The Story Of How A Beautiful Foreign Student Who Lives Next Door Started To Visit My House After I Helped A Lost Little Girl


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One day, Charlotte Bennett comes to study abroad in Akihito Aoyagi’s class.

All of his classmates are attracted to Charlotte’s innocent, elegant behavior and cute appearance, but Akihito calmly feels that she lives in a different world and takes a step back. However, when he helps Charlotte’s younger sister, Emma, who was lost, Akihito’s daily life changes drastically. After finding out that the Bennett sisters live in the next room of the apartment building, and also that Emma has grown fond of Akihito, the Bennett sisters come to visit his room every day. The three of them play dominoes, sit around the dinner table, and go out together. As they spend time together, Akihito and Charlotte grow closer, despite their clumsiness― A sweet and enticing love comedy next door begins!

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Maigo ni Natteita Youjo wo Tasuketara, Otonari ni Sumu Bishoujo Ryuugakusei ga Ie ni Asobi ni Kuru You ni Natta Ken Nitsuite
Otonari Asobi
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Feb 08, 2024
Status: v1
Finished reading volume 1, so decided to write a review based on that.

... more>>

Now then, it may seem sudden, but both the esteemed readers before the screen and I have naturally experienced childhood. Few readers may vividly recall their early years. However, during our childhood, we were undoubtedly innocent, unaware of the world's complexities, and able to remain true to our pure selves.

Now, you may wonder why this preamble has suddenly surfaced. The reason lies in the presence of a young child, or to put it plainly, a young girl, in this narrative. Moreover, she plays a significant role.

So, who exactly is this pivotal character? It's none other than the protagonist, Akito, and the heroine, a foreign exchange student named Charlotte (pictured on the right of the cover), engaging in a romantic comedy.

Due to a "certain circumstance" from the past, Akito behaves like an outcast in class, revealing his true feelings only to a select few. Charlotte, a brilliant yet problematic student, joins his class as an exchange student. Despite her elegance and cuteness, Akito feels a disconnect. Hence, he maintains a reserved attitude, hesitant to initiate any interaction.

However, one day, Akito's new daily life takes an unexpected turn when he rescues Emma (pictured on the left), Charlotte's younger sister, who had gotten lost on the way to school. For some reason, Emma becomes attached to him, expressing reluctance to part ways. At the instruction of their homeroom teacher, Miyu, Akito is told to accompany them home. To his surprise, upon arriving home, he discovers that they are the next-door neighbors in the apartment where Akito lives alone. And thus, a new chapter in his life begins.

Despite Emma supposedly not warming up to strangers, she inexplicably forms a bond with Akito, treating him like a true older brother and casually visiting his home. As Emma's guardian, Charlotte also joins in, and the interaction between the two, anchored by Emma, begins somewhat awkwardly.

They play dominoes, Charlotte treats Akito to homemade dishes as a gesture of gratitude, the three go shopping together, and in a peculiar turn of events, find themselves reading manga in a position reminiscent of an "asunaro hug."

These seemingly ordinary yet undeniably warm days unfold, resembling a genuine sibling or family dynamic. However, innocence can sometimes become a poison. Within Charlotte's gaze as she observes Emma's innocent interactions with Akito, an indescribable unease begins to sprout. This unease surfaces, leading to misunderstandings and distancing between the two.

Akito, now determined to mend the rift, acts as a bridge between the two. He confronts Emma and Charlotte, finding a resolution through a method born from facing their issues head-on.

Being able to be of assistance brings joy, and it's not just about the lingering feelings of being an "outcast." Although it's currently an unnamed flower, the blossom of what will surely become a "love" has now begun to unfold.

Yet, nothing has been resolved. The issues that both Akito and Charlotte carry remain unresolved.

Nevertheless, this story is about the journey of both finding "happiness."

That's why it begins here. Emma serves as the bridge of connection, and the intertwining of their lives starts leading toward the future.

Currently, they possess nothing and have no specific relationship. However, there will surely come a day when happiness fills the space between them. Perhaps, one day, the feelings of love might transform into courage.

Anticipating such a day becomes a desire. Not rushing forward hastily, but at their own pace, in their unique way.

Hence, even though it's still budding and immature, this story radiates a sweetness that is "supreme."

To all readers who love romantic comedies, please do give it a try.

Surely, you too will find satisfaction within these pages.


I will edit this when I complete v2, and add it's review below too. <<less
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