The Strongest Clan’s Master Is the Weakest and Most Evil Support Class ~Even with a Fail Job「Talker」, with My Brains and Dependable Allies’ Abilities, I’m the World’s Strongest Seeker~


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Noel, a youth who admires his grandfather, who was hailed as a hero, and aspires to be the strongest Seeker.

But his Job that appeared in the appraisal, was the support class Talker.

Talker is a peaky job with the weakest individual abilities. A job that could never become the strongest.

「If I create the strongest clan and become the clan master, then I’ll essentially be the strongest」

Thinking that, Noel worked hard persistently to fulfill his ambition.

On the other hand, the merciless methods he employed for the sake of his ambition were acknowledged by everyone as the path of『evil』.

However, Noel’s distinct talent attracted many powerful people and they began to gather under him……

This is the story of how the most evil Talker, who seeks to be the strongest, subdues his allies and creates the strongest clan in the world.

Associated Names
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Greatest Clan
I'm The Most Evil Support Class【Talker】And I'll Subdue The Strongest Clan In The World
Saikyou no Shien Shoku "Wajutsushi" deAru Ore wa Sekai Saikyou Clan wo Shitagaeru
The Most Notorious "Talker" Runs the World's Greatest Clan (LN)
最強クランのマスターは最弱最凶の支援職 ~外れジョブ「話術士」でも頭脳と頼れる仲間の力で世界最強の探索者です~
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19 Reviews

Feb 20, 2020
Status: c41
Realistic characters in a japanese novel. Release the fireworks. | /

The MC is an intelligent over achiever with a support class. The novel shows his intelligence inside the plot, instead of just telling us while the MC does s*upid sh*t in the background (like most Xianxia MCs). He also has no cheats and the world doesn't just gives him stuff for free. He gets them because he's competent. And most of all, he's neither a wimpy h**ny failure, nor a vengefull over powered sociopath. The 0.01% of good MCs in... more>> japanese novels, like Lelouch of the Rebellion or Kira from Death Note, a refreshing read. Neither good nor bad, doing morally gray actions for sake of his goal, not doing evil for sake of evil or good for sake of moralist justice.

Now, I gave 5 stars because of this, but the novel is not perfect. The pacing could be improved, mostly by taking out unnecessary POVs that works only to tell characters background instead of properly showing it.

The power system is also lacking. Ppl are born with classes and gain skills from books. You'd think it would be the usual game-like elements, but there are no stats or loot drops, just classes and skill books, and up to where I read, it's not explained where skill books come from. It's... ordinary. Does the job, not particulary interesting and could/should be more original.

Still, these two points don't drag the novel down that much. This was a surprising find for me, who had given up on reading japanese novels due to their herbivore MCs with OP cheats and unending card board waifus.

You should read it! <<less
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Dec 18, 2019
Status: c20
16 years bodybuilder proficient in martial arts who knows everyone and everything, and there is no girl who cway him from his path. This novel is something new in Jap novels but from another glance you can see that this is simply OP guy who is super logical and smart... And empty. Smells like something Korean or Chinese.

So if you like empty MC who is like a perfect Android - this is for you.
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Oct 25, 2020
Status: --
The main character is a scheming type "villain" which uses intellect over strength. The character was cool for first few chapter but you will soon come to realize that nothing matters, why? Because plot and character development doesn't matter at all. No matter what the story is, in the end the MC will come out of the top, he just wins, every time.

While at the beginning he was portrayed as a heartless person ... more>>

Such as selling his teammates to s*avery cause of debts which after that first introduction arc, we were made to feel that those amount of money is not really that big anyway. I couldn't really think of anything better other than just giving us a shock value. I just don't see how they were unbale to earn that money to repay the debt when when we were first introduced to the characters they were raking 5 mil like nothing and also on the subsequent chapters they were earning millions like chump changes. Also also, the romance subplot with the healer is really confusing and unecessarry. The party member seemed to be set up just to fall to prop the MC as a genius MC.

It came off as trying a bit too hard and edgy.

Rather than the MC is really smart, the other character just seemed really dumb, although there were some moments where he shined, a lot of times is just him being omniscient (the omniscient information broker is dumb. Dont @ me)

Characters are attracted to him because, reasons? No, I apologize, it's his supreme intellect and unmatchable charisma, which makes him the best person there is. The writing is also a bit inconsistent at times as well

you would sell your teammates who stole your money to s*avery but you forgives someone that sell you out which may result in getting you killed?


