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Insane. Traitor. Terrorist.

The title given to Joon-young, a soldier who fought a lost war. Performing the most devious last stand befitting his titles, his memories were sent to another world.

Now named Isaac, he seeks to live out his days in relative peace. But with his family wanting him dead he is sent to the Campus, the Empire’s greatest centre of Education, in hopes that he would be expelled and tarnish his position as the heir of his family.

He is told that the school will treat him as if he doesn’t exist, that he isn’t protected by its rules. But Isaac, or Joon-young, sees it differently.

There are no rules to hold him back from getting what he wants.

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New ArKRiV4L rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: Completed
What can I say? It's a must read for people who got tired of too OP main characters who always gets what he wants with no visible drawbacks to the accomplishments the MC acquired and it really was a fun read though I doubt it would suit the taste of other people, nonetheless, I urge you people to read the novel.
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New Fexa rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: Completed
He is NOT weak.....
Although this is debatably a spoiler, but this would help those who can't bare to see their MC experiencing the slightest harm during their epic.

If you're interested in finding out how uncanny and resourceful he is, well..... best buckle up, cause you're in for a ride. This one INSANELY good story that I'm glad to have found it through one of the other older reviewer. This is definitely a hidden gem.

"He was a child with the mind of a pessimistic old man, but underneath lies an uncanny resourcefulness which only surfaces when he is in trouble."

Let's just put it this way..... This is a novel that I want my kids to read like a bible.
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Braveman rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c18
[Added Edit 1 at the bottom]

Holy shit. What's up with this rating? As of the time of writing this review, it's at 3.2. I've given the novel a rating of 5 to offset that. Though I've only read 12 chapters so far, I'll give my opinion of the story so far.

But first, a quote that I thought was pretty cool from the 12th chapter, given the situation.

... more>>

"Do you know what the easiest thing in the world is?"

"... "

"Turning people into idiots."

Mazelan suddenly felt uncomfortable by the accompanying smile on Isaac's face.


Not much to say since only 12 chapters have come out so far. The novel's pretty good. The MC is a pretty interesting character.

He's willing to go against his superior's orders to let children escape, and hopefully surrender safely. Then he even kills his traitor of a commanding officer.


The first 5 or so chapters are just showing the MC's personality. The main character is pretty smart. We see that in how he manages to keep his unit mostly alive, and how he completes most of his missions. Then when he goes over to the other world, he deals with certain troubles by manipulating people at the academy.

Not a crazy mu*derer like certain Chinese MCs, nor is he completely soft and unwilling to spill blood. A bit closer to the crazy side to be honest, but all his actions are things that make sense. He isn't someone who kills unnecessarily.

I honestly can't understand the reason for such a low rating. The MC isn't dumb, unnecessarily bloodthirsty, or an a**hole. Pretty likable actually.

I hope other people read a bit more, at least till chapter 12 before deciding what to rate it.

[Edit 1: So far 18 chapters have been translated. I think the story's still very interesting, but the release rate is killing me. I mean it's not horrible at 3 releases per week. But if I had to state on problem with the novel, it would have to be the release rate. The story's just so good, so waiting with about a 2 day gap between chapters is harsh.] <<less
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penprog rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: c14
I think the author is trying to write a smart character but the character just isn't that smart. The first few chapters of prologue are pointless and create some unrealistic scenario where South Korea is invaded by Japan, North Korea, and China but no reason is given for why this occurs.

The protagonist is a transmigrator to a different world where magic is possible and is eventually sent to what is supposedly the best school in the world. For some badly explained reasons the headmaster decides that the MC doesn't need... more>> to do anything for his 5 years and if he doesn't get kicked out he will have graduated. Also for some unexplained reason the school's rules don't apply to him because of this.

The main character has no motivation or goals. There are minor conflicts but there is no overarching conflict that drives the story (this is 14 chapters in). The characters are 2 dimensional and do not have deep motivations. Any small motivation other characters have are told via exposition.

