Things That Deserve To Die


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One day, Lee Ja-kyung, a hitman who stayed in Thailand, received a $5 million request. The person to deal with was Kang Il-hyeon, a gangster living in Korea.

There was only one condition.

However, Kang Il-hyun was never an easy opponent. Rather, his trap gradually tightens around his neck, and he found himself cornered…

Would Ja-kyung be able to kill him and return safely?

Or would he die just like this in Kang Il-hyun’s hand?

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죽어 마땅한 것들
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24 Reviews

New ElnazBIGG
Mar 19, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel is perfect. At first its like you are watching a high quality action movie, because the description and details are mesmerizing. I could perfectly get involved with the plot. And its slow placed, how? Until you read 70% of the novel, you don’t see cliches and exaggerated romantic actions, its like, after reading many many paragraphs, you come across a beautiful paragraph which has hints of romantic feelings, until then, its just lust and action, but finally, after reading that 70 percent, you start reading strong emotional sentences... more>> and feel the romantic tension completely. I myself at first started to question whether this story will have enough lovey dovey scenes, or scenes when you see the couple completely in love with each other unconditionally, but then I finished the novel and I was satisfied to my bones. It was a really pleasant reading, I recommend it to everyone. <<less
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Sep 23, 2022
Status: c50

Ok, it's ridiculous how no one has left a review yet! Lemme just say right off the bat, this novel is amazing! (╯✧▽✧) ╯

From the summary, you may think this is like your typical assassin x victim story but oh, it's so much more than that.

... more>> There's a real plot going on behind the scenes and which influences these impulsive crackheads which we have for characters into doing things that literally make you hang on the edge of the cliff of curiosity and impatience every time the chapter ends.

But thank goodness for the speed of these updates. I cannot thank you enough translator-nim (っ˘з (˘⌣˘) ♡ and if I was as rich as Il-hyun I would give you 10 billion krw to kill the remaining chapters of this novel╰༼⇀︿⇀༽つ-]═──

The late romance tag had me thinking the story wouldn't be romantic in the beginning but nooppe. Their relationship progresses right along and their dynamics are definitely a breath of fresh air. You will NOT see this shou become a shy and docile kitten after falling in love with the gong, in fact (serious spoiler!)


At this point in the story, they have already slept together on like FOUR separate occasions and yet they're STILL trying to kill one another...? ୧༼ ͡◉ਊ ͡◉༽୨ Idk whether to laugh or cry... (°∈°)


Oh, and I'm not sure if the summary made it clear but this book definitely does not lack spice. When Jakyung said "he found himself cornered... " he meant physically, mentally, and emotionally hahaha. What an incubus Il-hyun must be (͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

Fair warning, there is some dubious consent. But good news (!) it becomes less dubious after! ヽ (○・▽・○) ノ

Because I know some stories carry right along being dubious until the end but Jakyung and Il-hyun seem to have something figured out. Overbearing gangster who happens to be a CEO fits Il-hyun perfectly, but Jakyung is no baby either so ig it works out (⌒‿⌒)

This story is a serious gem. I think it's a good time for KR BL novels now on NU because there have been amazing stories coming left and right. So what are you waiting for? ᕕ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ᕗ <<less
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Feb 28, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is great. And FYI, this novel won grand prize award for Ridibooks web novel of the year on 2021. My personal score is 9 of 10. 5 stars out of 5. (3.9 point is criminally underrated. It won an award!!!!)

Overall Storyline: 10

The way author wrote the story : 10 very detailed and great.

Character development: 8

Characters consistency: 7.5

Smut time : 10 (there's only 1 r*pe the others are consensual)

Action/fighting : 10 (gore warning)

Humor : 8

Bonus chapter : 8

I really wanna know the story of prosecutor and ilhyun dine together lol


Lovey Dovey : 9 (Ilhyun is very pe*vert lover, lovey dovey to the point it's creepy, shameless and funny)

Seme obsession : 8.5 of 10 point (he never actually harm the uke physically or people uke care about).

