some point later in the novel, but it still a little... complicated and not official at the point I am at (ch102)


So hopefully the author doesn’t stretch that out too much.

The MC is one of my favorites from BL novels I found on here. Not childish, overly dramatic etc. Very nice change of pace. BUT


MC is a little (a lot*) of a softy for the ML but personally I find it endearing


Ah yes, when I got to the part, yall know the 19+ ones


The author knows how to write the hot scenes phew, and the translators delivered the message in the best way possible! I enjoyed how both leads were very receptive although for different reasons

Ps; its around ch64+


Very enjoyable if you are looking for omegaverse without some of the twisted things that happen since its set in more modern times and two handsome men getting together (eventually since.. slow romance yeah) oh and yeah hot scenes🙏 <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 22, 2023
Status: --
I've been finding a book that could ignite my interest and this is one of the two novels I fell in love with this week. The translation is extremely good, the storyline is also a masterpiece. There are times that the ML will become too pushy and immature but slowly you will also learn to love those characteristics of his
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 08, 2023
Status: c98
Translation is amazing, all the hats off to the translator, just A+++ work. I would've stopped reading ages ago if not for how good they are (to be honest, I'm only scoring this high because it's so well-written.)

I loved this, 5 stars--at least until ch50-ish. I was super invested in the slow burn, thought the ML was socially awkward but still pretty green flag, and was cool with the cliche coerciveness of the beginning because it mostly seemed harmless and ended up being pretty sweet. It led me to... more>> believe we were getting a love story.

But this takes a sharp right turn. I'm keeping it vague to avoid spoilers, but the relationship ends up being extremely coercive and manipulative. Normally I love a ML's POV showing how in love he is, but this one was scarily obsessive. It honestly felt like I was reading about the origins of a serial killer in a horror novel. And once the relationship... "develops" (with emotional blackmail)... ML becomes disgustingly childish. Truly an insufferably petulant brat. It's completely devolved into your cliche yandere setup, where we're just romanticizing an incredibly abusive relationship and you're supposed to find the codependent one "falling in love" (i.e. accepting forever being trapped with their abuser) sweet, only the ML is not a master manipulator, he's a screaming toddler with a hair trigger that MC is constantly trying to pacify. I was trying to power through, thinking it would get better, but it just gets worse...

I'm down for reading yandere occasionally, but I feel kind of blind-sighted by it in this since it doesn't match the initial tone of the series. And a ML literally acting like a spoiled child gives me the ick. It even has side characters commenting on how MC acts more doting to him than a mother would. Yikes. And MC's "falling in love" seems to largely stem from him finding it cute how child-like ML is (ew? The age gap between 21 and 27 can be okay, but not like this...) And I guess this is personal taste, but a lot of the s*x scenes are uncomfortably rough imo, and not in an erot*c way. So many adjectives and verbs that I associate with violence. A lot of the descriptions make me queasy enough that I have to skim through the scene as quickly as possible. <<less
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Oct 06, 2023
Status: c80
About the ML.

He has severe communication issues. When it comes to swimming he's the best, his visuals are godly but his personnality is annoying. He's rude, pushy, has zero social skills, barely speaks, cut off MC when he talks, does whatever he wants, and somehow he always has to be the one who is right which is even more annoying. It doesn't help that we rarely see his POV. MC spoils him way too much, I want to slap ML sometimes because he acts like a child. I don't... more>> see his chemistry with MC.

To be honest overall it's an okay story, but the ML's character and the lack of meaningful interactions with the supporting characters ruins the story. About the romance, some steps were missed, unnecessary conflict and complications are caused by the typical lack of communication and honesty. In general the dialogues feel a bit bland and frustrating, it's like I'm waiting for interesting conversations to happen but I end up feeling bored. This is frustrating because it had good potential and I'm still curious about the rest of the story.

(I want to see spoilers but I can't find it, I'm probably going to wait for the whole story to be translated before spoiling myself the ending.) <<less
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