Regarding the characters, they were fine. None of them were incredibly deep or anything but the served their purpose.

  1. First female, obligatory female character who likes MC for reason I am not able to understand. Teasing oneesan type. Cute tho.
  2. Obligatory samurai, the guy is pretty awkward which makes him a fun character to read but his character is basically a loyal servant.
  3. Tank, actually good character, good guy as well, scenes with him are a treat. BECAUSE HE HAD STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS LIKE A REGULAR HUMAN BEING.
  4. Puppetter. Yes u save me I thank u I join ur party lets go. A smurf carrying the team.
  5. MC, a god, perfect being, omnipotent and omniscient, whatever he want he receive.

The book is a decent read if you want to read something cool, edgy, and MC who are willing to kill. However don't expect any masterpiece, just something great to pass time. <<less
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Jul 18, 2020
Status: --
Read the beginning of the chapter. I would say it is a far cry what an adolescent teenager should be reading. The story teaches the opposite of what Naruto has taught Millenial Born children. Or rather in fact the very usage of vile tactics by MC against his own comrades is far cry from what people could learn from these things and even be sympathetic to this story. It's just like similarly to Solo Leveling in such I do not recommend these to children or teenagers. Giving it one star... more>> is a gross-understatement to the review rate I should be giving. <<less
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May 05, 2020
Status: c59
A cunning, manipulative, low-empathy MC. Character backstories. A world that gets fleshed out over time. This should be a recipe for success but the author's made it as boring as can be with how

everything always goes as MC has planned. Every. Single. Time. I would liken this novel to Code Geass without Suzaku/Schneizel or Deathnote without L.

The novel has enjoyable characters and tactics but very little to none in terms of tension and twists.
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Jan 03, 2020
Status: c21
A breath of fresh air for the fantasy-game-like-world genre.

We have a ruthless, cunning protagonist with a somewhat tragic background, although it doesn't feel too cheap as a way of explaining why the MC is op.

The strongest point of this novel, in my opinion, is so far the characterization. I won't claim that this is the deepest and more complex webnovel, but the characterization is leagues above most popular fantasy/isekai novels. The characters have sufficient depth and an actual arc (for what I can see so far).

It plays with and uses... more>> the same tropes of its contemporaries, but the author spins and twists them around enough to feel fresh within fantasy genre. It's to the point that even the heroines don't feel like a flanderized, walking, stereotype, despite having (so far) the "falling in love with the MC for literally no reason" syndrome.

Definitely recommend if you like fantasy novels. <<less
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Jun 10, 2020
Status: c25
Whilst it is a good novel and more "realistic" than other novels. The MC is portrayed as logical and methodical but just seems like a complete idiot not only making unnecessary enemies but going out of his way to do so and being surprised when the person retaliates.

There is also an almost constant kicking of people when they are down that even from an outsiders perspective with the idea that he doesn't know the circumstances is just s*upid
Example being:
... more>>

Insulting a s*ave when they give in from being basically electrocuted by magic for not following orders. Hilarious since he later makes fun of the same s*ave for not following orders to kill him.


It feels like its trying to be a novel with a realist MC but ends up a complete hypocrite.

My overall hate for the MC out of the way. The rest of the characters make sense and are enjoyable and are the reason why I will probably keep reading. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 24, 2020
Status: v1c30
The novel is really good, it starts off a bit slow and it turns into one of the best I have read in a long time, The way the revenge and the battles are carried out, absolutely fantastic, I love the battle of the wits and the strategies used in this, The main character is cunning and ruthless but he's also kind, He's weak but he uses his abilities like no other, He's one of my favorite characters now.
I recommend this novel to those who want a good story... more>> with a good main character who devises epic plans to defeat his enemies without any mercy. <<less
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Jan 11, 2020
Status: c4
It's one of the best novels i've read in a long time. Unlike other novels where the protagonist is ruthless, the main character is actually quite human. Despite this, he holds other's to his values and won't hesistate even if popular opinion states to do the opposite. He's someone who never hesistates and the only reason he ever went so far is because of a promise in his past, not some flimsy thing like "I don't want to be looked down on", "I don't want to hurt anybody", or "I... more>> want to live an easygoing life." He's someone who's the most 'human' out of all the characters i've read. To the point where I felt disapointed in how I could never match the amount of determination he had to do something, more so ignoring all the escuses other's, including myself use when coming upon difficulties in his path. It's not like he doesn't have a childish side, but when push comes to shove, he does what needs to be done without hesistation, or care for the popular opinion. <<less
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Dec 25, 2019
Status: c33
As of so far, I recommend it solely due to the unusually mechanical protagonist. He's quite good at taking revenge. This story surely keeps getting better as time passes.
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Jan 02, 2020
Status: c28
Unexpectedly decent. Title length are just ridiculous I already thought this is gonna be shit. Turns out its not that bad. I wont BS you by saying this is the best novel ever. It had its flaws here and there but overall its a decent read.