Ilhyun threatened a lot but he never actually harm physically. He did confined Jakyung for 4 days but it was to lure Jakyung's Wangs brothers out of their hiding. What ilhyun did mostly is threatening to make Jakyung and brothers do his biding.


Straight uke x Gay seme

Minus :

1. R*pe

r*pe part is written with little pain and more pleasurable for Jakyung so it's not hard to read. The 1st time I believe was misunderstanding on both parties but 2nd time definitely r*pe because Ilhyun drugged Jakyung.


2. Opinion of how Jakyung handled the situation/Stockholm syndrome

Jakyung easily accept the s*x after the r*pe part. He literally accept ilhyun advance on him the next day. He didn't afraid of ilhyun after what happened. He didn't have mental breakdown/depress or anything. He only felt embarrassed being held by another man. Even tho he was straight, this development is too easy and too fast. I honestly think, Jakyung didn't even felt he was r*ped because he never thought of it. Maybe because he himself thought he was strong as a contract killer. When he runaway 1st time, Jakyung thought about ilhyun a lot and never started a new relationship with woman. When he runaway 2nd time he actually thought to accept ilhyun. It's all because from the start he didn't hate ilhyun wholeheartedly. I don't understand the mentality why Jakyung could fall in love with ilhyun tho. But if you can bypass this Stockholm syndrome, ilhyun is creepy sweet to Jakyung


The smut is really good. Il Hyun craziness is similar to ilay (in Passion Novel) but on contrary, ilay will never hurt/kill tae eui. In here, il hyun won't hesitate to kill jakyung if he ever run away again (it was a threat but ilhyun never actually did anything except threatening)

I recommend this novel if you like obsessive, possessive, psychopathic seme without doing overboard action. Like in some other novels obsessive seme chained uke or killing everyone around uke just to isolated uke. Ilhyun is not like that at all because he doesn't wanna be hated by Jakyung. And

he genuinely apologized when he tried to kill Jakyung's brother. After that he even tried to get along with Jakyung's brother even tho the brother hates ilhyun

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Dec 08, 2022
Status: c52
Action scenes=5*


The MC and action is excellent with lots of cool "action movie/spy scenes" such jumping out windows, car chases, righteous revenge, guns, rescuing of innocents, and crawling through vents... It's just wonderfully done and worth the read



smut = 3* Not spoiler

Unfortunately the romance/smut is so-so, it's always described as painful, unwanted, and weirdly not hot, there is a descent amount so it's not disappointing


Romance=2* no spoiler


i like that MC never becomes shy bashful little shou, but there's too much non-con

The MC is disgusted by ML and as a reader I'm lead to feel the same, MC kind of shows signs of caring about ML but it's hard to feel any attachment to him as the character just comes off as 2 dimensional and annoying


Cool strong killer MC=5*

MC is portrayed as strong and cool and that's what he is, he is an assassin and a little messed up, he's smooth in both stealth and kills, not exactly a good guy but rescues orphans while blowing up buildings and it's pretty great


ML =1* no spoiler

cold ceo mafia character that kills and uses people, the character feels incredibly flat compared to the MC, it's just hard to care about him, MC (possible) attachment to him feels a bit inexplicable


s*upid thing that really bothers me and kind of sums up the problem with the ML and romance SPOILER SCENE


ML gives MC the head of the person MC was planning to kill (for personal reasons so it was important to MC not just someone hired to kill), ML and a supporting character were acting like it was a present but the person was already killed by ML ahead of time for unrelated reasons, ie. HE GAVE HIM A USED GIFT and interrupted mc's personal revenge arc, I know ML is supposed to be cold and not really care about MC so it's in character but that scene just and the fact that they also had a background character act like it was something special made me give up on the romantic interest

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Sep 08, 2023
Status: c1
SMH these people reading a book with the r*pe tag and then clutching their pearls when there's r*pe. ML is the yandere to end all yandere. Consent is questionable at times. Consent is absent at others. MC is literally the hitman hired to kill him so it's not some fair maiden being exploited here. Not that two wrongs make a right, but that's the kind of story it is. Psychopath x Contract Killer. If you can leave your morals at the door and enjoy it as a work of fiction,... more>> you'll like this a lot.