I suggest not wasting your time on this one. <<less
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WinByDying rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c21
This novel isn't all that great. It suffers on multiple fronts: bad writing, bad characterization and a ridiculously unbelievable plot to top it all off.

So, the writing. Stiff and awkward dialogue is a frequent complaint of mine with Korean and some Japanese novels. Certain expressions, like "is that so" are the bane of my reading existence. "Show, don't tell" is an important but (here) oft ignored writing principle. For example, when there's some sort of scheme everything immediately needs to be explained. Why character X won't intervene, why group Y... more>> won't be able to react, and so on. That's already bad in and of itself, because show don't tell, but then the author decides to also show exactly those characters and groups trying to intervene (but badly written). Why does the author do it? Them failing underlines the genius of the protagonist. No, that's not how good writing works. If you want a smart protagonist, level up your writing. Characterization. The premise of the reincarnation and why he doesn't have to follow any rules there is already s*upid on its own, but let's set that aside. All girls and women want perfume in this novel, they need it to seduce the men and win out over the others. They blindly follow the wills of the one sole person able to provide perfume, our protagonist. Really? Additionally, there's a bear girl who is suddenly his figurative best friend because of honey, and a girl who instantly starts following him because he made sashimi. Like, come on. One of the protagonist's brothers is humiliated and comes to mu*der him in front of other people. Really? The protagonist isn't any better by the way. The premise of, "in a world of magic he conquers everyone with his smarts and cunning" is very interesting but the execution is greatly lacking.

The plot. As if it wasn't clear yet from the perfume example, it's shit. He sits in the school, does something, the female population fawns on him, the headmaster and teachers are like "we can't do anything because he's outside of the rules" (utter drivel). There's not even much bullying at the start, which I though would make up an interesting part of the novel but webnovel authors are just not able to write such subplots well. Yes, it has plot holes. The first year nobody agitates him because of something related to the headmaster. The second year, the new freshmen do pick on him. It's explained that they don't know that headmaster thingy because they're from the outside. But is there no communication with the outside? Or when the freshmen arrive, do none of the older students inform the younger ones? It's not the worst on this site, that's why it still gets a two. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: c50
First things first. The badass and edginess is just a fake out.

Second, the actual story up till now depends on the MC to think up various outlandish schemes to outwit the people that want him dead, but can't because some seriously contrived reasons (which they regularly break whenever they want to 1-up MC, but only serves to let the MC re-1-up them again).

Third, after seeing how badass he was in the Prologue, and the scattering hints in the actual story that he actually really is badass, I want to tell... more>> all readers that there has not been a SINGLE battle, (unless you consider kicking an underage a battle) until chapter 50. There might be actual battles somewhere down the road, but after 50 chapters of him.... slacking, I get the impression that all those "hints scattered around that the MC is OP" really just feels like bait to keep the reader reading, and let him continuously get trodden down, manipulated and used, without some serious retaliation.

Four. I've mentioned his slacking. It gets annoying. Very annoying. All he does is slack, scam people into doing his work for him, get blocked by some momentary obstacle which he promptly removes by scamming someone else and then slack some more. To the point where I'm quite frustrated by how frequent the author/translator uses the words "just maintained a smirk and a slothful appearance" when you really just want to pound whichever rich/almight/arrogant noble/bit*h happens to be the stumbling block of the day.

Lastly. Keep in mind of the formula I mentioned in point four. It happens over and over and over and over again. As at chapter 50, this is already the sixth or seventh "scam arc". Really, with how frequently this particular formula gets abused, this might as well be a Chinese Novel. Just without the catharthicism of being able to vent once the flies are crushed horribly.

Other than the first 3 or 4 scams, the rest get boring REAL quick, but get dragged out chapter after chapter. Not to mention that most (all) of his "scams" are only successful purely because a) the people are him are THAT s*upid, and b) some unrealistic, contrived law or regulation that he abuses happily.