Character : I hate wimpy undecisive MC just like I hate edgy revengeful MC. Noel is like a mix of those 2 which in theory must be my most hated MC ever. However author made him in a good way that I cant actually hate.... more>> He is to some extent pretty reasonable, logical, and human (yes im talking about every op mary sue MC, you all aint human anymore!). He got his strength and weakness so he is not that op (except that he is too smart that I somewhat think its a bit op). He was too underaged to fit his character, i'd say 25 or 30 would be good for his age.

Other side characters had their own background story, which is good for later development.

The villains are not that interesting. They're selfish, evil, greedy, etc, and doesnt really worth the effort of beating them. Their loss was like reading newspaper, it didnt felt satisfying.

World : typical medieval fantasy world. Not much effort put into world creation and explanation. I guess its an okay world.

Plot : so far his final goal is to create the strongest clan so the conflicts were mostly about how to achieve that. Its good it had a simple straightforward goal so readers wont be confused where the story would go.

Story telling : author use almost every gaming cliche available like status board, character class, etc. Isekai cliche like suddenly got rich, overly smart MC and so on. But author use a bit of roundabout but good way to put those cliche into this novel that I kindda got hooked by it.

His way of explaining the world logic was a bit boring but its okay.

The description of the character was lackluster, I have a hard time imagining anyone in this novel.

Rate : I rate it 4/5 stars. Its above average (compared to other novels on this site). I hope it'll get better since I already got hooked into it. <<less
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Dec 09, 2019
Status: c16
*updated as of chapter 16=> 34. im droppin this, feels stitled. it's like an rpg with characters you don't like or playing DND with strangers. the game itself is decent, but you just don't care

a well done revenge/hopeful op litrpg style story. main character is semi evil? which is a nice change of pace considering this world setting is absurdly overused, but generally with moron coward main characters that attract a million waifus a second......

the story seems kinda low key right now, which is nice. we're meeting supporting cast... more>> members somewhat enjoyably similar to goblin slayer.

my only real complaints thus far is the mini villains are all inept, our main character is proven several times to have absolutely zero mercy... yet the people messing with him know this and still mess with him......

o yea and money seems to be weird. in goblin slayer everyone is poor and adventures don't really make a whole lot... in this they make INSANE amounts of money, but also have fairly high operating costs. we'll see if it balances out in the future <<less
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Nov 22, 2019
Status: c15
Looks promising. An intelligent, ambitious, and ruthless MC who focuses on strategy and training to cover for his lack of inherent direct abilities. Plays it smart both in and out of battle. The way he takes revenge is stone cold. Looking forward to more.
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Aug 25, 2021
Status: c82
this novel is excellent, I was very disappointed when I learned that the author stopped publishing the web novel. I read the comments and I saw that there are people that said that Noel's plans always goes how he want and this is wrong.
... more>>

in the end of part 2 someone named King of Flies appears and destroying noel's plans. And in part 3 there is someone who is as smart as Noel.

anyways, I think that Noel is amazing character. Not only he is very smart and cunning but also very determined about his goal. I don't know about others but I really liked this series and hoping the author will continue this in the future. <<less
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Apr 14, 2021
Status: c82
Just finished after 5/6days.

Overall the writing is good for me. Might differ from others.

MC is basically a straight forward individual.

Cross him and he will pay it back a few folds more.

But hes not too cruel to mercilessly cut you off and die.

Definitely one of the more realistic MCs out there. But I would have prefered more backstory from the time he was still a kid.