The story and romance progression happen at a sensible rate. In other books I roll my eyes at the victim to lover transition, but this book does it well. <<less
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Mar 06, 2023
Status: c78
For me this is 10 out of 10 Novel ever.

This novel deserves 5 stars. It's really a gem, the 3.9 review above is really a fraud. When it comes to reading novels I am very selective, and this novel is perfection for me so far. Just arrived at chapter 78 and I'm always waiting for a new chapter every week. The character development, the plot, and the depiction of each character in the novel are very detailed. The scenes between MC and ML are really mind blowing, starting from the... more>> sorting of dialogue and how the author describes every emotion of the characters is very good. Really great work and a must read.

I personally really like the criminal/gangster genre with a touch of romance where the uke and the Seme are a power couple, a masculine couple. <<less
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Nov 25, 2022
Status: c49
So good, so good, so good

Is there a spoiler section for this?

'Cause I need it. I love them so much, it has such a nice plot till now, more people should read this one, also, their chemistry is nice, tho, as the previous comment there is debious content, and there are some warnings about it, so read at your own risk (?), anyway it's not as crude as I thought it would be, but that is only my opinion

... more>> 10/10


I changed my opinion, it's crude, if you have a weak stomach DON'T read it.


Till ch49 everything seems nice, after that it's bloody, ML bites a person finger out of hus hands 💀

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May 03, 2023
Status: Completed
100% recommend if you're looking for something exciting and intriguing (not boring). It's a cliche trope of an assasin ending up with their target BUT, the way the MC doesn't really falter and stick to his usual demeanour after the relationship progresses, unlike other stories (the uke somehow being overly submissive), is refreshing and the seme's (Il-hyun) personality also didn't change when he realizes his felings. He was still still a bit messed up in the head especially with his new found obsession of the uke (Ja-kyung). BUT even with... more>> that, he can be SO adorable at times which makes me squeal everytime they interact (mostly from c60-current).

I really can't wait for the next chapters! The story so far is WORTH the read.

TW: From the beginning there are definitely moments (non-consensual acts) that made me hesitant to continue reading it, because in my head if this was how Ja-kyung was going to end up with Il-hyun, I really didn't like it. But Ja-kyung ended up not even getting swept by Il-hyun, and instead Il-hyun actually started showing genuine care and affection towards the Ja-kyung, even with his stubborn personality. Also most of the s** scenes happened when Ja-kyung kind of started 'accepting' Il-hyun so as a reader it's a good thing I could hear Ja-kyung's thoughts, or it would have rubbed me the wrong way with Il-hyuns behaviour.

CHAPTER 44+ is when I start getting attached, and I didn't stopped reading until the latest chapter.


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Mar 01, 2024
Status: Completed
Can't even lie, I got art-baited HARD with this one. I mean come on, look at that cover. The translation is edited MTL so it's not perfect, but definitely still way better than trying to read the raws. The character designs being so gorgeous definitely helped too when I was wondering wtf was wrong with ML in the head, and then I would take a glance at his face in the cover and suddenly... all was forgiven lol

The story itself is actually way better than I was expecting, given the... more>> warnings and reviews I read, and it really was hard to put this one down just for how exciting the action scenes were. ML is psycho but he's also a bit pathetic with how obsessed he is, so there was never a moment I actually hated him despite how much crazy sh*t he did.

It definitely also helps that MC is very mentally strong and not exactly a fair maiden (he's a contract killer he has seen some sh*t okay). MC's been through hell already and doesn't waste time ruminating over ML's actions. Literally anyone else would have been traumatized, but MC takes it all in a stride.

I was worried the romance wouldn't be satisfying, but somehow this story ended up making me cry close to the end and after that point the two of them were really very sweet together. ML is still yandere as hell of course, but I felt that MC actually liked him after that point and their feelings were genuinely mutual. It's not the kind of love I want anywhere near me but they're definitely in love by the end and the feelings are sincere, which is all I ask for. ML's thought process that convinced me he wasn't scum:

in Chapter 100 when he thought that MC must live no matter what and he was willing to die to save MC. Honestly nothing less could have convinced me so this was a satisfying moment. I also cried so there's that.