TLDR: reading this reminds me of Lazy Swordsmaster. Both MC's and their supposed laziness are pure frustration despite the tonnes of annoying flies buzzing around them. The difference being MC here is allegedly weak, while in Lazy Swordsmaster, the guy is genuinely OP. <<less
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Haxk rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: --
Skimmed the first 5 chapters of I'm so edgy and badass. Continued skimming the rest, because that's all this novel warrants.

MC has no apptitiude in anything, so no power system exists just the MC being "resourceful" and somehow coming up on top against superhumans? MC is just average intelligence, he's just been written into a world full of fools. This is better executed elsewhere, but if it's your first type of novel like this you'll probably enjoy it at a 3/5. If you've read novels with actual cleverness pushed against... more>> proper villians, this will bore you and I would recommend passing on it. <<less
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Finore rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: c32
First chapters are difficult to read for many but they're absolutely crucial for the story. They explain a lot about the character, his way of thinking and how it all begins.

Some people complain that the MC is pretending to be smart or something of the kind. Wrong. He's not smart, and he knows it. Everything he knows and does is by knowing and understanding the rules, filtering it through his previous life experience. He's also fallible. There are a few critical moments when he would've failed if not for his... more>> friends.

It's also surprisingly similar to "Running away from the hero", though less absurd and a better written MC. <<less
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Elkon rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: c70
This is one of the books where early on it looks to be full of plot holes and messy plot lines but over time you realise that the author has actually planned everything out and is slowly revealing everything. If you can get to the part where things start coming together it goes from an average book to extremely interesting, especially as the mysteries are proper mysteries.
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kkgoh rated it
November 12, 2019
Status: c60
A "political" novel written by a teenager, for teenagers.

Lots of plot holes. The idea of a modern-day transmigrator using his knowledge in a less politically/economically developed society is old, even for 2016. And pretty insulting. Author clearly never read any books on political science or failed PolSci 101.

It's well known that even in Earth antiquity, older civilizations had well developed political systems and rules of governance. Political systems were limited NOT by human imagination, but by technological and administrative handicaps. E.g. If you can't communicate orders through vast distances, the... more>> size of an empire is limited. In this novel, author conveniently wrote that the current civilization developed in a completely different direction in a lame attempt to explain away all logical errors. For some inexplicable reason, they are handicapped by their pure s*upidity, the MC is the only "genius" around, and all enemies are completely weak dumbasses.
TLDR: This novel relies on the MC being better than everyone else, not because he's super smart, but because everyone else is an idiot. Think "Idiocracy" (2006) .

That's probably why people commented that the novel goes way beyond suspension of disbelief. Even "To Be a Power in the Shadows" made more sense than this. And that was satire. <<less
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ShEsHy rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: c50
I would give it 2 stars, but the writing quality by itself deserves an extra star.

Now to the novel.

First off, the entire premise of the story is just plain wrong. The MC is supposed to be some war-hardened, broken, death-seeking, and borderline (if not completely) insane soldier, but after his transmigration he immediately transforms into a teenager.

... more>>

He supposedly doesn't care if he dies, which should immediately invalidate the whole New Port Town arc. He had no reason to stay in the Campus in the first place, and when they shoved him in the College just before graduation to ens*ave him, he could simply leave the island and get expelled.

Basically, the author f*cked up the MC. They made a character that has no motivation, so they then had to literally force the motivation on him (stay here or you'll die, go there or you'll die,...), which is the one thing the character supposedly doesn't care about (dying).

Not to mention that the MC is little more than a puppet. He does whatever (granted, in his own way), and goes wherever others tell him.


Second, the whole world is against the MC. Everything that happens, will in some shape or form screw him over.


Seriously, aside from meeting the elf and bear (which I'm certain will come back to bite him later on), every single event has been to the detriment of the MC. First there's the war, then the transmigration, then the sh*t that happens to him in the Campus, then he's ens*aved for 10 years and exiled to the biggest shithole there is, he gets the rights to the c.a.n.a.l (Seriously NU, you're censoring this word?) and a lot of money, but has to immediately give them away,... We even get random bits of how completely unknown people from Central are screwing him over.