Plus is the title can be shortened
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 03, 2023
Status: c36
Dear Autor,

This is the BEST manga ever! My absolute favourite. The release is a little slow but if that's what it takes to make something that good, I can wait. I love the MC, please don't change his character. Can't wait to see what will happen in chapter 37. If you have a way, get my email from the website. I'll donate $100 just for making this masterpiece.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 08, 2023
Status: --
  • You would expect the worst from such a long ass title, but this is actually pretty good overall. Good enough that I decided to buy the LN to support it.
  • Nice world building, offering an interesting and refreshing take on the whole RPG thing (adventurers with classes, monsters that exist to be farmed, grinding your way up to the top).
  • This novel is actually not that different from your typical isekai story these days, but the good thing is that this it is written by someone with a functioning brain and unique ideas to offer.
  • How should I describe the story? It is pretty much "All according to keikaku (T/N: keikaku means plan) " - the novel. The 16 years old MC knows everything (apart from the fact that the girl in his party has loved him for a long time), has connection with every important person, and he does everything flawlessly. The wise respect him, team up with him, while some idiots get in his way and pay the ultimate price.
  • Conversations are usually corny, but sometimes can also be deep and touching. Characters are edgy, somewhat stereotype, but they have a decent amount of complexity. It really gives off the feel that the author writes them that way not because he can't do better than that, but because he wants to channel his inner child. Which is something I can respect.
  • Despite how easy it seems that everything happens just the way the MC likes it, at least he is actually smart. His plans are good, and some are quite unique. There is even a time when he is asked to solve a locked-room murder just by listening to the clues and while not even being there! Very hard to believe, but I guess his cool helps us ignore that.
  • Conclusion: It is still a typical isekai story, but it is A GOOD ONE. Definitely deserves a read. You can also check out the manga to see if this novel suits you. The art is okay, but the artist exaggerated the expressions so hard that it almost feels like people have swelled heads.
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Nov 23, 2022
Status: c50
First off. Spoilers ahead so don't read unless you are above chapter... 25? 15? around that point at minimun.

Personally? Not my cup of tea. But have to admit, the story overall is... quite good? Better than most stuff in the site, above average. Sadly, stories that revolve around gray with tendencies to shift towards evil morality doesn't really attrack me nor does the way the MC reacts to most stuff. But that is just me, if people loved stories like Death Note (actually, the guy have way more morals than... more>> Kira so no worries there) will find this quite an amazing read.

So, for pros?

-The MC is NOT your common beta MC from most JP stories.

-Actual living characters with personalities and emotions, no cardboards here.


-Whats better than a no beta MC? An MC that is NOT inmediatly OP or has some cheat/golden finger/system/giftfromgod/wish/bornwithlucktomakeotherscry. An actual underdog who grows from weak ass towards someone that isn't really the "top of the food chain" which he can't and he admits it... it is on the summary after all. Yet is still powerful enough to give that badass vibe.


-Things move a little too fast

-MC's actions will make some people dislike him more than understand him.

-Romance is lacking, harem and yandere tags are there because they murded the romance.

-The powerscale is kinda wanky and not really defined? Explained?

-The way some characters just pop out of the MC's list of contacts feels a little ex-machina after a while. The first one was already a somewhat eyebrow raising. Because the story pried itself on the whole underdog thing but to already be "pals" with the freaking s*ave master of the city and him making an aparition the first time he ask for some insurance on the whole "sell my ex-teammates as s*ave" bit.... seemed quinda lucky, of the sus kind. I think it would had been better for him to had meet a random s*aver which would then open a more direct connection to that guy which would be more natural than just say "Oh, I meet him in the past during a mission and we became buds."

Even if the genre is not something that I personally like. I prefer to give my true thoughs and not just some 1* and complain about the things that I don't like about the MC. Just look at the tags. I knew what I was getting into, there was hope it was actually more lighthearted but overall It was on my expectations. Hope this helps some people. <<less
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Jul 04, 2021
Status: --
This is the story of the rise of villain before the hero born to past the message of heaven to him in the future. So it's not hero story... But the otherwise. It's the demon story.

Weak heart and just people is not recommended to read this. Because it is a villain story.

The MC is not a Messiah but pure evil who did anything for his cause. Not a saint with just organisation but Devil with yakuza like organisation. He is a demon lord in human skin. The story is 10/10

Recommended... more>> for people who bored with hero story. Sometimes be at the dark side is also fun you know. <<less
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