So many moments I just had to laugh because otherwise it would be a bit horrifying, but I would say that the way this novel is written makes any gore or psychological warfare feel more humorous than anything. There's an underlying comedic tone which makes the story easier to get through, and it's actually fun to see MC and ML interact even when it's antagonistic and toxic. They have a cat and dog dynamic if the dog was a wolf and the cat just straight up feral. ML also calls MC a cat, which is super cute.

For a yandere psycho ML, I would say that this particular ML may threaten his lover and act crazy obsessive and possessive, but at the end of the day he wants MC to actually love him back so he does occasionally restrain himself, and he does try to listen to MC and respect his opinion. There's a lot of push and pull between them, and both high key need therapy, but the overall dynamic is surprisingly equal and they do both understand one another to a level that no one else does.

Anyways that's just my take on it. It's an enjoyable read for sure, but definitely not a model for a healthy relationship. In fiction, it's exciting and fun. In reality... not so much. I'll say that the romance really only feels mutual in the last 6 chapters of the main story (excluding side stories) but the pacing is great and this novel is pretty much the perfect length. I got to the last chapter and thought to myself, this feels like the right place to end, and lo and behold it was the last chapter.

If you like yandere characters and can handle the non-con, I definitely recommend. Beware though that it takes a while for them to use lube or do any foreplay, so MC is really not having a great time for their first few times, but it does get better. My one annoyance is how easily ML overpowered MC when MC is apparently this strong assassin while ML is a office gangster. It's BL logic though so can't be too mad. <<less
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Nov 04, 2023
Status: c25
I don't know if it is because I'm used to C-novels, but the writing style of K-novels is just not my cup of tea. I can't understand how MC is supposedly an assasin but is sooo sloppy with how he does things. ML is a bit more put together but happens to overlook a lot in some situations. I can't continue reading at this point because the writing is giving wattpad.... something I'm starting to notice with these K-novels.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 04, 2023
Status: c130
People that haven't read this are missing out, coz this is the best novel ever!!! Right from the display pic to the plot and characters and everything.... I just wish I could finish it. I'm dying 😭😭😭

MC is a super smart independent guy. But the ML is smarter to me so their interactions are just so funny. MC trying to fool the ML, ML seeing through it but just playing along and continuing to tease the MC. LoL so well matched!😂

I haven't read such a good novel in a really... more>> long while, it's just a pain that it's not completely translated. I can't even find a MTL anywhere, I'm dying to know what's next.


So I finished the novel. Bro, it's so good. Like wtf!! Ive read "mafia" novels before, but I can't even remember most of them because they were that vague. However this one I'll always remember as one of my favorite reads ever.

I love how the characters stay true to their assigned characteristics. Like yes, character growth is good, but many times the authors overdo it. You start with one person and end up with a completely different one, I don't like when authors do that. I'm glad in this book; whereas you see the character growth, they're still within their description range. <<less
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Dec 31, 2022
Status: c59
Refreshing and lovely story, easy to read (English is not my first language). I read almost everything and go from the start of the alphabet to the end (except harem) and in the last year it was hard to find something interesting that I didn’t already read. This one was on my search of completed ones, but It’s sad that it has only 59 open chapters 😭.
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Sep 01, 2023
Status: Completed
Hahaha, I really liked this novel. Normally I try to stay away from stories with the tag "r*pe victim becomes lover" due to the obvious angst but was convinced to give it a try after reading the reviews. This couple, ahhh, well they crazy scary but somehow are a good fit.

MC, Lee Ja-kyung, isn't a normal shou and ML, Kang Il-hyun, isn't a normal gong. ML is the ultimate neon-red flag but I still felt a lil bad for him at times. It's like "Come on Ja-kyung, can't you be... more>> a lil nicer?" but then in the next chapter it's "Ja-kyung must really love him cause I'd run for sure." 😂


MC was hired to kill ML on a certain day and also retrieve a USB. MC pretended to be a grandson of a gangster from Hong Kong and stayed at ML's house as a guest to search for the USB.