I'll keep reading for a while, but if the MC doesn't go on a massive killing spree soon (which I sadly doubt he will, since he's weak AF), then I'm out. <<less
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Tidalqueen rated it
July 30, 2019
Status: c45
This is the most entertaining protagonist I have read about in a very long time! I’m curious about the story being told in the background about transmigrator stuff, but honestly this guy is just fun to read on his own. Slight suspension of disbelief might be needed regarding otherworld hierarchies. Other than that, the MC is what all trickster types should aspire to be.

When I end up rereading it I’m going to skip the prologue, but newcomers shouldn’t do that. It’s meant to show how unhinged this guy is. Think... more>> of it as a character study. <<less
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Vagrant rated it
February 11, 2021
Status: --
I dont say this often, but who rate this novel low is a fu*king joke.

This novel is extremely well-written, and I consider this better than dangeon defense.

Isaac is a intelligent, cunning, despicable, crazy but pitiful lunatic. A worn-torn soldier who see the most ugliest of the world. Have a second life, he only wish to have a peaceful life. Some people who only read a few chapters see him as a lazy type of protagonist, copy from jp novel. And I cant tell how wrong it is.

Overall, Issac is the... more>> novel about the dark side of humanity, especially about those with power. The only light of this novel is isaac's love for children, which symbolize his last believe in humanity. This is beautifully delivered in this para:

"Kids should eat well, play well, and sleep with the thoughts on what to play tomorrow. But even now, there are children who starve, who sell themselves for a single coin, who steal a loaf of bread just to survive. This world is f*kked enough with only adults killing each other. No matter how they die, it’d be nice to give them a single memory to go back to. To remember the good old days, rather than cursing the world.”

Read this novel <<less
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joyfan rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c27
A very cynical take on political fantasy genre with sliver of hopefulness at the tip.

As in each of this genre, it's filled with class divide. A world where your life is out of your control.. filled with schemes and intricacies of the gray of the laws. In this world, the strong devour the weak.. the smart outscheme the normal.
As usual, nobility controlled the law and economy.. employs the police and criminals who in turns prey on the weak.. but here is the twist...

Guess who predates on the strong? The... more>> insane and those who have nothing to lose.

This is a story written about the rejects and the insane, those trying to survive in the gray zone. Tho often times cynical.. but it's written with a much more hopeful and cheerful tone that one could imagine.

If I have to think of a phrase, it would be of such "If life gives you lemon, make a lemonade and become a rich lemonade tycoon. In the process don't forget to pelt some of those acidic lemon at passerby just for lulz." <<less
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raysha18 rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: c55
This is probably one of those novels that you'd either hate or like depending on your preference. This novel is different compared to other transported to another world novels. There are no systems, magic or sword mastery gifted to the MC since coming to this new world. No gods and goddesses. He is but a regular man who needs to live in a different world with nothing but his wits to save his sorry ass due to the circumstances of the body he occupied. So far, so good.
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Ascension rated it
March 7, 2019
Status: c26
This novel is easily in my top 5 korean novels I believe. The reason why I value it so highly is mostly due to the story being refreshing/different.

I believe the best attribute I can find for our MC here Isaac is that he is.... resourceful. He is thrown at different situations, and he reacts in unexpected ways, which make the story funny and interesting.

I just hope LNB will keep it up, since they are known for dropping novels =_=... TTITH, TWAF.

Anyway for those of you who like to be able... more>> to read a real synopsis/spoil the story a bit to see how it is, here you go:

The MC is a battle-hardened soldier from korea that went slightly crazy due to the corrupt and incompetent people in korea selling out their country during the war against japan, china, and north korea. He starts doing any deeds to scare the enemy soldiers into fearing him, such as using chemical bombs and so on, anyway this life is shortly ended in 5 chapters, where he reincarnates in the son of a noble's & his concubine. He wakes up and he realizes that his "family" over here want him dead.... so that he doesn't inherit the family estate. And then he is sent to the Campus, the best/biggest school in the world. In this world, there is only 1 empire... there are no other countries. Once in school his goal is to become an office clerk so that he can lead an easy life. Unfortunately he doesn't have any talent, can't feel mana so can't become a mage or a swordmaster, doesn't have the basics in administration so he can't enroll in the administration school on the campus either. So now he becomes an outcast in the school, and starts getting beaten up. So for this reason he starts being resourceful, bending rules/finding loopholes to survive/make an easier life for himself.