ML's dad was the client who hired MC to kill ML. The dad was scared of ML and wanted retain his power. However, before the hit date, ML discovered MC's identity and hired him to pretend to kill him. ML was going to kill MC afterwards but changed his mind. He didn't know that he didn't want to kill MC because he liked him. ML did not understand the feelings of like and love.

MC had known of ML's plan to kill him but not that ML changed his mind. So MC shot both of ML's legs and disappeared. ML searched for MC but it took a year to find him. After that their beautifully dysfunctional relationship unfolded with lot and lots of s*x as the lubricant. 👀

SPOILER from extra...


MC's parents were not his real parents. He was kidnapped at 3 years old. His real parents had died but he reconnected with his older brother. And.. his older brother turned out to be a prosecutor. Ahh, I like this author. 🤣

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Jan 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Finished the main story. IF YOU WANT A PERFECT GOODY ML THIS IS NOT FOR FOR YOU. Read the tags and comprehend the summary pls, some people want this kind of action lol, don't comment or leave bad reviews if this isn't really your up to your alley.

Soo, I trusted the ratings and it was really good! I trusted the process and the ending was so 🥰 nice 🩷

it was hot, there was action, the relationship development (if it works, it works), the gore was something tho, ML was a... more>> real psych that puts everything in his mouth, it really surprised me lol. I love them

just finished the sides, it was unexpected but I love how they love each other 🥹🥰 def worth it, the character development, I love them <<less
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Oct 31, 2023
Status: Completed
I thought this novel would be just like other, just smut with no plot.

But damn I was wrong!

This is a story about a killer (bottom) who was paid to kill a gangster (top). Ngl I love how il-hyun would tease jakyung every chance he gets and it was adorable when they're together. Sometime il-hyun jealousy would creep me up but it just add more spices.

The smut is just agh- Spicy ✨. Especially the scene at the cabin, I reread it for multiple time already.

From the start, I was hooked up.
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Oct 05, 2023
Status: Completed
At first I'm not expecting this novel to be so intoxicated. But I can't stop putting it and keep reading till last chapters!

The plot is quite unexpected, with lots of sadistic event, which might hinders you to liking this novel. And the smuts are very detailed, even though at some parts are too much.

But this story has the most enigmatic ML! Lots of adjectives can attribute to his character: lunatic, psychopath, cunning, mischievous, pe*vert bastard, crazy possessive, but also the sincerest person when it comes to his love for that... more>> only one person!

I love the dynamic between the couple, and the people around them. Even the extra chapters are also 'extra' with a strong storyline.

If I'm a producer, I think it will be interesting to adapt this story into a series drama, or maybe manga. Kuddos for the writer who created this novel! <<less
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Sep 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I don't do reviews but I just had to for this one.

Holy cr*p, I loved this. I went in with meh expectations but honestly this was So. Much. Fun. To the point I wish I could wipe it from my memory and read it again TwT

Now THIS is a Yandere ML at its finest. He was straight up psychotic and would do anything, ANYTHING to keep the MC with him. He was also "too much" at times (you shall find out if you read it, heed tws) but seeing it... more>> from the MC perspective, it turned out okay in the end.

Stubborn let-me-tf-go- MC x Obsessive i'll-never-let-u-go ML.

I like how they didn't change and they didn't feel out of character throughout the story. I also felt that the transition between the MC and ML was really smooth and their dynamics were great, their interactions just got better and better. I loved how the MC tried to keep up his guise to achieve his goal in the beginning, and the ML seen right through him and still went along with it, it was hilarious. I also enjoyed moments where the ML would state his trauma like it was the most ordinary thing ever and the MC would just be like ".....". Hell, the ML did a lot of crazy sh*t and thought it was the usual. As crazy as he was, he cared very much for the MC (overprotective) and the MC's heart grew softer for him as well, it was so cute, they were so cute. MC had his own fair share of sh*t, so it balanced out great. There were some minor issues I had for both of them, times I was facepalming but ugh, I decided to let them go cause it was just that good. The side characters were also fleshed out okay, and didn't feel like they were just there. I kinda wanted that one bodyguard (Can't rmbr his name) to have some story as well, he didn't but wtvr, it was okay.
(It didn't have a Yandere tag for some odd reason so I just added it myself).

The writing was also humorous, I cackled a lot throughout it. There were some minor issues, like it suddenly changed the perspective of the writing for 2-3 sentences, but I ignored it, I wasn't really picky with it cause maybe it was just my copy or smth....

Obviously there are tws, but that's already mentioned so you can't really hate on it and point that out since you have been fairly warned. If you can accept it as a work of fiction, this novel will be quite enjoyable. <<less
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Maria Vera Aeruginosa
Maria Vera A
Apr 16, 2023
Status: c90
Just want to say thank you first to the team that translated this web novel (Springlila @ Travis Scanlations). 10/10

The WN are mature, gorey, crimey, r*pey, suspensey, cliffhangerey and very sexy & steamy. Which checks all the boxes for me. The only WN that kept me from coming back to NU. Im already at chapter 90 and the characters have stayed true to their character the only difference is that both the protagonist feelings have started to shift or started to be influence by each other. The gradual change is... more>> not abrupt and forcefull. It was thought out.
At the initial chapters there were a bunch of side characters that surrounded them but now they are constantly always in the same environment thinking about each other consciously or not. The MC might not identify his feelings for the ML yet but its a natural progression, I will be waiting for the conclusion whatever if its HE or not. Thank you <<less
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Dec 10, 2023
Status: Completed
*probably some minor spoilers

these types of mafia~ yakuza-esque type of stories are really my guilty pleasure T^T of course I'm not always expecting some fluff or somethig of the like, but I usually avoid the ones with the r*pe and noncon tags, but since I read a lot of people saying there was only one scene of r*pe, I thought i'll just bare with it. Oh boy was I wrong, there were more than just one, y'all really be wilding sometimes when it comes to this. Of course if you... more>> don't mind these stuff it's totally a good and entertaining story.

What made it for me was the plot, I liked the pace and the action. It had some good twists and overall I just liked that it didn't took the first comission as the whole plot for their story to develop, like some stories usually do. Another thing I totally loved was the MC, the way Ja-kyung is written makes him somewhat relatable even though his circumstances aren't that relatable to most of us, if any. He's a likeable character, I just wish him peace and lots of watermelons lol, and even the ML has some weird unexpected charms, but yeah.... As for the smuts scenes, there were some that were enjoyable and others that just weren't for me.

(tbh I would have given this a 5 stars if Ja-kyung had topped Il-hyun at least once hehe) <<less
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yuu chan
yuu chan
Nov 30, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is absolutely stunning!!!

I was reading slowly for the two first chapters because I was so busy but after that I cannot put it.

I love each character, the detail of all of them, the cruelty and the violence is just perfectly fit. The comedy, angst, bickering, action, they are all awesome.

... more>> Ilhyun the nip pe*vert vs Jakyung who said confidently on the first part of novel 'It's not like I am going to seduce him' LMAO

My head still full with it's a 15 million dollars d*ld* to the 'Gift! I have gift for you!'

I have so much FUN reading this one and I will definitely read author's other project. <<less
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Oct 16, 2023
Status: --
i want to give 5 rate, but I cant click it, hufft.
This novel top notch, plot, character devlpmnt, setting, all of it, from start to finish.

Trio brother Wang Han, Wang Lung & Wang Wei so (adorable trio brothers ^^)
I like the dialog, the description of the situation, very detail and I can imagine the scene vividly.
The best of all are the comedy in it, the yang Kang Il-Hyun always say unpredictable word, like telling how sexy Ja-Kyung in the most terrible time, it's make me smile from ear to ear, sadistic but such a unique character.

I finish read it for 3 days on the weekdays, which is busy day for me, and I got a little headache because lack of sleep, but it doesn't matter, because the story so interesting and I couldn't stop myself, ha ha ha

I'll recommended this story for all BL Genre Lover, TOP of The TOP
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