So far in the story his only talent is being resourceful, we're not given any indication that he has any other aptitudes such as becoming a swordmaster/magician or whatever in the future. We've been give some small hints on the fact that someone/some organization is surveilling him and that he might become able to wield mana/magic in the future with the help of smoking.


Those of you who like FFF-Class tr*shero are most likely gonna like this also. But if you're looking for reincarnators/regressors that are super OP, and have super-special powers, this is not your novel... at least not with the current chapters we've been given the only thing special about our MC is that he's super-resourceful in whatever situation he's thrown in. <<less
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ReanuKeeves rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c64
Great so far.

To counter-argue all those millennials screaming about the novel being sexist and giving it a poor rating as such.

Really? Like really? Have you ever research medieval culture? Do you not understand the role differences between men and women back then? You do know women were treated as tools to be married off to other figureheads, right? You going to claim women didn't have vanity otherwise to make themselves look better which the school arc dealt with? Back then women could mostly only rise in power by marrying rich,... more>> successful people or once more as I previously stated; being treated as tools in most feudal themes. Yes, Isaac took a spin where other means could be obtained, such as swordsmanship and whatnot in its story; but not all women are going to do that within such a setting.

There are still some women within that setting that didn't even do or care for those things; so I guess we are going to ignore them and still badmouth the novel for being 'sexist and edgy, ' towards women, huh? With those characters even having key roles down the line. You millennials are amusing if anything.

Also to those screaming about him not doing anything or not being 'bad ass, ' cause he doesn't go around solving everything with violence. Really? What you expect if you get thrown into a new world? You want him to default to the typical gagging Isekai-norm of 'derp-de'derp' fighting everyone? This is a story about human nature and the MC is displayed properly as a realist. He isn't spoonfed some s*upid cheats or magical skills/abilities; like every other sock-puppet MC in the vast Isekai genres.

He does everything as realistically as possible that he can fathom in a complete and different world, such as familiarizing himself with it enough to skate by. This isn't Earth, he can't go 'Rambo, ' as he done before. This is a psychological, political slice-of'life series, not your braindead fulfillment OP strong character novel. You can go elsewhere to find those on the site, there are plenty here.

As such it depicts and portrays human nature properly and probably at its best for the timeline the character is portrayed in.

This is a story about him always struggling to live a normal, peaceful life, but finding himself thrown into some lion's den or another. So yea, this is also to the crybabies whining about him being lazy. Of course he is going to be lazy, he wants to live without worries after the crap he went through in prior life. This doesn't mean he isn't going to be some beta-cuck that just lets people walk over him either. You want your beta-cucks, go back to your typical normal Isekai-genres where you can find them in the droves. This novel isn't for you, this is about a MC that approaches things rationally and may be a bit 'crazy, ' at times in how he handles them properly by his own means. He is by no way a 'bend over and just take it, ' kind of guy.

So yea.

This easily gets a 5 in my book.
+1 Originality
+1 No Sock Puppet MC
+1 Storytelling
+1 Character Interactions
+1 to all the millennial haters. <<less
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Seinha rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: c31
A good reading, really mature thinking and action. MC is ruthless (one who bother him) but when look the other way, his decision is smart. He not tolerate villain action to him and his act make some villain cant disturb him again (I mean, he is not 'superhero' type that counter bad things with some kindness that will eventually not stopping the villain act in the future). Some other characters also have 'IQ' to think about MC situation, not blatantly call him bad.

In conclusion, this novel is good cause... more>> it's not has a naive, child like MC and also other things that mentioned in other comments

like some isekai japanese novel translated nowadays.



please dont judge me, I in fact love japanese novel and had enjoy a lot of them, but when I read some of few koreans novel, the stories feel more matured, I think.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dante7555 rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c18
The first few chapters were too sudden and didn't really help make a good first impression.

But it got better afterwards. Then that line "The easiest thing in the world, is turning people into idiots." Just sold me on it. The character is still somewhat inconsistent, he's a psychopath that wants to live in peace? (Lol) Either way it got promise just try to get past the first few chapters.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kanna Kamui
Kanna Kamui rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c35
This novel is currently my new favorite because it has cool/ruthless/funny MC/Side Char and a very immersive storyline. Overall is just a perfect novel for people like me who already read tons of novels with different genres. I recommend this novel to everyone 100 %.
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October 17, 2020
Status: c23
You better be drooling at the corner of your mouth to enjoy this book.

A mix between the edgy KR apocalypse genre and a perversion of JP light novels. The twisted failure of a combination causes a lot of suspension of disbelief in the reading experience.

The characters are a f*cking joke. Everyone is a simple caricature, and not a good one either.

Isaac himself, previously a war veteran/rebel/edgelord from an alternate Earth where his previous place of residence, the Republic of Korea had been royally bent over and f*cked by many countries... more>> for seemingly pointless reasons, with blatantly s*upid actions, and with a poor setup for the whole situation overall. And that's when you get your first taste of suspension of disbelief - as the situation made no sense whatsoever to anyone with any understanding of politics and alike, and no, you don't need to have a goddam degree to see through it.

Some more about Isaac, eh? Okay. Well... he is a lad with a wish to live in retirement, yet he is forced straight out of transmigration into a place of peril in an established organization of learning, where he must survive so he can retire with a degree.

He could have left the island simply without the degree in the first 20 chapters, and as he had the moolah to live off in retirement without eating the bitter bread of poverty, and after which the story would end. I doubt the family would assassinate him if he just moved into the capital, maybe next to a government building complex or something. Yet he just stayed there in the location he deems dangerous, and no, he didn't seem suicidal in any way; shoulder-deep in depression - yes.

I hate the author's obsession with vanity and his (assumed him) view of women; especially in the aforementioned subject of vanity. Every (highly educated and properly raised) female student on the school grounds seems to be such a f*cking tool. Her, her, her: everyone is a goddam makeup splattering and cologne abusing caricature.

I distinctly remember furrowing my brows a few weeks back as I read these few chapters so far. It was in a situation where a few teachers were discussing something relevant to the main character and the makeup hustle of his, and of how the (highly educated, respect-mongering, face-saving and social norms following) noble lecturers and instructors spoke lustfully of their students, yet as none of them had been portrayed as the hypocritical archetype of CN novels, I had thought they would have an established sense of decorum and conventional ways of socialization. The situation was one more case of suspension of disbelief that ultimately made me decide to simply drop the story - since the author was clearly amateurish and had no respect for his own work. Perhaps writing novels paid well?

I won't rate this since this is just a rant I wrote up fueled by my own frustration in not finding a good novel to read in the past few days.

[Edit] A few minutes after reading the review posted I thought of the positives of the story I hadn't mentioned. So here's a brief list of them:

  • Compact writing with meaningful chapters; not too much fluff and filler.
  • Monologuing isn't as annoying and abundant as is typical from other KR novels.
  • A very 'comfortable' main character in the sense of his interactions with the caricatures surrounding him. And by that, I mean that he isn't a lovestruck, hypocritical manchild with greatly suppressed insecurities which are usually covered up with some shabby comedic skits in the other KR novels.
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jerapah rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c26
much better compared your average stories. Not really sure how will it fare in the future, though. Hopefully it will keep its quality.

what I do really like about this story is the author seems thoughtful on his story telling, politics, and characterisation. Not really sure about the world building. But reading chapter 26, apparently the author understands about sociology or something along that line.
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